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  1. When you start a new game make sure budget in first window is selected, otherwise you will have 0 transfer budget until the mid season transfer window.
  2. You might want to check you have the correct permission to write files to your phone, when you connect your phone to your PC does a message appear on your phone asking if you want to "trust this PC"?
  3. When you start a new game do you have the option 'Budget in First Window' deselected? If you do you will not be able to make transfers until the mid season transfer window.
  4. Cloud saves are only available on iOS. If you are on iOS you should be able to select cloud saves from the save/load game menu.
  5. You can press continue when on the select club screen to start the game unemployed.
  6. The star rating is based on a few things, the coaches ability to judge a players quality, the relative quality of players in the current squad, the relative quality of players in the current league. the 2 star rating is most likely due to you already having a very good defender in the squad.
  7. Can you let us known what device and OS version you are using? Also do you remember updating your OS sometime before observing this issue?
  8. If you want to delete your save game you should either connect your phone to a PC and delete the save games from there or use a file explorer app on your phone. Your save games can be found in the following directory Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019 Mobile\normal\games
  9. Can you tell us what device you are using, what OS version you had and what OS version you updated to?
  10. You shouldn't lose your save if you are just uninstalling the game. However if you want to make sure your save games are safe you should make a back up before making any changes.
  11. Hi @CPFCWATERS, are you using the same google play account on your new device as the one you purchased FM19 mobile on?
  12. Hi @AntonioMPS04 We will need to have a look at your save game. Here are instructions on how to access them. When you get them compress the save in .zip file and attach it to a post.
  13. Hi @Vivan, Please attach your save game as a .zip file so we can take a look. Also can you tell us the name of the player you are experiencing this issue with?
  14. can you attach your save as a .zip file so we can take a look at the issue, thanks.
  15. Hi @StephenFMT17, can you try going on holiday for at least a day during a valid transfer window.
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