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  1. You sure? I have a striker with that trait and every header he scores is described as being powerful.
  2. Real Sociedad and Örgryte IS (ID: 1843) have an affiliate partnership where Örgryte IS sends youth players to Real Sociedad to train. The clubs signed a formal cooperation agreement last January. There has also been talk of Real Sociedad sending players to Örgryte on loan as part of the partnership but until that happens in real life I would leave it out of the affiliate link in FM.
  3. I have a player with seemingly contradictory individual traits, he has both hugs the line and cuts inside, what impact will this have on his behaviour?
  4. I wouldn't make too many assumptions based on the game against Liverpool, it was the match right after Boxing Day and they were tired and nervous. It was a fairly even match where they took an early lead through two brilliant individual goals by Mané before we got back into the match through a penalty and a corner in the second half when they were exhausted. The WTM is my primary goalscorer this season, but I am planning to switch him over to support duty in the long run. I am thinking that a WTM on support might link-up well with a segundo volante playing on attack duty, but I'd have to buy someone capable of playing segundo volante before trying that. I'd be curious to hear your suggestions!
  5. I'm now in mid-March sitting in 11th place. This is how we are lining up at the moment: Went ahead and switched over Calvert-Lewin to the other flank which has been fairly successful so far. Richarlison who had been invisible playing on the right hit his best patch of form right after he was moved to the left but is now out injured for 5 weeks. Been experimenting with various roles on the right side of the midfield but haven't found anything that really clicked. Gylfi on the other hand is doing quite well and having both him and Mina in the team makes us a constant threat on set-pieces.
  6. He's not going up against central defenders, Calvert-Lewin is both big and strong enough to bully most fullbacks in the Premier League. He's just about the only thing in my tactic that actually works.
  7. I'm playing with Everton and I am experimenting with the wide targetman, it's a role I've wanted to try since it was added to the game but I've never really had a team or a player I felt suited it. At Everton I have Dominic Calvert-Lewin who struck me as a player well suited for the role, so I decided to finally give it a try. After 20 matches played we currently sit 9th in the table with 7 wins, 6 draws and 7 defeats. Calvert-Lewin is playing reasonably well but the rest of the team is struggling, especially the midfield where I am yet to find the right combinations of roles and players. How we lined up in our latest match, a 2-2 draw at home against Liverpool: Would be happy to hear suggestions on how to improve this formation, both team instructions and player roles. The midfield in particular has been giving me headaches. One change I am considering already is to switch Calvert-Lewin over to the right flank to allow Lucas Digne to hit "Flo passes" over to him as my fullback options on the right side are less effective crossers. Do you have any other suggestions? My wide targetman, Dominic Calvert-Lewin: He has been nearly ever-present for me so far and in his 20 league matches he has scored 9 goals and contributed 4 assists.
  8. My favourite midfield trio in recent years is a pair of segundo volantes playing behind a ball-winning midfielder on defend duty, it's difficult to come up with a more roaming midfield than that, yet with the right players it works a treat and is a pleasure to watch. The big thing with more adventurous midfields is that they demand well-rounded players who are willing to put a hard shift in, there isn't any room for players who become passengers in the defensive phase like there can be in a more cautious set-up.
  9. From my experience players with the trait tend to move towards the side and change the angle of the shot rather than actually run around the keeper. This is generally advantageous as it also forces the goalkeeper to make a lateral move in response.
  10. The cover duty should never be used when you play with an offside trap. The covering defender will drop deeper and break the trap. I would only consider using the stopper duty in conjunction with an offside trap if I was playing with a back-three.
  11. Put a giant at the far post and you'll bag a few goals. The key is to have at least one player with really good jumping reach (higher than that of most defenders in your division) and heading ability (because you need to actually direct the ball into the net when the aerial duel is won), preferably several to make marking more difficult for the opposition.
  12. 100% player attributes. The only parts of the scouting reports I look at are their assessments of wage demands, player personality (consistency and big matches) and potential.
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