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  1. I am cleaning my laptop of everything I can that isn't necessary so do I need to do anything more than.... 1. Uninstalling via Steam 2. Uninstalling Steam 3. Deleting Sports Interactive folder in Documents 4. Deleting Steam folder in x86/common files I know on previous versions there was always stuff left behind that I found ways to get rid of but I have forgotten the process
  2. My graphics card a GTX1050 is listed in the supported products but I got this after downloading and trying to install the driver, I have windows 10
  3. Hi Neil yeah I’m certain that’s the case.
  4. It was processing going days forward
  5. Hi again, I ran through these steps after I got the blue screen of death https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/nvlddmkm-sys-video_tdr_failure-blue-screen-error-solved-on-windows-10/ and everything seemed to run ok I restarted the FFC game went on holiday indefinitely and it crashed on me after about a years gameplay
  6. River (new) crashed while saving and River gave me the blue screen as did FFC. The dates were different
  7. I have uploaded my save game titled FFC and will do the other one I also had issues with named River
  8. Will do if required just thought I’d let you know I’ve had the blue screen of death twice when playing FM last few days Could this be the saved games?
  9. Processing forward on both, not during matches
  10. The game has randomly crashed on me twice in last few days and on two different saves. I don't get any crash dump or anything, the screen just flickers black and the game exits itself and I am back on my desktop. I don't use any custom graphic packs.
  11. Hi Neil, the Steam issue seemed to be because I was on a public network, it works fine when I am at home. I have uninstalled bitdefender FM and reinstalled it after activating windows defender. Fingers crossed but this seems to have done the trick. I will play the game for a reasonable period today so will keep an eye on things but thanks for your help.
  12. Hi Neil, please see below for error message. I have restarted it and also added Steam.exe and the steam folder to Windows Defender Exclusions but so far nothing helps.
  13. Thanks Neil, am having trouble connecting to Steam to unnistall the game since I removed bitdefender? Unless there are currently Steam issues
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