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Why isn't 4-3-3 wide a default formation in the game?

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The game does not have a default tactic for one of the most used formations in real life: 4-3-3 wide. Like many FM players i like to play this tactic and in the Netherlands it's the most used tactic in real life, along with the 4-1-4-1 and 4-2-3-1 tactic.

I like the 4-3-3 wide more than the other tactics mentioned above, and therefore choose to play with a flat midfield three, but i can't load a default setup for this formation. The tactic is not even mentioned anywhere in the game and oppositions never use it. Which is weird, because in real life you see it very often. 

That also means, that when searching staff members who prefer this formation i also can't find them. Which all together makes me wonder why they chose to leave it out, while other very rare formations like a 4-2-4-0-DM-AM are a default option. 

I think that for inexperienced players who use a default tactic with styles and roles picked by the game, it would be better to include 4-3-3 wide as a formation. And because so many players i know use this tactic, i would be helpfull if the game acknowledges this formation to make it easier to find good backroom staf and players for it.

Anyway, maybe you think this is nonsens. But was wandering if anyone else ever noticed this? And what are your thought on this?

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Your question is rather for game developers than this section of the forum, because you are not asking for advice or help on your tactic. Instead, you are actually proposing another formation that SI should possibly include among preset tactics.

All you can get here are different opinions from people who may agree or disagree with you on your proposal. But I really don't see how anyone of us can help you in terms of what you would like SI to do.

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5 hours ago, Overmars said:

Do you mean AML-ST-AMR with three central midfielders behind them without a DMC?

Yes that's what i mean, Like this:


RB---- CB---- CB---- LB


AMR---- STR---- AML

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