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  1. Hi @Drewking333 Can you send us your save game so we can have a look at the issue, you can attached the save game to a post as a .zip file.
  2. If you go on holiday the contract negotiations will be carried out by your assistant manager.
  3. If you have a save game from before the transfer goes through can you please attach it as a .zip file.
  4. This is because the Premier League is not a licensed league so the players will not have their pictures. The exception to this rule is Watford as they are partnered with us.
  5. Yes, however the number of leagues and divisions you can load will depend on the device you have, with the maximum being 4 leagues systems.
  6. You can check what leagues you have loaded by selecting the Competitions menu/World icon. Selecting the countries listed there will tell you what leagues you have loaded.
  7. Do you guys have a save game for this issue? from before an offer is made?
  8. HI @Jumbos Do you have save game for this bug? Preferably from just before Celtic make an offer.
  9. Thanks Niko, this is related to a known issue that we are currently looking at.
  10. The squad size was referring to the First Team, so you will need to demote/release players that are in the First Team in order to promote reserve team players. If you have done this and still can't promote players please attach your save game file as a .zip file so we can further investigate this issue.
  11. Thanks for letting us know this will now be logged with the dev team.
  12. HI spkno, thanks for reporting this, it is a know issue that this can trigger in some rare cases that is currently being looked at by the dev team.
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