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  1. Me too. This guy inspired me to only play this way. I've been trying to find time since January.
  2. Why all the bold sherwinriga? Della Valle can be class. And I hope Girardi has room for at least 6 more points in acc/pace. Nice intake, given your past unlucky years
  3. How about some images for the nostalgia factor
  4. Update us - we're starving
  5. We all jinxed it
  6. Haha no worries, I thought you were quitting when I read this: Post if you can. It would be cool to give it a try some time soon.
  7. Magical. 20 goals by October. 8 games scoring run. Started off pretty well. Plus, you're getting 100% attendance. I feel you're unlucky with your defenders. Have you tinkered with their instructions to get more out of them, especially Isasi? "Sterling Arena", "Wenger Park"...
  8. Upload the save if you quit!
  9. As soon as I get my hands on a desktop in the coming weeks, I'm surely following your footsteps. Inspiring save, what I've been looking to complete for years but used to get bored around season 5 or 6. Keep the updates coming and please dont rest until you reach the top BACKUP YOUR SAVE NOW
  10. Probably the best career I've ever seen. Sorry Ackter And this is the sort of save where you could have a go at 1,000 games for a player.. abulezz legend.
  11. Cool, my suggestion went through If you search for topics with 100+ (or 500..) replies, you can find nice careers in these forums. I'd nominate Kafra FC's, but it is still on going.
  12. It's ok to drop a save mate, no need for excuses
  13. Too many ppms
  14. Any chance of a pinned post with great careers?