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  1. I wouldn't make any major changes if you think your over-achieving. Bringing in better players or players that better fit your system going forward should improve things. One thing I would consider is why have both flanks look for overlap? Especially the W-Su + FB-Su flank? Plus your using Work Ball Into Box so everyone but the W-Su will try and reduce the number of crosses they attempt (assuming there is another option that they can see etc).
  2. Not sure what your looking at but it does affect it. Mentality will play a big part, I don't think the line on the tactic screen will be the actual line on the pitch. Was it a counter press? Ticking it will increase how often it's used, its still possible they do it without ticking.
  3. I agree with pretty much everything above. Thats how they play against some of the big clubs, but against others they are more active, take more risks and press higher. Teams they expect to beat won't throw players at them and leave themselves open to a counter attack. I think you might need a different "plan a" tactic for most of the teams in the premiership when your playing as man utd and then switch to this as a "plan b" for the big clubs in premiership/europe. If you go too defensive/deep i'd be worried since your defenders + midfield isn't really strong at defending, especially like that plus leaving 2 up front.
  4. LOE affects when to press. Urgency affects how quickly the player should close down. Counter Press is quick pressing with unlimited LOE but for a limited time after you've lost the ball.
  5. I think most possession systems don't suit goal scoring strikers as they're setup for more fluid movement if attackers. It doesn't give them space to run into unless the rest of the team can be patient and create space for them. Are your ST not getting chances? If not is it there fault of the other players? Is that then due to what you've told them or the type of players used (attributes+traits)? Dembele is a speedster, not really the type of player to work in tight areas which makes me question how well your team fits the style. Even if they are quality players they need to be used to maximize the strengths. If want specific advice you'll need to post your tactic, ideally with your 1st choice players to see how they fit together.
  6. Firstly your two attack duties are the ST and AMC. Do you need to exploit middle more? They're already the two biggest risk takers. Secondly, how will those two attack duties combine? Are they not both doing the same thing in the same area? Dribble at defence, your two IF-Su already dribble more, whom else do you want to do this? Can they actually beat opponents by dribbling and if they do what option do they have? If the WB does it then his only option is likely to cross but you want to WBIB? Currently you have both central players trying to attack middle and both wide forwards as IF-Su also wanting to attack the centre. Then there's a BBM who could attack box is there really any space? I'm guessing a lot of your attacks result in a pot shot or WB cross? That front 4 setup is quite direct, favouring a fast/direct style but still could use a bit more variety to create space. If want a bit more threat and variety from the outside combinations plus the ST and AMC using different areas.
  7. I think it all comes down to expectation going into each game. Are your opponents happy with a draw? If there strategy for that is defensive and so is yours it's probably a bore draw unless some gets a goal and things open up. Now if the opponent expects to win they're playing into your game plan, so if you setup correctly with right players you can do really well. Creating space can be one of the hardest things to learn in FM so if teams give you it it can make things easier. The problem is then gradually teams become less attacking and more cautious as your reputation improves. Teams who expected to win become fewer and more teams become happy with a draw. Counter attacking is more effective than it used to be but teams in FM won't play into your hands all season like RL when Leicester won premiership. I do think AI goes a bit too defensive and stale sometimes. Not sure if its down to there tactics or the recruitment, ai teams chopping and changing managers and players whilst if done right a human manager can build team over many seasons.
  8. What is "at his best"? Is it number of passes and high completion percentage to effectively link play? That's what I expect him to be doing already except having other playmakers will take away from his touches. Or do you want more key passes and assists? In that case id want to be more direct/quicker with players attacking sooner for the DLP to put them directly through on goal or at least in space to make a run at goal, if this is too wide then the DLP probably won't get the assist.
  9. I think the issue here might be what the role does vs what you expect from him. Your transitions are slow so pushing defences back rather than looking for direct early passes into space. In these systems he's more of a link player, its unlikely he will be the assister. On higher mentalities, support players will be riskier and not want to play backwards unless they really have to, even with all those possession orientated instructions. This might be why in your systems with multiple defend duties he lacks options. Are you just not using the right role for what you expect from him in your system?
  10. Mentality changes tempo, passing patterns, width, pressing, D-Line and line of engagement, not just risk. So counter starts a bit deeper and narrow, you then went even deeper. Even if you have good players for the level your at, they would need to be exceptionally good (for the level) at defending in there box. Can't see what you changed to, but going control/attacking is a massive change.
  11. I'd agree with @sporadicsmiles idea of swapping his flank if Drakulic was a more rounded player like Chiesa and a less focused winger. Keeping him on same flank as IF is valid idea, maybe as IF-At so more focused on his running. The other issue is both him and Chiesa have the trait Gets Forward, so both are looking to run in behind more often than normal even if a support duty, which goes against a possession system. Same thing with central players with traits to try through balls often. They all add up to a more direct/faster style so dont fit the style you want. Back post crosses would be best option to try and get wide forward against a FB rather than CB.
  12. Drakulic isn't what I expected, he's pretty much a prototype winger, left footed on the left wing who's main strength is quickness and crossing. He's not really a goal scorer or going to break open a defence with a pass. Whilst a quality player, he doesnt fit the style. Almada has developed well and a bit different to what I expected, whilst a creator his goal scoring attributes are good. Shame there's no other quality finisher he could combine with, really relying on Almadas finishing by looks of it. Still feel the pieces dont fit, looking at that two of your starters are wingers which doesnt fit your intended style. Could use Chiesa as IF on AML but that's a lot of wages on him and Drakulic to share time and depends what's available for AMR. Just looking at this I'm tempted to say go 4411/4231. Wingers staying wide with kai in hole and almada up front. One of cm could be a bit aggressive (zaniolo from memory) with FBs covering/underlapping rather than overlapping.
  13. He gave me the save to have a play with. I posted a few things I tried in the original topic, what I saw each game and tweaks I made but I struggled to find something that fit the players available and the tactic posted here was the last version I used.
  14. Links are broken. That tactic wasn't "finished", its just where I was up to trying to figure out how best to fit those players together. I think I spent to long working on the strikerless system TBH and then developed from there when I should of just started from scratch. Looking back I would expect more attacking instructions from myself with those roles + duties though I was trying to keep somewhat to your style. The main issue I had with the squad was it was all the same kind of player, which left very little variety to do anything different from the intended tactic. If the intended tactic doesn't work well it leaves you with very few options. Lots of depth in CM but barely even a backup for some positions. It might be the players do now suit the style you want better, but i'd of scrapped that tactic as the squad evolved. I don't think that screenshot of player positions is a good representation of what happens often then. That RB looks to narrow to be a WB and Kai is on the flank doing who knows what, probably swapped positions and the AI got a bit stuck on if he should swap back or not? Sounds like you've fallen into your old trap getting players you want (you have two quality attacking LBs in Pellegrini and Tierney) but didn't have a backup for the RB? This is another reason i'd of gone away from that tactic, i'd of planned on letting Pellegrini (young + quality) become more attacking and recruiting a RB who's better defensively than Florenzi. In a possession system I dislike having very attacking WBs on both flanks, I think it just ends up with attacks being wing heavy, that was one of the main reasons for not having the LB be more attacking. I think at one point I preferred Karsdorp at RB so Pellegrini could get forward more. If you have the right type of RB then his role/duty can be refined. Its what I ended up with after a few games whilst trying to keep somewhat to the wanted style. Main issue was the squad which had lots of creators all over the pitch but lacked goal scorers. It also lacked depth the starters were stars and the backups (if there was one) were much worse so wasn't really possible to say "use X instead of Y because he fits the system better". Some of the roles+duties looked a bit weird and didn't follow my own principles but the traits of the players I was using at the time kind of made it work, though I think it could of been developed more.
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