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  1. Thanks for letting us know these are known issues that are open with or dev team.
  2. Can you let us know what device you are using as well as your OS version.
  3. Thanks for letting us know, this is a known issue that is currently under review with our dev team.
  4. Can you let us know what device you are currently using?
  5. Please send us in your save so we can take a look at the issue.
  6. Do you have a save game for this, preferable from before the call up date?
  7. There are no plans for any further major update to FM 21 Mobile.
  8. You should be able to attached additional files such as the. pkm when you select send report and select an email provider.
  9. You can enable/disable player names by selecting the 'Use Fake Players' option in the settings menu or when starting a new game.
  10. Can you check and let us know your display settings (Settings > Display), for screen zoom, screen resolution and full screen apps.
  11. Can you confirm whether or not the above solutions have worked or not.
  12. You can send you save by following the instructions here. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538502-how-to-send-us-saves-so-that-we-can-fix-issues-you-report/
  13. @Zafer AkgülThis issue has been logged with our development team, thank you for bring this to our attention. Can you also re-read the guidelines on posting on our forums as your last post was unacceptable.
  14. I believe this is referring to the coaching specialising you have at the club, but if you send your save in I can take a closer look.
  15. To access your save games you need to navigate to "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021 Mobile\normal\games" on Android or connect your device to itunes on iOS. if your save game have been deleted you will have to check for File sweeper/anti virus/device cleaner apps that may be interfering with the game files.
  16. Hi john, your question depends on who won the FA and League Cup and how they performed in the league and in Europe. If the winners of the League and FA cup did not finish in the top 5 or win in Europe the teams that finish in 6th and 7th will not play in Europe the following season.
  17. it is not possible to modify award winners with the in game editor.
  18. You can only set a scout assignment in terms of region, it is not currently possible to send scouts to scout individual players.
  19. hi @Muja you should be able to remove the manager of a club using the editor. You should also be able to declare interest in a club if the current managers job is at least insecure, if this is not the case we will need to look at your save game in order to investigate the issue.
  20. The only way to load certain clubs is to select their nation when starting a new game. As this is a mobile game it is not possible to load all teams/players.
  21. Can you send your save game and let us know what changes you are making in the Editor.
  22. Can you send us your save game so we can take a look at this.
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