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i think there is a bug with referees "styles"

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Hi! this is something i noticed after the winter update and said it on another topixs but never made one for this problem. No matter which league, country or save im playing i always get "firm" referees, i even tried with a friend device who has the game and is the same, i remember having more tipes of referees, is this a bug? can be fixed?

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1 hour ago, Marc Vaughan said:

Can you let me know which device you're using to run the game and which store you purchased it through please.

Hi! im using a Samsung J7 prime and purchased the game via play store, thanks for the reply. I have another issue in a save where i have an 8-9 in domestic player bias even all my squad is from the nation im playing and having only one foreing player in the reserves, the number was like 13-14 but i noticed it went down when i scouted two foreign players, can scouting affect this value so much? thanks in advance.

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3 hours ago, James Akintayo said:

Can you send us your save game so we can take a look at the issue.


sorry for the language of the ss, the game just doesnt let me upload the save, i have a perfect wifi connection

edit: i just did it via your owncloud, its a fm_save1 uploaded right now, as you can see, im in an arg team, with 22 arg players and 22 arg reserves but still a 9 in dpb :(

ps: idk if its a save problem or not but that game keeps auto saving when i have auto saved turned off, if you can also check that would be great, thanks :)

Screenshot_20210512-121149_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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