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  1. Nothing to do with us, might want to check for helper or assistant apps that might be installed on your device.
  2. @tbeariault Just out of curiosity, how many players roughly where in your scrapbook?
  3. The description for this achievement is incomplete. it requires you to stay a club for 10 years whilst being extremely successful. Having a look at you save you haven't quite met these requirements, however should you be able to continue winning competitions it should unlock in the next few seasons.
  4. There is definitely a chance that your reserve team will be chosen for promotion, but that chance is mostly determined randomly rather than based on the first teams performance. Promotion does not give a significant boost.
  5. It kooks like you game has becomes stuck as it should have progressed to the new season. If you have a save game from before the in game date 23rd June can you send that in to us, thanks.
  6. From what I can see from your save some transfer do go through, but I can also see that the Buffon and Sturridge transfer gets stuck Can you try starting a new save as you suggested before and seeing of the issue still happens? Also can you provide is with your phone model name and OS version. Can you also check you are on the latest version of the game 11.3.0
  7. What did you name the save game? also which player(s) are you trying to buy?
  8. Can you try selecting [Remove from Nation] then calling them back up?
  9. can you check for any sweeper or antivirus software that might be interfering with the game files.
  10. If you are managing a senior national team and you call up a u21 player they should be removed from the u21 team.
  11. Can you answer a few questions about the issue your are experiencing? Which player are you trying to sell? What is your asking price? Is he happy at the club? Is he playing first team games? Is he on a high wage?
  12. Virtual players (players with grey names) will not retain stats from game to game. You can offer these players a contract to make them "real" and then get coach reports about them.
  13. Can you try "Restore Transactions" in the store, otherwise can you contact us through our helpdesk for further assistance.
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