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  1. You have two central playmakers who will attract the ball, but then have crowded players around them with a lot of support duties plus fluid shape, play narrower and exploit the middle. Unless you get a counter attack I can't see how your going to create a chance. Treq is a very risky role so likely will try and play through the AF or go it alone. The AP, BBM and CAR are all likely going to be behind him and the treq isn't known for playing simple backwards/lateral passes.
  2. summatsupeer

    Chelsea FM18 help?

    Attacking just means a good number of shots and possession just means more than 50%, you don't actually have to use attacking mentality. Speaking of which, why do you expect to have lots of possession when telling the players to be very risky, dribble more, higher tempo and more expressive? Shorter passing and work ball into box isn't going to do much to help your possession. Plus what's the point in playing super fast risky football but then telling your wide forwards to hold up the ball and wait for the wingbacks to overlap only then to tell them not to cross as often? I think you've just assumed what instructions you need without taking into account the mentality and what the roles & duties already have the team doing.
  3. The 433 you just posted looks the best balanced so far and if its working then stick with it. Don't just fiddle for the sake of it or due to results. Look at what a player is doing on the field and see if he could would be better in different areas or trying different actions. If you really don't like Arthur in the RPM role then maybe just try him in a bog standard CM-S role and let him decide what to do, he won't be as deep to collect the ball but when he gets it he should be closer to the front 3. All Ndidi needs to do is get the ball to the CM pair, doesn't have to be great with the ball to do that. Plus in that new setup you already have a ST with two IF coming inside to help him. Adding a CM-A into the mix will likely just congest that area. Besides, on attacking mentality even support duties will be high risk so should get up the pitch, he'll just not make as many forward runs as the CM-A or take quite as many risks. Regarding your weakness to crosses from counter attacks, your playing Attacking so taking lots of risks, Fluid will bring the team together so your defenders will be more attacking and take more risks. Your pressing much more than the already high default of attacking, combined with a shallower team (less depth) due to fluid so more space behind you and both FBs are wingbacks so getting forward leaving your flanks open. Basically the DM-D and 2xDCs have a lot of space to cover. And your saying Stay On Feet so players will be safer trying to win the ball, whilst you'll give less fouls away you'll also reduce how often you can breakup attacks or stop play to let your players get back into position. Are your players good enough at pressing high and the defenders at covering the space?
  4. Raum doesn't have to cut inside, he does what he wants really, a mix that makes him unpredictable hence needs good mentals to choose the right thing to do. TBH with so many players deep, in basically a 4141 he'd likely be isolated when he closes down anyway. Don't just look at the player and a single role, look at what it needs to do with the roles around it. DLP is more of a sitting moving the ball around, RPM will still drop to collect the ball but will then run forward with it more often. Why do you want him to do that? Is he going to have space to run into and options to pass to when he's closed down or will he be running into dead ends? Should he even be dropping deep to collect the ball when you have a DM and are playing an attacking style? Should he play a more normal role that stays more to his position to give options to advance the ball rather than trying to go collect the ball himself? Don't fall into the trap of thinking you must have a player thats a good creator in a playmaker role or has to try risky passes often. More doesn't always mean more successful, it needs to fit with what is going on around him. Personally i think that in an attacking tactic thats trying to play forward quickly, having 2 of your front 5 dropping and moving to try and collect the ball because they're playmakers doesn't leave many advanced options once they get the ball, especially when 3 of the back 5 are defend duties. WB-A or FB-A should help give another option but could get cross heavy if Arthur doesn't have other options. Vertical = Goal to Goal Lateral = Sideline to Sideline So Move Into Channels tells a player to move more often from a central area to a channel like between the CB - FB rather than being between CB-CB. If the opposition FB is then occupy by a wide forward or has to step up to engage a player running at him with the ball, it can give the ST space to run behind him or pull the CB out more for a deep runner to find space between the CB's. RPM is not a player that is typically a runner. He's more of a player that transitions the ball through running with it rather than passing to draw players to him and create space for another player, because he moves to collect the ball he might arrive late into the box but unlikely to be a "runner". Any forwards or FBs able to do a half decent job? Don't worry about position familiarity, just look at there attributes for the role. Maybe even stick Vardy out there and start his backup up front so the player quality is better?
  5. But Raum an Winger are totally different roles, one stays wide and looks to dribble+cross often whilst the other roams around so could be more central and easier to find. Could you of not just told him to Close Down More with a PI? I'd of had less issue with a IF/RMD than a Winger due to them not being as close to the touchline on the opposite flank from the playmakers. Moving the winger back to MR wasn't really linked to how far away he was from the two playmakers, just wondering why you decided to have the defensive formation split. Pass Into Space doesn't increase how often players run into space, thats the Get Forward instruction. Two inside forwards becoming a AP-A and W-A is a big change, on one side he's going to be wider and the WP will often be deeper to collect the ball and more urgant with his passing, but whats his options? A DF, maybe the LB or a sideways pass which doesn't fit his instructions, especially on attacking mentality. I'm not sure how they've developed, but do you really want your playmaker in that team to be Davies so he gets the ball more than normal? Whilst you've changed the WM to be more of a creator the team aren't told to give him the ball more often, plus he's still stuck out wide with really only a WB-S and CM-A as targets. WB-S probably won't get past him early enough to be an option and the CM-A is likely in a congested area so probably hard to find with a through ball. If the DF-S moves into the channel, who's using that lateral space? Maybe the CM-A but everyone else is staying deeper (DLP-S + DM-D) and others are wide and deeper (WM-S) or very high and wide (W-A). For an attacking tactic I feel like your lacking options, it looks like you'll typically have 6 players (+GK) behind the ball (FB-S, BPD, CD, WB-S, DM-D, FLP-S) and maybe even the WM-S. At most I think the DF-S, W-A, CM-A and maybe the WM-S are going to be the forward passing options. I'm not sure what the route to goal is besides the winger swinging cross in. WM-S has CM-A inside of him, WB-S will tend to overlap later on higher up the pitch so unless the DF-S is available he's likely to pass it backwards or try and dribble it (Arthur isn't amazing dribbler from what I remember) but cutting inside the CM-A is already there.
  6. The thing that stands out to me is your WP-A + DLP-S both on the left side, but the main early runner is a W-A on the opposite side of the field. It would require a long precise cross field pass to find him assuming those creators have the right passing distance instruction. I'm also not sure why he's not in MR rather than AMR? Your already on Attacking mentality with two creators, do you need to tell the team to Pass Into Space? Does the increased number of players trying risky passes more often help? Do they have enough options? Why increase tempo even more than the Attacking mentality default which is high to start with? Especially if your then telling the advanced wide players to hold up the ball due to Look For Overlap so they wait for the DL+DR to get forward. You already have a natural overlap with a WB-S + WP-A, do you really want the W-A to be overlapped by a FB-S? Playing such a high tempo with two playmakers, if the ball gets to the winger quickly who's going to be in the box for the cross except maybe Vardy? Whilst you have good players I don't see how the combination of roles+duties fit together especially with the team settings? Whats your actual plan? I don't mean "arthur creates and vardy + gray scores", I mean an actual plan of how the ball + players move to defend and create good chances.
  7. There's clear differences in the roles, doesn't take long watching them on the pitch to see them. Before we had set roles we had to set every setting for each player which was easier to exploit the engine with but also easier to go wrong with. Sounds like you want something in between what we had and the current TC? I think its better to have the defined roles with there descriptions that tell you what they're doing.
  8. summatsupeer

    Messi's role

    As a AP-S his focus is receiving the ball to his feet and looking to play a through ball, he isn't told to run with it but if he did when there's 3 other playmakers likely staying behind the ball he will be running into multiple defenders, even messi can get crowded out. You say you've used him in various ways and positions but looking at that tactic its likely the options around him that are the issue. Even if you want a possession style you need to give options and create space. Control + Fluid, Retain Possession + Lower tempo with 4 playmakers is just asking to be congested as they move to try and collect the ball. The only two real targets they all have is a Winger stuck high and wide and a AF high on his own, no one offering a simple forward option like your Team Instructions is asking the team to play (Retain Possession = Less passes into space and More passes to feet).
  9. That to me sounds like you need the players to pick and choose when to keep the ball or try something risky, rather than telling them to be risky often (Pass Into Space, higher mentalities etc) or safe often (Retain Possession, lower mentalities etc). I'd focus on the roles&duties and read the descriptions like herne said to see if that sounds like what you want and fits with the players around him. Not saying it can't work, but to me one is "attack space quickly" and the other is saying "play slower" so giving opponents time to get back+organized making it harder for the risky passes to be successful. Especially combined with very few attack duties attacking space early. The crossing attribute is how accurate the cross is and 10/61 is not bad, they still need good mental attributes to pick/choose what and where to put it. Maybe the players in and around the box need to anticipate whats going to happen or find space off the ball better or just occupy defenders to give the big guys more space to be more accurate if they win the header?
  10. I'm wondering why you still have Pass Into Space selected. You have no attack duties, no early runners, everyone is mixing up there play to offer a simple pass to there feet and sometimes making a run. But then the player with the ball isn't very selective about who's run they try to play through as they're told to try them often, they probably won't have many choices so try the first one they see. It's like your trying to play a possession style, but then telling them to pass like an attacking style thats trying to run into space quickly. I don't think team mentality has anything to do with your issues. Maybe you don't want two strikers but rather a AMCL + STCR or AMCR + STCL so that front 2 shape but one starting deeper to link play rather than both dropping? People see BBM-S as a runner but really he arrives late as per his description as he can be quite deep at times hence "box to box". Yes increasing the CM pairs duty should push them forward but consider the roles and what they're doing and not just "get forward more". Roaming Playmaker isn't a more advanced role, he will move to collect the ball just like the Regista will, so when transitioning could be another deep player especially when transitioning which is likely when you think there's a gap. What should you change? Well I think it depends on if you think its the passing preferences causing the issue or the roles and/or duties being too deep and a lack of runners to give options for the passer? Is it a possession style? Is it an attacking style? Is it a balanced style without a specific focus with players doing a specific job? Efficiency will come down to quality of the player crossing it and the ability of the players in the box to get on the end of it. Obviously the numbers and organization of the defence will play a part, crossing into a packed box with defenders organized will be less effective than when they're running back at there own net and not organized.
  11. I'd just step back and look at the full setup for a second. You have two attack duties in the team, the wingbacks. All other players are supporting. On a high team mentality you've told the team to Pass Into Space. If lots of players are looking to play risk passes often, who are making the most forward runs so likely to be the target? Yup the wingbacks. Once they get it what are they told to do? Dribble and cross. The MEZ makes forward runs often as well but his mentality will be lower so won't take as many risks. BBM, CF-S and F9 all still make runs but they won't do them as often but won't hold position either. If you want players to use them less I'd drop the pass into space so they can play it to one of your many support players feet. Maybe even going fully to retain possession. Reading your replies you seem to want aggressive wide players but don't want the crossing? Could try inverted wingbacks... they should stay wide with no other player wide but should do other things than cross, not sure what though. If its still an issue i'd maybe push them to MR+ML to get other roles that don't cross as often and can be customized more.
  12. I would try and keep consistent and not change unless its a decision based on what you see happening on the field. Not because someone has a low rating or is better at a different role. Changing the role will change how it combines with roles around it, just because you change from one role on support duty to another role on support duty doesn't mean they'll occupy the same area as they have different balances. For example you have a CF-S + AP-S + CM-S (or BWM-S) all using the AMC area. A IF-S will also use that space and he's right next to the CM-S / BWM-S plus the RMD is also coming inside though higher up. Changing between IF-S and W-S I think will have a big effect on the space inside. I think this could be due to lack of options, forcing the player to try a hard pass. The AP-S, CF-S and IF-S whom are all looking to play through an teammate, whilst the CF-S and IF-S don't hold position, only the RMD-A is looking to get behind opponents. Plus as mentioned above there seems to be a lack of space creation and too many players in the same area trying the same things. Make sure the balance of players is right, its a very attacking formation with 4 high players and both wingbacks getting forward. Ideally your CM pair are both good at breaking up attacks before they start or at least slowing down opponents to buy time for the FBs. I'm not sure about Tight Marking, removing passes to feet but opens up passes to space, and you have a lot of space. I'd probably leave that to OI's or PI's on your advanced players. I'd keep it simple and just play the roles as they come and focusing on how those roles combine. Just because a player is good at something doesn't mean they should do it all the time, being more selective means they should wait for a better opportunity, depends on the style your going for. I'd ignore OI's unless you are sure of there effect, they can pull your team all over the place. As per above, look at how roles combine and space created. All this means is you have more than 50% possession and a good number of shots (can't remember how many). As long as your not just parking the bus and hoofing it you should be fine. I think the issue here is the role, lack of options and lack of space. AP-S will move to collect the ball then look to play a through ball. Lots of narrow players and few players running behind opponents. Personally I don't want my AMC dropping, I want him between lines making space and letting the two CM's link play to the front 4. If you want the ST dropping then maybe the AMC should make runs past him but how does this fit with the rest of the system? If he drops I think the overall team style needs to be more patient so he can help move the ball forward, the support forwards can make runs then get back into the hole once in the final third. The performances are not only due to the role selection issues mentioned above but the players selection and team balance thats limiting attacking option and exposing your DCs. 5 attacking players (assuming alli as CM-S), only 3 defensive players but whilst dembele does have some good defensive attributes he lacks stamina, aggression etc to keep breaking attacks up all game and then two FBs getting forward.
  13. summatsupeer

    My 4123

    Have a look at some of the guides on this page. Especially the style guides, they might give you some ideas how to implement what you want.
  14. summatsupeer

    My 4123

    Focus more on the roles and duties. Defensive mentality will make them safer, look at the mentality bar on the players instruction screen. For example a DM-S whilst doesn't have a lot of instructions to be low risk, in Defensive+Structured he will be, your using a A-D in that system so taking to extremes. Stop looking at the players in isolation, "this player gives width, this player scores, this player creates" that doesn't look at how they combine to do those things. Your creator is going to move to collect the ball due to being a AP-S but half your team are just going to watch and cover the AP once he gets it so whats are his options? Well he can't dribble with it so has to look for a pass, no one is really moving to help him from deep, they'll be covering him, FB-A will still be cautious so won't get forward till later, FB-S will be deep unless its really safe for him to go forward. To play through the AF or W-S who will be far away will be speculative so just leaves IF-S or CM-A. Possession is about using the ball well, having support and options. Whilst you say you want a possession style, you then isolate players talking about width or not having a target for crosses. It doesn't matter if the AP-S starts in MC or AMC as thats his defensive position, when you get the ball he still moves to collect the ball and no one else really gets up to help the AF-A who stays high.
  15. summatsupeer

    My 4123

    The main thing that stands out to me is the balance of the roles. Your back 4 and DM is pretty cautious but your front 5 are all more risk takers. This is before even considering your on defensive + structured. Moving the ball slowly due to deep roles, play out of defence, dribble less plus the low risk will give opponents time to get back and organized so by the time the players you want to take some risk get it they're outnumbered and likely running into dead ends. I think this is especially true for the AF who looks isolated. Against teams who try to keep a high line he could have some success. But if they drop deep I'm not seeing much space being created, especially before the AP tries to play a through ball or one of the front 3 run with it or the winger crosses it. Are a lot of your goals scored from counter attacks? Defending deep and having 3 fast forwards i could see them doing well even though you have AML+amr rather than ml+Mr. While you say you want the forwards to be the ones taking risks I think your expecting a lot from them, against organized defences with little support but lots of cover. To play more possession style id expect a support duty forward to drop and help advance the ball rather than focusing on trying to run in behind and I certainly wouldn't expect a winger.