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  1. Have you set up custom set-pieces? I find that having a good set-piece routine will skew a lot of statistics, including chances created.
  2. I hope that you do not plan to maintain the previous HR's habit of adding "Would prefer not to play in Italy/France" to most promising players in Germany. Not only have these predictions had a strong history of being wrong (as with Draxler, Kehrer and Rebic, just off the top of my head) they also cause absurd in-game situations where players prefer to rot on the transfer list for years rather than sign for clubs like Juventus or Inter.
  3. Kim Dong-Su and Kim Dongsu at Lübeck are presumably duplicates.
  4. Federico Ricca's first international cap is incorrectly set as having been against the unified pre-1922 Ireland team, it was in fact against the Republic of Ireland.
  5. On the topic of languages, Roy Hodgson speaks Swedish fluently.
  6. It should not have any impact on the development of his attributes but it will take him longer to become natural in his new position without game time. You have the option to take charge of team selections for your youth team, but personally I wouldn't bother, he'll quickly become natural if he makes it into your first team.
  7. I agree with this, using formations that don't give the AMC any space to operate in is definitely a major part of the problems so many people seem to have with them. Another issue is that people are using players that really aren't all that suited to playing the position. The AMC operates in the most hotly contested area of the pitch and will be coming up against both central defenders and defensive midfielders, a player in the position will need great movement to find himself space and he will need to be able to hold on to the ball and make the right decisions under pressure so having good ratings in off the ball, composure and balance is essential. I've frequently seen people asking why their player with single-digit ratings in off the ball and balance struggle to perform, as if it were some great mystery why a player who is never available for a pass and struggles to stand upright isn't playing well.
  8. I disagree. The only time they give me any space is during transitions, the quick long-kick is the best means I have to exploit that.
  9. I am just about finished with my second season playing as Universidad de Chile, it is going well and we are close to wrapping up our second league title in a row. I do have an issue however, almost every team in the league favours extremely cautious formations like this one (or its 4-2-3-1 cousin) and it is turning most matches into a grind, the football becomes awful and we rely on set-pieces and penalties to win: As you can see they are not giving up any space at all, packing their own half with no less than six defensive or very defensively minded players, while leaving a front trio of attacking players ready to hit on the counter. It's about as well-structured as annoying, "parking the bus"-style defensive football could possibly be and I am at a loss as to how I should respond to it. How do I break a system like this down? This is how we are currently lining up:
  10. While you are scoring at a very impressive rate, I am far more impressed that you have managed to avoid having a single free kick goal scored against you! What kind of defensive set-up do you have? I've been pulling my hair out trying to defend free kicks for the past few months, I always end up being amongst the worst in the league at indirect free kick goals conceded.
  11. That guy is a textbook trequartista as far as I am concerned. Would be madness playing him in central midfield in a 4-4-2.
  12. Kellyn Acosta's history entry for the 2016 season appears to be duplicated, as he can't have played in 64 league matches.
  13. Lucas Gomes (id: 83297612) place of birth is Campinas in Brazil. Should probably have Swedish as his declared nationality (or at least his primary nationality) as it is his stated intention to only represent the nation going forward: https://www.svenskfotboll.se/nyheter/landslag/2020/2/lucas-gomes-tillbaka-i-blagult/
  14. There does not seem to be too many target men aged 25 or younger around, do you know of any good ones?
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