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  1. Great work on this, having a nice, bright skin has made the playing experience a lot less gloomy, thank you! I do have a question though, is there any way to make the colours on the training screen stronger? The weak pastels do not mix well with my rubbish vision as I struggle to tell the dark blue and purple apart, as well as the grey and the light blue.
  2. Starting my save without transfers in the first window and running a database where pre-existing injuries are removed, so no ACL injury on Van Drongelen for me. Hamburg's transfer activity last summer was pretty unremarkable, new manager Daniel Thioune brought Moritz Heyer with him from Osnabrück, a couple of high-earning flops left on free transfers, Julian Pollersbeck was sold to Lyon and Sven Ulreich joined from FC Bayern to replace him. The major piece of business was bringing in the 2. Bundesliga cheat code that is Simon Terodde on a free transfer: Terodde has been the top
  3. The great sleeping giant of German football is at an absolute low-point, having suffered their first relegation from the Bundesliga in 2017/18 and missed out on promotion under humiliating circumstances in the last two seasons. The club is at a turning point, managers have been sacked, boards have been reshuffled, sponsors have left and a new direction is needed, will you be the one to lead Hamburg back to the promised land? The board led by former HSV player Marcell Jansen have a slight preference for signing players under the age of 23, but beyond that HSV is a blank canvas that the man
  4. I occasionally throw a plastic bottle and do Gordon Strachans narration in my head
  5. I think this kind of behaviour is hard-coded by SI and can't be done through the editor. I've certainly never seen any option for it while editing.
  6. Names come and go in waves and FM is a game that people play 25, 50 or even 100 years into the future. There's a bunch of names that are popular now that only people in retirement homes had in the 90s, someone looking back 20 years from now is going to find the trendy names of today like Noah or Liam hopelessly out of fashion, while some of the names from the article you linked will be popular again.
  7. Suspect someone else may have picked up on this previously, but Klaus Gjasula is incorrectly set as having 5 international appearances for Germany.
  8. One of the non-EU slots is restricted to players who are current internationals (or youth internationals, if they are that age), I'm guessing that Merino qualifies through that while Dodo does not.
  9. Best I can do is a save made ~5 months after the fact. This is not a save game-specific issue though, I've had a look at my other saved games and this pattern repeats itself in all of them, in one save Lazio spent €55m on Reiss Nelson and only gave him four appearances as a sub across the entire season. I'll keep and eye on these clubs transfer activity and upload a saved game the next time I spot something.
  10. So I am playing in the 2. Bundesliga and in January 2022 I noticed that Fortuna Düsseldorf had forked out €5.5 million on Danjuma from Bournemouth, the first thing that struck me was that it was an awful lot of money to spend on a single player for this league, then I remembered that Fortuna play a 5-2-1-2 that does not use any wingers, meaning they just threw away a significant sum of money for nothing. I had a look around at other clubs that play wingless systems, and sure enough, RB Leipzig, Atalanta, Lazio and Inter have all spent significant sums on wingers over the last two transfer
  11. Ended up winning the league, beating Atletico on head-to-head results: Got fortunate winning the league since both Real Madrid and Barcelona had poor years and we had a lot of good luck going our way, like scoring 7 goals from direct free kicks, including a game-winner from 35 metres in the 93rd minute against Atletico in our second-to-last match that ended up sealing the title. Still a mightily impressive season, over 80 points with this team is some achievement and the football played getting there was special too, with us finishing more than a handful of matches with over 70
  12. Started a new save with Valencia using your 3-4-3 tonight, made some minor tweaks to accommodate Maxi Gomez after my first few matches, with that done we beat Real Madrid with a comfortable 2-0 and then we did this to Barcelona: At the start of January we're currently sitting 1st in the table. If we manage to beat Atletico I'd say we would be favourites to win the title. My experience is that the lone centre back struggles against teams playing 4-4-2 where the strike pairing can easily outnumber him and against teams that have very fast strikers like Alexander Isak and Iñaki Wi
  13. Not only that, but I think it is even mentioned as a tip on loading screens within the game too. @Seb Wassell Can you confirm that players do indeed have different "development paths" generated at game start?
  14. Your being too cautious with your roles up front and in the midfield. As it is you have a forward who will drop back into midfield, two attacking midfielders who will mostly operate in the space outside the area, one midfielder who holds position deep in the midfield and two midfielders who will mostly move around the midfield unless they have PI's or player traits instructing them to do otherwise. The only players who will make penetrating runs and attack the box in your current formation are your wingbacks. This can be fine if you want to play cautious possession football and get 1-0 or
  15. Hard to give a definitive answer without knowing your system or your team needs but in my own save I would absolutely develop him as a wingback. As you say yourself, it is one of the hardest positions to find good players for, while good wingers and attacking midfielders are comparatively easy to find.
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