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Conflciting traits

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Hi guys I have this player who has conflicting traits and just wondered how you'd go about using him? As a winger he cuts in and as an inside winger he runs down the line! Obviously he needs to work within a tactic and framework around him but I'm asking for initial broad thoughts in isolation.

Would playing him as a wide midfielder and letting him do his own thing work or is that role a little too negative? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

I was thinking WM possibly with get forward and dribble more ticked. Or i could just play him on the right :lol:


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1 hour ago, Brentmeister said:

He does both so I shouldn't really be moaning! I just wanted to maximize his potential and was unsure what took precedence, his role or traits?


Traits mostly, iirc. People used to mimic the IW before the role was in the game using the "cuts inside" trait. 

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