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  1. Could flip the duties, CM-D + DLP-S as both then have Hold Position to stop making forward runs and getting caught in front of the ball when its lost. This is about as conservative pair as you can do without two defend duties. You already have a conservatative back 4 so you might not need to be so safe. But could allow you to be more adventurous with a FB of you see a flank vulnerable to an overlap.
  2. Defensive Line

    The d-line is where they will aim to position either by pushing up if they can or dropping to it. They may play higher or lower as required but will aim for that line. They will do pretty much what you want automatically, if you play a low mentality or drop the line deeper as they won't try to hold a high line and willingly drop deep. The deeper you get the more compact you get, width setting doesn't affect defensive width. Closing down and team shape, roles and duties will affect when positions should close down, though players will still move to engage if they think its the best option. Check easy positions Player Instructions screen to see what there closing down setting is. For example if you have BWM-D in front of a CB-C the cb will likely sit and leave the bwm to close down, if you had a Anchorman with a CB-X then the cb is likely to go close down and the anchorman sit and cover him.
  3. Don't look at the roles+duties in isolation. Do you want a front pair of CF-A and CF-S? If they go roaming who's the presence in the box? Especially if you have wingers? If they're both driving forward with the ball and looking for through balls all the time, how will that combine with deeper players? CM-A can work, but how will he combine with players around him? Again there's lots of combinations so i'll just defer to @Rashidi videos that will explain better than I can, especially in just text. I start with the same basic tactic every game, the AI doesn't "learn it", "get used to it" or "counter it". All it does is adjust depending on reputation and how the game is going, which is what I do. If things aren't going to plan I watch closely at what is happening and adjust. I might make adjustments before the game. Don't just change things for the sake of it, don't just increase mentality because you aren't creating chances, don't just change everything because you conceded, change because you need a player to get forward sooner or stay back more or you need to team to be more patient or to be more dynamic in there movement etc.
  4. Just take a step back and look what you're asking of your team: Attacking mentality, very high risk taking with a very fast tempo, high-ish line + high-ish closing down. Auto roles on Attacking mentality are an Attack duty, so all 4 wide players are on attack duty. It's more a 244/226 without the ball, thats very open to counter attacks. 2x FB-A + 2x W-A is very one dimensional TM will attract long balls to him, its built into the role, do you want this? AP will also attract the ball, do you want to play through him or over him to the TM? LD + BPD... both will play more direct, why have a LD launching the ball long if you have a BPD beside him who can do it more accurate with passes into space? This is all before looking at your TI's. Your asking players to dribble more, the W-A's and CF already dribble often so do you really want the other players to dribble more? Can they do it well? Your increasing the tempo on top of the high starting tempo. Pushing higher than the high default, if it works your going to be pinning in opponents, so why early cross? How are your runners going to run in behind opponents? Hopefully what i've said above will make you realize what you've told your team to do. I would simplify it, add a bit of variety and a bit of patience. Currently your throwing the kitchen sink at opponents and trying to brute force it. Look at where opponents give you space, if they're sitting deep this is unlikely to be behind them, if you exploit the space it can draw them out and create space behind. Try plain old centrebacks, set duties on the FBs, maybe change the TM to a DLF and change a winger (role or duty) to add variety. Drop the TI's and just see how they play on attacking, are they still brute forcing it? Then consider changes and I wouldn't just chuck the rest of the kitchen at them Since they're regens its hard to say if your players suit this tactic, your central midfield need to be able to put a foot in, which is expected of a BWM but can your AP? I recommend watching @Rashidi on YouTube, he has done a lot of 442 videos that should help you understand what you need to make it work: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUCWx5HNWSuzwGxwVczGPQ
  5. Low possesion numbers

    Tactics are only part of the equation, look at those players, especially the CM duo who have to link defence to attack and try and tell me they're good at it Kante is not a DLP, he's a running machine and Fellani... you couldn't find a better option? Willian isn't a good playmaker either, he's much better at running than playmaking. I really hope thats not your first choice 11. Those lower teams are probably playing Defensive, so really low tempo and no urgency to get the ball forward, if you want the ball you'll have to go get it off them, and if you want a higher % you'll have to not just give it straight back. Why do you specifically want the % range of possession? Is it just an expectation that because your a better team you should have the ball more? Do you want to play a slower possession style, working the ball around patiently to break open defences? You don't have to tell your whole team to press more, you could use OI's on the opponents back line to pressure them, which will typically be your high positioned players. Make sure you have a defensive plan and a attacking plan that works together. Then make sure you have the players who are good at doing them. It's unlikely at the start to get all the players to perfectly fit your plan but the main parts should fit and the rest be able to do a job.
  6. Good advice, too many people over complicate the roles+duties. They're just combinations of mentalities and instructions, any other hidden differences are minor. One minor thing, FB-A crosses often rather than from byline.
  7. Looking for tactical critique

    I feel like you've setup your duties like your team shape. Three highest players are attacking, 4 of 5 deepest players are defend and rest support. Why retain possession and pass into space? It makes very little difference to do both and screams "I want them to do everything". Who do you expect to create chances, who do you expect to have those chances and how are they going to be in position from them? Currently you have three advanced players trying to run behind but no one creating space, if your opponents push up and you attack quick it could work, but I doubt that will be common as spurs.
  8. Real Madrid Help!

    You need both player balance and role + duty balance to have an effective tactic. If your going to have a lot of playmaker type players who are great with the ball but are weak without it then your probably going to need to dominate possession by making sure your tactics roles, duties and instructions get them to be patient for a chance. Having hard working players in the advanced positions can help this as they cause opponents to rush and give you the ball back. But Real don't really have that so I think you need someone in midfield who can put a foot in, and as others have mentioned they have a one already in Casemiro.
  9. I think he's probably best as a winger currently, a bit of work on his dribbling, agility and crossing and he would be really good. He lacks multiple attributes to be a central player or one that cuts inside, it would take a lot of development in many of them to get a consistent end product.
  10. I get the feeling you've tweaked and just kept adding instructions so i'd simplify things and remove most of those TI's. The first thing i'd do is change the CF-S, he is given a lot of freedom and choice on what to do but I get the feeling your very specific in what you want your players to do. I'd just go with a plain DLF-S, keeping him more in goal scoring position (won't roam as far) and linking play. If I want more penetration i'd probably look at the DLP-S firstly if he's the sides main creator and add PI's. If the RPM isn't getting high enough remember that playmakers will move towards the ball to collect it so two of your 3 CM's could be coming deeper. If you don't want him to do this kind of movement you can't do much without changing his role. Check the players PPM's to make sure they don't have tendencies that go against what you want and try training ones that match what you want that player to do. Having a player on support instead of attack doesn't mean he will defend better, just won't take so many risks and will position deeper. You have to decide on the balance between attack and defence, some games you might need to compromise and take more/less risks.
  11. I'm not sure what your vision for this tactic is. You have 3 of your 4 most advanced players focusing on getting behind the opposition (DLF-A + 2x IF-A) yet your team instuctions are pushing your team to defend high (Control + Close Down More) and then play patiently (Retain, Shorter, Play Out of Defence, Work Ball Into Box) but doing so at speed (Higher Tempo). Your roles + duties are the major factor that create your style of play with TIs and PIs used to refine it, but for me they are completely mismatched in your tactic. Your roles + duties suggest a fast vertical game but your doing everything you can to not play that style. I see you've made some changes but rather than randomly changing settings I think you need to define how you want to play? Your defensive plan and offensive plan (roles, duties and TIs) need to fit together and not be thought about in isolation. p.s. @jorgvandervloed I think you quoted instead of edited.
  12. You will probably need to analyse things more, do you not make many chances or are your players just not good at converting the types of chances you create? If its working I wouldn't do anything major, personally in games i'm in control of i'd try: Removing "Look For Overlap", with a WB-S + WB-A they should be getting forward enough With 3 CBs and a DLP-S I might try changing the CM-D to support then see if that adds to the threat of the AF + WB or if the depth of the CM-D was better. Depends on the balance of the midfield three's attributes, I personally like good all round players rather than specialists. Alternatively to point 2 I might try and get more from the DLP-S, either by changing him to a RPM or AP or by adding PI's. With 3 CB and a defend duty in midfield I think he could be afforded more freedom and if he has the attributes can take more risks whilst the rest of the team keeps things simple and feeding him to create chances.
  13. IF-A is more focused on getting behind opponents whilst the IF-S is more balanced and try to pass behind opponents. Both will run with the ball, during transitions you might not see difference with how the cut inside. Once in attacking phase a IF-A plays on the shoulder more whilst the IF-S plays deeper.
  14. Remember playmakers will typically play deeper than non-playmakers with the same duty, so a AP-A can work fine with a attack duty forward as he will still be providing a creative threat. If you were looking at the balance of a AM on support or attack then that's different as he will play more advanced. I'm not sure what the benefit is of having both on attack trying to run behind. If your think about 442 I'm not sure why you want both being focused on running behind the defence. You pretty much always want a player dropping to create space for the runner, if you've moved the starting position of 1 deeper it's still usually a good idea to keep that balance either having the forward drop and AMC run or the St run and the AMC sit.
  15. I'd consider how the two flanks are working. Your left has two attack duties and a defend (CM-D + CWB-A + DLF-A) so has two penetrating runners and a holder which is good. Your right flank has all support duties who roam (CWB-S + RPM-S + CF-S) so could leave that flank and requires very smart players to pick the right thing to do when they're asked to do so many things. I might try swapping the forwards so the RPM-S + CWB-S support the DLF-A and the CF-S can offer a bit of depth to the CWB-A overlapping (cutbacks or playing him through etc). I don't like the combination of Control + Pass Into Space + Close Down More + Stay On Feet. Control + Close Down suggests you want to pressure the opposition high up the field. Then you have Pass Into Space so you want to play behind them, but your pressing them high so where the space? I get the Stay On Feet is so you pressure but don't give cheap fouls away that would relieve the pressure but I think just leaving it on default would work fine. If you want to pressure high i'd not Pass Into Space and just let the players who have that instruction try the risky passes. If you want to play behind the opposition then I wouldn't Close Down More, i'd probably tell my front 3 the close down more using PI which won't affect your D-Line or other players closing down.