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  1. I'm confused by your personnel choices. Everton is right footed and likes to cut inside but you have him on the left as a Winger. Chiesa is also right footed and likes to Get Forward Often but you have him as an IF-S on the right. Whilst it would be nice to get Bellerin bombing up the flank, I think you might want to flip @Experienced Defender tactic or at least have a flipped version of it for when using Everton and Chiesa. One other thing is you talk about a Possession system, but Ziyech lacks many of the mental attributes to pull that off. Poor Decisions plus Shoots From Distance trait can see possession lost before moving the ball around has had time to create space for a chance. Same thing with Xhaka, thats 2 of your 3 central midfielders who like to shoot from outside the box. If wanting a Possession style i'd prefer Guendouzi + Ozil, maybe have a 433 counter as plan B. Lacazette is a more rounded forward and you'll likely get more fluid attacks with him as your DLF-At than Aubameyang who's best against teams who push there d-line up or give you opportunities to counter attack directly which Pavard could help a bit with as a BPD. I don't see much need for a BBM when there's 4 players in front of him, where will he roam to? In this setup I think a CM/BWM-D + DLP-S combo makes sense, gives space for the AM and extra cover since Bellerin will get forward a lot + wide due to his traits even role doesn't tell him to do that. I'd add More Urgent pressing, either as a TI or adding PIs to the front 4 so they try to rush opponents into mistakes and gives less time for them to pick a ball out over your defensive lines heads. With smart players I don't mind lowering tempo on higher mentalities and letting them pick the best option once they've created it, I prefer a high number of support duties doing this so they vary there movement and play more than attack duties. My version would be: P/PFat IFsu AMsu Wat/su CMde DLPsu FBat CDde CDde WB/FBsu GK/SKde
  2. What they need depends how your defending. If sitting deep+narrow with FBs and DM then really a CB doesnt need to tackle, he just needs to be in a good position and command it to head it or block. I would suggest looking at the analysis screen to get a better idea of sources of opponents goals (cross, through ball etc) and location (one flank worse than other) but if your changing tactics all the time it will be hard to interpret if it was the tactic or players.
  3. Higher mentalities will make players prefer to play forward rather than taking safer backwards options. Distance is a separate setting, so could have shorter or more direct vertical passing. Of course higher mentality affects many other things so need to consider them, especially roles+duties.
  4. I think the issue with a Reg in your system is space for him to roam with two CM players, especially a defend duty who the reg will have to move around so for a time will be in similar areas. In slower possession systems they can patiently pass and move around but in faster systems that will reduce an option to quickly transition the ball. For example if it was a 4231 DM Wide then there's naturally more space in CM for the Reg to roam.
  5. Need more info, like actual images of the tactics not just a few bits of them. 443 can lack pressure higher up due to using a DM so less players higher up the pitch. Is the problem you giving the ball away cheaply? Roles like TREQ and CWB are very risky and not very patient, if you care so much about possession % maybe need to think about the risks your taking with the ball.
  6. I think there's quite a few things that dont make sense in the same tactic. Firstly on the defensive side your asking them to Regroup but realistically only have 7 player behind the ball, the front 3 will tend to be high. Your also giving up the flanks due to the formation, if was a 3 CM there would be more help from the outside CM, but with an AM the 2 CM have a lot of work on there hands, especially if ozil doesn't drop to help in the middle. I think this is what is exposing your defence and leaving lack of cover in front of them. Also making line of engagement deeper does not make forwards defend deeper, if you move the line behind them then they dont really have to press unless they feel like it. This can make "compressing" pressing plans risky, too high a line with no pressure and you can get beat over the top. Attack wise, you one dimensional up front with two attack duties, there's a lack of movement with both playing on the shoulder. Then youve added exploit middle, so even more attacking and less variety. Unless opponents are defending high there won't really be a direct target for a Lib, so he only option will be the flanks. Especially as your arsenal so most teams in the league will be defensive against you and likely keeping 5+ outfielders back at all times. Basically you've taken quite an attacking formation and tried to turn it into a counter attack system. I would have two systems for arsenal. 541 for when need more help on flanks that can be used against big clubs with more counter attacks or 532 if you have the CMs but lack the wide forwards. Then this 532 AM but with some role and instruction changes to make it more possession orientated and add variety with Laca as a CF-S type.
  7. They're Inside Forwards its kind of what they're meant to do regardless of the width of the team. Even Wingers in the AML/AMR positions will get narrower the closer you get to the goal. Why do you want your CMs to get forward when you have two inside forwards? Whos sitting and creating for them or giving a different option rather than making runs into the same areas? I don't think Width is your issue, more how you want them to combine with wide forwards. If you want your CM pair to be runners i'd consider a Winger and AP, one to actually give width and the other to give a deeper central option thats more focused on creating for others.
  8. By spreading everyone out as far as you can (on that mentality) your reducing the short passing options available. Spreading out can be good to stretch opponents but players then need to be able to try longer passes so the switch is quick to use the space. This is risky since need to be accurate and a good opponent could intercept it leaving your players out of position. You have two wingbacks who will run wide and give width, is that not enough? You dont have to use a playmaker. Any of those front 5 could create a chance rather than focusing through one player.
  9. You've gone way to extreme, your pretty much trying to force counter attacks even if they're not on because opponent is being defensive and keeping players back. Attacking + much higher tempo + pass into space? Your forward is support with pass into space so dropping and trying to play other through already. Ap will drop to collect and play through other's to. The main runners are coming from ML and MR. If the midfield look for early through balls, whos available and can they beat the likely 6+ opponents behind the ball when they lose it? It have a rethink, whilst you might of been inspired by two tactics I think the bits and pieces youve tried to piece together dont fit.
  10. A warning is just that, it doesn't mean you can't do it. You just need to consider if you really need all of those instructions, your players are good at executing it and it fits your overall style. Its not just the pace of defenders you need to look at. Mental attributes to read the game quickly then turn and get up to speed quickly play a part to. One of the biggest factors in preventing balls over the top isn't even the defenders, its the pressing. If you give a good deep passer time on the ball he can cause you big issues if you either lack numbers or the players lack the physical attributes and drive to press constantly and quickly the high line could be exploited. Using a DM can make it harder to full pitch press since you give space between your CM pair and ST.
  11. For a "solid 442" I was expecting a lower risk, deeper, narrow defensive setup but your on balanced and higher dline? What was your 433 like if this is more solid? AML/AMR on support will drop and help more defensively or could of just pulled them back to ML/MR. Instead you pushed one more forward and dropped one, that's not really being more solid. Roles+duties dont look bad but if you have only 8 outfield players behind the ball, you need them to be good defensively especially against better teams who use 3 man midfield. If not controlling space in the middle with your formation then ideally compressing space either by being deep or very aggressive but what is your team good at defensively? Does your formation and defensive plan fit that strength?
  12. The game has triggers to start an all out counter attack which means the players ignore there roles and duties and basically go full risk+direct+tempo etc. You need the right formation, roles, duties, instructions ect to create situations that will trigger counter attacks. Explained better here: https://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444680-The-Art-of-Counter-Attacking. Simplest thing to demonstrate my point is look at the games Fluid Counter and Direct Counter. Both are setup to counter, but when a triggered counter isn't available they move the ball differently. Then there's "Route One" which is kind of an extreme version of Direct and trying to force counter attacks even when the triggered one isn't available.
  13. I think this is another issue of not using the formation to it's strengths. With two holders (double pivot) your FBs can be quite aggressive but with two wingers it doesnt quite fit. I'd like at least one of them to cut inside and let a FB provide width. If not then maybe a IWB-S/A to come inside or IWB-D to cover a CM-S who can use space inside of W-S. I'd lose most of those in possession instructions, its adding too much focus and risk on specific actions. You have a DLP and SS plus hopefully a bit more variety on flanks to take the risks. Do you want the gk+back 4 launching passes? Do they all have the attributes to do so, maybe a single BPD could give that option with a decent success rate. Id never consider using Regroup with a 4231 wide. Regroup is more to get players back behind the ball to shut down passing options, but you have a top heavy formation that more suited to counter pressing.
  14. So you prefer pressing but then expect to draw opponents out? Pick one. Where the 4321 gives space (flanks) can be good to draw opponents out, then press against touch lines. You need the outside CMs to be hard working to help with this. With two narrow AMs and wingbacks, where will they have space to join in attacks with roaming? I think AP-S + MEZ-A but with a holding LB could work so the MCR I'd prefer more of a CAR type. I'd drop pass into space, hit early crosses and play for set pieces. If this is what you want to use against teams you expect to beat, they're likely to keep players back, so hitting early balls is likely a low chance of success, especially with a lone forward even with two AM. I'd also drop the wider instructions, you have WBs to give width. Telling narrow player to play wider won't change much, biggest effect will be on your back 4, likely giving bigger channels that can be exploited.
  15. @burdinho Well can't see instructions, only thing I'd tweak is putting mez and wb on opposite sides. Pure personal pref would be to have the DM as DLP with a quick/mobile CM who can counter attack more.
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