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[FM21] Return of the Phoe Nix - Rise of the Raven. FC Isle of Man Youth Save.


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MAY 2040 - FA Cup Final Preview


We are looking to lift the Cup for the 3rd time, West Ham for the 5th.



The Bookies have us as slight favourites.



We have an excellent record against them over the years.


Kick the tyres and light the fires...trophy season is here.

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MAY 2040 - FA Cup Final - Vs West Ham




The scoreline probably flattered us somewhat, as the match seemed a lot closer, but we took our chances, and turned a 3-0 half time lead into a 4-0 win, and lifted the Cup for the 3rd time.

After a tight tussle in the opening 10 minutes, Mark Walsh got the important first goal to send us to an early lead.

On the half hour, John Wright made us a bit more comfortable adding a second.

Before half time the game was pretty much decided as Gary Gowdy chimed in to make it 3-0 by the break.

We were comfortable in the second half, but still had to be on guard, as The Hammers looked for an opening, but our defence held strong and kept them out.

Aled Harden put the final nail in the coffin with a 55th minute strike to finish off the scoring and complete a 4-0 win.



Add in a similar amount again for the gate receipts, and it makes for a very profitable day as well.



We lift the FA Cup for the 3rd time in 5 years.



The fans are happy, our old keeper Jordan Jack is happy...just so much happiness :lol:



The Board are happy but don't want us to get carried away :lol:



Over the course of the FA Cup we scored 21 goals, and conceded only two. That's a pretty impressive season.



A 3rd FA Cup to our Trophy Room at The Isle.

Now to add a Premier League and Champions League Trophies along side them.



Up next...it's party time at The Isle as we get to display our new shiny trophy to an adoring home crowd, for our final game of the season against Norwich.

It's a dead rubber for us, as we can finish no higher or lower than second, but there is more importance for the visitors as they look to secure European Football.

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36 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

Congrats on your successful FA Cup campaign :applause:

Thank you!

We played really well, got some luck with the draw, and watched the top sides fall over each other, which helped our cause, but we're not giving it back :lol:

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MAY 2040 - Match Day 38 - Vs Norwich City


Match Report




A special day at The Isle as we got to unveil our FA Cup trophy to our adoring fans, and as it was a dead rubber game to us, we also unveiled a team of as many Isle of Man players as I could find to fit in the squad.

We went behind just before half time, but in the second half, some of the youngsters really started to find their feet.

Gary Gowdy got us level on 85 minutes, and two minutes later, Moses Senkoomi had come off the bench to smash home a winner, which was deflected.

A party atmosphere at The Isle for our last game, and we sent the fans home happy with some late dramatics.






2nd place was already wrapped up, and it was a pretty impressive season, as we only beaten once, and scored 100 goals along the way, our defence was 2nd only to City, we did however get beaten to the title by 8 points.

If we can turn some of those draws into wins next season, we will be a massive shot at the title.



Up next...season end reviews.

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2 hours ago, Jtomsett11 said:

89 points is incredibly unlucky not to win the league. 100 goals scored too. What does your overall trophy haul look like now? 

Yeah, City were just incredible this season, built of an insane defence, conceding only 21 goals.

That's got to be our aim for next season, stop giving away some of those really early, or really late goals that have cost us draws this season.



16 Cup, 8 League Trophies since level 10.



This is some of them. There is also FA Vase, FA Trophy (twice), Papa Johns Trophy, and a couple of the lower divisions League Cups.


Still a couple missing from the collection though.

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MAY 2040 - Champions League Review


Manchester City's dreams of a treble fall at the final hurdle, as Inter Milan win back to back Champions League Finals.

The final went to extra time, with a 117th minute goal proving the difference.

We were beaten in the Semi Final by the eventual Champions.

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MAY 2040 - European Championships


15 of our players have been called up for duty at the 2040 European Championships.

We supply 6 of the English team, 3 to Northern Ireland, and 2 for Wales.

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Posted (edited)


MAY 2040


We round out the season with a perfect month...sort of.

We won the game against Inter, but not enough to overturn a 1-2 deficit from the first match, so we exit at the Semi Final stage.

We picked up our 3rd FA Cup title, and won all three League games, conceding only one goal for the month, in a massive defensive effort.



After three years, we finally got ahead of Manchester United, only for City to go on a tear and beat us to the title.

We did score 100 goals, and 89 points would have been more than enough to win the title in a few previous years.

Chelsea who have been terrible this season, somehow managed to scrape to a Euro II title, and qualify for Europa from 13th position for next season :onmehead:



We lost only one game, but were beaten to the title by 8 points. It was a crazy season.



We had a huge month financially, but the majority is made up of prize money (£60 million+) and sponsoships, which are now at around £75 million per season.



That made up a big chunk of our prize money this month.



We are still spending the least amount on wages by comparison to turnover.



We won something :lol:

A big season of sales takes us to the top of the tree in transfer profit.

City on the other hand, you could argue brought their title spending an eye watering £145 million.


Up next...the reviews continue.

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11 hours ago, Punch said:

Yeah, City were just incredible this season, built of an insane defence, conceding only 21 goals.

That's got to be our aim for next season, stop giving away some of those really early, or really late goals that have cost us draws this season.

It will be curious to see which month you concede your goals in. That way you could see what you could do differently to lower the amount conceded.

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6 hours ago, Punch said:

Chelsea who have been terrible this season, somehow managed to scrape to a Euro II title, and qualify for Europa from 13th position for next season :onmehead:

Well you know where they focused their energies this season!

6 hours ago, Punch said:

City on the other hand, you could argue brought their title spending an eye watering £145 million.


7 hours ago, Punch said:


MAY 2040 - Champions League Review


Manchester City's dreams of a treble fall at the final hurdle, as Inter Milan win back to back Champions League Finals.

The final went to extra time, with a 117th minute goal proving the difference.

We were beaten in the Semi Final by the eventual Champions.

Pretty amazing for that to happen with an Italian team that isn’t Juventus.

Bit harsh on Bayern Munich too, because if The Zebra’s were defeated, then they would be considered the biggest underachiever :rolleyes:

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24 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

Bit harsh on Bayern Munich too, because if The Zebra’s were defeated, then they would be considered the biggest underachiever

Luck of the first knockout round draw :lol:

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Posted (edited)


2039-2040 Season Review






A tough mark from the Board, we were runners up in the League, made the last 4 of the Champions League, and won the FA Cup, they weren't judging the League Cup, and we still got a B- average.

Tough crowd :onmehead:








Other than week 1, which was Manchester United, only Manchester City (22) and FC Isle of Man (15) spent weeks in first place.

We went no lower than 4th all season, City no lower than 3rd.








We maxed out the training facilities this season, so with nothing left to spend money on, I guess the next step is another new stadium :lol:

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2039-2040 Season Review - continued


Premier League Awards



671952219_Award-GoldenBoot.png.31999676042468913d3a1e08079f4447.pngGary Gowdy made a clean sweep of the major awards.



The Premier League Team of the Year was basically Manchester City, with one Manchester United defender at the back, and Gary Gowdy at the front.


FC Isle of Man Best XI


All Time





Best XI - Season



Best XI - Where are they now?

Season 2034


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2039-2040 Season Review - Stats




Three goal keepers used this season, but I think Jensen will be moved on, as we don;t need three first team keepers.




Neil Forrest really established himself in the center of defence, making a solid pairing with Dave Keogh.

A lot of rotation through this area this season.




Tamara and Hoey create an immense partnership in central midfield, but not sure how much longer it will last.

There is a push to get Hoey up front with Gowdy, and there is a huge push for Tamara to move on to a new club. There is massive interest in his services, and he seems keen to move on. Watch this space.




Gary Gowdy rattled off 49 goals for the season, and was just massive for us this year. He has also gone past the 200 goal mark, now around 20 goals short of the all time record.

Mark Walsh was also brilliant backing him up with 26 goals.

We also had 3 players score 11, plenty of rotation with a huge season of games.




Gary Gowdy broke two records and equaled another this season.



Hodgson improved his own record for all appearances, Jordan Williams didn't play at all and is considering retirement, and with the goal scoring goal keeper ending, Jordan Jack's record will never be broken.

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2039-2040 Season Review


Attribute Reviews




Cusato and Kearns have overtaken Hodgson on attribute rating, and Cusato has now overtaken him on CA.

Jensen has now slipped to 4th in the order.






Forrest and Keogh are our best in the center and have a great partnership.

We have some solid choices in the rotation, but need some of the younger kids with high potential to come through.




Kearney is our clear number 1 on the right, but Gregory will be pushing for time soon.




Crosby and Reid have been sharing this role, but we are still a little thin of quality in this area.




Ball Winning Midfielders


Lee has developed nicely on loan and may push for time next season.

A few young prospects coming through showing promise.


Advanced Play Makers


Tamara is the highest rated player we've ever had, and his partnership with Hoey has been the key to our midfield success.

Unfortunately Tamara may not be with us much longer, he is making noise about wanting to leave, and there are a few clubs circling.


Attacking Right


Harden may find himself being pushed by Stępień this season, but there will be plenty of chance for rotation.


Attacking Left


John Wright has developed into a better winger than Striker, so has now moved to this section.

Moses Senkoomi had a set back this season, hoping he can regain next season.




Gowdy still our highest rated forward, but surprisingly Mark Walsh took a huge step backwards despite his great season.

Craig Hoston will be pushing for more time.


Best XI


Overall a pretty solid looking line up, with some good options available for rotation.


Now to see if we can keep them all together for the new season.

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JUN 2040 - Internationals


Along with the players at the Euro's, we had a total of 27 players on international duty this month, playing plenty of games.




Most noticeable here, England dropped John Hodgson to the bench, and didn't even get out of the Group Stage.



Gowdy is closing in on the appearances record.

Aled Harden went past 50 caps.

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Posted (edited)


JUN 2040


Our FA Cup win gets us another shot at the Community Shield.

We have been beaten in our previous two attempts.



Three years ago we beat City in the Europa League and FA Cup in the space of two weeks, and at that point, we have a pretty even record, but since then, we've been pretty ordinary against them.

We are going to need to turn this around if we want to take the next step up the table this season.




Premier League has taken back 1st spot on the Competition Ranking.





We took the big step inside the top 20 clubs, and went racing inside the top 10.






Wolves, Fulham and Watford have made the step up this season.



Our season kicks off with a huge Manannan Derby at The Isle.



Ranked 7th in Europe, but the Bookies only like us for 5th in England.




A loss this month, but we are not hurting for money.



Transfer News



A lot of clubs have been showing their hand over Tamara, but Chelsea came first.

Same with Gowdy, I am not really interested in selling him to a Division rival, but to be honest, £39 million was a pretty insulting offer, so I rejected it out of hand.

Then all hell broke loose, Tamara spat the dummy that I was hurting his career, which is ironic, as Chelsea are on the slide and we are growing and growing.

After some convincing I seem to have placated him for the moment, but if The Blues come back with a decent offer, things may change.


But then...


Norwich came in with a bigger offer, starting at £71 million, closer to his value, but still not interested in selling to a Division rival, plus Tamara shows no interest in joining them, so I rejected their offer as well.


So they upped their offer...



And again...



And again, we are getting into the extremely serious money now.

Tamara is still not interested in joining Norwich, and I still have no interest in helping a rival.

Then we ran out of month, so it will be interesting to see where this goes in July.



We did pull the trigger on one sale, Reid had been on loan at West Brom, and they decided to make an offer.

£10 million for player who was not even a squad player was too good to turn down, so he goes on his way and hopefully he find first team football.


There are a few other deals still in the works for some U23 players who will not make it to the first team, as we have an overgrown squad again.




Friendly season has arrived, and we have our first ever Testimonial, with Jordan Williams getting the honour.


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14 hours ago, Punch said:

Most noticeable here, England dropped John Hodgson to the bench, and didn't even get out of the Group Stage.

Two surprises there, and there’s even a chance England isn’t the only team he loses his first team place from! Not getting out of the group stages though :stop:

15 hours ago, Punch said:

Tamara is the highest rated player we've ever had, and his partnership with Hoey has been the key to our midfield success.

Unfortunately Tamara may not be with us much longer, he is making noise about wanting to leave, and there are a few clubs circling.

Kind of surprised that Tamara is the only 90+ rated player. If he left, I think he’d leave a gap in your midfield for a little time. Would you consider changing tactics? Not surprised about the bids though except that it’s Norwich doing it :idiot:

13 hours ago, Punch said:

Friendly season has arrived, and we have our first ever Testimonial, with Jordan Williams getting the honour.

This was awesome to see :cool:

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3 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

there’s even a chance England isn’t the only team he loses his first team place from

Well that is very possibly true.


3 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Kind of surprised that Tamara is the only 90+ rated player. If he left, I think he’d leave a gap in your midfield for a little time. Would you consider changing tactics? Not surprised about the bids though except that it’s Norwich doing it

We have a lot in the 80's now, but Tamara also has the highest PA at the club, so while the others get into the 80's, they have maxed out their PA doing it, so they are unlikely to get to the 90's.

There are a few kids coming through that have a high PA so could possibly push up.

I probably would not change tactic as Hoey can slot into that role, there is also Kyle Christian, and there is another youngster Jay Lee who is really coming along. They may not be in the same class as Tamara, but they are still pretty decent options. Anyway, hoping we can keep Tamara around, and happy, so he keeps performing like has has the last two seasons.


4 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

This was awesome to see

Yeah, was so cool when I seen it pop up. Have never had it in a save before, and so cool that it's for a player who done so much for the club across so many divisions.

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20 Years of The Ravens


I had forgotten that last season was the clubs 20th in existence.


In 14 seasons we went from Level 10, to winning The Championship, and have since spent 6 seasons in the Premier League.



The Premier League is the only League we have spent more than two seasons in.


In 6 Premier League seasons, our over all record stands at:



Can we go from Level 10 to Premier League Champions in 21 years?

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JUL 2040 - A unique moment in FC Isle of Man history...


After 20 years we will host our first ever testimonial, with the honour being bestowed on our longest serving player, Jordan Williams.



The fans have gotten behind the moment as well with a full house expected for the event.

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JUL 2040 - Jordan Williams Testimonial - Vs AFC Ajax


I wouldn't normally do a post for pre-season games, but this was a pretty special one as we got to farewell Jordan Williams with the clubs first ever Testimonial.




The Isle came alive with a full house to help celebrate the career of Jordan Williams.

Former players Lloyd Craggs, Pat Clarke, and Charlie Henry made returns to The Isle to help celebrate the occasion.

It was a party atmosphere as we got to send Williams out a winner, with Gary Gowdy picking up where he left off last season, scoring a double, after defender Maks Kazalac had given us the lead.

A fitting tribute to a club legend.

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Posted (edited)


JUL 2040


We put together some solid form in the preseason, and a nice send off for Jordan Williams in the testimonial.




We still had some players on duty at the end of the Euro Championships, including two going against each other, with Kazalac's Croatia eliminating Challinor's Ireland.

Croatia went on a run all the way to the final with Kazalac scoring the winning goal as they defeated Belgium to lift the trophy.



At the end of the Championships, both Holland and England offered me jobs, but still not interested in adding an international job to my workload.



We added a second partnership club, so we now have a Championship and a League One club available to send players to.



We've had a slight increase in this area, but I don't see it increasing much more unless we get another larger stadium.



A good month financially with Season Tickets and sold players.



We are approaching selling out our season ticket allotment.


Transfer News


A big offer, but he wasn't interested, and I want to keep him, as I see him possibly stepping up into the rotation this season, so we turn down a large potential fee.



Juventus joined the Tamara party, but he isn't interested in joining them, and like Chelsea, the offer was insulting. Rejected without any hesitation.



We sold three players who were no chance of making it to the rotation. Only small fee's, but we do have some add ons in case they turn into something in future.



Then the big transfer came. Jensen, long time back up to Hodgson, but had now slipped to 4th in the pecking order. With only a year left on his contract, he was the obvious choice to move on, and he was keen to move for a new challenge.

He does go to a division rival, but a good fee for us for a player with minimal experience.


There is still a few players in the mix to move on, as we have a bloated squad. I really had to make some decisions about player registration this season as we had a lot of players now old enough to need to be registered. I had to leave out some fringe players, that I will now either need to sell of send out on loan.



Our third crack at the Community Shield, before the season proper kicks off with a huge Manannan Derby at The Isle.

Edited by Punch
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AUG 2040 - FA Community Shield - Vs Manchester City


Match Report




We were confident of a result, but this was a stunning turn around, as we lifted the Community Shield for the 1st time.

A few different combinations were tried, like Hoston up front with Walsh on the left wing, with varied success, but with plenty of rotation to be required this season, plenty of players will get chances to impress.

City started heavy favourites, and started the match in the same fashion. But a combination of a bit of wastefulness on their part, and some luck on ours kept their early advances at bay.

Before half time, showing the class and composure which have seen us offered over £100 million, Obinna Tamara produced a stunning strike to put us ahead.

That strike, along with the half time break, seemed to turn the tide, and our boys really started to play with more freedom, putting the pressure back on City, and they folded.

Just before the hour, Craig Hoston slid in to turn in our second goal, to make the lead more comfortable.

With City starting to tire, Gary Gowdy put on a show in the final 15 minutes.

He smashed home a low cross on 76 minutes to put us 3-0 and effectively end any chance of a comeback.

Then in the shadows of full time, Gowdy produced something special going on a run from the center circle, beating multiple would be defenders, some of them multiple times, before wrong footing the keeper and drilling his shot into the net to complete the 4-0 victory.



At the third attempt, we add the Community Shield to our Trophy cabinet.


A winning start to the season, and a real statement against last seasons League Champions.



Up next...the season proper kicks off with the Manannan Derby, as we welcome Liverpool to The Isle.

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2 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

Man City must think what must be if they had been successful with Gowdy.

I'm certainly glad I didn't take the money, and even happier that our Board didn't step in and decide to sell him.

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AUG 2040 - Match Day 1 - Vs Liverpool FC


Match Report




Our blistering start to the season continues, after torching Manchester City in the Community Shield, Liverpool are given a Manannan Derby belting.

The visitors tried to play a possession game, but we just kept pressuring them into errors.

Gary Gowdy nearly had an early goal, smashing a shot against the bar.

On 40 minutes, Mark Walsh also slammed one into the post, but this time it went in to give us the first goal of the season.

A few minutes after the break, Lewis Hoey scored his first goal as a striker, Gary Gowdy the provider.

Gowdy got off the mark on 70 minutes, putting us 3-0 up and securing the win.

In injury time, Aled Harden completed a perfect day, giving us a 4-0 Derby win, and three points to start the season.

A sunny afternoon on The Isle, a full house, four different goal scorers, a clean sheet, and three points. A pretty impressive way to start the season.






We were on top of the table until City put 5 past Forrest.

Two statements of intent right there.



Up next...we travel to Sheffield United.

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AUG 2040 - Match Day 2 - At Sheffield United FC


Match Report




Another win, another four goals, another four goal scorers.

A pretty attacking game on display from both sides, although the hosts lacked the precision that we showed.

Gary Gowdy got us the early lead on 17 minutes, allowing us to control the game, which we did keeping that scoreline to the break.

The Ravens turned it on after the break though, with three goals in 20 minutes burying the hosts.

Lewis Hoey struck just after half time to make it 2-0.

Then two quick goals, with Neil Forrest coming up from defence to head home our third, before Craig Hoston came off the bench to make it four.

The Blades would get one back in injury time, but it was a complete domination from our boys.






We go top on Goal Difference, but with only three teams now winning both games, it seems like the race between us and City is on early.

The struggling Chelsea were the Bookies second favourite, find themselves in the relegation zone losing both their matches so far.



Up next...we face Leeds at The Isle.

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AUG 2040 - Match Day 3 - Vs Leeds United FC


Match Report




I almost have no words to describe this result.

Gary Gowdy put his foot on Leeds throat with a 6th minute penalty, and we never let off.

By the time the Referee finally ended the carnage, we had 5 individual goal scorers, Gowdy complete a hat-trick, and threw in two assists to boot, Obinna Tamara contributed a double, and there were goals to Dave Keogh, Kyle Christian, and Lewis Hoey.

We did give a goal back on the 73rd minute, but an 8-1 result was a devastating performance against a previously unbeaten team..

We are certainly not flying under the radar anymore.






That result done wonders for our already impressive goal difference, and with Villa dropping points, it leaves us and City are the only three from three teams.



Up next...We travel to the struggling Leicester.

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AUG 2040 - Another stunning result...


After the stunning result against Leeds, a few days later came another brilliant result for the club:



Tamara commits long term.

After dropping his bundle when I refused to let him go to Chelsea, I thought there was a big chance I was going to have to sell him at the end of the season, as he only had two years left on his contract, and I thought there was no chance he'd sign on.

Looking through some other contracts, I decided to throw it out there, and to my surprise, he was interested in starting discussions. After some back and forth, and I probably had to pay a bit more in bonuses than I wanted to, but we finally agreed to a 5(+1) year, £29 million deal, that see's him stay with us until he is in his late 20's.

A massive result for us, as he is arguable our best player after Gary Gowdy.

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AUG 2040 - League Cup 3rd Round Draw


We face The Blades at The Isle in the League Cup 3rd Round.

With the Board again placing no importance on this competition, it will be used for the rotated squad again.



We have a brilliant record over them, so hoping the rotated squad can keep it going.

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AUG 2040


It seems to have been a busy month, just not in the field, with only three League games. But didn't we make a statement.

After lifting the Community Shield for the first time, we opened the season with three straight wins, peeling off 16 goals, and conceding only 2.



As you can imagine, the Analyst is very happy with the attack, although he thinks the defence, while good, could do better.



City snuck in an extra game before the end of the month, beating United in the Manchester Derby to take first place.






The stats tell me I have two excellent goalkeepers, so both are probably going to be used at stages throughout the season.




That's my standard back four, but there will be plenty of rotation throughout the season as Europe and Cups kick in.




Tamara and Christian have spent time playing midfield, as Hoey has spent time up front.

Always good to see Tamara contributing goals from midfield.




Gowdy just continues to amaze, 7 goals and 4 assists in 4 games...insane.

There will probably be plenty of rotation with him this season, as we try and keep players fresh for attacks on Europe and the League.



Not really a surprise here, he's been on fire to start the season. Tamara taking out third spot.



Which was enough to get him 1st place in the Young Player, defender Neil Forrest taking 3rd spot.




Another big month financially as we take in Champions League money, and transfer cash.



A decent chunk of change for having our name pulled out of a bucket :lol:




A busy month on the transfer front as we sent fringe and developing players out on loan, and ones that I decided not to register.

While several players were sold.



Most of these were fringe players that I couldn't fit into the registration slots.

Archie Adams was a long time servant, but with the rise of Hoey, Tamara, Christian, and a few others still coming, I have been unable to find a place for him. He has spent the last two seasons out on loan, and with his contract nearing an end, he wanted to go for a new challenge. So off he went with our blessing.



An interesting development as we will face another one of our own this season.

Former captain Pat Millington moved to Barcelona last season, but it hasn't really worked out for him, so he has taken a loan move back to Villa for the season.



We reduced some of our wage bill with sold and loaned players, but we have also upgraded some contracts, increasing the bill.

We are still not spending Man U money, but we are slowly rising up this chart.



The cruisy first month is well and truly forgotten as Europe and Cups kick in to make for a busy September.

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SEP 2040 - Match Day 4 - At Leicester City FC


Match Report




Gowdy and Hoey put on a show, with a Kearney support act, as The Foxes are put to the sword.

David Kearney's pin point cross on 21 minutes found Gowdy to slide home and put us in the lead.

Gowdy then turned provider on 37 minutes, with an accurate pass finding an unmarked Lewis Hoey to slot home for a 2-0 lead which we carried to the break.

Just after half time, it was a repeat of the first goal as Kearney again dropped a cross on a dime for Gowdy to complete his brace.

The hosts had their chances, with Hodgson justifying my decision to stick with him, making several good saves, but we were far more clinical in front of goal, something that has been inconsistent in the last few seasons.






We jump back to the top on goal difference.

The bookies second favourite, Chelsea, still winless.



Up next...an international break with 30+ players on duty, before we face a tougher test against West Ham at The Isle.

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SEP 2040 - International Break


Over 30 players called up for international duty at both youth ans senior level this month.



Gowdy and Walsh combined for 6 goals in their big win, while John Hodgson was returned to the England lineup, and they performed much better.



Gowdy became our first player to score 50 senior international goals, and he is closing in on Suk-Kuen's cap record.

Youngster Khaled Hussein, who is an exciting prospect striker in our youth teams made his senior international debut, becoming our 28th representative. Showing why we have big wraps on him, he netted in both of his first two games.

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SEP 2040 - Match Day 5 - Vs West Ham United


Match Report




We continue our brilliant start to the season, another four goal scorers, another three points.

Obanna Tamara continued his goal scoring form, volleying us to an early lead on 16 minutes.

We continued to pressure and forced them into a mistake, allowing Aled Harden to smash home a second, two minutes later.

The Hammers pulled one pack almost immediately with a screamer from distance, making it 2-1.

We were able to control the match, continuing to pressure the visitors, and taking a much more patient approach to our chances.

Nearing full time, substitute Michael Pilkington chipped us to a 3-1 lead and put the result beyond doubt.

Deep into injury time, Gary Gowdy smashed home a volley to make it 4-1.

Pleasing to see our good form, and much more clinical approach to attack, continuing to rattle off plenty of goals, from plenty of goal scorers.






We stay 1st on goal difference, peeling off 23 goals in 5 games.



Up next...Champions League kicks off as we travel to Real Madrid.

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SEP 2040 - Group Stage 1st Match - At Real Madrid


Match Report




All those improvements we'd made in patience and being more clinical in our execution went out the window in Spain.

Real were just a class above and spanked us the game was effectively over by half time, although we did have a highlight when Cusato saved a penalty.

They were the clinical and patient team as we rushed and snatched at out chances. Maybe it was the opponent, or maybe to 80,000 screaming Madrid fans, but this was the worst performance we had put in for some time.

Our only goal came through an 80th minute Gary Gowdy penalty.

While we are improving, results like this show there is still plenty of room the grow.





Brugge took out the other match comfortably.



Highlighting my thoughts at the draw, we must get results against Brugge and Besiktas if we want to progress from the group.



Up next...back to League action as we travel to 6th place Aston Villa, where we are a chance to go up against former captain Pat Millington, who is on loan from Barcelona.

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4 hours ago, Jtomsett11 said:

I sense something big happening this season! If only city would just go away!

We’ve been a lot more patient in attack, and a lot more clinical in front of goal.

Remains to be seen if it is an improvement overall, or just a good run of form.

Because we got absolutely towelled up by Real :lol:

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SEP 2040 - Match Day 6 - At Aston Villa FC


Match Report




A strange game where we were probably the second best team, but still somehow found way to win.

Mark Walsh and Lewis Hoey scored in a three minute exchange of three goals, which lead us to a 2-1 lead at the break.

Villa played us out of the game in the early exchanges in the second half and were probably unlucky not take the lead, let alone find an equaliser.

Their pressure was rewarded when they turned in a headed corner to bring it back to 2-2.

The hosts continued to pressure and it was against the run of play when Lewis Hoey sent Gary Gowdy on his way, it was his only chance of the game, and it was the only one he needed with a blistering drive that gave the keeper no chance, giving us a 3-2 lead.

From there we were able to shut it down and see out the game, to collect the three points.

A pleasing result as we were not at our best, but still go the job done.






We stay perfect, along with City, who also won, but we stay top on Goal Difference.



Up next...it's the rotated squads time to shine as we welcome Sheffield United for the 3rd Round of the League Cup.

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SEP 2040 - League Cup 3rd Round - Vs Sheffield United FC


Match Report




The Board don't care about this competition, so I am again using it for the fringe, rotated, and youngsters to get some experience.

The rotated squad did us proud as they kept a clean sheet, and put three past The Blades to send us through to the 4th Round.

Martin Challinor took just two minutes to rocket us into the lead. We were the better side in the first half, but it stayed 1-0 to the break.

Just after the break, Craig Hoston made it comfortable putting us up 2-0.

On 77 minutes, Hoston completed his brace on 77 minutes to put the game beyond doubt.

A complete performance all round, and particular from young midfielder, Jay Lee, who is starting to make an impression around the first team squad. Exciting prospect who is starting to show some of that potential.



Round 4 Draw



Round 4 sends us to QPR.



We have a good record but it's been some time since we met. They have been bouncing between The Championship and League One since we went to the Premier League.



Up next...we travel to Nottingham to take on the winless Forrest.

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SEP 2040 - Match Day 7 - At Nottingham Forest


Match Report




The Gary Gowdy show was in full swing as the winless Forest were trounced at The City Ground.

By the quarter hour it was already Gowdy 2 - Forest 0 as they couldn't contain our forward runs, giving him too much space.

When they did contain him, it left others in space, Craig Hoston and Maks Kazalac making 4-0 by the break.

10 minutes after the break, Gowdy complete his second hat-trick of the season to make it 5-0.

From there we were happy to see out the game, and while we were still attacking, no more goals were scored.

While a great result, to be honest, we probably could have made more of our chances.






City win as well, so we stay top on goal difference, peeling off an impressive 31 goals in 7 games.



Up next...Champions League returns to The Isle as we host Club Brugge in an important fixture, as they won, and we lost our first games, a loss here could spell trouble for our chances of qualifying to the knockout stages.

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SEP 2040


A spectacular month blighted only by our first up Champions League loss to Real.

We continued to blaze our way through the League, with only Villa giving us a decent fight.



Not sure I've ever seen an attacking dot that far off the chart compared to everyone else.



Us and City have blazed our way through the first 7 games, and we hold the lead on goal difference.


















Gary Gowdy's early season form leads him to the Player of the Month award.



There has always been something a bit wonky with transfers in this save, but Craig Hoston took out the Young Player of the Month...while on loan at FC Isle of Man...

He's our player, from our academy, and he's never been on loan...:idiot:

Just another weird glitch in the transfer matrix :lol:



We are still in the top 10 of player development in top leagues.



A lot of away games make for a bad month financially.



We've come a long way since we joined the Premier League, but we are still miles behind the bigger clubs.



An exciting month coming up with important Champions League games, big League games including Man U, and the rotated squad will get the chance to continue in the League Cup.

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8 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Gowdy’s number are something to see! 

Also noticed that your the only English team (ok ‘English’ team in the top 10 player development table :thup:

Nice Commercial Income position too.

Just keeps getting better. Glad I didn't take the £181 million City offered, they would be out of sight with him in their team.


I think Man U were also in the top 10 last season, but seem to have dropped off, but seems to be shared around more this season, as PSG were 98 last season.


I think we were at £7.5 million when we joined the Premier League, so it's come along nicely in 6 years.

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OCT 2040 - Group Stage 2nd Match  Vs Club Brugge KV


Match Report




This match took on extra importance after Club Brugge won their first match, and we lost to Real, a loss here would put us 6 points behind, and in big trouble early in the stage.

However, the Belgium Champions suffered the wrath of our early season attacking form, as they were blown off the park by half time.

Mark Walsh scored before some people had found their seats, Aled Harden scored a 5 minute brace to have us 3-0 by 15 minutes.

By the time Gary Gowdy's deflected rocket found the net, it was 4-0 in a blazing first half performance.

The visitors pulled one back, about 10 minutes after the break, but just before the hours, defender Dave Keogh would restore the 4 goal advantage, which we maintained to the finish to complete a 5-1 victory.



Winning gets us back in the money, along with a bit over £1.8 million from an almost full house, making for a very profitable day.






Real smashed Besiktas in the other game.



The big win does wonders for our goal difference taking us to 2nd place.



Up next...back to League action with a tricky away match against 7th place Fulham.

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OCT 2040 - Match Day 8 - At Fulham FC


Match Report




Both teams woke up and chose attack, relegating defence to the thing around the outside of the ground, as we come from behind twice to win an 8 goal thriller at Craven Cottage.

Despite Lewis Hoey's 1st minute goal, by 24 minutes we found ourselves 1-2 down in an attacking opening to the match.

Both sides continued to throw caution to the wind, but it was Gary Gowdy that struck next to send us to the break level at 2-2.

After the break, the action continued as both sides looked to attack at all costs, but it would be the hosts who took the lead just before the hour.

Almost immediately, Gary Gowdy completed his brace, and got us on level terms again.

On 75 minutes we would take the lead back again with a great header from Martin Challinor.

Just before the final whistle, Mark Walsh finally secured the points and finished the scoring at 5-3.

Mercifully the referee finally blew the final whistle and everyone could take a breath.

Might have been fun for the fans, but it was hard to watch as a manager.






City blink first, held to a draw at Wolves, giving us a 2 point break.



Up next...an international break with 40 players on duty, before we welcome Tottenham to The Isle.

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