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  1. Season 8 done League: We finished 7th.....of 8 :/ so into the relegation play-off we went. We made light work of Roeselare who we had to play 9 times in the league this season! We live to fight another day. Croky Cup: Round 6, again. Key Player(s) As you can imagine from coming 2nd bottom, not many shone this season. Shout-out to Lejeune who keeps defying his stats (he even lost 1 from his already 9 finishing). Youth intake Not great, and not many good personalities either. Time for a new man I think. Top guy is probably Denis, excellent technical ability but terrible personality, determination and only 5'2". Transfers A couple out with sell-on fees that i can hopefully cash soon. Finances and Misc No upgrades or coaching badges to report and almost 1.5m in the red, i'm hoping another season or 2 in this division and a few sales should see us turning a profit soon.
  2. @Padders You should aim for this mate! The Guinness world record is 333 seasons, you're not miles away and we have all the proof in this thread.
  3. @XaW What position and role did Popovic get all those assists from?
  4. That's tough, he looks like he could have been with you all the way to the end.
  5. Season 7 review League: Wow! What a season, we dominated the league almost from start to finish. An end of season collapse threatened to ruin our party but we eventually limped over the line to collect the title. We could've and should've won the whole thing at a canter but I'm just relieved it's over! Croky Cup: Round 6 Key Players: It would be unfair to single anyone out after such a great season, but our Brazilian/Belgian triumvirate were flawless all season. Youth Intake: Promised an excellent group and they probably delivered. 2 are ready for the first team squad already with our young GK probably this year's best prospect. Transfers: Lost another good young player for peanuts due to our chairman. Finances & Misc: A really successful season saw us win the league, the u21 league, the u18 league, player of the year, young player of the year and manager of the year. We also turned professional. Promotion couldn't come soon enough as our finances took a battering and we lost £1.1m. Our main aim for next season is to stay in div 2 because this league was a nightmare to escape from!
  6. Meddling chairmen are the worst. 83k is nothing in the grand scheme of things. FM21 needs to be better in this regard.
  7. Season 6 review Croky Cup: 6th round again. League: That was a massive improvement from last season, 19 fewer goals conceded and 17 more points. I really felt like we made big strides forward this season and could have got something from every single game we played. We narrowly missed out on the promotion play-offs however, mostly due to our inabiltiy to defend crosses, 90% of the goals we conceded seemed to be through corners, free-kicks and crosses. I lost count of the amount of times the commentary said "_____ missed header led to the goal". We finished the season playing 11 players produced from our academy. (a draw in our last game stopped us from coming 5th in what was a congested mid-table) Top boy(s): Marquinhos was our best player by far with 20 assists, 7 POM awards and an average rating of 7.76. We had to tweak the system to get him in but it paid off. Other notable players were our other half Brazilian-Belgian Nonato and top scorer Lejeune. Youth Intake: We was promised another golden generation and it looks very promising. Karaula is ready for the first team squad already. Transfers: We sold 1.5m of sell-on clauses to help us out. Finances and Miscellaneous: The sell-on clauses allowed us to move into the black and get a few upgrades and a coaching course. Our training facilities however dropped a rating.
  8. Load additional players from the lower leagues and pick your team carefully. I picked a team in Spain and they had the wage bill of a mid table div 2 team. They were also paying a 40 year old GK one of the highest wages in the league! Tip: El Ejido start with great facilities for the level
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