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  1. This phenomenon happens regardless of tactical instruction or player level. I'm seeing it even in friendlies against minnow teams.
  2. You might think it's OK having a few young players come through and not be British by the time they are ready to play for me, but it means I have to sell existing first team foreign players and buy British players for the sake of box-ticking - I'm already at my 17 player limit.
  3. Indeed you are. They are entirely eligible to play for me because they have been granted a work permit and are being paid £8k per week. However, they are not of sufficient quality to play for me - yet! And I would like "yet" to change, hence the need to loan them out.
  4. I got the Brexit where I have a 17 foreign player limit in all leagues and foreigners must be paid at least 3k per week for a youth permit and 8k per week for a pro permit. It's been tricky to deal with in my rise up the leagues but it's particularly bothersome now my club is established in the Premier League. The problem used to be that I couldn't afford to pay that much in wages to foreigners. Now it's different. The problem is when I go to loan out my foreign players, only foreign clubs bid. This is a huge issue because I need my foreigners to gain British citizenship so that they cease to be foreign. The only thing I've seen work is when I loan my foreign players to my domestic affiliate clubs - but I can't get an affiliate above League Two so my guys can't get domestic football.
  5. Even if I use Hit Early Crosses it still happens. One thing I did notice is when I added the Take More Risks PI it made my wingbacks wait less, but that PI also affects their overall passing game, usually negatively.
  6. Seems like whatever tactic I play, whatever mentality, my guys get into the position to cross but wait for the full back to close them down to block it. Any tips on what I can do to minimise this possibility?
  7. No mate. Every tactic shared on here is ATTACKING. MUCH HIGHER defensive line, MAXIMUM intensity, MAXIMUM risk. Only wimps play with anything less!!!!
  8. While I'm here I may as well ask what I need to do to get the best out of my AP in a 4-1-3-2 or 442 Narrow Diamond. Because putting him on attack or support and leaving no PIs doesn't work. In a whole season, I watched every match on comprehensive and never saw my AMC make a short through ball to my strikers once. Not once. My AMCs are definitely good enough to be making those sorts of chances in League 1.
  9. What is the effect of Move Into Channels for a central attacking midfielder? For strikers I understand it a bit more. One guy holds the ball up and plays it in behind, the other guy moving into channels is dragging defenders away from the centre making more space for the ball to be played in for him. But if my AMC is moving into channels, what does it mean for my strikers? Am I right in thinking I don't want this if I'm playing 2 strikers up top? And does it mean that my AMC is not going to be around to be a playmaker? Is it more for an AMC who is a Shadow Striker or has an attack duty alongside a single STC? I'm having a lot of problems creating chances centrally in my 4312 so this is important!
  10. Charlie Austin isn't really suitable to play that role. He just doesn't have the speed or skill to run with the ball or go past players. Try DLF(S) for a more catch-all role. Too many attack duties in midfield.
  11. Also you play without a proper holding midfielder. The DM(S) doesn't sit to protect. You need a defend duty.
  12. When you play an attacking full back the midfielder on his flank needs to be more conservative and have a hold position PI. E.g. FB(A), DLP(S). Conversely when you play an attacking central midfielder the full back on his flank needs to be more conservative. E.g. CM(A), FB(S/D) The more aggressive one role is, the more conservative the other needs to be.
  13. Corners In FM17 at least, the best corner conversion for me has come from playing the ball to the player outside the box, who then either shoots, passes or dribbles then shoots. I keep my full backs back typically, so I ensure I have 2 players left on the half way line to stop opposition counters. In terms of defence, I go with 3 men on the 6 yard box in various areas and mark tall with 1 high jumping player and I concede very little, and I make sure I have at least 1 player up front and 1 player on the edge of the box to pass it to the forward player. The defaults on the other hand don't put a player up front and have your corner taker mostly play it into the box with a low rate of conversion. Free Kicks Not sure it matters that much in attack, but in defence i have a 4 man wall and 1 player up front. That usually does the trick.
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