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  1. Passing distance doesn't really affect how players move. Individual mentality will make the player riskier in all elements of there play. Role+duties will set how players combine whilst the overall mentality will affect them as a team with TIs also changing the teams focus. This I think is one of the biggest mistakes people make in FM. Your effectively letting teams get back and organized, pushing there defence deeper and then expecting to play behind them in that reduced space? Your more likely to have success with penetrating dribbling or passes to feet after pulling defenders out of position than a pass into space / risk pass. You can of course balance possession and penetration by managing the overall risk taking, individual risk taking and your defensive plan. But expecting lots of penetration plus lots of possession really requires quality players able to make good decisions and execute. Even if the defenders are told to play as safe as possible, if they don't see (vision etc) someone to pass to or panic (composure etc) they'll hoof it. Remember to analyse why something happens, its not always tactic, it could be due to the players attributes / traits, also consider how often it happens or if its against certain opposition systems. You might make things generally worse to fix something that wasn't tactic or was a rare occurrence in the grand scheme of things. When is the forward isolated? When he receives the ball? After he's chased it or dribbled it? Hold Position will reduce forward runs, this could limit advanced passing options, they'll still end up around the box though as its not a "position deeper/higher", thats more role+duty (and mentality) dependent. If the player is doing what you've instructed tactically but fails to execute then yes its player ability. That doesn't mean you can't do anything tactically, could changing a different player of created space or occupied a defender? Could you of been more forward thinking and attacked quicker before opponents got organized? 4141 DM Wide is quite defensive in nature, to attack quickly with diagonals against teams who are defensive against you will need the front 5 to be able to get forward (tactically) and the attributes to do so quickly (quickness, anticipation etc). FBs will be more of a plan B since if you wait for them to overlap defences should of got back by then so now your looking at overloading, switch of play or just putting a cross in. Who is congesting the edge of the box? Is the W-At on the side of the DLF-Su or AF-At? The IW-Su next to the CM-Su? Are plays combining with varied movement in the same area or actually congesting it and not giving different options or creating a overload? Could this be reduced by taking risks with the ball earlier?
  2. I think the shorter passing contradicts that cross field ball your wanting. Along with play out of defence on positive mentality they will look to play through midfield more often than not. The midfield 3 are quite simple which isn't bad, but the 3 forwards all look take risks with passing and dribbling. Due to the patience of the deeper players and passing settings they will likely be against an organized defence when they get the ball and start there runs with the ball. You've then got both wide players coming inside and the ST dropping into that area, the CM-A will push up into that area as well as the CM-S later on. All with a narrower attacking width setting so likely congested and few varied passing options. I really don't see how the forward is isolated unless he's setting off on a run with the ball like you've told him rather than holding it up, could you show some examples? Is it just defenders hoofing it when pressured? The gk since you haven't given distribution instructions?
  3. Your 9th in your first PL season? Are you expecting too much from the players you have?
  4. summatsupeer

    Nothing is working - FM18

    As has been pointed out, you've had success so clearly it was working, but we don't know what you changed to end up with this tactic. Not only that but if it was working, did you replace players with a similar player but an upgrade or did you change the strengths/type of the players to? As you've had success your reputation will of increase which will affect how teams play against you, this is important if your tactic was very focused and lacked different options. The thing that leaps out to me when I look at your tactic is more how your using 2 of the players, Neves and De Ligt. Both are great creators for there position but not necessarily the best defensively and the tactic doesn't look to make use of there ball skills. DLP-De is more of a simple linking player, lower risk and because your Playing Out Of Defence will be shorter passes, same for the CD-De. Cook is also more of a playmaker unless he's developed differently in your game, so thats both DMs who are more creative players, 3 of your central 4 players. Did you use to have better defensive players in these areas and now are a bit soft in the middle? Tactically your two flanks are very different, whilst I like variety I think you've maybe gone a bit too far. The W-Su will be staying wide but the FB-Su and DLP-De won't really look to use the space inside of him. On the other flank the VOL-A will try to bomb forward but the IF-A will want to cut inside to, and neither really has cover with a WB-Su wanting to get forward as well. @Experienced Defender has already shown one way you could tweak this, but I would still consider what I said about the players your using and how to balance the personnel and the tactic.
  5. Its hard to make just one change to do what you want. If the IFs are integral then you'll have to adjust what you expect from your ST, having all three on attack duty makes you very one dimensional trying to run in behind opponents. If they start being defensive against you, your going to be relying on set pieces or individual skill. A forward on support can still score goals, its just he won't be so focused on running in behind and instead will arrive a bit later into the box so can get onto crosses / pullbacks etc.
  6. The CF-A is told to use the channels and roam and not really occupy the oppositions CBs. Having a CF-A + AM-A with a AP-S is a very attacking and vertical style with two runners and players looking to play risky passes often, doesn't really fit with "possession". I'd prefer a ST who drops and plays it simple to the AP for the AM-A to make runs past. With a safe double pivot in midfield and a back 3 there will usually be 5 players behind the ball, plus the AP-S will likely be behind the ball to make 6. That only leaves the WBs, AMCR and ST to provide movement in front of the ball. With that many behind the ball i'd probably play lower risk to encourage safer possession passes. Maybe a 3421 with a flat 4 using DM's could open up more supportive roles+duties rather than holding midfielders in the CM strata. I'd also maybe look at more freedom from CWB roles to fit the possession style.
  7. summatsupeer

    532 help and advice needed

    Yes if you see what i said happening and would prefer what i suggested to happen. Also consider how the WBs and front two will combine with the changes. It also needs to fit your players. If it doesn't then might have to look for alternatives to your plan or start looking towards how you can improve the tactic+players in the next transfer window.
  8. summatsupeer

    Struggling to create and defend 4141 DM Wide

    Look at the split of your duties. Your back 5 is all defend and support then 3 of your front 5 are attack. Its likely there's a lack of support for the forwards as they're being more attacking and pushing up but then the back 5 will be more patient and not get forward until later when its safer. Changing mentality won't really change this as it will make everyone more attacking or cautious. Changing the ST will isolate him a bit less but won't change she. The back 5 get forward. You've over achieved as per your own statement so things will become harder. More teams will be happy for a point instead of expecting an easy 3 points. 4141 DM Wide leaves space on the flanks especially behind an attack duty. Are your FBs good enough? Can the CM pair get across to help? How good are your defenders at dealing with crosses? Maybe defend wider to put players closer to crossers but this could allow more space in the middle, can your central players still cover the middle? A three should be able to if the have the attributes. Rashidi has a whole video on how he sets up set pieces so I'd watch that. Consider adding set pieces to training I'd its that much of an issue.
  9. summatsupeer

    532 help and advice needed

    With that style (positive, more direct, higher tempo) I'd prefer the AP-A to be a non playmaker role who won't try to collect the ball and can take up more advanced positions. Instead if I want a playmaker he'd be the deepest midfielder so he can launch the passes to the more advanced players. A direct in possession style could be a bit awkward with a high pressure defensive strategy.
  10. I would check what type of chance it was: 1. Was it a header? How good is the player at heading? 2. If it was a chance at his feet, what foot would of been best to convert the chance, what foot was used and how good is he with that foot? Are the type of chances your creating suit your players getting the chance? 3. Were they actually good chances? Were they under pressure from a defender? Were there defenders between them and the goal? This comes back to the type of chances being created. 4. I think decisions plays a factor in the shot selection whilst shooting is how well they actually shoot. If they're not very smart maybe they need a trait to help them stick to what they're good at. For example if they're not very composed id avoid Places Shots and instead try first time shots. 5. Check coach/scout reports, are they consistent? Do they like big games? If they're inconsistent they might waste more chances or feel pressure of a big game.
  11. Looks fine. Try and be patient and not destroy it trying to win by bigger margins. I think the first thing to try is WM-A, you've already added get forward pi so getting him to do so with more risks could get him get past the AM earlier. Consider what players could be replaced for players who fit the system better even if not a "better" or big name player.
  12. summatsupeer

    Help With My Tactics

    Just focusing on this, between more direct passing and a AP-A the rest looks a bit patient. The pair of WB-S might not be providing early enough width to go with how early the ball goes forward. If the AP-A gets it there could be the same issue with the BBMs not really pushing on until the attacking phase. That back 8 looks more like a possession setup than a direct setup if the AP wasn't attack duty. Lots of options, you could get the WBs forward earlier by giving them attack duties. You could change the BBM roles to get them forward earlier or add PI. Personally I'd not change too much at once so would likely change one FB and one CM and see if that helps or if want/need more support (not the duty) getting forward sooner. Maybe a MEZ with a WB-S on one flank and WB-A with BBM on the other. Watch how they combine with those around them and the forwards.
  13. Pretty much take any combination of instructions and roles+duties used in those examples. The principles are the same, lots of support duties, safer passing and/or lower tempo with a pressing defensive strategy rather than sitting. After that your going from a generic possession system with a bit of freedom to more specific patterns like the sarri-ball example (vertical tiki taka). Are they actually attempting counters or just clearing it like they would anyway? Really it depends what you want and what your players can do, if its not successful or what you want then don't use it, or even use the don't counter instruction and rely more on your possession system.
  14. Have a look at the instructions for the CWB-A, SS-A and W-A. Giving them attack duties means they'll take more risks, less likely to play it simple for example. Then look at the instructions, dribble often, forward runs often, cross often etc so not really "pick best option" and more "try and create a chance quickly". That's not to say it can't or won't work, its just looks a lot more urgent and attacking than what I thought you wanted.
  15. What you've selected matches what you said you want. I wouldn't say you've done anything stupid or misunderstood an option. There is two things I'd watch, one defensive and one attacking. Firstly your CBs. How well do they defend in space? Your on positive + higher line with two WB-S and DLP-S so leaving a lot of pitch open. Secondly, your attack on positive + higher tempo will not be very patient and not really possession style even with short passing, work ball into box and play out of defence. The team wants to get the ball forward and has to make quick decisions. Your back 5 looks possession setup but your front 5 and team instructions look more vertical quick attacking style, especially a lone forward playing on the shoulder.