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Free players and great youth players for Welsh Clubs

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Hi Guys,


I’m new here so I hope this makes sense.

The lists of great singings available on free transfers or of youth players who have fantastic potential are great.

However if you are playing in the Welsh league, most of these players will not want to sign for you. For example most will not want to play for Caernarfon, in the Welsh Premier league.

Has anyone ever produced a list of free transfers, or great players available cheap, or great youth players that Welsh clubs could sign, that is to say- players that would actually want to sign for Welsh clubs in the Welsh leagues.. ? 

Also, how about regens? I seem to struggle to sign any fantastic regens for Welsh league clubs.


Thanks everyone


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Hey Dylan, the game is quite far into its cycle this edition so you won't find this forum massively active.. particularly when it comes to quite niche clubs like cofi-land (Caernarfon) in smaller leagues like you're managing..


I don't have any suggestions, it's been a while since i managed in the Welsh leagues i'm afraid.


pob lwc!

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