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  1. IMO you shouldn't approach training like this. Instead, your perspective should be one of improving your players' attributes as quickly as possible without causing excessive injuries. The tactic you set will give your players familiarity with how you want to play through the match preparation in certain training sessions, not the attributes you train. Set training sessions for all three slots per day, whilst ensuring there is rest and recovery after a match, and also recovery after physical sessions or match practice. Early on in the season, more sessions should be set for improving familiarity. You can find out which sessions improve familiarity by clicking each one and studying the effects. Once your tactic is familiarised then you can focus purely on attributes, with maybe one booster session a week of Def Positioning or Att Corners etc to gain a boost during the match. If you do it your way, you end up improving attributes which are not useful to the roles certain players play. So it's better that most sessions are conducted with players in their units to focus on particular attributes unless general sessions improve attributes which will benefit all players regardless of role, like General>Tactical. For example, all players benefit from Anticipation and Composure, but not all players benefit from improving Finishing and Dribbling. Finally, do not accept the default training. It is inefficient due to only using 2 slots per day and allocating sessions which are detrimental and can cause injuries when matches are rearranged or when there is a short turnaround between matches (eg the Ass Man will set Physical sessions between a 3 day turnaround).
  2. The problem with scouting and selecting along these lines is it is affected by the effectiveness of the players around the player you are looking at as well as the tactic being used affecting the player's performances - AND the opposition players and tactic. There are too many variables at play to determine whether or not the player is going to put out those numbers in your team.
  3. I recall Solskjaer splitting his forwards against Arsenal to exploit the fact they sent both full backs forward. Looks like this does the same. By the way, if you want your AML and AMR to avoid coming back to defend, set them both to Trequartista. IF(A) defends more than Trequartista.
  4. Just because some of your players are good at certain actions, it does not necessarily mean it is tactically advantageous that they do more of those actions. Wingers and forwards are always going to run with the ball more often, and telling them to do it even more might not be beneficial, because you're telling them to do it more often in times when it would be inappropriate or likely to lose the ball. I guess what I'm trying to say is, how much they do every action is a function of mentality and the under-the-hood defaults for each mentality are generally entirely appropriate for each mentality, so you don't need to mess with that. Where you might add some of these team instructions is to exploit opposition weaknesses. Other team instructions don't necessarily affect every player's instructions, like play out of defence or hit early crosses.
  5. In terms of creating more chances your main problem is with your midfield roles and the way they attract the ball to different locations. Look at it from the perspective of building an attack from the back after the GK distributes to your defence. In your current setup, you're telling your central two to do a lot of running and not so much of the creating. Your "creator" is also your holding midfielder in DMC. So he will attract the ball from the centre backs then lay it off with simple passes due to his defend duty. It's a low mentality duty - so he takes few risks. The central two are then the most likely recipients of the ball. They then want to make runs and let someone else create. So they probably are going to play the ball wide with more relatively simple passes. Some chances are going to come from that, no doubt, but it will be inconsistent from cutting in and taking a bunch of long shots or crossing occasionally from the wing. With this setup the players in midfield aren't attracting the opposition enough, so it causes the front 3 to be easier to mark. They're pinning back the opposition defence with their attack duties but they are isolated and that explains why you might be scoring a bunch from long shots.
  6. Because those are instructions given to the whole team, whereas in reality you do not want certain positions, like centre backs or DLP(D), running with the ball or passing into space, because this sacrifices possession and will often put your team under pressure to defend. If you remove this instruction, roles like inside forwards and wingers will still run with the ball. Increasing mentality also increases the chance of this happening in other positions too. It is obviously better to not have team wide instructions for instructions that may negatively impact the performance of certain players and therefore your team. Instead, if you want players whose roles do not normally allow them to run with the ball much to run with the ball more, or pass into space, you give them personalised or general Player Instructions to get that done. Solskjaer's instructions to his players aren't "i want everybody to run with the ball", they're more along the lines of "I want everybody to play with a positive mentality".
  7. This phenomenon happens regardless of tactical instruction or player level. I'm seeing it even in friendlies against minnow teams.
  8. You might think it's OK having a few young players come through and not be British by the time they are ready to play for me, but it means I have to sell existing first team foreign players and buy British players for the sake of box-ticking - I'm already at my 17 player limit.
  9. Indeed you are. They are entirely eligible to play for me because they have been granted a work permit and are being paid £8k per week. However, they are not of sufficient quality to play for me - yet! And I would like "yet" to change, hence the need to loan them out.
  10. I got the Brexit where I have a 17 foreign player limit in all leagues and foreigners must be paid at least 3k per week for a youth permit and 8k per week for a pro permit. It's been tricky to deal with in my rise up the leagues but it's particularly bothersome now my club is established in the Premier League. The problem used to be that I couldn't afford to pay that much in wages to foreigners. Now it's different. The problem is when I go to loan out my foreign players, only foreign clubs bid. This is a huge issue because I need my foreigners to gain British citizenship so that they cease to be foreign. The only thing I've seen work is when I loan my foreign players to my domestic affiliate clubs - but I can't get an affiliate above League Two so my guys can't get domestic football.
  11. Even if I use Hit Early Crosses it still happens, and to be honest I don't want to always hit them early, I want them to hit them as soon as they are at the byline - not stop and wait for the other team to block it!!! One thing I did notice is when I added the Take More Risks PI it made my wingbacks wait less, but that PI also affects their overall passing game, usually negatively.
  12. Seems like whatever tactic I play, whatever mentality, my guys get into the position to cross but wait for the full back to close them down to block it. Any tips on what I can do to minimise this possibility?
  13. No mate. Every tactic shared on here is ATTACKING. MUCH HIGHER defensive line, MAXIMUM intensity, MAXIMUM risk. Only wimps play with anything less!!!!
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