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  1. Pressing is a bit basic in FM, you can't setup triggers. Tight Marking isn't closing down, tight marking is when the player doesn't have the ball whilst closing down is when they have the ball. Without knowing how you have them setup its hard to say what you should do. I think the best chance you'll have of doing this is using PI's on certain players to make them more aggressive than other players near them. The other players maybe want tighter marking to remove some of the options whilst not closing down themselves. Man Marking is another option but again is trying to remove the passing option rather than telling them to close down that player specifically. Opposition Instruction could be used to say target a GK and FBs but won't tell specific players for yours who to close down so still risk the 2/3 players closing down. Finally have a look at the players attributes, mental attributes could be coming into play and making them go charging after the ball. Two that spring to mind is Aggression and Teamwork, rather than covering there team mate they might want to get too stuck in themselves regardless of instruction.
  2. Well the mental attributes will dictate how smart the player is. He will of course try to follow instructions so if best option is a direct long through ball but you've got a very specific tactic to play short + patient it makes it less likely. Maybe the crosses were aimed at him but they're not very good at crossing? Remember the technical attributes are the execution of what was decided by the mental attributes. If a winger has bad mentals then you might be better telling him to aim at a specific location rather than trusting his decisions, but then you'll have to be sure your specific instruction is correct. I try and create patterns of play, this is just by where and what players typically do. The more and more specific you go the fewer options they could have to choose from so you lose some unpredictability. Lots of freedom and your relying on the players making good choices but being unpredictable and more adaptable to opponents. with poor mentals and your patterns will be more random and possibly lack consistency.
  3. Likely it's to do with how your setting the tactics up and/or the players being used. Some examples would be helpful.
  4. I'd try removing the look for overlap then try out different combinations of roles+duties. Maybe a AP-At will be deeper and more central more often but keeping a IF-Su on opposite flank will give him a more advanced option. Then look at the WBs, would a WB-A outside of the IF help create space or end up with too many crosses? Would a WB-A use space outside of AP well? Maybe CWB to not be so direct but has more freedom in a possession style of play? Also consider what the CM pair are doing in conjunction with the flanks and how the players traits help/hinder what your asking them to do. Maybe you need to slow the tempo down to give players time to get forward and move around? Positive with short passing is still quite quick and with lots of support players will still balance risk vs reward of getting in front of the ball.
  5. They're IF's not AM's, you can tell them to roam and sit narrower but they'll still have IF instructions. If you want AMs then use AMs. Even if you had two AMs would you ask them to do the same things? I think a key thing to look at is how deep the rest of your team is compared to your ST. Even if the ST is a support duty the rest of the team is defend or support. DLP-Su + BBM-Su both are quite deep with the BBM joining attacks later plus 3 CBs there's not many players getting forward early. Then both IF's are support to, both looking to collect deeper, if one of them collects it what is the other doing? Who's getting forward except ST and WB to give the IF a different option than going on a individual run? Is having both attempting the same things on opposite flanks giving good options? Then factor in your using look for overlap instruction on both flanks, lowering there mentalities to make them play safer to give the WB-Su time to overlap with there increased mentalities. I'd say your a bit too focused on the flanks and the forward is isolated because no one is getting up to help him and create space.
  6. Where the ball is will affect the positioning so a screenshot of where they are and where you'd like them to be would be helpful. Its likely the roles and/or duties your using plus the players mental attributes / traits. Both CM-Su + BBM-Su are expected to stay central and link with the BBM-Su dropping more and pushing up more, the fact you have a DMC won't really chance this, if you want them to be higher and/or wider then roles, duties or PIs should be changed.
  7. Dont see it as criticism, there's a lot more things to consider than when I started playing. Keep things simple, if you want a certain style think about the players first. A fast/direct style benefits technical + physical players, a slower more intricate possession style needs better mentals. Then there's less focused styles so dont just think in extremes, that's why I said do you even need to use more direct or shorter passing. Once you have the balance of the individual players you need the balance of the team selection. I say this as even the best tactics can play badly if the wrong players are used. For example if both CM have get forwards often type traits and you have two IF and a attack ST, are they going to have space to make there runs? If one has drops deep to collect ball does that fit or will you then have too many players deep and lack forward passing options, that's the type of thing I hated seeing Rooney doing like for England when he dropped to collect the ball 5 yards from stones rather than giving him an option between the defensive lines, not like stones can't pass well!
  8. In other words even if you change your roles+duties, your using the same players, ones that aren't as creative so won't be as good at a possession style that tries intricate passing moves around the box. Utds players are typically better physically so to get the best out of them i'd adjust your expectations of the type of moves you will have them try. Your setup was more on the physical side than possession so didn't match that style anyway. Why use shorter or more direct passing at all? IF-At at AML is a good option that fits the players you have. I switch the duty of my forward depending on what I see, the role is also important and not just the duty. Lukaku as say PF-Su or TM-Su with IF-At and Pogba as AP-At (MCL) combine well. Against teams who push up Rashford as PF-At can cause havoc even if his Anticipation (and other mentals) cause him to be offside more often that I like. The rest of my tactic typically doesn't change unless I see something like at the end of games when opponents have a front 3 so I keep my FBs back. Think how the roles+duties combine, if you change one how does it affect the others? If I had a DLP-S in DMC then i'd likely not use a playmaker in CM, preferring for them to push up rather than trying to collect the ball. But if they do that, do the wide forwards have space coming inside? Does a winger fit the system and players? If so then i'll likely have a more defensive type of a FB cover that side, maybe have them cover inside through PIs or as a IWB. One simple role change and I might need 2 or 3 other positional changes, do I have the players to do it? Lots of options but they need to fit the players.
  9. But you haven't setup movement or passing patterns in your tactic to do that. Your forward is playing on the shoulder whilst others are supporting and you've told them to play more direct passes on a Positive mentality. Its also dependant on the players, Martial/Rashford are quite specialized runners+finishers whilst Sane/Sterling/Silva etc have better creative skills like Vision. Even though its not been a part of his game until recently, Aguero drops and links more, and is better at it than Lukaku. City use De Bruyne / Silva / Gundogan etc who all have better creative skills than even Pogba, who also has the shooting trait to hinder the around the box creativity but is better physically.
  10. I think everyone is too obsessed with through balls, expecting games to be open end to end but when your a big club its rare. Against deep defences your more likely to create through beating a player with a dribble and passes to feet after pulling the defence to one side then switching play inside or to opposite flank than trying to play behind them where there's no space. I don't think your roles + duties are setup to do what you want. Even if they do push up and commit players forward, who's making the early attacking runs besides the ST and who's playing the risky passes? If you really want that style all the time i'd look for a player deep to launch attacks and the front 5 to take more risks to get forward and support the ST. You could develop two systems, one that suits Lukaku (keep it simple then get in the box) and one that suits Rashford making early runs against teams who try to attack you.
  11. You haven't really explained how you expect the pieces to fit together. You've pretty much explained why you picked roles by what they do, but then some of them dont do what you want. AP-At will always be more of a creator than goal scorer except for set pieces, long shots (esp if has trait) or rebounds. He will pretty much never make runs past the forward. The main issue I have is how cautious the back 6 outfield players are. They're going to leave most of the attacking to the front 4 but there's very little patience and you aren't setup to attack quickly/early. I'd have a look at the roles and how you want them to combine. Does a W-Su help you with his width and crosses? Does the CF-Su dropping and roaming help when you have 3 attacking midfielder? Especially when only the IF-At is likely to get into goal scoring areas but often will be alone so an easy job for the opponents cb+FB. Can you get width from the FBs and create more space inside? Lots of options but they have to fit together and have the players to play the role how you want.
  12. Stretching opponents with width is good but the end product needs to fit with the tactic. This is a limitation of the wide forward positions (AML / AMR), they're all quite specialized roles whilst wide midfielders (ML / MR) have the generic Wide Midfielder role that you can customise with whatever PI's you like. Having the winger try back post crosses to the IF-A is a good idea, but really thats more a quick attack move when entering the final third before opponents get back in position rather than a slower patient possession build up camping opponents into there final third. He's right footed and looking at his attributes he is quite specialized so he won't be as effective trying to cut inside on his weaker foot plus doesn't have the passing+vision. If you want to use him i'd look at how you can attack quicker and get more bodies in the box for his crosses. Yeah if you look at the Controlled Possession, Tiki-Taka and Vertical Tiki-Taka they all use a lower or much lower tempo on Standard or Positive mentality. This gives risk taking and a preference to play forward but time to pick the best option and let players make moves. It can still produce 1 touch football when needed but players aren't rushed as often. Whatever role Central midfielders have they will help transition the ball, even MEZ-A or CM-A won't really break forward into AMC type areas until the ball is into the attacking phase so I think the CM pair can be quite aggressive if that fits the style and ball movement. I think Sane is both footed and more a Wide Midfielder - Attack (with a few PIs like Dribble More) in FM terms. I've not looked at him in FM this year but would guess he's a more all round player than yours.
  13. @BeadyRoller there's a few bits that dont quite fit together for me. 1. Possession style but your best player is a winger? Crosses aren't a good chance, especially if your transitioning the ball slowly (balanced mentality + dribble less + pass shorter + play out of defence). Who's in the box besides the IF-At, ST and maybe the CM-At? Can he do another job well? If not you might have to sacrifice your preferred style or sell him and use funds for a more suitable player. 2. AP sits in the hole, DLP is a bit safer and deeper. With a DM and a FB-Su that's quite a lot of safe roles and not many getting in or around the box. 3. Sorry if you've answered this already but have you tried a higher mentality? Sacrifice some possession by getting the players to take more risks and play forward more. I'd look at trying to get a bit more movement in and around the box and less focus on the wide areas. Can have wide players but I'd want them to come inside or pass inside rather than cross unless I have numbers in the box that have a chance of winning a cross. Of course like others have said your doing well so keep at it! A bit of refinement in the tactic and players and you'll take the next step in no time!
  14. Consider the roles and formation your using. The AP regardless of duty looks to collect the ball deeper and he's paired with a CM-S who stays in the middle of the pitch. They're doing what you've told them to do. Regarding them not being available what are there mental attributes? Are they good at making themselves available?
  15. It won't increase the through balls of players who already have Risky Passes Often as a PI, like AP-S, IF-A and DLP-S. For example it will tell the AF-A, W-S and CAR-S to try them often. Its good for ball retention and immediate pressing but having players start narrower allows defenders to be narrower and less space. Starting wider should make more space inside for players there or already cutting inside but makes passes longer (so could be intercepted) and takes longer to get back to defensive position. With regards to your initial tactic, i'm wondering why your using look for overlap left and right. This makes the mentalities of the AML+AMR lower and the DL+DR higher, this will make those advanced wide players more patient and safer so taking away early runners sometimes as they prefer to wait for the WB-S and FB-S (thats what auto is on positive team mentality). By the time they get forward on support duties even with look for overlap then opponents will of dropped deep so less space for those through balls to be played into.
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