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  1. 3 very different situations there, lol. You'd be a legend at WH if you achieved that -- doubt they'd sack you..
  2. It's the first season -- Sporting is not expected to win. The board is probably nonsensical I also think that, at times, the game fails to acknowledge the cup situations. In this case, for instance, with Porto being unbeatean and killing the league, you did well to stay ahead of Benfica. I don't think Sporting would sack you irl.
  3. I'll love it if this is in. I just hope it is not very shallow, as most analysis in the web. Praying that they don't use Statsbomb as their main source of understanding
  4. It's funny when you compare things like that while ignoring the fact that family, friends & culture are not a Ryanair flight away. If you take Ukranian and Russian sides for example, if they have a Brazilian, they will certainly look to add a few more because it's just too difficult to adapt. Climate, lifestyle and social behavior are completely different. I've never heard of a player unhappy that someone from their country arrived, regardless of position. oh, I work in football.
  5. Nobody cares to the point where we usually have many 'friendlies' at the training ground than at a stadium. Also, we have so little time off without competitions that we don't care that much.
  6. @Jimbokav1971 Crazy thing: I know and I've been to Zamora and Atletico Acreano. Last year, I visited Atletico Acreano as we played them in the Copa do Brasil. They gave us a match. This year, I made the trip to Venezuela as we played Zamora in the last match of our Libertadores group phase. :)
  7. I was into the football league in my teens he was tearing it up in Brighton
  8. If you don't take Atletico Mineiro, you're a traitor and I h8 u
  9. Dulce is a beast. I wonder if he's sober or drinking these days...
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