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  1. I decided to go with Piatek as a poacher, set Dadasov as a DLF-a and changed my CAR-s over to a CM-d. Aside from being smashed by Inter we had a pretty good run to end the season, including an impressive win against the eventual champions Roma: Because the big clubs underperformed in the Coppa and let Torino win it we ended up missing out on Europe despite finishing a very respectable 7th. Now I want to see how we look next season, we will definitely need to work on our defending and I have to find a strategy on how to deal with teams like Atalanta (wide 4-2-3-1) , SPAL (4-1-4-1) and Empoli (4-4-1-1) that employ formations that leave us exposed and outnumbered on the flanks. We cannot allow ourselves to be taken apart and have the scoreline run away like it did in a few of our matches this season, including against those teams.
  2. This is a good idea, going to give this a run with both my trequartista and the AP-s in midfield. They scored 71, conceded 17 and lost only a single match last season. Then Conte went into the transfer market and made some very, very stupid decisions that he and Juventus are paying for now. Zoet is hardly Buffon, but he is a really good keeper and definitely in contention to win the keeper of the year award. Without looking, I would expect many of those CCCs to have come either in the handful of matches were we got absolutely hammered and in our matches against Inter and Lazio, who both have the rather unkind habit of playing a narrow 4-3-3 against us.
  3. I am playing as Parma and with 8 games left of the 20/21 season we're sitting in 8th place chasing an Europa League spot. The table right now: Because the final of Coppa Italia is a Turin derby we will likely need to finish 6th to ensure European qualification, as we are currently 6 points off with not very many games to go that is an ambitious goal which means I need to review my tactics and look at areas that could improve. This is how we are currently lining up: I find that our defence is doing okay, we conceded 12 goals over three matches against teams that exploited the inherent weaknesses of our formation in the first half of the season, aside from that we're doing about as well as you could expect considering our players and position in the table, since we're not going up against any of the sides that exploited our structural defensive weaknesses in our final set of fixtures I will leave that issue for next season. Instead I want to focus on something I find more pressing, that we are not scoring as many goals as I feel a team with such an adventurous formation and attacking players with the quality of ours could and should do, a feeling I think our analytics justify. We are not generating a lot of clear-cut scoring chances, roughly conceding two such chances for every one we create ourselves. Considering we have a very attacking trio up top that simply is not good enough. These are the players I have playing up front: Piatek is our advanced forward, he is scoring at a decent rate but I definitely feel a player of his ability could be doing quite a lot more, his attributes have goalscoring machine written all over them. Dadasov is now our DLF because of an injury to the other player I had in that role, together they have combined for 6 goals and 3 assists over the season, something I definitely consider to be below par. My idea here was that Dadasov would act like a target man in a support role, but without the "ball magnet" effect the target man role carries, basically using his strong build to occupy defenders and create more space for the AF and trequartista, unfortunately he is not really doing that so this is one place where I am definitely looking to change the role. Playing the trequartista role we find the real diamond in my squad, young Argentine Almada. His stats are misleading as I stupidly tried to play him as a shadow striker for the first half of the season, something he is unsuited for and performed terribly at, he has performed much better since being switched to the trequartista role but I am definitely hoping I can get even more out of him. Far and away the most talented player in my squad, the question is whether I can make him play like it as well. One thing that really stood out to me when I actually thought about it is that all three players in my attacking trio play roles that are hard-coded to move into channels, I knew that the AF did this but that the DLF-s and Treq does it too had completely slipped my mind, I am sure that can work in some situations but given our troubles with creating high-quality chances we are probably in need of a player that stays more centrally. To that end I am thinking about either setting Piatek as a poacher and using Dadasov as either an AF or a DLF-a, or keeping Piatek as an AF but setting Dadasov as a PF-s, what do you think would work best? Setting Piatek as a TM-a might work too, but I do not like the "ball magnet" aspect of that role in this set-up. Besides the two forward roles I would love to get some advice on changes to our team instructions or the other roles in our team to make us more lethal going forward, preferably without sacrificing defence too much. Any suggestions?
  4. Yeah, both the tax man and the directors will take a significant cut if you leave it untouched, but it is still going to keep growing. Personally I start raising player wages when I get cash rich, the goal is to win football matches after all, not accumulate money in a bank account.
  5. If you don't use it, it will just keep accumulating over seasons and grow even larger as long as your club turns a profit.
  6. Movement-related attributes like dribbling, acceleration, pace and off the ball will be more important to an AP than a DLP. Passing and vision will be important for both, but since a DLP would typically be making longer passes than an AP they are arguably more important in that role. If your DLP is on a defend duty positioning becomes especially important along with the other attributes you would expect in a defensive midfielder.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input! In the end I decided to abandon the idea of playing the catenaccio, after 4 draws and 8 defeats to start the season I realised it was time to give up. I would not say that it was completely pointless despite the poor results though, three of the draws came against very respectable opposition in Inter, Napoli and Fiorentina and we did largely succeed in eliminating nearly all clear cut goalscoring opportunities for the opposition, unfortunately we left ourselves very vulnerable to long shots in the process which was our undoing. We were playing so low that even the oppositions centre backs would find themselves in long shot opportunities at times! Overall it was an interesting experiment and I feel I learnt from it and I definitely feel that someone more persistent than I might make it work, especially in a slightly lower-tier league than Serie A where the average midfielder is not as dangerous from distance.
  8. Considering that you already have Tousart it makes sense that you are struggling to find anyone better as he is one of the very best options the game has for that role. I would be curious to hear why you feel he has been unconvincing?
  9. Two unrelated questions: Firstly, can a player re-gain bravery lost because of an injury? Secondly, what role does the agility attribute play for goalkeepers? Does it have an impact on their ability to make saves?
  10. I already have, his formation and his goal is too different from what I use and what I wish to create for me to draw anything meaningful from it. I am not looking to replicate or create a modern version of Herrera's Inter.
  11. I'm playing as Parma and trying to implement a catenaccio-style defensive tactic, unfortunately I am having some troubles doing so and am therefore looking for some help. What is somewhat unusual is that an AI-managed team, SPAL, are playing with both the formation and general style I want to implement and doing so successfully. With a squad that is that is average at best they managed to qualify for the Europa League with relative comfort. Here is last season's league table: This is how SPAL lined up for most of the season: Unsurprisingly the two wingbacks have been the keys behind SPAL's success, along with the target man Petagna. The right wing back, Lazzari lead the league in assists with 14 and also chipped in with 4 goals, his counterpart on the left, Costa, scored 7 goals and registered 6 assists while Petagna scored 18 goals. Looking at SPAL as inspiration I went into the summer transfer window with the intention of finding players of my own that could form the backbone of my formation in the same manner that Petagna, Costa and Lazzari have done for them and these are the players I brought in: For the target man role I brought in Cerri, he has a significantly lower work rate than Petagna but is otherwise about as close to an identical player you could hope to find. At right wing back I looked for the most similar player to Lazzari possible within my budget and reputation, Junior Caicara is worse at most mental attributes but is otherwise extremely similar to Lazzari and with his high natural fitness I know he will be able to play every single minute for us should we need it. On the opposite flank I instead opted for a player I think is best suited to doing what Costa was successful at instead of looking for identical attributes, Kragl is slower than Costa but has better movement and technical attributes and has a terrific shot from distance, all put together I feel he could be even more successful than Costa at creeping into the area and capitalising on crosses from the right wingback. After a busy summer window this is how my starting 11 and tactical set up look: Junior Caicara has personal instructions to cross from deep and cross more often, aside from that everyone has the default instructions for their roles. Some player roles are different but the team instructions are identical to the default catenaccio tactic and I would appreciate if you have any input on how I could tweak it. What I want (and what I believe SPAL are) is to play a structured, defensively-oriented football that sits deep and uses effective wing play from the wingbacks to punish the opposition when we counter and I am looking for any suggestions that could help me reach that goal. I am especially interested in any suggestions on how to get the most out of my wingbacks and good potential striker partnerships up front.
  12. So I got the idea of creating a catenaccio-style, suffocating low-event system for my team, but I don't really know where to start. Has anyone had any success implementing that type of tactics? Are the default catenaccio tactics any good or am I better off starting from scratch? The 5-1-2-2 formation used by Leonardo Semplici at SPAL in the game really interests me and I'd like to work with the same formation.
  13. Would I be right in assuming that the (in)famous Christmas Tree formation Carlo Ancelotti employed at times with Milan is the best option I have if I want to employ 5 central midfielders? Are there any other feasible formations that would allow me to play with 5 midfielders centrally without going strikerless?
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