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  1. The principles of this will be: 1. Player collecting the ball deep and attracting defenders to them. 2. A player making them self available for a pass, then having the right footedness, vision, technique etc to see and play the pass. Might need balance, agility, strength etc to hold off or avoid a marker to give time for runner and to get into position to pass. 3. Space for the player to continue to run into and the player can burst past the defence. PPMs just modify the selection process of what to do, it won't magically make them see that option. Roles and duties will come into play, to setup the movement patterns but the actual run and pass will come down to the players ability. The main issue is probably the space go run into, especially in central areas. I see 1-2s more on the flanks because there's naturally more space there. But this will depend how your opposition setup to defend, you night end up being like arsenal sometimes when they try to walk it into the net through the middle of a packed defence, its super hard to do even with exceptional players.
  2. I find the main issue with the 4231 Wide is having the ST + AMC already central and having both wide players come inside so it ends up congested. All of Man Utds wide forwards like to come inside except for Rashford if played on the right but I don't like the balance of Martial + Rashford + Lukaku as there's a lack of vision and teamwork in that front 3. I started with a 4231 trying to fit Pogba, Mata and Miki in the same team but just didn't like how it played so I just moved the AMC out of the way and dropped one of them from starting team. Not saying you can't make it work, my first thought is to have two Hold Position CM roles+duties, even maybe CM-D + DLP+D so they're always holding deep and just let the front 4 take the risks in and around the box with support from the flanks. Kind of a 2-4 formation with the front 4 moving between the lines and maybe roaming? The issue with this is it means no Pogba unless he's played in AMC. Let us know how you get on, will be interesting how you get it to work.
  3. @jasonn29tn14 I agree with @AFCBeer with regards to WBIB. All it does is modify the weighting of the options the player has, but if they have no other option (due to tempo/isolation/congestion etc) or just dont think theres a better option (due to decisions/vision/teamwork/PPM etc) they will still take that long shot. @jc577 With a few tweaks I think that can be a good tactic vs arsenal, city etc who will leave some space and commit players forward. The plan B needs to be based around creating space rather than trying to quickly attack space that isn't there. There's lots of ways of doing it but it comes down to roles+duties and where they are. In my Utd save I use a deeper/creative flank (WB-D + AP-A + IF-S) to draw the opposition to that side before switching play to the more attacking flank (WB-S + BBM-S + IF-A) who then have more space. I like this with utd in 1st season (i like to use no transfers in first window) cos then can use Shaw (WB-S) + Lindelof (WB-D) + Martial (IF-A) + Mkhitaryan (IF-S) for a left side attack or Blind (WB-D) + Valencia (WB-S) + Lindgard (IF-S) + Rashford (IF-A) for a right side attack. I only have 2 attack duties and one is a AP so still a supportive/creative player rather than focused on running in behind and I don't have my FBs taking lots of risks, I want them to recycle the ball and to pick up loose balls / clearances rather than getting to byline to whip cross after cross into a packed box, even if we have Lukaku in there. This isn't the only way to do it of course especially if you can buy players, but the principles are there, using support/defend duties to add depth and collect the ball deeper to pass and move rather than lots of attack duties playing on the shoulder of the defenders, trying to run in behind them when they're close to there own goal.
  4. Even though your on a lower risk mentality (counter) those attack duties will still be quite risky. Your whole left side is focused on getting forward and taking risks, there's no variety, no one sitting, no one dropping except the DF to create space for one of the many deep runners. It looks like your trying to force counter attacks, but you'll know by now the roles and duties are ignored when a proper counter attack is on. Plus your utd, teams will keep players back and happily retreat to there box rather than pressing or trying to keep a high line. Maybe against other big clubs you might find space for more quick attacks but against smaller clubs you might want a plan b.
  5. I think the main issue will be too many players in that central area. I don't think I've ever had a player who could play IWB-A so not exactly sure how it plays on the pitch bit with a IW-A, AM-S, W-S and a ST with a base of CAR and DLP-D means there's already a lot of players around the box. Yes a W-S will give width, but in the final third will come narrower and look to get into goal scoring positions. This is also why you've probably not found a good role for the ST, as he isn't really the issue, as wherever he goes there's already other players there. I think the "easiest" solution is move the AM out of that area to let the IWB-A run into it and combine with other players near that zone. Maybe move the DLP-D to DMC and have two CAR-S to help cover both flanks and let the ST drop into that AMC area whilst the IW-A and IWB-A run into that area to.combine with him?
  6. It's a bug, the initial closing down of the open player is correct but I see this happen to where he then just blindly chases the ball wherever its passed to
  7. Help tuning away tactics

    @omerwsb What do you think telling your players to Pass Into Space AND Retain Possession does? Your asking your team to Look For Overlap, do you know what effect this has on players? Once the FB-A and FB-S have overlapped, what do you expect them to do with it? If its cross it then who's in the box and are they good at getting on the end of crosses? Your using Fluid team shape, but then have also added Be More Expressive, do you really want to give your players so much creative freedom? Fluid team shape, Slightly Higher d-line and More closing down, what is this doing to your team? Do you concede a lot from balls behind your d-line?
  8. Complicated vs simple instructions

    I like to say that adding more TI/PI is specializing what your players are doing, which can be good if it suits them and isn't countered hard by the opponents. Most the time people just clicking things without really paying attention to what it does on the pitch, they just analyse by results. If you don't know what things do, its usually better to not specialize so much and limit your players, especially to things they aren't good at.
  9. Had the changes taken effect? They aren't instantly changed so could of been using your tactic as it was previously. It looks a bit extreme to go Control + all defend+support, your going to invite pressure. Are your team good at defending deep?
  10. What went...right?

    I find a lot of DM-D players make good CM-D. I think the issue with using a AP in a 4141 type formation is he's going to drop deep to collect the ball then look to play forward through balls if he sees a opportunity, but who gets in advance of him? A DLP is more patient and might fit if you don't have players taking risks and driving forward. I really like 4411 especially compared to 4231 wide. A midfield pair like CM-D and BWM-S who are aware, quick and physical can dominate midfield. Could use a DLP role but I wouldn't use a defensively weak player in that pair. I think the key thing is to make sure you keep your hard working defensive grit that either shields a deep creator or covers a more advanced playmaker. Then you need to balance this midfield trio with your style and the rest of the team to make sure your forward isn't isolated. The balance of player attributes is probably the most important part when building on what you have, you can tweak tactics to move players around but they will always be constrained to there attributes.
  11. What went...right?

    I think the CM-A might not do anything spectacular because of what is around him, everyone else is quite a "safe" role and duty on a lower team mentality. If his main job is to get up and support the line forward does he need to look for risky passes often? Plus I'd value physical attributes and the will to get up and down more than being smart (within reason for the role). What if you had the smart "creator" play a deeper role and get the better physical players bwm+bbm(maybe mez?) to be the legs in midfield? Especially if he's slow. Of course a creative forward can work, but he needs players to create for. Not just the right roles+duties but the right players who are going to find space and burst past opponents. I would replace the support duty forward with the creator, DLF/F9/CF and pair him with the AF/P. You could add PI so he/they pressure opponents similar to a DF. You could have two support forwards, its more a possession thing as both link instead of looking to immediately get behind but as your midfield is quite low risk when they don't counter attack this could work to.
  12. What went...right?

    There could be lots of reasons, have the actually got the ball under control to do something with? Are they very one footed? Can they see any options? Have they been closed down so can't just take a big swing at it and lack composure to do the smart thing? There's probably more situations/attributes to. Your only attack duty (in that formation) was the CM-A and the player outside of him sometimes was instructed to play Less Risky Passes and the player beside him is a BWM and the forward a DF. Who's going to create for the CM-A and who is the CM-A going to play risky passes to except the wide players? You have a DM + BWM who do similar things, though you mention you might use a BBM which could be a good runner option if you want the CM-A to be more of a creator instead of runner+creator. I'm going to guess most of your goals came from counter attacks or crosses? Well the easiest option is have the DF/TM as the support forward then depending what you have available pair him with a runner. Poacher or AF are the typical option, keep your DNA with good work rate etc so he chases everything, if your DF is a decent AF he could play it with the TM. The other option is to have a AMC so the runner is coming from deeper instead of on the shoulder, this player can help the central midfielders more defensively before he gets forward.
  13. Counter attacking

    Is it a normal 4231 wide? If so your unlikely to get many "counter attacks". Your really just playing a direct style that you've focused to the flanks all the time rather than letting the players pick the best option. I'd have another read of Cleon's topic.
  14. Scoring from through balls

    I've just had a look at Calhanoglu and he really isn't good enough, lacks a lot of key mental attributes and doesn't make up for them with physical attributes. Why have you not used Suso? He looks a much better player. Biglia + Suso are probably the two best creators, Locatelli looks like he has potential to. Andre Silva looks a good young goal scorer, i'm guessing thats why you want to try and feed him through balls? I'm not sure who your partnering him with though? Kalinic? Rodriguez i'd probably use as a FB-A (with dribble less) and have the RB be a supportive role. I'm thinking a 4411 might get the best from that starting squad. Rodriguez overlapping Bonaventura (IW) with Biglia (CM-D/DLP-S + Kessie (BWM) in CM. Conti at RM but he's injured for a while, Suso (AP-A / TREQ) in the hole behind Silva as a AF-A maybe CF-S depending on opponent d-line? Maybe Control + Structured but Drop D-Line. Could have Bonnuci as BPD to launch counter attacks to Suso+Silva. With Bona+Rod as plan b. I can see it taking a few seasons to sort that squad out, a mix of good older players and some dodgy new players, some transfers which aren't even complete yet!
  15. Scoring from through balls

    It's hard for me to say without seeing what typically happens when you win the ball and when you lose the ball. Are players trying to force things too soon or not trying good opportunities? This really should dictate if you need to take more risks or if you need to be more patient to create space first. My gut is saying having more players looking to play Risky Passes Often (like MEZ-A) won't help, whilst your adding risk taking and a runner they could just be running into a packed defence and removing a passing option to work the ball around before then running into space. Even if you were playing Defensive mentality and letting opponents bring the ball out, I don't think they would commit players forward due to your team reputation unless they are another big club. I think Retain Possession could be an option but its a guess without seeing whats happening. Making players look for passes to feet more, which sounds crazy when you want to score from through balls but I think the through ball has to be very selective, only after you've dragged defenders out of shape rather than trying to force it through quantity and giving the ball away. The other question is do your players have the attributes to play this style? They'll need excellent mental and technical attribute to keep there cool, pick good options and work in tight areas, acceleration and/or strength will help more than pace. If not you might need to be a bit pragmatic and implement this philosophy over a few seasons rather than forcing square pegs into round holes. You could try more attacking flanks and use Work Ball Into Box to get more pullbacks rather than crosses but thats not likely to result in "scoring from through balls". You could have one more attacking flank and one more conservative so the DLF has an option outside of him but the AF has a deeper/supportive player leaving the channels for the AF to run into.