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Hi, i'm trying to survive with my Roma save, first i tried a 4231 but it was horrible, then i tried this 4123, a bit better, but always huge defensive errors ...


                                       DLF su

IF su                                                               IW a

                     AP a                     Mez su

                                    DLP de

FB su               BPD de                     CB de           FB su


positive mentality

possession : shorter passing, play out of defence, play ball into box

transition : counter, counter press

and lower defensive line to avoid long ball 


For player instruction, i ask the 3 forward to more pressing and more closely.


How can i improve this ??



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Just played with Roma and hard and funny one.

You lack defensive midfielder, with defensive qualities. Should consider to use Mancini as a Halfback.
You got great wingbacks. So a Halfback is ideal. Change the FBS on the right maybe to a WBS

Change the APA to BB - You have a lot of them but few really good APA

Right wing is good, but if you want to make place for a creator, put it as a APS
Left: Change it to Winger and Mezzela at the same side.

So at right you get crosses, and left you storm in.

If you use Dzeko , be aware of his movement. Start with throw ins , hold him away from the wide areas. Also be sure to push: HOLD POSITION. If not the guy storms on the flanks.

DFLINE higher
I wouldent use counter with these players, maybe regroup?

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Thanks both of you.

I have starteda third save with a more possession oriented vision.

For now, the results are quite good, with a great part of luck i must admit, i dont loose, event when the juventus had 23 shoot on target against me, and me only 2 and it finished with a 2-2 ....

I try to improve it without breaking the solidity, because i know for now morale and luck are great part of the success, and i lack of penetration and dont have a great number of cccs, after 11 league games i got 5 win, 6 draw, 0 loss and a gd of 6 . I Know too that when i will start to loose, i will be really hard to get out of the loosing streak .....


My tactic is

Positive mentality

                                 DLF s

IW s                                                            IF a

                  Mez A                     AP s


WB s             CB d          CB d                    CWB s

                             SK s

Possession : shorter passing, lower tempo, play out of defense, play ball into box, be more expressive

transition : counter pressing, regroup, distribute to CB and full backs, short kicks

Out of possession : Higer DL and LOE, more urgent pressing and prevent short kick gk

For PI, i ask the 3 forward to be more closeluy and tackle harder, i ask the IF a to be narrow.

I also ask Dzeko(DLF s)  to hold position as Nima2708 suggested, now he dont run everywhere like a chicken.


Some of the instructions move from game to game, against defensive team i go from lower tempo to normal tempo, i can low mentality against a really though team to try to keep a score, but my main problem is to get enough really good ccc. I got a lot of shoot, due to the player traits (a loot of the like to shoot, can be usefull but not always) but not enough penetration, and if i try a more runner position in middle, i loose in solidity, or maybe can i sacrifice my creator APs for a btb ?

For the DM position, i use cristante as a halfback, and he is surprinsigly good, and if he's too tired i use diawara as a anchor.

The cwb on the right is for florenzi, huge player at this post.

And i dont use ball playing defenser after i realised with this tactic, they just throw ball long away in the air and dzeko never run to get them, just balls lost, possession lost and counter for the opponent.


Stim trying ot improve it event if the results are here, for now .... :p


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23 minutes ago, yann said:

I got a lot of shoot, due to the player traits (a loot of the like to shoot, can be usefull but not always) but not enough penetration

If the players don't fit the style you'll always struggle to make it work unless you change them or move to a style that fits the players better.   Not just traits but attributes, players need to work in tight areas and create space, it requires good mental and technical rather than just outright quickness that would look to attack space early.

Another thing is how and when do you expect to penetrate the opponents? You've got nearly every instruction that reduces it.  The deeper you push opponents back the harder it is to penetrate behind them.  Instead your players need to create space by playing to feet more between lines but you've already identified the players like a long shot when they get sight of goal.  Do they also have the attributes to make themselves available and to find each other?

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Got a good number of good technicals players.

I have to work with a striker who hold ball and dont run, very good midfield, totally awfull and slow central defense (so no gegenpressing), good full backs, with a slow left side.

Wingers do the job.


i have tried counter, dont work, i have tried a more basic setup, but the defense is my main problem, so i try possession, if i have the ball, they cant attack me :p

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There is a whole range of possibilities between counter and possession.  Don't have to go all passive/deep and counter to penetrate, as long as you don't pin opponents in you can have some pressing and penetration. If you want more penetration you so need to risk possession though. You have the runners, passers and driblers, they just need to be allowed to take those risks before it's too late and you've allowed the opponents to drop and get tight plus organized.

The ball could travel further by dropping play out of defence and/or shorter passing.  The ball could be moved quicker by dropping lower tempo (which shorter passing already lowers).  Could drop WBIB since you have Dzeko and it doesn't really reduce long shots of players with that trait.

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Thanks, i use your tips against weaker teams ans keep my tactic as a defensive base tactic, IT work well for me, surprinsingly, 3rd on league, only one defeat after 20 games. 

Thanks for helping. 

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