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save ideas wanted

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I will be moving abroad in a few weeks time and will be unable to work for the first few months (visa restrictions), so perfect time to start a mammoth FM save. I would love some ideas from you lovely people. I am a big fan of homegrown saves in Europe. I define homegrown as anyone from the youth intake and anyone from the local area (Catalonia if managing Barca, Yorkshire if managing Leeds etc). I would prefer to start in a lower division in a minor country or in the case of Andorra/San Marino etc the top tier. Some ideas I've had are the following:

1) The standard San Marino/Andorra save

2) A minor team in a big city (1860 Munich, San Andreu in Barcelona etc)

3) A country with no/little continental success (Slovakia, Croatia etc)

4) Austria/Switzerland/Liechtenstein/Scandanavia

5) using A custom database to add on the lowest league in England


As it's a homegrown save, there needs to be a large amount of regens to call on so must be in a big city or have a large pool to call on. Any ideas you have would be amazing!


In addition to this, I have FM16 on an old laptop, but am getting a new laptop when I move abroad, so size of DB etc shouldn't be a problem apart from initially.

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Just now, Sheriff7 said:

You could do San Marino but until the end (Won World Cup)....:D

If I did San Marino/Andorra/Liechtenstein it would be with the national team as well


4 minutes ago, hm86 said:

Queens Park from Glasgow could be a good one? 


Good shout. Added to the list!


8 minutes ago, Bobby_Zamora said:

I do one thing, always. I start unemployed, simulate one season. Delete my manager, create a new one, take a team in the lower leagues with a nice name and great colors.

Never done an unemployed save before...

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15 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

You could try a save with a country with no participation in major tournaments like Finland or Belarus too...

Here's the countries that haven't got to the Champs League group stages yet. Some decent options in there...


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