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  1. summatsupeer

    Holding a lead

    Typically opponents will go overload near the end if they are behind but the game is close. If they're that far behind then they typically stay same or "damage limitation". Does your team lack stamina which could make you weaker at end of games? Are the players overconfident? Then after opponents start there comeback switches to nervous? Like I said you can make changes but they should be reasoned and not just " park the bus". What is your normal tactic? Is it particularly susceptible to other styles?
  2. summatsupeer

    Holding a lead

    Why change things so much when they're going well? Stick to what your team does well. If your good at pressing then keep pressing, yes you can drop mentality to be a bit safer but don't just invite more and more pressure. Just dropping 1 mentality level is a big change. Look at your bench too, do you have good options with fresh legs to bring on towards the end of the game? The lower a players condition the chance of them making a mistake increases.
  3. Are you being too passive and cautious and just letting them control the game? If wanting to keep defensively tight i'd question why your using wide forwards with both on attack so will leave space behind them, why not ML + MR? Your back 5 is very conservative with two FB-S and A-D, against quality opposition are you expecting too much from the forwards to score on there own? If your expecting to counter attack, could that DLP be in DMC with more aggressive PI's to start attacks and put a more mobile role/player in CM, even if just a CM-S? Maybe a BWM player to break up attacks a bit higher and launch attacks?
  4. summatsupeer

    The 4231 Explained

    Is it the high line that an issue or lack of pressure from the players up the field?
  5. Agreed. Or 4411 like my suggestion More advanced positions != more attacking. Just means more players stay high when defending. It can also affect how you attack, If they start higher there's likely less space for them to use when on attack duty whilst there's a lot of space behind them which will result in more advanced support duties which then changes the balance of what they attempt.
  6. So your key players are: 1. McAllister: Creative Passer, average physicals, poor tackling. Likes to switch ball to other flank and play through balls. 2. Castellon: Winger, bit low stamina to keep trying his runs+crosses all game. Likes to beat offside trap so if given support duty might get higher than would like. 3. Pursehouse: Strongest DM who can pass and good physicals but not an exceptional tackler. Likes long range passes so could be good at launching quick attacks after winning the ball. He is nothing like a Kante so can't really be expected to do such a good defensive job to make up for other midfielders who are weaker defensively than him. 4. Mauret: More of a box CB heading crosses away, tackling, marking and mentals risky for high line. 5. Neuvel: Good finisher (need to tutor him if not to late!) but potential injury risk, can he be relied on? Not good in air but can head so might be better as wide forward to get back post crosses from Castellon. Others: 6. Arend: Creator + Finisher, not great physicals, especially his stamina as he likes to drop deep but also get into box and use channels. 7. Bos: Similar to McAllistar but likes Long Range Passes rather than Switching Play to Opposite Flank. 8. Khodadadzada: Better defensively than attacking, not especially quick but good engine. Overall: Not great stamina for lots of pressing and not great ball winning in space except Pursehouse. In midfield you have lots of creators but not many have good physicals to get up+back. Defensively they're better deeper than higher. I'd try to create a system that looks to win the ball in the middle third and then launch quick direct passes behind the opponents defence. I'm using a system like this currently, 4411 Control + Structured, Narrower + Offside Trap + More Direct Passing. Mauret might lack the anticipation, concentration and decisions to play an offside trap consistently well so probably wouldn't use it, if your GK is a SK that could help. Neuvel would be WM-A in ML and Castellon WM-A in MR (focus on back post crosses to Neuvel depending on your ST), they can mix up there play but should also score lots with there early runs from deep as part of an attacking front 4. McAllister in AMC as SS-A (though he could do with more physical attributes for this job) and i'd probably use Arend as a CF-S to create+link with the wide forwards. Depending on funds i'd probably bring in a DLF-S or DF type forward and use Arend as backup AMC. Pursehouse + a better defensive player as the CM pair to breakup and launch attacks. Just use Khod as simple FB-S and have the other FB be more defensive such as using a mobile (acceleration+agility) CB who can tackle. I'd train the team on Fitness to try and improve physicals and probably do some individual stamina training on top.
  7. I take it your struggling to create chances rather than scoring but also conceding? Against other teams do you win comfortably? Do they come down to set pieces / individual brilliance which could be making you think thing are working well because of the results?
  8. summatsupeer

    How to (not) use Offside Trap?

    Think about it in real life terms, when the trap fails its typically because someone switched off (concentration), didn't read what was going on (anticipation) or they shouldn't of even tried it (decisions). How fast or aggressive they are doesn't really come into it, if you have a "stopper" then the trap is really left to the other CB who has to decide if he should cover him or try to deploy the trap.
  9. Its not just Positioning + Marking + Tackling = good defending. The attributes are good at defending different situations. Be in the right place: Are they in the right area and doing the right thing? (positioning / concentration / decisions / anticipation / marking) Get to the player / ball: Can they get to the area they are needed? (acceleration / agility / pace) Win the ball: Once there can they deal with the issue? (strength / tackling / jumping / heading / bravery) I may well of missed and attribute but thats as simple as I can put it into bullet points. The thing i'm trying to point out is whist the game recommends certain attributes for a CB-D or CB-C etc, the balance of those key attributes (and maybe others not highlighted) should be different depending how you want to defend. For example I would prioritize Positioning + Jumping over Tackling + Marking in a defensive system that sits deep, with FBs + DMs should do the tackling the CBs just need to deal with crosses. Thats not to say those 2 attributes that aren't prioritized can be rubbish though, its just in that system I expect them to need to do that less often so need them to do the most common actions better, where the priority attributes for a star player might be 17+ the others might be 14-17. But in a defensive system where i'm defending higher and maybe don't have a DM and FBs might bomb forward more i'd prioritize Tackling and mobility attributes over jumping and positioning since its harder to be in the right place when there's more field to cover and more tackling+marking to be done.
  10. Through all of that post i've not seen you really mention your players. How are they good at defending? A team that sits deep in there own third needs a different balance of attributes to defend well compared to a team who is more disruptive and wants to defend in middle third and again different from a team who wants to press high in the opponents third. Setting up tactically to do defend a certain way is one thing but having the players to execute it is another. Consistency comes from putting your players in situations they are good at and minimizing the situations they are bad at, a player might not fit perfectly what you want him to do tactically which will affect your consistency until you get a player who does do what you need. Its like when people automatically say you need to slow tempo and play more possession style to break defensive teams down, that might work if your players are good at possession style but if they aren't you'll probably still struggle because you aren't putting your players in the situations they are best at.
  11. this is happening so much recently, mangers not happy with how team is playing but still winning! If your in this situation I wouldn't make dramatic changes, analyse -> identify issue -> propose fixes and what effect you expect -> try it -> re-analyse to see if it had intended effect on your play, if not revert it. I'm not sure I would go all in on a specific style, I would keep it quite balanced and try and build the squad in the way you want to go, especially as your doing well. Rather than telling team to be direct and/or pass into space, maybe tell the best deep passer to do so. To help plan for the future try experimenting in a game your in control of or in games at end of season that don't really matter. Playing direct in 442 Diamond should be fine so long as they are good at collecting the ball, direct != hoof ball and its not like your doing it to a lone forward who's on attack and going to have to go on a solo run etc. It might be that you don't need/want to go More Direct Passing, you might just want to go to Control mentality so players will favor forward passes more due to a higher mentality plus they'll take more risks with positioning + runs etc. Maybe the FBs will need to get forward earlier to support the more forward and/or direct passing focus. Try and envision how the ball is going to be moved and how the players will have to move to give options & support. Slow&short passing? Why have loads of players bombing high and playing on shoulder? Playing fast&direct? What have load of players behind the ball or offering shorter passes to there feet? Two extremes to give an example. Due to you having good physicals rather than mentals, i'd not press too high and potentially pin opponents into there defensive third. I'd let them push out into the middle third but probably wouldn't sit deep in your own third. Your formation should effectively split the field in half and make switches of play hard except for long balls (which can be good to intercept) so if your central players can press opponents against the touchline it could work nicely.
  12. summatsupeer

    I`m giving up

    Its not so much the role, its the position. A lot of posters on here dismiss formations that have ML + MR because there players aren't comfortable at those positions, even if they're a winger so the exact same role! Retraining is hard at that point, I agree but i'd still happily put them in a different position if they have the attributes for it. Dunno, the only Arsenal save i've done this year was an Invincible's 442 inspired tactic. Off top of my head I would probably use a 433 DM Wide or 4312 with Arsenal. Aub being a high early runner from wide left or up front (in a two), Laka doing a bit of everything up front, ozil creating, ramsey getting in+around the box, bellerin providing width, the rest of the tactic would be build around supporting+covering them which would need some signings, fast+vertical football. 4231 DM Wide means Ramsey is either a DM which some of his attributes aren't amazing for or is in a AM position but he lacks the pace for a wide forward so that means he would be in AMC and Ozil has to go wide. I prefer Ramsey to make those late runs into the box and let others cover to give him some freedom.
  13. summatsupeer

    I`m giving up

    @pheelf westy is totally right. Do you think Spurs were concerned Bale was uncomfortable playing left wing when he started as a fullback? Or then him moving to right wing sometimes? Judge the players on his attributes for what you want him to do, the more you play them in that position the more comfortable they should get there (depending on the adaptability hidden attribute).
  14. Your GK + 7 deepest roles+duties do suit possession style, but then you have 3 risky players stuck up top. Poacher + AM-A focusing more on taking risks and making runs whilst the F9 is trying to create. Plus scanning your screenshots your teams decision making is poor, its physical attributes + aggression looks much better which I think fits a more vertical/aggressive style. You might be getting the ball forward early, but no one deep is really creating. Standard + Flexible team shape with those roles+duties no one is really a creator trying to play a ball through early for one of the two high early runners. They also aren't trying to get forward early to provide early width to stretch the defence for the central runners and give that lone creator (F9) more options. How often is the pass moving the ball into the final third aimed behind the opponents d-line? Once you progress higher it gets hard to play risky through balls to the runners and they end up standing around whilst the rest of the team is trying to move the ball around or just decides to swing a cross in or take a shot whilst they see a chance. In plain english i'd say your tactic is "get the ball forward efficiently to the front 3 then they have to create something whilst the other 7 outfielders stay pretty safe". Its patient, patient, patient then once the forwards get it, it becomes DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Following on from the above, they're probably doing better because they can do something individually to create something out of very little. I think the "strikers" struggle due to lack of deeper creators and two players very close to each other trying to perform the same job and a lack of early width. What about putting a creator into midfield with a creator role rather than adding a PI? What about playing a creator in AMC who can receive a layoff from a forward and might be able to play through the runner instead of trying to make a run himself? I think whilst you've analysed the positions, you haven't identified what your team is good at. Its all been a bit individual or a couple of combinations rather than the bigger picture. What is your team actually good at? Hardworking + physical? Fast attackers with other players able to play through balls for them?
  15. I think having the CM-D is too negative, limiting options the f9 and amc have. Yes he is available deeper but your not really setup as a patient possession system. Would you prefer more backwards passes to him and more patience? Are your players good at it (do t have time to look through your info ATM). Would you prefer he is higher and in a more threatening position to play through the attackers or pull a midfielder wide? All your images are in the final third but what about when transitioning? Is there opportunity to move the ball quicker/further to get the ball to the forwards earlier with more space?