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  1. Miles has been tweeting tidbits btw
  2. Way cheaper than a WyScout or inStat license
  3. This happens, but not in the way it is implemented in FM. About 2 wks ago, a first team defender of the club I am doing some work for, asked me to relay a message to the manager that he wanted to play with defender X, who was a reserve. That he understood him better and, when you check the numbers, they worked better as a pair. It does happen, and it happens often, but not as a demand. Just some conversations here and there, you know?
  4. Sorry for upping the thread, but this is the best Career, as always. Plans for Kafra 3.0, @abulezz?
  5. save ideas wanted

    I do one thing, always. I start unemployed, simulate one season. Delete my manager, create a new one, take a team in the lower leagues with a nice name and great colors.
  6. LOL By lowering the CA, the game will recalculate attributes for the players when I start a new save. I wont have to do much else. I would probably hit the 30 points, since the PL is so overpowered. I dislike the distribution of CA per league. One example is Evanilson. I remember getting him back from the German leagues and he had 150 CA :[ After a few seasons, you start to notice tons of great English youngsters in the game. As a consequence, English teams are overpowered and the national side starts winning. Unrealistic A mass edit of the English leagues plus England's reputation would be great.
  7. I'd like a 'MASS EDIT' option on the editor, so I can lower everyone that plays in England by at least 15 CA. Due to reputation, I guess, England is too overrated in the game.
  8. We have to wait for the ME video... that's the only way we are getting the features.
  9. It is fairly obvious that there are changes to the ME.
  10. You have seen the ME video before the rest of us :o
  11. Football Manager TV: Sports Science

    Ok, I'm sold, can't wait to play it. I was sold after scouting anyway. This is what makes sense. A poor SS shouldn't be able to make dramatic changes. We have experienced the dramatic changes some professionals have done to prevent training injuries here in Brazil, and how some of them failed so hard. I hope this gets reflected. I will do what Emerson Leao used to do at Brazilian clubs -- get rid of the most influential player and anyone who is unhappy at that, no matter if they're club legends or scored the title winner 2 weeks prior to that. Let's see how we can push this dynamics feature.
  12. New player roles for FM18

    I feel bad -- segundo volante and no mention of any Brazilians. Shame on them.
  13. New player roles for FM18

    Paulinho, yes. Lucas Silva is hardly a player these days
  14. New player roles for FM18

    Segundo volante has no literal translation that relates to a playmaker... The most literal translation would be 'second defensive midfielder' In Brazil, we call the defensive mid who is ahead of the defense, with more defensive duties, as the 'first' defensive midfielder, or 'primeiro volante'. The one that supports the attack a bit more and sees more of the ball coming from a defensive zone of the mid is (loosely) called the 'segundo volante'.