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  1. Manager of the year! Season 8 review We lost our 2 best players before a ball was even kicked due to release clauses being met. It was completely my fault and I've learned from the mistake. A best ever points total, games won and goals scored saw us finish in our highest ever top flight position in a very respectable 6th place. We were miles behind the top 2 but a very strong end to the season gives me the belief we’ll be competing for trophies very soon. We qualified for the Copa Libertadores and I won my first manager of the year award. Sao Paulo S
  2. I've been away for 5 days and 2 of you have completed the challenge! Congratulations
  3. We done the double! (well the u20's did ) Season 7 review After a mammoth 71 games the season is finally over. A decent performance overall albeit with slightly fewer points than last year. We finished 10th and clinched our place in South America's second continental competition. Sao Paulo state championship Another quarter final exit. This isn't seen as that important, though I'd still like to win it, but with 5 of the best 7 teams in the first division competing, it's difficult. We also literally have 6 days to prepare for it after our players return from their end of sea
  4. Belgium is tough, i've played there a few times in this challenge and there isn't much money about outside the top flight. I always used to play a pre season cup which brought in around 150k to keep us from losing too much, it's not life changing but it helps. If you avoid relegation with ease you could always try an ultra aggressive attacking formation, you never know, you could start really fast and ride the momentum to promotion. Other than that, you really are at the mercy of your youth players potential, all it takes is to produce 1 player who's wanted by some of the bigger club
  5. So this game knocked me out of the Copa Libertadores
  6. Holy crap 94 goals conceded in 22 games Unbeaten in the last 3 though....
  7. Lots of good progress in here over the weekend KUTGW
  8. Continental qualification Season 6 review With pre-season odds of 900-1 a relegation battle looked on the cards, that never materialised however and we pushed for a top 3 place most of the season before falling away towards the end. We still qualified for Europe South America though in the form of the Copa Libertadores qualification rounds. I have big expectations for next season because we were competitive in every game and wasn't really blown away. Our kids are getting better and things are looking promising. ______________________________________________________________
  9. Cheeky f**ker, we were odds on to be relegated mate
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