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[FM21] Pre Season Tournament`s

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(21.4)Neunkirchen Pokal



NEW TOURNAMENT: Neunkirchen Pokal

Participating teams:

-Borussia Neunkirchen (Germany)

-Random 3 teams from

-Random 1 team from 1.Bundesliga (Germany)
-Random 1 team from 2.Bundesliga (Germany)
-Random 1 team from Ligue 1 (France)
-Random 1 team from Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)
-Random 1 team from Eredivisie (Netherlands)
-Random 1 team from Bundesliga (Austria)
-Random 1 tram from nogometna liga (Slovenia)
-Random 1 team from Fortuna liga (Czech Republik)


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(21.4)Trofeo Lasesarre


NEW TOURNAMENT: Trofeo Lasesarre

Participating teams:

-Barakaldo CF (Spain)

-Random 1 team from:

-Bilbao Athletic
-Burgos CF
-CA Osasuna
-RRC de Santander
-Sporting Gijon
-Real Oviedo
-CD Mirandes
-SD Eibar
-Real Sociedad
-G Torrelvega
-Sestao River

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(21.4)Trofeo Villa de Gijón

NEW TOURNAMENT: Trofeo Villa de Gijón
Participating teams:

-Sporting de Gijon (Spain)

-Random 1 team from:

-Random 1 team from LaLiga Santander (Spain)
-Random 1 team from Serie A (Italy)
-Random 1 team from Ligue 1 (France)
-Random 1 team from Priemjer Liga (Russia)


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5 hours ago, Fmfan00 said:

Hey ErikEagle... Just wondering i know you have a random team picked... is there a way to pick a top team or championship team from a league to go into a tournament?

Yes I will pm you later this week. 

If I forget please ask me again 

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