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  1. Somebody else said don't release every year. Somebody then said "but turnover". Solution: Just release new DBs with all new transfers and players as DLC every season, and patch out bugs and glitches. Partially crowdfund to compensate. Then when you've got new features ready after 2 or 3 years, release a new game and keep the same model consistently forever. Result will be ME that is eventually flawless (at least in terms of events, if not also graphically) and up to date player and staff database. Even release January window as a DLC.
  2. Mezzala support has gets further forward as a default PI afaik. In any case when playing 2 strikers is having 2 deep runners necessary?
  3. Take off Higher Tempo Switch the MR to Wide Midfielder Attack and the DR to Wingback Support and DL to Full Back Attack and you may have a bit more joy. In future avoid automatic duty. All it does is accord duty with mentality. Maybe consider using a Trequartista as the STC. He drops off and moves a lot but also has that higher mentality for penetration when necessary. I might mostly copy your tactic. Very solid indeed.
  4. Perhaps you are fond of the idea of taking central mids and playing them as IWBs 😁
  5. i haven't tried yet. My players are on holiday. Wanted to get help before they return Make your own thread if you want to discuss your tactic; don't hijack mine!
  6. Iteration using the AML/R This time the BWM(S) has a Hold Position instruction Also the idea with him is to win the ball back high up the pitch and capitalise on any opposition mistake by having the attackers on the left take advantage. Should I add Hold Position to the WM iteration?
  7. Iteration using Wide Midfielders WM instructions for both: Take Fewer Risks Cross Less Often Run Wide With Ball Stay Wider First two instructions should encourage cutbacks. Second two instructions should encourage width and stretching opposition. I have this idea of using WMs because they are customisable, whereas the IF or Winger is not. Hopefully by using the Attacking mentality it will get these players forward into the spaces I want them, while their position in the formation encourages better defensive stability and build up play - even potentially some balls over the top from a deep position for my Trequartista. My duties are probably in the wrong places but I have this idea of using support all on one side and attack on the other for overloads.
  8. I have an idea about a 433 I want to make. Last season my number one problem was breaking down teams that sit deep. So this season I am going to practice making tactics and save scum preseason friendlies to experiment. I know I want to play a 433 and I know that I need width to exploit the narrow defences the AI constantly uses against my team. So this season I am thinking of making a tactic which uses AML and AMR players that stay wider and attack the outside of the full backs, which is the most vulnerable opposition space because it is close to the opposition goal when they camp in their 18 and a player on the outside can find shots from a wide angle into the opposite corner of the goal. Last season I found that doubling up on the flanks wasn't working because crosses were getting blocked all the time and I didn't have any aerial threats in my front 3 to get on the end of them if they did go into the box. If I ran midfielders from deep it generally wasn't working. The ball would just get passed about and then result in a long shot or a likely blocked/incomplete cross. So this season I am thinking I want to cross much less and play for cutbacks. The reason is that the opposition concedes a lot of space on the edge of their box, so that is the space I have to try to exploit. In order to generate cutbacks I'm thinking of using 2 inside forwards. However they will be instructed to Stay Wider off the ball. Meanwhile the central midfielders and DM will simply park outside the 18 yard box and play keep ball, preventing any opposition transitions. Furthermore, I'm thinking this season I want to get full backs attacking the half spaces getting on the end of those cut backs. It ends up looking like a 2-3-5 formation. They will be unmarked and should be free to create a lot of havoc. Ideally they drag opposition players away, freeing up a wide inside forward to sneak in from the flanks! If I use Wingers they are instructed to Cross More Often. For me that's a problem. This is FM19 btw so no Inverted Wingers in the AML and AMR. The alternative is to have the (honestly more gifted) central midfielders performing the IWB role as deep runners and the IWBs coming and sitting deep inside behind them. In terms of the central striker I know I want one that brings others into play. I could go with a Trequartista here. I need a player who will move a lot and drag defenders around. A Trequartista should drop off the defensive line but also attack in behind at times when the need arises. He will also move into channels, so central midfielders or IWBs can attack that space. In the midfield I'm very concerned about the IWBs standing on the toes of my midfielders. How do I prevent that from happening? I have a feeling two holding midfielders will prevent the opposition from counter attacking and should provide that space to the IWBs. Questions: How viable is this idea? How would you go about implementing it in terms of roles and duties? What instructions and mentality would be suitable? Don't worry about the players at my disposal. They are all very capable no matter what you suggest.
  9. He is playing with 2 holding midfielders so really attacking midfielders shouldn't be a problem. But you are right the 3v2 in the centre is a problem but not one that can't be dealt with. For example instead of using wingers wide midfielders can tuck inside. Alternatively the full backs become defensive midfielders as IWB players. Fortunately as well we can change line of engagement. By reducing line of engagement we can make gaps between lines smaller whilst also encouraging the opposition to come forwards, which is something an F9 could exploit if the AI does not use a defend duty DM In attack the F9 or PFs or PFd can offer more support in midfield. Roles and duties can totally change the shape of the formation!
  10. I think what you're really looking for is two widemen who come inside but could go on the outside too and each do slightly different things and perhaps not have hardcoded instructions and the problem you have is the preset roles for AMR/L have hardcoded defaults. So you can solve this using the MR and ML slots using the roles there. In particular the Wide Midfielder roles are extremely versatile because they can be totally customised especially on support duty. The tactical advantage to this should be to improve defensive strength and gain more ball possession and penetration from deeper positions but your transitions will likely be slower too. But maybe that is ok if your opponent is not organised defensively so much as if you had kept the widemen in the higher slots.
  11. I noticed somebody said your team is one of the big boys but IMO looking at your players you have a midtable team that can maybe get into the top 6 if they are lucky. So I think your team if doing better than this is probably overachieving!
  12. You'll find the WB slot players don't drop into the defensive line as frequently as in the DL and DR slots and they get forward and get caught out much more often than in DL and DR. The WB slots should IMO only be employed in a tactic with 3 centre backs or 2 with a sweeper or libero.
  13. Sometimes I intentionally make bad attacking set piece routines to try to highlight the flaws in my outfield tactics. For all of my goals to come only from set pieces says to me that I have problems scoring from open play. I especially try to do this against bus parkers such as Watford, Brighton, Brentford, Sheffield Utd etc who routinely blatantly opt for narrow defending and low defensive line and mentality because I want to find a tactic that works to break these sides down. Invariably I admit this leads to many games I should win becoming draws or even defeats from when they nick lucky goals from set pieces or 30 yard screamers late on in the game even when I know my defensive routines are flawless. It frustrates me to no end the amount of times I seem to get "FMed" after them registering 0 shots until the last 10 mins when they score!
  14. ED's right but have a balance of man mark and go back. Helps to pick up any outside the area
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