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  1. What if you do a Chairman mode. After you win a major title you can be both manager and chairman. Features: Adjustable ticket price Stadium facilities Fans fundings Youth academy fundings/coach/trip Coach for Youth academy Wage and transfer budget And others fitted features Sorry for my english
  2. I suggest there's more space for saves.. 5 or 6 would be enough. I tried to clone the app so there would be 2x save space but it turned out impossible.
  3. Is there anyway I can offer player's wage freely? I have 90k additional wage budget and the player that I want demands 60k per week. But the board just give me maximum 38k? Is there anyway to sign Neymar to PSG? *Example*. Because even if you're a manager of Middlesbrough with 200million in bank but the board just give you max 80k for example. Youre 200million will be wasted.
  4. i suggest there's more league and players especially for the reserves team. Also ablity to have/control academy players (U18 and etc) will add the value to this game
  5. They never have a player with real name and Joachim Low never have been sacked...
  6. I played as Chelsea and I signed a player from Ligue 1.At that time I don't have much money so I just add 200k from its value and somehow got signed. What does Big Club release clause mean? Edit:Also what's manager job release clause?
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