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OMG what happened to my Moukoko??

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So I simulated a season and after checking Mouoko's progress I found this had happened:


At first I was devastated but actually I'm not sure but I think this improves him. He had a serious injury on 23/09 - torn thigh muscle which kept him out for 2 months, which doesn't seem to have affected his physicals at all. 

It doesn't feel right that this injury has caused these changes to me, looking for any insight anyone has on this, cheers.

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That's a strange set of changes, but you've probably got a better player overall.

Looks like the other drops were to adjust for a random large boost in Composure without bumping CA.

Actually seems like a realistic random rare thing (young striker reacts to something by becoming a lot calmer and more selfish in the penalty area) but I've never seen it happen before.

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I checked his games and he scored a brace in around 6 games in a row just before this so maybe this has triggered a rebalance of his stats. Tbh im quite happy with the change, wandering if I can replicate it again :D

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