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Error in nation rules: Team X has no squad selected for Cup 1.Round on 9/8/2020


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Im creating the BE/NE League (Belgium / Netherlands) League and everything is done, but i cant verify it, because i get this error. Everytime i verifiy i get the error that team X has no squad selected for Cup 1.Round on 9/8/2020.

I included the data base file. BENE.fmf




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vor 3 Stunden schrieb Wolf_pd:

It looks like you have a double game and since the season in the Netherlands starts around that time, MVV might already be booked.

So maybe i could solve the problem when i delete the Eredivisie and the Jupiler League ?

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Am 1.6.2021 um 21:43 schrieb krlenjushka:

What did you change ?

And thank you very much !

EDIT: Nevermind, it works now...:D

But now i have the problem, that when i choose the leagues it shows the Netherlands as a blank spot and when i advance further i can only play in the top tier.


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Two things when setting these competitions up that are combine nations.

  • Check your calendars
  • Make sure that a tournament can be reason to move a competition game.
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I've got this error, editing national rules but the error says its with Europa Conference league no squad selected. Where can i check that a tournament is a reason to move a fixture? It's impacting a team not qualified for europe though so any other possible ideas @Wolf_pd?


Fixed - was to do with the DB selection of too many teams from nation in the Conference league

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