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  1. Sorry, my mistake. I have had success using different approaches. It all depends on how you want to play. Do you have any ideas? I was tired of trying to dominate and score more than they did, so I went defensive and I really enjoy those 1-0, 2-0 wins. A clean sheet makes my day, and I worked out a 3-4-2-1 (check the thread list, its near the top) that works wonders. I think I went on 9 or 10 games without conceding in the Championship and did very well overall against the top teams after the first year in the prem. As it turns out, other people were using it as well. Have you read some of the posts here? There's plenty of help. Let us know what you're doing
  2. Post your tactic. Pics please
  3. I'm in the Prem with Sheff Wed, mostly with League One players, and we just finished 10th. I've been experimenting and playing around with this for about a week now. Still unable to find quality interaction on a consistent basis for my front 3, but I guess I am struggling because of the quality of my players. We suffer from time to time against the powerhouses and their 19 pace 19 acc wingers. Overall, I think we are ok. I will have more time after the Carnaval in Brazil and I intend to post some pics and continue the discussion about this tactic.
  4. How are your AM/FW performing? Which roles do you have them? I've been experimenting and I'm still to find a workable front 3 combination.
  5. I'm also playing this formation. It was an evolution of a 3-5-2 I was experimenting with, and I really like how solid it is. I concede mostly from set pieces as my Sheff Wed squad doesnt like jumping that much. I'm also trying to make my 3 upfront play a little better. They pass the ball around and are happy to shoot from outside :/
  6. I thought you had pretty nice achievements If you stop playing it, can you make the save available for download? I'd like to check it out
  7. @johnnyyakuza78 are you still playing this?
  8. :[ You could always rewrite here. Just re-shift the focus. :[ why keep 2 topics, it's useless.
  9. Felt like a 3 man mid were closer to each other when my team had the ball after the update. Probably just a feeling
  10. Me too. This guy inspired me to only play this way. I've been trying to find time since January.
  11. Why all the bold sherwinriga? Della Valle can be class. And I hope Girardi has room for at least 6 more points in acc/pace. Nice intake, given your past unlucky years