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[FM21] Another year, another Rotherham United save.

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We've started off well.  We battered West Brom but lost a couple of players to early injurys.  My new 9mil LW Kohlert is out for 4 weeks.  We played some really good football and could have been 5 or 6 up.  Fulham came was frustrating compared.  3 - 1 up, make a couple of subs.  It's 3 - 3 and they kept charging at us.  Wasn't happy to drop those points.  Arsenal was a great draw!  I've had big question marks of the performances of Paulos Abraham, a striker with bags of potential.  He scored a penalty vs West Brom, he was poor vs Fulham and he went sent off vs Arsenal after 27 minutes with a horror tackle.  If I could sell him, he'd be out of my club in an instant.  What an absolute waste of a player with that much potential.  Pepe should have scored for Arsenal in the last few minutes of the match but he hit the post, thanks for the point Pepe.


I mean, it is a good start.  No red is a big plus.



Hey, atleast we won on penaltys.  I started Edmonson and Glatzel.  Post-match was Glatzel vows to end goal drougt of 8 match and goalless Edmondson worries Rotherham as he hasn't scored in 7 hours.  I may have a striker problem.  I mean, I am aware I could do with better MR and strikers but I'd need players to be bought first and no one has interest in them.  Going to The Etihad Stadium is going to be a tough tough ask for us to get through to the next round.


I mean, we have money.  I still have money to spend but it's to buy a class player when I see one.  There's some good players I could potentially buy but they'd cost my whole budget + 70k a week which is a tad expensive for us.  I don't think anyone are as good as Salas who only cost 4.2mil and already got his first goal vs Fulham.

My only other out was Duffy on loan, he won't get any game time here, he's not cut out for this level.  I doubt Preston will buy but atleast he'll play in the Championship playing.

 It's been a busy summer though.


PSG spent 99mil on Odegaard :eek:

I checked who Inter has brought in, I've never heard of this guy, he was totally free.  He's immense!




900k a week shows how far we've come :eek:

Let's see where can can go from here.  Could be 6 or 9 points from September.  Depends on my strikers ey?


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What a month!  We were 1 - 0 down to City and struggling to find a gap so I just decided to direct attack, go at them.  2 goals in the 85th and 87th minute from Osawe and Salas got us the 3 points.  Brilliant.  Especially sicne Tymon went off injured and is out for 4 weeks.  Southampton, we scored before the break and they scored just after.  They look good, they played fast direct football and it ended up in Clarke-Salter being out of position attacking, losing the ball and Figueira thinking he'd take one for the team and being sent off in the the 53rd minute.  We were lucky to hold on.  Everytime I face Leeds I keep thinking that they're that quality side too good for the Championship and they've build upon it, they haven't at all.  They have some class players, an England international, a bunch of U21s but something is missing.  We battered them, their goal came from a cross coming in and O'Hara tipping it to the back and not over where they centered and placed in, was very strange keeping.  That was the 86th minute, a bit too late for them.  Palace are 20th and haven't won in 14 for a reason.  They attack, create chances but I haven't a clue who's finishing them.  They weren't there in the first half, Gauld gave us an early start.  His 3rd goal in 3 games, he's been class.  They turned up in the 2nd half but their shooting was woeful.  They got caught out twice in the 88th and 92nd minute by Salas.


:cool:.  Very close even game with Gauld being class yet again.  We thankfully held on after Poulsens red card.  We've beaten one Manchester club... can we beat another?


Can we end the season now? :lol:


I've been told about a CD/DM/MC that'll cost me 5mil.  I'm very tempted, I can't make my mind up :lol:.


Only 3 games in October.  I think we can get 4 points here, maybe 5.


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Very happy with 6 points.  We've been playing very well.  Osawe netting a hat-trick against Brighton and they only pulled one back after a 20 yard screamer.  Kohlert getting his first goal for the Millers with Osawe scoring again and Salas getting another before Sheffield United responded through Troy Parrot.  We matched Liverpool, we created chances, we hit the woodwork, wejust didn't put the ball in the net.

Still a crackin' run.




In typical FM fashion for me, when they're complete, I ask for better.  They gave it me.




It's been a brilliant start!  5th after 10 games compared to trying to get out away from relegation last season.


But November is tough, all red wouldn't be a shock.


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What a month!  So much better than I expected.  We were great in the league. We were 2 - 0 up vs Wolves and they pulled one back in the 86th minute but Pite killed the game in the 87th minute.  Spurs, Gauld made a rare mistake but then scored a peach of a freekick to equalise.  Vinhas headed in the winner in the 86th minute, great 3 points.  Chelsea, we were the better side but Dejan Kulusevski scored an absolute class curling shot to put Chelsea up.  We managed to pull it back, then go ahead through a messy goal, bouncing all over the box and somehow Onnana scored an OG but a good ball through to Joao Felix made it 2 - 2 and we couldn't kill the game.  It's a good draw.


We couldn't do a Manchester double.  They battered us in the first half, we had no answer.  We changed shape and played much better but it was already over.  Not sure how poor finishing came into it, they were a class above.

How good is this table looking.


My "7th" striker my scouts see is 3rd in the league for goals.  He's been such a good servant since he came in.


A lot of games in December.  A lot should be winnable.


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Oof, we attacked Manchester United well and we could of had more.  They attacked us even better and our defense was a tad leaky... yeah, we weren't great.  We've turned it round though and played some amazing football.  Gauld, Osawe, Kohlert and Salas all playing amazing and chipping in the goals.  Gauld scoring worldies for fun.  It's been a great month.  We battered Everton we just couldn't score a winner!  Their goal came from a screamer which was their only shot on target!  Gaulds playing that well though he's refusing to sign a new contract and has a min. fee of 15mil, he's worth 25mil.




That's what I mean.  He's been incredible and Osawe and going for golden boot.

Table is looking great.


And Sheffield United wanted me as their manager, no thanks :lol:



January will have transfers, some already in place and I reckon I can win atleast half the games.  I forgot to screenshot is so I've already battered Wigan in the cup.


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I'll take 7 points from those fixtures.  Fulham took an early lead by Gauld scoring an absolute belter which got runner up in goal of the month and then Salas putting us ahead was enough for the 3 points.  Arsenal didn't turn up for 80 minutes, we bossed them and then all of a sudden they turned into a Barcelona-esque team and we barely held on.  We took an early lead vs City but they were the better side, that simple.  Routine win vs Southampton.

Our cup runs are over.  Manchester United are an absolutely class team.  They have class everywhere, their passing is so accurate and Greenwood always rips me up.  Everything is done with pace.

Still 3rd in the league aswell :cool:



Okay so alot of movement happened.


First the outs:


Glatzel was on far too much wage.  1 more game and he got another 10k, massive mistake on my part.  Glad someone came in for him.
Barlaser isn't good enough, wanted him off the books.  I couldn't turn down a 20mil offer for Olosunde, that was mental.  Crooks and Edmondson aren't needed here so I loaned them out to actually play and Abraham I'm glad to get off the wage bill 'cause he's been absolutely useless.


I did alot of scouting, we're still limited on our reputation who we can bring in.

Two new right backs to replace Olosunde.  Khellven has started life in Rotherham quite poor but I understand it'll take these players time.  Sugawara will also be playing at MR.




I needed midfield replacements for Barlaser/Crooks.  I like the look of Lopes, he's played well for me where Dewsbury-Hall has been poor. 


And the versatile McCrorie came in at a much cheaper price.


And then two new strikers, with one being able to slot into midfield who was a steal thanks to min. fee.



Peter Bale is a goalkeeper for the future


The best of the bunch is Gauld signed a new deal! :cool:


Was an active window all around.



And we've somehow ended up bottom of the wage table.



Surely I can get 9 points in Feb to keep the Champions League push going.


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It was good enough.  Was fantastic putting 5 goals past Leeds.  With Gauld and Macebo both getting a brace.  We weren't our best vs Palace and they should have equalised but we managed to scrap through, with help from their Cb Nathan Ferguson who got sent off in the 79th minute.  Ross McCrorie got his first goal for the Millers.  We were class vs West Brom though, they didn't even manage a shot on target!  Sheffield United I can't blame us, we were disrupted.  No Gauld, striker injuries, we tried, we were the better side.  Berge just hit a nice shot from outside the area.

Two strikers in 1 game is bad luck.


Especially when one has been class.


Osawe is due back and he's topping the goal charts.


We're still looking very good the Champions League :D


Oh and Liverpool are a bit good, we play them in March.  Can we break their streak?



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6 points, so close to 7!  We equalised in the 92nd minute vs Chelsea and they scored in the 93rd!  We played well against Brighton, grinding a result vs Wolves, they had 10 in their box ALL the time, it was painful.  Liverpool though.. who's xG was higher?  Ours, we played okay in a way, but my word they just scord for fun and we had no come back.  Means a big month comin' up if we want Champions League.



And Osawe is now leading the charts.



My 18 year old youth goalkeeper made his national debut vs Holland.. look at who manages Wales :lol:


And another debut :D



Would love revenge on United, we need 9 points from the other 3 games.


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We started the month playing great, forcing mistakes from Tottenham and punishing everytime we could.  Typical result vs Manchester United, they're just too good.  Heck, Norwich have had a crackin' month, a draw was fair and Newcastle we just couldn't find the killer instinct.


We should finish 4th.

Only need a point to finish 4th :D


Iheanacho has scored 7 in April, 7!  So he's got a chance, he's on fire!

And this lad will be going, not having a guy go AWOL twice because "we lack right backs" they we brought 2 into the club in January.


Can we get a point from these and finish 4th?  Can Osawe finish top goalscorer?


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End of Season








Osawe didn't get his goals thanks to a mad month from Iheanacho but I got Manager of the Year and Will Fish got Young Player :D


Ofc he did :cool: Gauld is amazing.




Right, time to build for the Champions league!  My entire right flank has serious issues!

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22 hours ago, DavidBeckham said:

Gauld is the GOAT! KUTGW mate and all the best in the Champions League!

Cheers man.  He's amazing and i've somehow just signed a midfielder that should be as quality to sit next to him until Gaulds legs make him retire.

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2024/2025 Transfers

So far... since I've still got goalkeepers to come in, their wp review date is after my first game :lol:

Firstly as norm, out:


Glad to get Clarke-Salter off my books, he never performed.  I had no interest in the 4 that went out on loan so I let them go play.  That was far too much money to turn down for O'Hara and Johansson isn't good enough to be here.  Ogbene was in his last year, not playing and that's good money.  Dewsbury-Hall wasn't the player from FM20 and I'm glad I could cash in.  I let Prince go because I have Peter Beale and a better youth GK coming in.

Players in: (Goalkeepers pending)


Smart midfielder, only 6mil and he's been great in Denmark.


Obviously I had no idea I was going to be offered Declan Rice for 25mil.  I had to do accept this.  Gauld and Rice!?  Oof.


Need someone at RB who's a bit more solid, I think Cash can be this.


A proper winger!


Another CB leaving me with 4 class young CBs, a position I shouldn't need to choice for years.  1.8min fee for Almedia, total steal.



Give him a year to train and hopefully be my backup LM and get him club grown.


There's more to come on the transfer front but I'm about to play Newcastle and we'll see Peter Beale in net.  If he can do it for Wales, I'm sure he can do it for us.




I do have a small issue that I feel my club has far too many players but no one is wanted so I've gotta just take it.  I've screenshotted my players below, we have alot of versatile players but right now I basically have 4 right backs, 1 which can play MR behind Artola and Matko.  I have alot of CMs but then again they can fill in at many other positions themselves (for instance though, Murgan is a striker, not a MC).  Maybe it'll help us?  We'll see.


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Goalkeepers in!


Steal, one for the future.

First team goalkeeper.  Needs training on Handling but should be an upgrade on O'Hara

Bale did amazing on his debut which was we managed to win in the 90th minute from a Gauld free kick.  I hope I can use him here for a long time.  I've been calling him Beale like from Eastenders and it's bloody Bale :lol:



Vision and finances looking good.  Let's kick on with season this week :cool:



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Only managed to get one game in after work thanks to an Overwatch event that needed to be played but I have to post this 'cause it was brilliant.



Our best effort before this was our firts season in the cup ffs :lol:


And I totally missed this but Liverpool did this in their first game of the season... and we face them next


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What a start!


Super Ryan Gauld finally put us ahead against Newcastle with a super free kick and Salas got himself on the scoresheet after a mistake at the back.  Amazing, absolutely amazing to beat Manchester United, it's taken absolutely bloody years.




The same with Liverpool.



And we were 2 - 0 up against Liverpool.  They had a penalty with Nubel saved, they brought it back and we stole it at the end.  Brilliant.

Wolves were 1st and I was expecting a tough game especially with Gauld injured and they just didn't turn up.  They were as bad as when I faced them last season.

Boo, atleast we have a international break. 

Our first Champions League draw.  I think we can finish 2nd.



This is how well we've been playing.


He's rated at 40mil now and thanked me :cool:



And I was robbed, I've played 4 vs top teams!



We're still small in stature.



We did no more deals but clubs were busy.  That money for one player!




Look at that lovely table.  Only 100% team.

Goalkeeper has been amazing, I always thought it'd be O'Hara playing here still but my scouts were like "Well, there's like 10+ goalkeepers that are better" so I offered O'Hara out and Monaco bid far too much money for him.  Rest is now history.

Let's keep it going!  Going to be a different month in September.


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Solid month.


Draws vs teams such as Arsenal and Chelsea matter, I'd rather have one point compared to none.   They were both even games to be fair. 

The Burnley game was so close until the end though.


We couldn't put the ball into the back of the net.  Cross comes in and it's somehow 1 -0 to Burnley.  I put my ultra attacking tactic on, watching my backup LB play absolutely immense at LW, get his first Rotherham goal, Murgan puts us ahead and then Poulsen pops up again.  Cracking 10 minutes to be a Rotherham fan.

We're in second now but only by a point.



Champions League


They early goal was huge but then they came at us and couldn't break us down.  We got the better of them in the second half and a huge win in our first ever Champions League game.

Carabao Cup


They played their first team.  I played youth and backups mostly.  Super keeper in the shoot out.


And we should be able to win the next game. I'd like to think we can.


October is a tough month with alot of games but we can just give it our best.



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It started well vs Sheffield United, playing very well, being 2 - 0 up with Malcolm Harding getting his first Rotherham goal before they clawed one back in the 89th minute but we held on.  Glad we draw at Southampton as I played 65 minutes with 10 men.  Kohlert thinkin' he was in a wresling match doin' a leg drop or something, awful challenge.  Brighton got the goal, was an even game and Poulsen should have equalised at the end but his shot was way too tame. 

Still 3rd, early days yet.


Champions League

Well, I expect that PSG will win the competition.  Their team is absolutely insane.


And it was an easy with in Belgium


I'd like to think we can finish 2nd.



Carabao Cup



Easy win with both my CBs getting on the scoreshoot. No idea who we face next though.




Love it when I bring in players and they get their national team debut.


Unexpected was Enggaard, my young RB.


About time.  Ryan Gauld put a team expected to get relegated in the Champions League places.  He should be the first team on the sheet.


Oh, and he scored.


This is the best, he's amazing.


Remember, he was free.




Next month should put in through in the Champions League and hopefully we'll get some wins back in the Prem.


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We weren't great against Bournemouth.  They went ahead and we didn't look like we could respond.  Went full attack mode and we were looking like we were gonna take 3 points.  Lerma smashed 1 in from nothing and it was all to play for 20 minutes and a draw was the best we could muster.  We battered City though, be absolutely deadly at set pieces with all three goals coming from my CBs.  West Brom was routine and Everton was close.  Luckily the goal that could have cost us 2 points was offside.


We're not even the surprise this season.  Look who's top!  The only team to beat me.


Gaulds back to business.


And Vinhas being class as norm.



Champions League

Well, this was amazing.


And this put us through.


Glad it doesn't rest on the PSG game.



December is absolutely hectic.  See what we can get from it.


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Amazing in reality, such a shame how we started.  Somehow we were the better team vs Spurs and went home with no point.  Again, better team vs Fulham and ended up throwing it away when I was 2 - 0 up.  It's my own fault with selection.  A young RB I wanted to keep here for homegrown status was making noise about playing, so I played him and he wasn't great in either game to the point I listed him and he's been sold, he didn't have the potential that was once thought of so, I have a much better RB coming in.

The PSG game was where our heads turned back and gave me a selection headache.  We were class against Norwich, better team vs Leciester. 1 - 1 vs Birmingham and I went to my attack tactic where Pite who made a rare apperance and Murgan were insane.  2 goals from Pite, 4 from Murgan.  I didn't change much and they continued to do it against Newcastle.

Turns out playing our servants such as Pite and Wiles is bringing rewards.

Murgan won both awards.




It's getting tight at the top.


Gauld still bossin' it.


Champions League


Absolutely bloody brilliant!  They're a different team when Mbappe isn't playing.  Never expected this.


And close to topping group, amazing.

Our next game though... not amazing.



Carabao Cup


Routine, easy, great.

Semi-final draw is hard though.



The normal, we improved our facilities, so i asked for better.

Here's ours.


And they approved.



January has some bloody difficult games.  It'll tell alot to see if we can win the title.


Quick transfer update.

We have two already out, one about to leave and one work permit to come in.


Couldn't perform at our level.


Not needed.


Another, not needed, wanted more game time.


RB replacement, I bid before the window was open to beat the Paris SG, Liverpool etc interest.  Costing 16.75mil.


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We scammed Liverpool, or it felt like it.  They had alot more chances, were the better side but we scored and then at 2 - 2 Magnus Kofod came on and bent an awesome freekick in the top corner to give us all 3 points.  But then we got scammed, we battered Manchester United and a Brandon Williams shot from the edge of the area was the difference.  Absolutely baffled how we didn't get anything from it.  Wolves, we were lucky to draw.  They actually gave us a proper game for once.  Chelsea, we got the early goal and I sat back to grind the game out and it worked.


Love seeing things like this.



Title seems to be a 4 horse race.



Carabao Cup


We won the first leg and tried to grind out the second leg and they managed to get a late goal.  Osawe who'd just scored 4 vs Huddersfield missed an absolute sitter and then a penalty :mad:.  Cannot believe we got knocked out when he had that opportunity.  Hopefully we can get the FA Cup this year.

FA Cup




We have a good chance to keep going.  I want to win it this season.


It's been a busy enough window.  Money being spent to strengthen.  Can West Brom use that to stay up? 


Elsewhere in Europe.  Atletico spent alot!  Selling Correa to Arsenal somehow got them to buy a LW/ST for 80m, a LW for 50m and a RW for 37m.  Mad.





A youth player who I didn't feel could make it, two I didn't need and a GK who needs playing time.



Two players who can make a difference.


I'll be honest.  Nelson has started poorly but my wingers are all in bad form apart from Pite, might have to relook at the tactic.  He's English and can improve my wings.  Pretty cheap aswell.



Let's try hit some form in February and I have no idea what playing Bayern will be like :lol:



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Really good month.  We were very impressive against Arsenal.  Nelson with a creative master class and Wiles playing at ML getting a brace.  Lovely stuff.  We were 2 - 0 up against Burnley both from Poulsen corners and Will Fish headers within 9 minutes.  Nelson gave us a 3rd after 21 and Borre replied for Burnley but it wasn't enough.  We stole 3 points from Southampton, stole.  I played some reserves, got an early goal and had to sit back, they missed everything.   I full on feel like we've robbed them.

So close to being top, can we do it !?


Vinhas and Almeida have a great partnership.


Wahey I finally get Manager of the Month.



Champions League


Fish played so well against Burnley, I started him here.  Tymon and Fish just got done, over and over.  Their mistake let Sane in for his goal but after that they didn't create much.  I made some changes and we looked alot better, got an equaliser and it's all done to the away game.  It was my fault with the selection.  I had knocks on my wingers so I started Cash at MR, he was awful.  He's been awful anywhere i've played him.  He won't be here in the summer.

We need to keep the good times rolling im March.


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Every game I played before work, I won.  Every game after, we've lost.  We looked good, played well.   Salas got an early goal vs Sheff Utd and they never looked like scoring. Bournemouth didn't have a shot on target.  Brighton, we threw it away, somehow let them get back in and then Vinhas got sent off, this could cost us the season.


We were top after this help but ah man, that Brighton game.



It's so tight uptop and we could be at the peak.



Champions League


Macedo has such a good chance for us to win on away goals but it wasn't meant to be.  Bayern were just too good.

FA Cup

Routine and then of course we draw our damn bogey team Manchester United.



We should have scored early on through Murgan, it was such a CCC and we could have then sat back.  Mats being sent off just cost us any chance of going through.

Carabao Cup


Biggest Overachievers, I'll take that.


This came randomly, no asking, just straight up offered me a contract.  Let's keep the good times rolling!



Look at our last 8 games, there's no reason we can't win all of them.  We need to win our game in hand to keep up with Liverpool and United just to begin with.


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Started so well, bossing every game.  Heck we were behind against Spurs after 4 minutes and battered them after.  We just, didn't turn up vs Fulham at all and they spent a half with 10 min, we were just so poor and then City were the better side and Laporte was sent off after 45 minutes.  If we'd of won this game, we'd probably be champions.  Both United and Liverpool have also dropped points but we've just dropped too many on those two games.


How did we draw that :seagull:

I honestly think that's it and try again next season.  Missing Gauld and Rice really didn't help.


One positive.




We need to win all 3 here.  Leciester could be tough.


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Final Day


Liverpool are easily favourites.  They face West Brom who are rock bottom.  19 points from 37 games.  We face Birmingham who are 17th and could be relegated if Burnley get a win and Manchester United are at home to Tottenham.  All 3 of us should win.  Will that City draw really cost us?

And it did.  What a crazy end.


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What an amazing season.  So close to that title.  Only 5 losses in 38 games. Salas was so close to the golden boot.


We can build upon this.  Sell some of the pricey fringe we have, bring in some English and try and get a cup or two next year.


We're getting a stadium expansion.


and the facilities work has begun.




I can easily get more funds.  We have interest in some players I'd be happy to sell such as Khellven and Cash and as norm I want to bring in youth but I need English players this season.  Dwight McNeil is top of my wanted list with Burnley being relegated.

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8 hours ago, LATB said:

McNeil was amazing on FM20 for me as a left winger in the midfield four 

And he's a Miller :D 38.5mil.  Worth it imo, managed to sell alot of players for some good money.



I don't 100% feel I need another MC but we needed a player as good as Gauld when he was out.. do I take a punt here for 37mil?  I mean, he looks insane.




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(Again, need to copy and paste from end of last and from this since they don't carry over and it's easy over 100mil)


I could of perhaps kept Khellven but he's gone.  Kohlert had a bad season and I felt he wasn't going to play much so I cashed in, so glad his value was bid for.  Fish went for about 1/2 his value but I've changed my mind on my CBs so I needed to sell one.  Tymon got injured and isn't good enough anymore.  Fans and the board both unhappy but he wasn't going to play.  I cannot believe they gave me 21mil for Cash, he's been so poor that I feel like i've robbed them.  Championship is his level.  Matko never really did perform overly well and it's about a 15mil profit so all good.  Kofod wasn't needed, didn't even play well apart from that one freekick.  Artola was average and I was happy to accept a value bid.  McCrorie was decent but not what I needed to keep, an amazing fee.


(Same again, 150m+ spent)


So, who are they?  Why have I spent so much money :lol:

Okay so the way I figured it out when I saw Manchester United bid for Argentinas starting RB I'd scouted for over a season that he was going to be a Miller, but I'd signed a RB in January and already brought in Laird as a backup.  Now my current RB is Marco Dionnet but he lacks some of the skills needed to be a world class RB though he's class but what he does look like is what could be one heck of a CB, so that's where he's playing, CB with Vinhas.  Do you agree?  Get some of those mentals up and I'm a big fan of his at CB.


And then it lets this guy play at RB who is a proper RB.



With my new LB, I've been a fan of his on previous versions, I scouted a bunch of LBs and I was able to get much below his value.


And then to complete the back 4 we have Vinhas already.  I mean, that's an INSANE back 4!


Laird has come in to play backup.  He'll do the job.



Wingers!  That's right, MORE WINGERS (I did sell 3)


But one is Dwight McNeil, surely every FM player is a fan of McNeil.  We need to get him capped.


And then player that Fifa players love.  That Pace/Flair/Dribbling is something I've not had from a player.  He's played well enough at Newcastle.  Let's see what he can do.


A player I got cheap, maybe one of the future. 


And then a player who could be the best midfielder in the world.


And then an English striker to replace Osawe.  Same sort of player who still has potential.


Personally, that is one heck of an amazing window.

Starting 11.


I never thought Nubel would be -that- good.  I was an O'Hara fan but Nubel isn't going to be replaced unless Bayern offer him.  I got this weird thing with him that he'll be a Miller until the club he loves come in for him, if they ever do.


What Murgan looks like at the moment:


He was the backup striker out of Macedo, Salas and Murgan but he's been brilliant.  Stats aren't "amazing" but he can still improve.

Pre-season and opening:

Well, i've played alot of friendlys for fitness, morale, form etc etc.  But Spurs, City and then United? Damn, that's one opening.  It'll tell a tale or two I bet at the end of the season.



Can we get a trophy or two this season?  To me, if our squad can stay fit.  It's bloody up there with the rest of 'em.  Just get 'em to gel and see what flows.

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We absolutely battered Spurs.  Such a brilliant way to open the season.  We didn't continue that vs City though and we should have drew.  Dwight McNeil missed an absolute glorious chance.  We don't beat Manchester United, I tried some different players, Gauld set them up with a pass, not us :lol: and Greenwood put a hat-trick in against me.  He has to be the best player in the world on the game, he is brilliant.  Bournemouth was more like the Spurs game, we were in control from start to finish.

Think the aim is to finish 4th.  Liverpool, United, City and then us.  Liverpool are the only 100% team.


Not going to worry much yet but some of the new players look proper out of their depth but it's early days, they need to find their feet here.

Cup Draws

This could be harder then I thought, they're playing well in the Prem.



The media made it sound like it's impossible for us to get out of this group.  I can think we can top it.


End of Transfer Window

:lol: We're bloody 5th in the highest spending clubs. 


Still no way near the most money spent on a player though.  Look at Liverpool spending on Haaland :eek:


We're slowly creeping up the wage table.



We can see pure green in September, surely?



And on my last note and amazing paint job.


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Much better month.  We went down early to a pen at St. Marys, Hickey somehow handballing when a cross was dipping.  We went out and attacked and deserved our come back.  Salas and Saint-Maximin were brilliant against Birmingham, getting a brace each.  We were 2 - 0 up against Leciester, they pulled one back and we lost Figueria in the 85th minute to a second yellow but we held on.

We're looking better in the league table atleast.



And young Murgan got himself YPOTM.  He's also been brilliant for Romania when recently, scoring a hat-trick against Moldova, he's got 12 goals in 19 games and they're joint top of their group.



Champions League


Very happy with 2nd so far.

I don't have the match report for the Porto game, I've somehow not taken a screenshot of it and it's not in my news anymore.  It was a very tight game and Porto perhaps the better side we lead twice and they had to come back to grab a point.  I'm happy with a point away. 



Better side, deserved the win.


Carabao Cup



With their league form I expected they'd turn up but they, didn't, not really.  We were the better side through out.

Tough draw though next.



Juventus is the difficult game here.  Hopefully we can get 3 points in every league game and beat Brighton away in the cup.  It's not as easy as it may look.


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Brilliant.  Norwich got an early goal in the 2nd minute and we managed to equalise just after in the 5th.  Aaron Hickey getting his first Rotherham goal gave us the win.  We took an early lead against Leeds and went in the break 1 -0 up.  They equalised just after kick off and McNeil restored the lead in the 55th minute.  Leeds lost a striker to injury and it just gave us the game.  Gauld scoring in the 88th and McNeil getting a brace in the 94th.  Lovely.  I expected Brighton to tough but we battered them from start to finish.  Rice, McNeil and Murgan all getting on the scoresheet.

Liverpool still bossin' it.


But McNeil is also bossin' it.




:cool:.  Worst bit is I've come 2nd two months in a row for Manager of the Month even with 100% win.


We've lost Nolasco for a bit but atleast we have Gauld who can step in.



Champions League


Porto drawing with AZ is huge for us, gives us breathing space even though we were actually the better side and deserved our Juventus win!


Let's keep it going :cool:.


Carabao Cup



They played their main team, I played youth/backups and we were really good.  Nice to see Harding get MOTM.


We should win this one I reckon.


Youth upgrade

Though I'd ask and I got.




I'd like to see 4 league wins in November and hopefully no losses in Europe.


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Very good month overall.  Two goals within 3 minutes sealed 3 points at Bramall Lane.  We took the lead in the 2nd half against Palace through an O.G.  They equalised in the 67th and Nelson put us back ahead in the 69th and then got us our 3rd in the 79th.  Really good impact off the bench.  They pulled one back in the 92nd but it was too late.  Atleast Palace are looking a better side these days.  Wolves was scrappy but a header from Figuiera won us the game.  I rested some players vs Derby, no Gauld who's been immense in the absence of Nolasco due to needing a massive rest.  Somehow McNeil has had a bad month, nothing from him.  We had chances, we just didn't put them in.  Only one point and between 2nd and 4th is tight.  This is Liverpools title.



Gauld magic happening.



Champions League


We were bloody brilliant and knowing I can put a 2nd string out vs AZ next month will help us in the league.


Straight after the Juve game we got this.



And then the group belongs to us :cool:



Next month is huge in the title race.  Like I said above, the AZ game meaning nothing is a huge plus.


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Pretty solid.  We were brilliant against Liverpool, their top of the table and have such an amazing team and little youthful Rotherham absolutely battered them.  Former Liverpool player Layton Stewart was superb, two assists and a goal.  We kept it going and battered Fulham and we were much better than Everton yet we somehow came out with a loss, bad 3 points to drop.  There was nothing to split Rotherham and Chelsea, a bore draw in reality.  Oh wow, we should of had 6 or 7 against Arsenal, we played some great football and they were awful yet somehow squeezed a very late goal. 

It's anyones title here after playing Liverpool, they can easily drop points.  Love seeing us break peoples runs :D.



Murgan being super again.



Champions League


Never did I expect to top the group that easily.  Bloody brilliant.



Can we keep it going?  Tough draw here.



Carabao Cup


Thanks to Super Mihai Murgan.  Evertons goals were just too easy.  Dionnets mistake was a freekick by our corner flag straight to them.  McTominay scored a belter but Nubel was in such a weird place it was all to easy.

Hopefully we can get into the final.





Obviously, I've asked for upgrades and again they've accepted :lol:



There may be some movements in January but I'm really happy with the core of the team.  I have a midfielder who's not performed and is doing my head in and another who seems to bring the squad down and I don't really have room for them.  Will any of the two stay?  Oh and some fringe players are wanted by Chinese clubs.  They tried to bid for Poulsen but they have no chance of that one.

Yeah we also have ALOT of games in January, bloody heck.  MASSIVE league games aswell.


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What's going on with our cup matches :mad:

As if we don't have enough matches to play.  This is somehow a replay.

Yeah, we had no CCCs and i'm not sure how we didn't have any half chances.  We had so many corners, so many headers, all over the bar.


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We scored an early goal against Spurs but couldn't find a 2nd.  Their only shot on target was a freekick which bent in.  Two points dropped really.  Same with United, we were 2 - 0 up and were lucky not to lose.  We picked it up after that though.  We battered City, battered Bournemouth and absolutely battered Southampton.  Class to see.  Goals coming from every player.  Gauld the heart of it all.




It's so close at the summit, it could be anyones title.



Again, another streak broke :cool:



Carabao Cup


Well, we're already seen this joke above.



And we left it late to get into the final!


Compared to these two who slogged it out.  We face Manchester United :seagull:



FA Cup


They just defended and somehow we drew.  We're due to play at home(I honestly though the first game was at home :lol:) and we better get some goals.  The winner of this will face league ones Tranmere.


There's nothing on the transfer front.  We had a 28mil bid for my 4th defender, a 32mil bid for my 4th striker.  But they both rejected going to play in China.  Premier League usually spends more than this iirc but our window isn't due to shut until early Feb so who knows what deadline day will bring.



Edit: Yep, Prem clubs spending alot.  English players moving abroad.  No one wants to loan my CM in.  This is the biggest one of the day.  70mil.


I was potentially interesting in this player but I couldn't play him and I very much dislike his lack of vision.  He'd need to be played at MC and I have better.  He ain't no Gauld.



A wannabe Gauld is also listed but 28mil seems steep.



And a CB I've seem become really good in previous FM released.  Only would have cost 6mil but I can't fully offer him gametime where he's coming off a bad injury, lack of natural fitness and dreads playing in big games... every game for Rotherham is a big game!


And it's over.

I thought we paid alot but what the heck, the top 4 are paying an insane amount for wages.  Arsenal must be overpaying some bang average players since they're pretty poor compared to what they should be.




I wanna see a green February!


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What a month.  I have to start with this.







My first trophy :D

FA Cup


Much better, battered 'em.  Got Tranmere up next.



The League


Teams have dropped points, we haven't.  Salas slotting away a penalty gave us a win against Leciester.  We went 1 - 0 down to Birmingham so I just went all out attack and we battered them.  Scrappy game vs Norwich but Vinhas scored in the 29th minute, heading in a Gauld corner.  Momentum is with us.

And I finally got another MOTM!




Champions League

Scrappy.  Frustrating each other.  We got a bit too many cards :lol: but we can take this home and win it I reckon.


Hopefully another green month.  So glad I can rest my first team for the Tranmere match.  They need it.


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What a month!  We beat Brighton easily, they don't look like the team from last season at all, two goals before half time and we could of had plenty more through the game.  Leeds are bottom and showed us why, easy game we controlled through out.  We absolutely battered Sheffield United but the ball was not going in the net.  Thankfully they gave away a penalty and Salas ended up with a brace.  They pulled one back in the 79th minute but thankfully that's all they could muster, we should of had more.

All goings are going great.  If we win every game, it's our league.  We still need to play Liverpool.



Ah yeah, the Brighton manager said we were "too physical"


Thankfully most were bruises but Nelson is out for 7 weeks.

Wooo, another award.




FA Cup


It's hard to score against a team with 11 players behind the ball.  But a goal will do. 


We should win and we did.


Not helped by that very early sending off!  In the M.E it looks like a normal tackle but thankfully putting rice at DM, McNeil at B2B and my fullbacks as proper wingbacks we were still the better side.  Proper character.

And the next game should be ours if we keep playing this well.


Champions League


Stewart loves a Champions League goal and he got it very early.  They made it easy for us.  They're not the team I imagine they are on over saves.  They're much stronger at the start of the game.


Can we get revenge?  They are a strong side.

And if we win, this would be interesting.


A youth player!


Potential to be better than Hickey they reckon, only 15.  Can we train him up to be a good player for the Millers?

McNeil for England.


I was like, oooohh!  Will they him give a chance?

They did :cool:



Also from the internationals.


Murgan is quality, happy for him.

I need a very green April 'cause May has two very hard games end the season.  Fulham not so, Chelsea and then Arsenal, a bit more so.


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Posted (edited)



SO MANY GAMES.  It's gone well enough.  Palace were really good and we were lucky to get a draw and I thought I'd messed it up but.. next game they also beat Liverpool :eek:.  Derby, we weren't our best but beating them was huge.  They pull out some big suprise results.  McNeil missed an absolute sitter vs Wolves, it should have been 3 points but neither team could break the deadlock.  Everton was scrappy.  They took an early lead and we had all the shots, chances and finally through Salas made them pay.  Liverpool, we beat Liverpool!  Haaland should of had a hat-trick but we also had chances.  They got a red card and former red Layton Stewart gave us a HUGE boost in winning the league!



Haaland is a bit good.


Champions League



Felt we could take it back to Rotherham and win, and we did.  IN STYLE.


And setting this


Then onto PSG without Mbappe as he's injured.


We had knocks, I made subs, we came undone.  We gotta go to Paris and get atleast two goals.  This is going to be bloody solid.



FA Cup



Into the final!!! Can we get another trophy this season?  We have a good chance.



HUGE MONTH COMING UP.  We could do a bloody Quadruple or end up just Carabao Cup winners.


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Posted (edited)

The final day


We beat Fulham easy enough, couldn't break down PSG and we were so poor against Chelsea.  I threw the water bottle and it motivated them, just not enough.

We face Arsenal.


Liverpool also falling in the semi finals of the Champions League, face the same team that beat them in the final day.



Can we win the league?


Rotherham walk out onto the field at Emirates Stadium....

First half:

13th minute:  Bellerin takes it down the right and plays a ball in to Chisea, cuts and smashes it just wide.

18th minute: Chiesa again and Hudson-Odoi goes close with a header.

News from Anfield.. LIVERPOOL HAVE SCORED.

Right now, we're 2nd.

19th minute: Nubel kicks it down and we attack fast but St Maximin has his shot saved.

News from Anfield..  It's 1 - 1!  Sergej Milinkovic-Savic equalised.

We're currently top!

Rotherham have perhaps been the better team but it's 0 - 0 at the break. 

I give them some motivation.

Second half:

45th minute:  McNeil attacks down the left, we win the corner.  Arsenal counter from this and Poulsen takes a sensible yellow card.

News from Anfield.. United went 2 - 1 up!!! Bruno Fernandes!



54th minute:  Vinhas heads in Super Ryan Gaulds corner!!!

It should be 2!!!

59th minute: Gauld flicks over an amazing pass to Murgan who hits it at the keeper!  He had all the time in the world to slot away!  Let's hope that does not cost us!

60th minute:  Vinhas goes close from Gaulds corner.

63rd minute: Arsenal counter and their striker Naci Unuvar forces an amazing save from Nubel.

65th minute:  Bringing Hickey and Nolasco for Rice and Poulsen as their booked.



It is 2!

65th minute: St Maximin plays a ball to Murgan, his touched a good one to take it past his man and slot in the bottom corner.

68th minute: Stewart is bringing that pace on and replacing Salas.  My last sub.

69th minute: Vinhas goes close from a Guald corner and we win another.  Figueira attempts this time but it's wide.

It's all Rotherham.

News from Anfield.. United make it 3 - 1!  Greenwood!

90th minute: Vinhas goes close yet again!

News from Anfield.. 4 - 1!  4 - 1 to Manchester United!  Gaetano Carstovilli.

94th minute: Nolasco gives away a freekick but Hickey clears the ball that comes in and Stewart collects and..


(Sadly in our away kit)




Look at that key player :cool:.  He didn't even start the season as I'd brought in that Portuguese midfielder who looks insane(he's not).  No one can replace Gauld at DLP.



Cheers Rice :cool: now go win us the World Cup.  McNeil hasn't been called up but Layton Stewart has!


It's not over yet!  Onto the FA Cup!

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Posted (edited)

FA Cup Final


We lost in the final vs Manchester City back in the 2022/23 season.

St. Maximim is suspended so I thought I'd give Wiles the RM spot over Nelson. 



First half:


10th minute: McNeil plays an amazing ball through to Stewart, 1 on 1.  Hits the post, I have no idea how.

10th minute: Murgan goes close but it's blocked and cleared.

11th minute: Gauld swings in the corner and Vinhas heads over.

14th minute: Some lovely football from The Millers but Wiles shot is easily saved.

23rd minute:  It's why he's on  Poulsens long throw (just like Will Vaulks) is sent in and it's 1 -0 to The Millers from that man Murgan!


30th minute:  Gauld swings in a freekick, Vinhas flicks on and Murgan heads in!  2 - 0!!!

41st minute: Gauld swings in the corner and Figuieira heads in! 3 - 0!

Half time.


Yep, they haven't even had a shot.

Second half:

65th minute:  Rice wins the ball back from our area, we counter and Leno makes a good save to deny Wiles.

And with that.  Harding, Dionnet and Salas replace Wiles, McNeil and Stewart.  Meyer goes to MR.

It's been a quiet scond half but Leciester have woke up in the 80th minute and had a shot well wide.

91st minute:  Rice takes a yellow card.

Told you, quiet compared to first.


This time, in a much better looking kit...



Domestic treble :cool:






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Well, something we hope to see in real life happened.




England won the World Cup!

And afterwards we signed a World Cup winner who wanted to leave their club to play in the Champions League.  He's a player that who will bring vast experience and goals.


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