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  1. First of all thx for your support! I would like to take a closer look at the 4-4-2 diamond wide variant. Why because I can simultaneously play with two strikers and my strong wing players. how do you rate the tactics with the roles, tasks and team settings overall? Also goal of this tactic should be: Play aggressive offensive and possession oriented (55-58%) would be good. I just want to control the ball - it's not about tiki taka. What would you then change from the basic tactics away from home against stronger opponents? which I would theoretically still chan
  2. Not mandatory. They were already very superior and it was a question of time. They got a penalty and my player was already ywarned and then got the red card. Concretely what does that mean: keep on eye on the number of shots? what do I have to change if the opponents record many shots on goal despite a high defensive line and high pressing? Right, was more their unwillingness to play overall football. And the role combination wbs and winger support is balanced?
  3. never tried this in the last fm versions. Would not know how to set the role distribution and instructions....
  4. I have meant the corresponding attributes to the WM role. that is easier said than done I know what you mean. But when and how do you notice that the opponent is performing like this? Do I have to watch the games in their entirety or are extended highlights enough?
  5. 1 goal was a long ball over my defence line and the other twos was combination from the wings into my box and than a placed shot. I dont want ball possession in height of 60-65% - 55-58% will be ok to satisfy the board expectations.
  6. So mate I have now adjusted some things based on your recommendations. I have made three games. I don't know if that is representative. Here are the results: Against hertha: a dominate home win against a relegation candidate - nothing special Against City away: good defensive performance - more long shots allowed than clear scoring chances. Is acceptable against a strong opponent in an away game and now the tragedy against stuttgart away: was literally run over - despite brief leading. -pressing against me. I could hardly free myself from the situati
  7. Thx for the quick tips: I will adapt some of it I just want to play with 2 strikers and not necessarily have 3-4 central midfielders. A diamond formation I would of course still prefer, but then my wingers like Sane, Gnabry or Coman would no longer be usable.
  8. hello I play with FC Bayern in a 4-4-2 formation and would like to achieve the following: -Possession oriented, as the board wants it. - Offensive football - many forward goals - wingers should support the offensive - The central midfield should rather hedge. I know that with a 4-4-2 it is difficult to play possession oriented football. I'm just too inconsistent, if I had 60% in one game, I only have 42% in the next. I also have problems creating clear chances and defensively I allow too many clear chances, so I have already conceded 2 defeats with at least 3 goals.
  9. Right - this was my last tactic, where it was about achieving possession football style. Was inspired by your philospophy on progressive ball possession style. I had employed a similar tactic in fm19 with paris... I don't know if i should open a new topic? I want to get away from the possession style and just play good offensive football. thx
  10. probably yes... you haven't made any more tactical arguments. Can I assume that my tactical approach was not so wrong that it just didn't work with fc bayern?
  11. So mate I have tried to implement all the tips and also tried out other things. It just doesn't work with the possession football. so I'm not gonna waste any more time. I simply want to play offensive football successfully and that should be possible with the fcb, right? I changed from 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1. Could you please evaluate my tactics? The goal is: to achieve offensive football with a lot of goal scoring.
  12. If that were the case, then I would have much more counter possibilities - which is also not the case. I also don't believe that an FC Köln - away at the bottom of the table - will put up a counter-pressing against fcb. Even if they had the players for that.
  13. Sure. It is illogical that it can be so, since I already press more with the 4 higher ranking players.
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