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  1. With Auba' and Pepe I would not want my forward to be focused on run in behind. I don't think Laca's runs are the cause of him not getting through balls but the lack of supply from those around him. The wide forwards are unlikely to supply passes for him however many runs he makes and he will just push the defensive line back resulting in less space for the wide forwards to make there runs into.
  2. I'd consider the players your using around Lacazette and not just the roles/duties being used. Auba' is clearly a goal scorer and doesn't really have attributes to create for others. Pepe I cant remember off top of my head but suspect he is better at beating players with he ball at his feet than Auba' but how likely is he to create for Laca' rather than for himself? Laca' if his attributes haven't changed much from 2019 is a good all round forward. Outside of Ozil your other attacking starters are more scorers so I'd expect Laca's goals to suffer a bit. You could change Pepe's duty but then the front 3 are all more focused on running in behind opponents. There is lateral movement but no one is really dropping to create space for the runners. Then theres a MEZ-At joining in so I think it becomes a bit one dimensional. Could work great against teams who try to push up and press but could suffer against defensive teams. Having both wide attacking midfielders on attack duty will also reduce there defending responsibilities which against strong teams would make me worried about having ozil in CM. One option could be to change the ST role and/or duty so he links/creates more often. If hes not getting chances due to others being more selfish types maybe he should just try and create for them more often
  3. I'm not sure what your plan is. Your throwing pretty much everyone forward, which is an issue arsenal have had for years in RL leaving defenders (who aren't great) exposed. DL, DR, MCL, MCR, AMR and ST all have Get Forward instruction. Both wide forwards come inside but both CM also trying to get forward, they're all going to be making runs into that AMC area. Whilst you have wing backs on both wings to give width you only have the centre backs and a BWM holding. The BWM is risky as hes expected to win the ball back quickly which means he will often leave his position. Yet you tell your team to Regroup? Personally I think Aub' is wasted if not on attack duty. I'd want him making runs more often and finishing moves rather than playing deeper and collecting the ball.
  4. Your setup doesn't really make sense. You have a lot of instructions to attack early but the you have a Treq leading the attack. A role that is expected to drop and create, though you say he has a trait to beat offside trap that may be making the role play a bit differently. If he does drop theres lots of supporting players and only the RMD really trying to get past him. Hes the teams playmaker but has very little options. Your central midfield is practically three players doing the same thing, theres no real variety in positioning or actions. Then the IF-Su will be cutting inside into those 3 or 4 players.
  5. Very rarely. Typically when starting a new save / tactic. Once i'm into a season and got things sorted i'll just use Key or Extended Highlights but if I don't get many highlights i'll try Comprehensive or just watch full match for a bit to see whats happening. The more I see the more I understand what/why things are happening, i'm not in a rush to get to end of a season to then just guess what I need to do to improve the squad/tactic.
  6. Depends what I see happening. As you have a DM the CBs should be shielded so i expect the biggest risk is ball over the top if theres not enough pressure on the ball? Assuming this is correct I'd reduce the dline and urgency to keep shape at the back. If I want the front 3 and CMs to press more urgent I'd use PIs on them. Can use counter press but if good opponents keep beating it dont be afraid to remove it. I dont. If I alter its due to different expectation of whom I'm playing rather than where. Sometimes the only difference is in the players I select and I only change tactic due to something I've seen during the match.
  7. You shouldn't really need to change so dramatically between home and away. Just changing mentality from Attacking to Positive is a big change so to go to Cautious is massive. Firstly if MEZ-At was working for you, i'd of kept it even if using Ozil. He'll will still be a creator due to his attributes and allowed to attack and if the MEZ fits the system better stick with it even if he's better suited to a different role/duty. Defense wise is those defensive instructions... they're extreme. Teams that are good at counter attacking will cause you major problems. Do you need to be so extreme? Especially without Counter Press, your practically Counter Pressing non-stop. Attack wise i'd try to add a bit of variety in the front 3 rather than having both flanks do the same and all 3 on attack duty.
  8. If its working then change nothing unless its a problem your seeing in that game. Only keep the change for future matches if its something your needing to do in most of your matches. Can you not play Timo in the current system? He will play the role+duty differently from Firmino depending how there attributes and traits differ. He could also be an option as a wide forward to rotate in with Mane/Salah if I remember correctly? If want him as the ST on an attack duty, i'd probably setup a 2nd tactic rather than changing your current one. Maybe a version of Liverpools 4231 with a creative player sat in the hole creating for Timo, Mane and Salah.
  9. You've gone from one extreme to another, F9 is probably the deepest ST role+duty and now you've gone to one of the most advanced in the PF-At. He's like a AF when you have the ball so is an early runner high up the field trying to make early runs into space from opponents pushing up and/or committing FBs forward. If you pin opponents in then the ST will often be unavailable due to no space to run into. Looks like your "brute forcing" it a bit with 2x WB-At, 2xIF-At and MEZ-At. At least with the F9 there was a bit of variety, adding another runner I don't think will add anything, now he might just get in the way of the runners unless the numbers just overwhelm them. You can get away with it when teams park the bus and don't really offer any threat of a counter but if they do its risky. I always advocate for some variety and having players use different spaces in your base tactic so it works against a range of opponents and less likely to come up against a hard counter.
  10. Depends what your problem is, how do you typically concede? Just from what you said about chances, how does your possession typically end if not creating a chance? I'm guessing the winger gets it and does his winger thing? Just from looking at the tactic, I think Pass Into Space and Dribble More should be conditionally used. The IF-Su and AP-At already have Risky Passes + Dribble More. W-At will dribble more often and risky passes sometimes, WBIB won't remove his Cross More Often. BBM-Su and PF-At will try risky passes and dribbles sometimes. In theory this should make the team a bit more efficeint with the ball as they're sticking more to the job they're given rather than all being ball carriers / playmakers. With a fast attacking style I think you could use a FB getting forward earlier, the natural would be the LB to overlap the IF-Su, hopefully the player is effective at being a WB/FB-At.
  11. Even archive websites don't have the guides so unless someone saved them locally the images will be missing from his guides on here.
  12. Like most things it depends on the players used in those positions and the tactic as a whole. No idea where you've got that "rule" from, especially when its a formation with 3 midfielders and one is a DM. If it was two CM and a AM then yeah, that would be a bit suicidal.
  13. Without specific example of your tactic and/or images its a bit of a guess. 1. It sounds like your playing on higher mentalities which tells the players to take more risks and a simple back pass goes against that. Could also be the role and/or duty used. 2. High pressing can make it easy for opponents to play flowing football through you whilst they're probably more conservative defensively so don't really give you opportunities to counter attack due to the numbers they keep back. It's hard to play nice flowing football against teams who are defensive, i'd be surprised if you can't play like that against more expansive teams who give you space. 3. Really don't know what you mean without examples. If AI can do it so can you though so again likely the role/duty being used. 4. There's two teams involved, just because you want to play through the middle doesn't mean you can. If they pack the middle how are you making them leave that area to then exploit it? Hoofing it is likely a player attribute and/or trait issue. I'd recommend starting your run and posting your setup and explaining why it fits your team, then we can offer suggesting and help develop it in the direction you want.
  14. I was rewording and forgot to paste this bit back in Specifically i'd try the MCL as the playmaker. I'd prefer DLP-Su as the more conservative option, being deeper should give the IW-Su space inside but also some cover for the WB-At. The MCR i'd try anything from CM-Su, BWM-Su, BBM-Su, MEZ-Su, CM-At or MEZ-At. This would likely be a "dynamic" role that changes game to game or even during games depending on the situation. The DR might need to be balanced with this.
  15. Your defensive instructions are very aggressive, if you don't win the ball quickly your team will be all over the place. Against teams who cant move the ball quickly this can work, but teams who can and do so into space can exploit this especially with tight marking. Your practically counter pressing non-stop. I think your a bit limited in your attack, as you say it worked but now isn't I guess your suffering from opponents changing there expectations and being more defensive. That will reduce the space you have for these attacks. The playmakers were able to launch the front 3 but now I guess the front 3 are too out numbered. I'd look to increase the variety in the attacks. The main thing I would do is in a fast attacking system is not have two playmakers as the CM pair in a 433. change one of the playmakers to a "runner" role to give the remaining playmaker another option in front of him.
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