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  1. my tactic problem

    Whats your plan? Your on a Control mentality which makes your team quite attacking, but then you've got basically 6 central players staying deep leaving the two forwards to fend for themselves. I don't see your path to goal, it looks very defensive but then you aren't really setup to counter attack or play a possession style. With 3 CD do you need to keep a DM-D and DLP-S behind the ball in addition to a CAR who it a bit reserved? I personally think with that formation you can setup your central midfield to be quite mobile and attacking (doesn't mean you have to use attack duties!), the roles you use should depend on how you want to attack. You could use a MEZ-S/A + BBM or CM-A, sure they roam/get forward but they will get up and down the field and can give room for the DMC to step up to support attacks with the 3 CD covering. If wanting a more slower/possession style then could go with slightly more reserved roles but ones that still move around like BBM-S+RPM-S or maybe a BWM-S in there to help win it back with so many covering players behind him, but will need to consider your mentality and TI's as well as roles. How do you think that defensive formation is going to prevent short GK distribution? I think you've gave them an impossible task.
  2. Without seeing the situations for those long shots (remember direct freekicks will be included) its a bit of guess work as to why they happened. As others have mentioned changing to a winger could help give a different option but you have a WB-A so the two could end up doing a similar job and ending up cross heavy. I would have a read of If you want the Regista to dictate the play you might need to limit the riskiness of the other players and let the REG use his creative freedom to pick when to try something different. Maybe also want the DM partnering him to be safer such as a DM-D, A-D or BWM-D to just stay deep when in possession and keep it simple. With him staying deeper you maybe could make the IF-S a AP-S so he comes deeper and leaves space for the WB-A and central pair. This would give a 2nd source of creativity and a player looking to help build play and trying to collect the ball to his feet (i'm thinking Eriksen). Would then have to monitor how the central supporting 3 combine.
  3. I prefer the 4231 as it gives space in the middle for the REG to move and create for the RMD. The 433 DM wide i think would look a bit separated with a CM-D and BBM who whilst is thought of as a player who gets forward he tends to start deeper. With 2 of the front 3 pushing forward it provides limited links. Finally I'd beware using attacking with so many advanced positions with attack duties. You might need adjustments for teams who sit deep, more patience to give the reg time to work it around etc.
  4. If opponents go all out to get an equalizer your basically in a shoot out as your attacking mentality + telling 6 players to be attack duty with 4 left to defend. Personally I'd prefer more support duties who can pick the best moments to get forward or cover. In finally few minutes these would be the wing backs and midfield. As opponents throw players forward you shouldn't need to commit as many forward to exploit the space they leave.
  5. Rate my Celtic 4-1-2-3

    I agree with the AP and front 3 comments above. I'd also ask why you've added Run at Defence, who do you want to dribble more? The CF-A and 2xIF-S already dribble more as its built into there roles. I prefer to create overlaps through the roles+duties rather than the TI Looks For Overlap, you could mix things up by having one wing a IF-S + FB-A to get a natural overlap whilst using a different combination on the right.
  6. Roma tactic - feedback please

    So rather than developing the tactic you had, you've totally switched, why? That won't help you spot the issues and fix them, sure you might stumble across a tactic that works but that comes more down to chance if you aren't learning from your mistakes. Now you have 3 playmakers in the middle of the park, whos doing the simple stuff and winning the ball back? How have you "limited the wandering and risky passes from the holding midfielders"? They have freedom built in due to being playmakers and if your limiting them why use playmakers, especially 3 of them?
  7. Roma tactic - feedback please

    What happens when you change players with so many personalised roles? All 5 of your front players have More Risky Passes by default, why add Pass Into Space as well? Plus your on Control mentality so your team will be be more risky by default. But only the CF-A is really looking to attack space with his runs with 2xIF-S being more balanced between receiving to feet or in space, the AP-S prefers to collect to feet which leaves the MEZ-S who will make runs into areas the IF-S likely is and 2x FB-A making wide runs later on. Seems a bit of a mismatch with lots of creators trying to slide balls behind the opposition but the CF-A being the only consistent option. Read the MEZ role description. I don't see the point in having the MEZ plus a IF-S, they will do a similar job.
  8. Aaron Ramsey

    Is it just his rating thats the issue or looking at the play is he just not required since you have 2 inside forwards coming into central areas, a DLF who won't be as high as other ST attack duty roles and a CM-A bombing forward into the hole to? "too many chefs in the kitchen" comes to mind as he's going to have at least 4 players in front of him in central areas and two wingbacks bombing forward on the flanks, there's pretty much no need for him to get in or around the box. With that many advanced players I think a deeper player to "spread the ball around" would make more sense. This is one of the reasons most advice on 4231 Wide is to have the two CM players holding in a combo like CM-D + DLP-S to give space and a base for the front 4 to work. The SS-A in my current 4231 Wide is doing just fine.
  9. Tactical troubles

    If your classing "perform" as assists then its unlikely a WB will perform with a winger in front of him. He's more likely to feed the assister. The winger would need traits or freedom to leave the wing for the FB. As you mention other roles do more often allowing the WB space to attack consistently. With a winger in front the WB is better off covering, playing simple balls inside or to the feet of the winger who can then take on opponents or playing it down the line for the winger to run onto. He might be able to cross from deep but they would need to be good quality with good aerial forwards if defences are back and organized to not waste possession. At best your WB could up his assists a bit but that will likely hurt the assist count of the winger.
  10. Your the one who said "defensively stable", I wouldn't use that phrase. Applying pressure on opponents comes down to risk/reward, i'd be happy for him to try and win the ball back sooner, potentially stopping an attack before it develops. There's lots of viable combinations for a midfield 3 but it depends whats going on around them. Don't be pedantic about it when we only know 3 suggest roles in a planned tactic so no actual reported issues.
  11. Some random thoughts: Gjoni and Casaca are very similar so for me awkward to get into the same team. Both lack Anticipation which I really value for attack duty ST. Neither is a creator/deep forward type of player Rodrygo is another player who is more of a goal scoring forward than creator Abel looks a good all round player though not a creator/scorer Berge looks like he could be a great VOL with those physical attributes or the teams main creator since he has the best vision, anticipation, concentration, composure and decisions of the players shown. 1 or 2 more points in passing would be preferable. Arthur is the only other creator shown. All are right footed which is interesting. I'm thinking a 4231. Berge (VOL-S) + Abel (DM-S). Arthur could backup Berge or be a AM-S linking and creating for the attackers. Whilst Casaca can't play AML currently i'd put him as IF-A with Rodrygo backing him up. Gjoni up front as CF-A which Casaca could play if he gets injured. Obviously need to fill in the back 4, DL i'd probably start with a WB-S to overlap whilst the DR i'd probably have WB-D or FB-S/D to keep things simple and cover with a W-S in front collecting the ball deeper and not congesting the AM area. With so many of the attacking players being better physically than creatively i'd look to attack quickly though I would beware using to high a mentality with 2 of the 4 front players on attack and positioned high in the formation. Defensively i'd look to make use of the work rate of those forwards and probably use PI's to get them to apply some pressure without committing the whole team.
  12. You might want to just make a thread a post your full tactic, you will just get peoples personal preference and speculation since we only know 3 positions in your tactic. You need to build combinations between players so can't you look at defence / midfield / attack in isolation. But generically yes that sounds like a fairly standard midfield trio, 1 holding (DLP-D), 1 runner (BBM-S) and 1 creator (AP). How well they perform will obviously depend on the players used and the roles+duties around them.
  13. Thats your opinion that defensively stable means players stay in position rather than closing down. Saying a BWM chases all over the pitch is bad/misinformed advice. I never mentioned build up play but really, does a 3rd playmaker in CM add to it when there's already 2 close by? I agree DM-D or Anchor Man are two of many other good options.
  14. You don't need to use playmakers to create a possession tactic. How good it is depends on the rest of the tactic and the actual players you use, if they're 3 true playmakers you might be a bit soft in midfield and struggle to get the ball back or cover your defence. A BWM isn't some mindless idiot running around like a headless chicken. Yes he closes down more than others and gets stuck in to get the ball back, he then keeps things simple and takes fewer risks with the ball, so he should feed the better creative players rather than losing possession trying something risky himself.
  15. Tactical troubles

    What do you expect from them for you to say you got the best from them? If you expect both to stay wide and cross then you have two players doing the job of one.