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  1. The thing there is my AML is perfect Inside forward/winger, I shall change him to support and the winger to attack instead ?
  2. My current set up is thus PF(a) W(s) IW(a) DLP(s) Mez(s) Dm(s) WB(a) CD(d) BPD(d) FB(d) SK(s) TEAM INSTRUCTIONS Mentality: Positive In possession: Shorter passing, play out of defence, work ball into box, be more expressive In transition: Nothing Out of possession: Higher defensive line, Use offside trap PLAYER INSTRUCTIONS ST, AML, AMR, MEZ - close down more DM - hold position FB - Sit narrower Winning games but I wouldn't say we are controlling matches as much as I'd like for a team that's better than most (on paper) of the opposition. Could the player trait for DM(s) gets forward whenever possible be an issue, I'm asking him to hold his position after all. Any advice on any of the above appreciated
  3. Oh I see my TI closing down was on urgent to begin with! I have reduced that to slightly more urgent and now have the more urgent option for those positions.
  4. Hi, interested in some of the above stuff but in PI's I cant seem to find where I ask them to "close down more"
  5. Hi Neil, yes I have downloaded a logo pack and a skin Dxdiah details attached DxDiag.txt
  6. It loads fine, I will go on holiday indefinitely and see if it runs fine ?
  7. and again during play after pressing contiune FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.07.07 15.35.19).dmp
  8. I am now unable to load the game as this happened during saving it, have I lost it for good? File attached FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.07.06 23.59.27).dmp
  9. I am cleaning my laptop of everything I can that isn't necessary so do I need to do anything more than.... 1. Uninstalling via Steam 2. Uninstalling Steam 3. Deleting Sports Interactive folder in Documents 4. Deleting Steam folder in x86/common files I know on previous versions there was always stuff left behind that I found ways to get rid of but I have forgotten the process
  10. My graphics card a GTX1050 is listed in the supported products but I got this after downloading and trying to install the driver, I have windows 10
  11. Hi Neil yeah I’m certain that’s the case.
  12. Hi again, I ran through these steps after I got the blue screen of death https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/nvlddmkm-sys-video_tdr_failure-blue-screen-error-solved-on-windows-10/ and everything seemed to run ok I restarted the FFC game went on holiday indefinitely and it crashed on me after about a years gameplay
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