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  1. Team shape and how it combines with duty is the only mechanic out of date.
  2. Need help with my tactic

    You don't have to use very attacking wingbacks to get them to overlap, its more a question of how early and how much risk they'll take. If they don't need to overlap till your in the final third you can use more conservative roles+duties. Depends when you want them to get forward and what to try and do. Were through balls the cause of low possession? Your playing an riskier mentality (control), giving the players creative freedom (Fluid) but then pretty much maxing that out by adding Be More Expressive and they're expected to do that all at a higher tempo than the already higher default for Control. Again it depends what your expecting them to do in the grand scheme. With two CWB getting forward early, two IF working channels and a ST thats 5 players who are going to be in/around the box before considering your CM pair. If you have a CWB-A + IF-A thats two players who will be very high on that side of the pitch, how are you going to make space for them to run into if the opposition isn't pushing high?
  3. Need help with my tactic

    Well your telling your team to play wider, exploit the left + right flank and look for overlap your telling your team to focus on the flanks and not the central midfield. If you want the CM to see more of the ball and/or not have to cover the 4 attacking wide players then you might want to reduce some of that wing focus. You already have a natural overlap with a CWB-A + IF-S and a very attacking W-A + CWB-A on the other, you've then added more attacking mentality to it plus told the IF+W to hold up the ball to allow the DL+DR to overlap. IF-S + MEZ-S will be doing a very similar job so i'd look to change that to add variety. Personally i'd tone down the aggressiveness of the RB so he supports the winger rather than trying to overlap him. Then swap the DLP + MEZ around, so the MEZ and work the channel between the ST and winger with the RB providing cover/support. The DLP-S can provide the support+cover for the aggressive LB and IF plus stays deeper and lets the IF work the left channel. Why use a BPD if your then telling your team to Retain Possession? Playing Control, higher tempo and retain possession will be difficult, players won't have as much time to select the best option and through balls will be reduced, but many of your players are looking to run into which will reduce the number of players looking to collect the ball at there feet. You'll probably be relying on players overloading or dribbling past an opponent and I guess you will have a lot of crosses and long shots?
  4. No. If your reputation changes it may affect your opponents expectations coming into the game. For example, if you go from relegation contenders to league challenger the teams who were expecting to get 3 points against you might instead hope for a draw.
  5. You've pretty much got 6 players behind the ball when attacking, leaving 3 attack duties and a W-S to try and create something, there's no link between them it like 2 separate groups left to fend for themselves. If you want to create a counter style have a read of Cleons counter attacking guide listed here: With all those instructions your pretty much giving the ball away with a very direct style rather than drawing opponents up field then countering them. Plus if your going to sit deep, how good are your defenders in the box at consistently dealing with crosses?
  6. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    This has been discussed already, pretty much the same setup. Your AP on the left flank will see more of the ball so what's your plan to get the wide forward on the opposite flank a good chance? Especially when you've given the AP a MEz and WB-A as closer targets.
  7. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    CM-A would move into a similar area but he's higher risk and will try more forward runs. Whatever you do it won't be exactly the same since your in a 1-2 shape instead of 2-1 so each CM will favour 1 side. A CM-S is probably the nearest but he starts deeper so the movement patterns will be different. I use a AP-A in MCL currently and whilst he does move around for the majority of moves he doesn't play exactly like he would if he was in AMC even though its the same role+duty. Its these kind of nuances that can make a tactic more consistent and require analysis. Taking parts from one system and plugging them into another will have differences.
  8. No Tactic is Working

    Looking at your tactic it looks like you've gone "i want fbs getting forward, DCs to play it forward, midfield to create and wide forwards+ST to score". There's no real plan there, just because you want a player to create doesn't mean they have to be a AP. A FB doesn't have to be attack duty to get forward, it just means he'll take more risks to get forward sooner. Roles+Duties are simply a way of positioning the players into certain areas, how much risk to take and how often to try things. The most consistent tactics will have a good balance between players covering deep, supporting attacks and players getting into the box. Flooding one area typically will result in an unbalanced tactic that might work against a tactic weak against that style but against other tactics will struggle. Regarding team instructions, you don't have to use any of them. Don't view them as "I must tick this for the players to do it", they are modifiers to make the players do it more/less. You should only add the instructions if when your watching the game you see something happening consistently that you don't like. Read some of the guides in the sticky and start simple. Focus on the roles+duties firstly and how they combine, changing passing distance/tempo etc is unlikely to fix issues in where your telling the players to play.
  9. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    @Keyzer Soze haha ok not exactly what I had in mind but looks good so let us know how things go. It's basically what you had before but RMD-A instead of IF-S and WB is now S instead of A, but then mirrored. Regarding not having much luck with IF-A, maybe the RMD fit that system or player better? I run a very similar system and my IF-A is the top scorer with my front 3 all regular goal scorers. Move Into Channels is an instruction to move wider so will be in central areas less, if starting in MCR he's in more of the AMR/STCR area than AMC/ST area. He may sometimes be more central, but thats not what he's instructed to typically be. With a IF-A providing earlier runs and MEZ-A providing runs from deeper plus a Winger who will drive forward with the ball and also get in the box in the final third I would be considering CF-S or DLF-S. I think there's a misconception that you need an attack duty to be a goal scorer but my CF-S is my 2nd highest scorer through a combination of runs behind defences, tapping in pull backs, getting on end of crosses etc. Whilst he drops deeper and helps build attacks, he will still make runs into the box its just he isn't as focused on that element of play. He isn't told to Hold Position or to rarely try forward runs, he just doesn't try them or stay as high as often. I know @Cleon had a great article about making the IF-A a consistent goal scorer and used an attack duty ST to occupy the defenders but I think people overlook that plain old simple AM-S sat in the hole behind them, a CM-S or MEZ won't really sit in the hole.
  10. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    @Keyzer Soze haha yeah I think as I type. You can have "well balanced" tactic due to the duties used but I think its the nuances between roles that make a tactic consistent. It's been a while since I used a IF-S with a CM-A inside so you'll have to watch and see how they combine. A IF will stay wider during transitions whilst the CM is narrower but then what happens if the IF dribbles inside or do they make runs in the same area in the final third? Do you need to change the RB to be (a lot) more attacking just because you (slightly) reduced the LBs attacking? Could the winger use that space himself or does having the WB-A overlap him offer something extra? Looks even more open to counter attacks than your previous tactic. Just making the forward drop deeper doesn't mean the opponents line will be higher. I'd do one step at a time and see changing the CM sides affects the play before going further. Why change your forward from support duty to attack duty because you want him to use the right channel? Your not only changing his lateral movement but his vertical positioning. Not saying this is wrong but you might need to adjust your expectations for players to make runs past him. If your liverpool i'd prefer to have the AMR as RMD/IF-A to give an earlier threat and a target for the AP plus less crosses then have a FB/WB-S provide width later in attacks without charging to byline.
  11. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    @Keyzer Soze who do you expect the IF to assist? If he plays through the WB its likely he will cross to the CF/W. CF is the most likely 2nd target but the CM-A and W-S are likely to far on the right to be played through. Why ask the CF-S to move into channels when the IF will move through the channel on the left and the CM-A will likely be using the right channel with the W-S outside of it? Why tell the CM-A to try risky passes often and to whom? You already have IF-S, AP-S, CF-S already looking to play risky passes often and you've added a 4th of the 5 front players yet also expect him to be a main goal scorer? I think during transition a CM-A is still more of a central midfielder, he won't be the one running behind a high defensive line (unless its a proper counter attack), he's more likely to do that in the attacking phase. If the CM-A has played a through ball whats chances of him being on the end of a through ball himself? Plus I think the CF-S is likely the only player who will be in a position to play him through, maybe the AP if he's drifted right, the others are likely to try something different and the left sided players probably have too many bodies in the way unless its an amazing pass. As far as counter attacks go, i'd just keep your DM back and/or the RB. Set pieces will obviously depend on the players assuming you've set them up adequately. edit: ffs pushed enter and it submitted before i'd finished.
  12. Loom for overlap will slow the play of the IF-A, do you really want that to happen? Maybe if you want an overlap have a bit of variety by setting one up naturally by having a IF-S + WB-A and leaving the WB-S to support the IF-A without the extra focus. Attacking mentality is already a high tempo system, is increasing it further helping? I'd drop the BBM for a more stable defensively consistent role. With attacking mentality, two playmakers in the midfield three and two wingbacks that midfielder needs to be good defensively and with 4 attackers plus wingbacks does he need to roaming around? I'd say there's enough body's in and around the box so a CM-S/CAR/BWM so just help tick things over and win the ball back would help more.
  13. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    I think you've still got same old issue of everyone pushing forward and wide so lack consistent threat through the middle.
  14. Looking for help

    I would try that switch of AP and CAR but it does go against your overload one flank to make space on the other. Instead it will rely more on the RMD's positioning (not the attribute) and the CF+AP drawing players to them. I use a very similar system and it creates some lovely moves and chances but that is with a different group of players.
  15. Looking for help

    The thing i'm not sure about is how many risks a IF-S + AP-A will take. I think its more a creative flank than a supportive flank that will look to keep the ball and then allow for a switch of play to the opposite flank. They're more likely to try and force a through ball or run at a defender etc and unless this is during the first attack there's unlikely to be space for them to play through the RMD. Once into the attacking phase and the defence has got back those two left sided creative players are unlikely to be able to play through the RMD. Will be interesting to see if your review matches my assumption.