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  1. Are there any issues with managing in Scotland? Keen to start again but don't want to waste more time
  2. That bug is unfortunately still there for Belenenses, 35k per month on the youth set up and only 5 season ticket holders! Back to the drawing board I go. I've lost 2 days to bugs and crashes
  3. I'll keep an eye on it, thanks for the heads up. @OlivierL were they save ending bugs? I wouldn't want to get 3/4 seasons deep only to have to quit again.
  4. After my Belgium save was irreparably corrupted I decided I needed a new country and a new challenge. I chose C.F. Os Belenenses of Portugal. They are an AFC Wimbledon style phoenix club, with a redemption arc just waiting to be written and I couldn't resist. We also have an arch rival in B-SAD who we hate and can't wait to destroy. They have a fantastic starting base with great facilities which should make it easier in the early years but they're also competing with Benfica, Sporting and B-SAD for young players so that balances it out long term in my opinion!
  5. I don't think Hendon play in the Isthmian, so that might explain why you had so few players?
  6. as you start a new game, choose advanced database, then choose England (or whatever country you're playing in), and then as you add leagues you'll see the player count going up in the bottom right.
  7. Are you loading the additional players from the lower leagues? Some promoted teams in England have 20 man squads
  8. I just got this message and then the game crashed, wiping out 6 weeks progress in the process I may have to re-install the game and start again.
  9. Season 2 review Another decent season, securing our place in the promotion play-off league for the second time. I almost didn't want to qualify because we finished a crazy 29 points behind the league leaders during the regular season, meaning they had a 15 point head start in the championship group with only 18 points to play for! I used these games to test tactics and to throw some youngsters in to see if they can swim. Youth preview and intake Unfortunately my game kept crashing due to corrupted files from the newgen facepack. My original preview was very pro
  10. During the close season I installed a newgen facepack and it seems to have corrupted my game. I keep getting the message "Memory is running dangerously low" and then it crashes. This has happened 5 times now all between my last match and my next match. As I was reloading to try and ammend it (uninstalling the facepack, restarting the computer, clearing the cache etc), I noticed this: It's the same player, on the same day, in the same mentoring group, with the same training schedule, but it's different progress report every time. Some good and some bad.
  11. A question for you youth challenge veterans and experts: If you have a young player who is your best player at 15, do you start them straight away or leave them in the youth leagues for a while to develop? Will his progression stall if I throw him straight in?
  12. After flip-flopping between leagues and saves not sticking, and partly inspired by @OlivierL success, I keep getting drawn back to Belgium. So here I am again, for one final effort. Boring stuff West Ham legend Carlton Cole taking his first steps into management. (sorry sbout calling you a Sunday league footballer big man, thems the rules) Season 1 review The first season went very well, we finished second behind Club Brugge' B team which is almost a cheat code at this level, they have players rated £5m, where as my best player is rated £10k! The Pl
  13. @Padders It's a shame Crepaldi retired, could've possibly got a couple of decent seasons out of him as a DLP or Regista where his physical attributes are less important
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