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  1. If you don't take Atletico Mineiro, you're a traitor and I h8 u
  2. Dulce is a beast. I wonder if he's sober or drinking these days...
  3. I'm late to the party but just spent Sunday reading through this during work/baseball games TY Jimbo
  4. Your ingame colors for Paysandu Check the screenies you posted :] I've been to their ground twice, installed a system for data collection/analysis there and at their training ground. They're great people.
  5. @Cleon it's a travesty that Paysandu has a red & white color. Just sayin'
  6. Sure! I like the way you do updates and following whatever the story is -- be it San Marino, gk goal tally or HK. I don't know -- it fires me up to play FM, too. The music theme has made me giggle on occasion I just like reading what you write & your immersion in the gameworld. That's all
  7. I love your threads, man! Yours and @abulezz are the only ones I spend time reading. Just keep doing what you're doing. I know there are probably a ton of people that quietly enjoy your games.
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