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What if you do a Chairman mode. After you win a major title you can be both manager and chairman. 


Adjustable ticket price

Stadium facilities

Fans fundings

Youth academy fundings/coach/trip

Coach for Youth academy

Wage and transfer budget

And others fitted features

Sorry for my english

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There's a pinned thread Neil Brock posted on the top of this sub-forum that nobody seems to read. Here's what he says on this matter:


We've decided that in order to encourage users to discuss their ideas and allow others to feedback, to create a forum dedicated to feature requests for FM. If you've raised something in the wishlist thread it will have already been checked, but it doesn't hurt to raise it here as well.

Unless of course it's a request for the game to become 'Football Chairman', allow the manager to spend their own money or to do any other task a Football Manager simply would never do. 

You're not the first person to request such a feature, and you won't be the last, but just to be clear... SI will not add a chairman mode to FM any time soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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