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  1. I'm not sure what you've applied so just going to give my opinion on your starting systems. The duties suggest its meant to be a possession system, if so i'd reconsider playing Higher Tempo and Wider so they can have more time to move. Whilst only on Balanced I'd still like to see some more possession based instructions even if only WBIB so they wait for better opportunities. Though more movement I think will help create better chances, maybe from support duty forward and AMC making more runs or Be More Expressive to allow players more freedom. I'd also watch for how often the W-Su ends up crossing into a packed box, if its a problem only then consider changing it. The TI suggests its meant to be a faster attacking system, if so then I would definitely try to add some more urgency to the roles+duties with deeper runners to give earlier options for that higher tempo passing. The TI and roles+duties fit a bit better in this tactic. I think the back 5 is a bit safe though, they look more like the base of a possession system but the front 5 and TI's are more for a faster attacking system. I'm not sure the MCR needs to roam with the CF-At + IW-At ahead of him, i'd rather the MCR was a CM-Su sticking to that area to link the left flank. With that W-Su + MEZ-At combination it gives the DL options, could take more risks really overload that flank with another attack duty (DR + DMC should give enough cover). Alternatively you could have him invert to help the midfield which could give the DM more freedom (one defend and one support duty) depend who you want to sit deep and who can take some more risks. The issue I have here is too many ideas/options but the main thing is finding something that fits your players. Would need to know more about what you seen happen on the field rather than what roles/duties you've tried. Whilst trial and error might end up giving you something that works, I prefer to fix a specific problem i've seen happening.
  2. Not that simple, you need to look at all the combinations that player will have and why you have him doing that. In a 433 (4141 DM Wide) there's very few times I like a MEZ since he typically moves into the areas those wide forwards use, with a FB also on the flank that can be very wing heavy. If I have a W-Su then a MEZ-At can overload that flank but the rest of the players needs to be setup to exploit that.
  3. The best finishers don't have to be attack duties, duties really affect how the chances are created. Attack duties mean being more focused on forward runs which requires earlier through balls and space to run into. Support duties can still be a main scorer, but they'll tend to arrive later into scoring positions or make runs from deep, it depends whats going on around him though. I would try that creative player in MCR, could start with CM-At but might be worth trying some other roles and/or duties. He can combine with the other creative player in AMR and if playing a fast style, i'd look to make an overload and/or switch of play rather than just having supportive DL/R which is more possession based.
  4. I'd say its too aggressive. The 424 is top heavy, lots of players in position to press but then you have varied movement up front from the Support+Attack combination. You've then tried to keep that high pressing approach, but dropped a ST all the way down to DM and relying more on vertical movement with no one really making space. If teams give you space by trying to attack you then those vertical runs can have success, if they're more defensive your not really doing anything to create space. In a high tempo system i'd want playing making runs more often from deep and/or more varied movement from the front 5. For example rather than losing the F9 from your 424 and keeping the high runner, what if you keep a support duty forward and add that CM-At deep runner to MCR? The DR could also overlap to help create space inside. The DM could be a support duty, just consider the role so doesn't go wandering too far. He can then also step up to help the press rather than sitting and covering an area that likely isn't exploited that much by defensive sides. Depending what you do with the roles+duties would affect what TI changes i'd make.
  5. Thanks for confirming that, its reassuring I can spot stuff like that! Him pushing forward will definitely make it harder to link the defence and forwards, especially with Shorter Passing. Will rely heavily on the fullbacks dribbling it forward or finding the DLP and him turning to play it forward before getting pressured himself. 4 midfielders on support and not using Shorter Passing makes it easier for the 3 CB to transition the ball. TM might also attract some longer balls if they have no other options. Hopefully thats a good sign but be careful you don't read too much into friendlies, player availability/condition/personalities will play a big part.
  6. With those players in that system, i'd not use Counter Press. You might force some mistakes that lead to a good chance but I think you'd lose space for your normal attacks and tire your forwards. Rashford is the best out of possession forward, but generally they don't have great defensive attributes or stamina. Can't argue with the score. I wouldn't go clicking stuff to try and increase the possession, you need to look for specific problems that you can fix but consider the potential negatives from the change.
  7. Cool, so room for improvement but not far off. If you want to go down the possession route yes, but I don't think that will get the best out of those players due to traits+attributes as I mentioned. You always want to have someone using the AM area, the question is who and when really. If the ST isn't, then i'd look at what the CM pair are doing. The AP description makes it sound like he will do this but I find he ends up deeper/wider most of the time trying to collect the ball whilst a CM-Su is often more central/higher since he's not drawn to the ball. Do you really want one of those players to see more of the ball and to be trying to collect it? This says to me you want to dial down the possession aspects and the pressing. If you press too hard and win the ball back in there third whilst they have there players still back deep, there's no space behind them. 4141 DM Wide can be tricky to get the pressing side right since you have that DM deep covering so lack players higher up, hence they often have "safe" passes around that DM area and don't want to take risky forward passes with the DM there covering. This could be removing Counter Press, maybe LOE and/or D-Line a notch. Once you've got the ball back i'd prefer to allow the players to mix there passing distance to attack quickly before the opponents drop deep again. I also don't like the MEZ inside of the W-At, i'd prefer the winger to just be given space rather than having a runner inside of him. Instead, I would look at overloading the left flank and and against these very defensive teams, maybe even have the DM on support so he's higher to help the press in CM. If they actually counter attack you then obviously the holding deep makes more sense.
  8. How are you performing generally? If your doing well i'd keep the changes minimal or create a plan B tactic for these situations so don't ruin what you have. If things aren't going well then something a bit more drastic could be needed. Quick tip for layout, use center alignment and put spaces between the players The main issue I have is your roles + duties look to be more about attacking quickly but then your instructions try to add patience. For example the W-At, wants to get the ball early in space against an isolated FB to run at, assuming with Shorter Passing he gets the ball early enough, who's then keeping up with him? If you want a possession style does a winger even fit that style? Do you end up in the final third with opponent packing there box and the winger trying to take risks and somehow find a teammate? Same thing for the WB-At, whom is likely in space but once he gets to the byline to cross the box is likely packed so needs a great ball or the attacker to beat multiple defenders (Haaland has a chance to do this). If you want to keep trying the possession style i'd remove Counter and reconsider how the players take risks. The WB-At, MEZ-At and W-At being the main ones though might need to change others to change the patterns. Your players are better physically than mentally hence i'd favor a less possession heavy system, especially with both Pogba + Bruno liking to Shoot From Distance which could lose the ball before a good opportunity has been created. In this case i'd look at the ST staying high, removing Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo and More Expressive, plus toning down Out of Possession a bit and/or removing the Counter Press so opponents come out of defence a bit more to give the forwards space.
  9. As a general philosophy is the balance of duties in the formation is one of the most important things in FM. Its the main thing to move players to use create combinations, overloads or isolations etc, especially how far forward/deep the move. Role then refines this and adds some extra settings, though a playmaker role vs non-playmaker role is a massive change. For example BBM-Su vs CM-Su I think most manager wouldn't see the difference. CM-Su vs CM-At its easier to see the difference, even though same role. CM-Su vs AP-Su again I think most people would see how the AP moves to collect the ball compared to the CM-Su. Players further refine how the role+duty plays with there attributes and traits. In your system your overloading the right flank with the MEZ/CM-At, W-Su and FB-At. Yes it leaves it a bit open but holding DM who is typically behind the ball and less risky LB (not sure you need a WB-Su, maybe just a FB-Su) still give good cover. The AML and ST will attack quickly with the CM/MEZ-At and W-Su also joining them, ideal for a switch of play from left to right. If the ball is progressed down the right flank by the W-Su + FB-At it could also create a good switch (though DLP and/or CM) to the AML. You haven't added any TI's that hurt these patterns, for example trying to add possession through Shorter Passing which could hurt those switches of play. Having forwards looking to run in behind needs quick attacks, the players having the choice of direct (but not long) passes, especially at a higher tempo should help. With minimal TI you've left a lot of choice to the players, passing is mixed not more short or direct, they can choose to counter press or to counter when they think its a good idea without resorting to less lower chance opportunities. As far as the IF-At + AF-At discussion thats going on, I have no issue if the AF drifts to the left, if the IF's run with the ball draws out a defender it could create space for the AF. If the AF occupies the DCR that could put the AML 1v1 vs the DR. If I was to change anything, probably the DL to FB-Su, he will still provide width in the final third but really, I don't think he needs to do much more than that to help the attack. The extra depth could help create space for the AML. I'd also consider the CM-Su and DLP-Su, i'm thinking rather than relying on the DLP to have to play longer through balls, don't have him as a playmaker and instead add Risky Passes Often to the CM-Su that way the ball shouldn't go as deep as often and the CM could feed the IF? I can see how some systems might cause you more issues than others, but thats really not uncommon. I think a lot of good tactics get ruined by constant tweaking when some changes should just be temporary against certain opponents/systems.
  10. I've only seen highlights which didn't show much. Looked like a back 3, WB's stayed wide, CM pair held midfield with wide forwards roaming and coming inside with Ronaldo.
  11. Stick with the tactic that got you into that position, don't just massively change, especially sitting back too much and inviting them to attack. Being a bit safer to see the game out makes sense, just 1 mentality level is a big change. Waste Time and changing duty of FB/WB are my 2 go to's. Typically opponents go to a 424/433 and keep all the forwards forward hence I want to keep my FB/WB back to make sure we aren't outnumbered. Plus my forwards/wingers should be 1v1 and can use the space himself.
  12. Thats about as generic as you can get. From that all I can say is if you want shorter passes then you need the players to be closer to support each other and give options, definitely not the front 3 on attack duty.
  13. I laughed at the #1 defensive objective... don't concede. Thats like saying the #1 attacking objective is to score!
  14. Whilst focus is the CM pair, got to look at whats going on around them. I've said this a lot recently but one of the main issues I see in 433s (FMs 4141 DM Wide) is the AMC area barely being used due to CMs going wider or deep. Your front 3 are all taking risks and making forward runs so won't really use that area. CM-Su and BBM-Su will use it, but only once into the final third, and at that point the front 3 are likely running out of room to run into. With a REG i'd want the CM's to spread (higher, wider or hold) to try and give the REG space but then that AMC area is again not really used. Basically I think this is a case of the CM pair suffering due to what is going on around them. My preference would be to try: ST on support duty, not sure role, maybe DLF so he helps link and could draw defence higher for the wide forwards runs. CM-At to get forward early to combine with the ST earlier. Would have to see how combines with wide forwards though since both cut inside. DLP-Su or DLP-De instead of REG-Su so he anchors the midfield rather than trying to roam up with them, this can allow the CM pair to work the AMCL + AMCR area. Could move playmaker into CM strata but he'd come deep for the ball whilst the front 3 are high so could isolate them. You haven't shared your 4231 which Bayern used most recently. I would say generally that Lew and Muller were DLF-Su + SS-At for me with support duty wide forwards so it often looked like a 442/424.
  15. Firstly what do you expect from each winger? Did you change there roles and/or duties when you changed formation?
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