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  1. I've had my game crash twice while trying to create a new tactic on the tactics screen. Uploaded the dumps named "FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 12.50.30)" and "FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 11.41.09)" to the cloud service. Don't have time to try another time right now, but I don't think I can create a tactic at all without causing a crash.
  2. I went back to an earlier save and checked, I can sign players on the 13th of November. On the 15th the transfer window opens, my transfer budget disappears and I am no longer able to sign anyone. This is a game-breaking bug. Uploading the earlier save game with the title "öis3.fm".
  3. I'm currently in November of 2019 and have just finished my first season. I started with the no first window transfer budgets box ticked and everything was as expected, I couldn't sign anyone at the beginning but once the season started I was able to sign players as normal, just as one would expect. That was until now. To my surprise I now get the message that says I am not allowed to do any transfer activity in this window when trying to sign a player, I can't adjust my transfer budget (which is at 0, even though I am certain that I had at least some money left after my most recent transfer!) and when I try adding new managers at other clubs even super rich ones like PSG have no transfer budget, as if I was back at the start of the game again. Uploaded my save file with the title öis2.fm Edit: I just bought the in-game editor and tried to add money to my budget. That did not work. I'm 100% sure this is a bug now.
  4. Sorry, the furthest back save that I have is August 17th.
  5. Uploaded a save file with the same name as the thread title. I get sacked two days later in the save, between the pre-game press conference and the next match.
  6. Second in the league, unbeaten in 5 matches, lost only twice of my last nine, secure job rating and a solid 2-0 win away against our rivals in our most recent match yet I get sacked because one player has a bad average rating thanks to the broken rating system. I even dropped the player when the board complained about his performances but they sacked me anyway.
  7. Great decisions, great speed and very good positioning. I'd say he'd do much better than decent.
  8. I have this goalkeeper in my current team: He has okay to very good ratings in most relevant attributes, but his agility and balance are both horrendous. He is still only 21 and has some room to improve, but even with dedicated training I doubt he will get them beyond 10 before he hits his ceiling. I can't decide if I should commit to this keeper long-term or if I should start looking for other options, what do you guys think?
  9. Changes I would make: - Change Haller from a DLF-a to a TM-s, right now all three of your attacking players are on roles that move into channels, the T-a also has roams from position, with all three players busy looking for and exploring spaces you will often end up with nobody in the most dangerous central areas, with a TM-s you will have a more static central option that will either score goals himself or create chances for others through flick-ons and one-two's. Narrow formations also generate a lot of crosses, playing with a target man gives you a natural focal point in the attack that helps you take advantage of that. Haller is not great at heading but aside from that he makes for an excellent target man at top level. - Set Chilwell as a WB-a and add the overlap instruction on both sides, in a 4-3-1-2 and other narrow formations the wingbacks will inevitably be the most important players, providing vital width in your attack. The overlap instruction will push your wingbacks further up the pitch putting them closer to your midfield, this will give your midfielders more passing options out wide, help you retain possession and create more scoring opportunities through crosses. Having one of the wingbacks on an attack duty provides vital width in attack, I feel Chilwell is a better choice for this as he is better at carrying and distributing the ball than Bellerin is. - Change the mezzala to support duty, and possibly switch sides with the carrilero. On attack duty the mezzala is going to try and push forward into space that probably does not exist since you already have two strikers and an AMC on attack duty playing in front of him, on support duty he will be slightly more responsible defensively and drift into spaces less likely to be occupied by someone else. Having the carrilero on the same side as your more attacking wingback will provide more defensive solidity, while keeping the mezzala there could provide better attacking play. - As Experienced Defender said, lower the tempo, the combination of higher tempo and attack mentality means your players are likely to try and hoof the ball forwards as quickly as possible and bypass the midfield entirely, that does not seem to be what you want. I would drop it to default at least, if not even further. - Add the offside trap instruction. Playing a high line without it is suicide.
  10. Based on my recent experience playing a 4-3-1-2 I would suggest moving Dabbur to the AMC slot and playing Erling Håland as a TM-s with the instruction to move into channels in his stead. Playing a target man helps you make the most of all the crosses that narrow formations naturally generate and having both strikers move into channels (which the AF does by default) will create space between them that the AMC can exploit. Håland and Prevljak would both be playing on their natural side too, which means they will find more opportunities to cross the ball either to each other or the AMC marauding into the box in the space left between them. Unlike Experienced Defender I would also advise you to keep the AMC as an AP-a, not so much to act as an actual playmaker, but because the ball-magnet effect of the role will give him more opportunities to exploit the space the tactical set up will provide him. If you do switch to an AM, make sure that you instruct him to get further forward (AP-a does this by default, AM-a does not). This all would come at the expense of Hannes Wolf not getting any playing time, but unless you also manage Rasenballsport that really isn't your concern, given his arranged future transfer.
  11. This depends on what your midfield looks like and what you expect from it. Playing a two-man midfield where both have poor positioning and bravery is basically handing it over to the opposition, in a three-man midfield you can absolutely afford to have a player with zero defensive responsibilities that has terrible positioning and bravery provided that the two other players have the ability to cover for him.
  12. I think he looks like a fine prospect. Obviously not ready to lead your defence right away but he has potential. I especially like that he is brave without being overly aggressive.
  13. I value mental attributes highly and would not consider signing a centre half with less than 10 in concentration if I am managing in a top 5 league, ideally I want at least 13.
  14. How important is the composure attribute in relation to the others for a striker? I am looking at a possible signing that is looking like a potential star with great ratings in most relevant attributes, but unfortunately he has only 8 for composure, how much of an impact is that likely to have on his performance?
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