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  1. If looking to specifically recreate how man utd 99 played i'd say it was: GK: SK-D/S; Schmeichel - Not a Neuer / Ederson / Allison possession / passing keeper but his throwing was amazing and started so many of the counter attacks plus great at rushing out in 1v1 situations due to his handball days. DR: FB-A; G Neville - Overlapped Beckham often who rarely dribbled DCR: CB-D; Johnsen DCL: CB-D; Stam DL: FB-S; Irwin - He supported Giggs, he wasn't an overlapper like Neville was for Beckham but wasn't just defensive holder. MR: WM-S (Cross More Often, Dribble Less, More Risky Passes, More Direct Passes); Beckham - He was a passer not a dribbler / runner. Trait of switches play to opposite flank and tries through balls. In CL final Giggs played more as a IW due to injuries/suspensions (Keane+Scholes) in CM so Beckham started there. MCR: BBM-S; Scholes - Gradually he get forward less as his legs faded, I cannot remember at what point he was at in 99. Shoots from Distance and Tries Through Balls. Early in career Gets Forward Often and/or Arrives Late In Box. Beckham also played in this role (like in CL final). MCL: BWM-S; Keane - I think he was more than just a destructive holding player, he had good balls skills, passing ability, scored a few goals a season and he had more freedom than people remember. A player with lesser ability to know when he has to cover might of been given less freedom (like Butt) as a CM-D or just been a game by game decision depending on the threat of the opponents. ML; W-S; I don't remember Giggs being on the shoulder winger, I remember him collecting it then running with it. Maybe again my memory is confusing his later career in a central role? I'd guess his off the ball forward runs behind defences were sometimes rather than often, especially when there was no counter attack. STCR: DLF-S/A; Yorke - Linked play more often than Cole but not sure if support or attack duty as once play was linked he tended to attack the box. STCL: P-A; Cole - Pure finisher, good interplay but didn't really take people on or try to be a creator. Mentality i'd say was Counter / Balanced / Control changing on a game by game basis. Width was quite wide so changes depending on mentality (might not need to add to higher mentalities) Tempo was more on the quick side again changing depending on mentality but maybe thats more me remember all the counter attacks rather than how they attacked when there wasn't a counter. Maybe Look For Overlap Right. Counter Attacking (DUH). GK Distribution should be Quick Distribution, To Flanks and Throwing. Defensively they didn't press lots, if anything they sat a bit then got stuck in to enable there counter attacks, maybe just leave as default, don't have to add instructions . ---------------------------- Now, getting current team to fit this is.... hard. It does fit better if you flip it: GK: SK-D/S; De Gea - Lacks the distribution of Schmeichel to start counter attacks. DR: FB-S; Valencia / Dalot - both get forward a bit too often due traits IMO. Herrera has good attributes for a FB-S FYI, I think his crossing is best in the starting squad besides maybe Young. DCR: CB-D; Bailly / Jones / Smalling DCL: CB-D; Lindelof / Jones / Rojo DL: FB-A; Shaw / Young MR: W-S; Lingard / Sanchez MCR: CM-D; Matic / Herrera - switched to the more conservative role+duty by default since 3 man midfield more common MCL: BBM-S; Pogba / Fred - Might even go MEZ-S or even CM/MEZ-A as partner sits more and gives more of the young rampaging scholes. ML; IW-S; Sanchez / Martial? - Switched to IW from WM since there's no real left sided Beckham. Maybe Mata / Pereira can do a kind of Beckham role on that side and frees Sanchez+Martial for other positions. STCR: P-A; Rashford / Martial - They're both more wide forwards in FM due to traits and attributes (anticipation, likes to beat offside trap etc), get ready to see lots of offsides from Rashford. STCL: DLF-S/A; Lukaku / ? - Nothing like the creator that Yorke was and will breakup the play and not create as much. He is physical though so maybe TM-S and if he lays it off someone else can create a chance but really changing what I think was a key part of the system and really its the type of player as much the role/duty. Sanchez could maybe play here? If buying one player i'd say this is the position, i'm struggling to think of a player who's could be available though
  2. There's a lot to keep in mind when comparing players, not just the system he plays in but the quality around him vs the quality of the opposition. They might have very open attacking games due to the teams style vs standing in the league whilst teams might be more defensive against you so harder to create space for a chance. I used to be obsessed by CCC and half chances but when you see some of the things it counts or doesnt count I stopped caring so much. I've seen blocked shots be classed as a CCC which doesnt make sense at all whilst a wide open CMs shot from inside the edge of the box wasn't even a half chance. I do like @Rashidi and look more at shot location that weren't not blocked. Then consider if the players are good at converting that type of chance (head, foot, composed etc).
  3. Is your team good enough to play the same way vs everyone? Can you afford to use 3 forwards on positive mentality against teams who come and attack you with world class players? Are your players good enough at pressing to get close to them and not chase shadows? Not saying you should change your system completely, just reducing mentality one level would make a big difference. Maybe pull the wide forwards back to midfield could help. Maybe just reducing pressing when the big clubs are playing risky and quick anyway. Lots of options, what is right depends on your players and what you want them to do.
  4. If you have a TM role and tell them to aim for TM that's what they will try to do. If you dont have a TM role (doesn't matter who is playing) and tell them to aim for a TM then will be mixed.
  5. Dont think as settings as on/off switches on robots. Think of them as asking a player to focus more/less on something. If you tell him to aim for a TM but dont have one or he's not in the box yet then he'll have to use his best judgement. Same way you might tell him to aim at back post but if no one there he may decide to do something else. Same way might tell them too shoot from range less, but if playing fast risky style might not see/select anything but a shot. Its up to you if its worth it. If I make a sub and its a very different player, I'll go through my set pieces to make sure they're still how I want. I might not bother if winning clearly and near end of a game. There's a lot of little things you can do that can add up to make a difference over a season.
  6. This. Basically telling you what roles make the most use of that players attributes. But you should pick your roles+duty to fit the tactic. They also dont take team mentality and instructions into account so a high press system won't point out stamina etc as being more important for your players.
  7. I feel like even though you have a style in mind, you've selected instructions based on there title rather than what your seeing on the field. Do you really need higher tempo on Attacking mentality? Even with shorter passing it will be quick. I'd also consider swapping the CM pair around, have the BBM on side with the safer FB and the CM-D covering the FB-A. Personally I think you have too many players starting high up the pitch on attack duty, especially on attacking mentality, it risks everything getting congested and a lack of variety. If on support duty, they will still be attacking due to the team mentality, just less focused on trying forward runs as often and may offer a pads to feet more often to do more give and go type movements rather than on shoulder runs.
  8. It looked significantly bigger but doesnt now so either my phone/brain is playing tricks on me or its changed? I think a lot of players get to click happy and dont really spend enough time watching the football there team is playing. They judge if it works by results and make blind changes. With no attributes your relying on reports and what you see more. I imagine you aren't just watching games for the tactical element, but also for the players actions, which many people overlook because the game gives the player x stars or say they are good at that role. If there success rate as a certain action is poor, your forced to analyse it.
  9. I enjoy reading this stuff, even if its stuff I think I know its good to be reminded or reaffirm it. The bigger font might be putting people off, on mobile it looks like an even longer read than it is! Your CM analysis will be interesting, I often feel they're too deep and wait too long to make there runs.
  10. There are other attributes that come into play, consistency, big match performance, pressure and morale can play a part in modifying players performance by affecting there mental and technique attributes. Footedness could also play a part in what options a player has, as does technique before considering what they choose to do. First touch could cause a player to make the chance harder or allow a gk/defender to close down or recover. Hence the tactic needs to be right but also the players used need to fit.
  11. Man utd team is full of quick players that suit a faster style, they aren't as good at playing smart patient style. Due to this I'd reconsider not only the instructions but use of two central playmakers who will drop to collect the ball rather than provide more advanced options. You've got the same issues as RL, how to fit Pogba in. With his Gets Into Opposition Area he's going to push forward so in a 4231 needs to find space between the AML and AMC to provide a different option, which is unlikely. Plus with Shaw who also has traits to Get Forward Often can leave that left side all pushed up. My personal preference with there starting squad is 4141 DM wide with pogba and 4231 wide without.
  12. For me its more about the formation than instructions. Why do you want to use 4141 DM Wide? Its quite defensive so even if increasing LOE and urgency they have to push up and close down from deeper positions. Even if told to, how good are the players at putting in the effort to get stuck in? Counter Press can help put immediate pressure on opponents when you have players pushed up attacking. You'll get mixed views as it depends on the system AND players. We have to make assumptions based on what were told and what we expect based on our experiences and knowledge. If your focused on possession percentage there's two sides to it, are you winning it back quick enough and then are you losing it too quick? As Herne says, if you must have that stat be good focus on that then try to improve the chance creation. I know you've had advice to use more attack duties yo increase penetration but maybe you should use ones that have fewer risks to keep possession more. P-A, DLF-A and PF-A for example all have forward runs often and a riskier mentality but try dribble and risky passes not as often and dont roam around as much. Maybe CM-A instead of MEZ adds some patience but still getting a deeper player forward. You need the roles+duties to create the style you want, the more risks and urgency you have, the less possession you can expect, this is then modified by the teams mentality and instructions.
  13. Remember FM possession is worked out differently than RL. In RL its just number of passes whilst FM is time based, so playing slow increases the possession a lot. Weaker teams on low risk mentalities can easily keep possession, especially if your getting men behind the ball as there low risk mentality will allow them to play backwards more often than higher mentalities. In a 4141 DM Wide, even if on a high mentality with high LOE and D-line can struggle to force opponents with DM (or two) plus defenders from passing it around. I'd say that formation is made more for quick attacks from deeper. Pushing that DM up can help force defensive opposition to try to progress the ball sooner by taking away the safer passes and leaving a bit more space for them to try to attack. By the sounds of it, you want to play your way and force teams to adapt, but your being a bit cautious so not forcing opponents who want to be safe into mistakes.
  14. Firstly rather than making so many changes, lets look at some of the stats and consider what should be looked for and maybe adjusted in the tactic being used. 1. Mings loses the ball a lot, as a FB-Su with a DM-D, BBM-S and IF-S near him that is surprising. I would watch him in future matches and check his attributes, Fewer Risky Passes and/or Dribble Less and/or Cross Less are options depending on why/how he's losing the ball so often, if this was a player I was looking to take risks with it then this information might not of been an issue. 2. A lot of crosses conceded from, plus through balls with placed shots in the box. This suggests your high press is being exploited, either directly through counter attacks or pulling your defenders around and creating space, hence: Thats all i'd do at this point. Then watch how things play out over the next few games. Did they fix the issues? Can we now move onto other issues, identify, analyses and address them. Just changing from one tactic to another thats very different is likely to be going from one set of issues to a different set of issues unless your lucky or really know your players and what your doing.
  15. You seem to be conceding most games so maybe focus on analysing that, is there one particular weakness that you need to address? Set pieces? Crosses? Counter attacks? Attacks through a certain part of the pitch? Dont just go off gut, use the stats and watch them, did someone make a mistake or was the opponent just better than him on that occasion? Then look at the tactic and players, is it a tactic setup issue that's being exploited or are the players just not strong at that type of defending?
  16. Rather than continuing match after match expecting a different result, spend more time on each match until you get things working. Not seeing any attacking from your team, go to full match instead of highlights if needed and see why, dont just keep clicking continue or making blind changes. I dont know why your so obsessed by "experience". Just because a players got lots of games played doesnt define his personality. Look at the coaches reports and see if Consistency or big matches are mentioned. There personality will also affect the pressure/over confidence they feel in matches. Adaptability can also play a part, you've brought a lot of foreign players in (in one go?), are they under performing?
  17. I think your issue is looking at the roles+duties individually. Specialists aren't a problem as long as they move and do what you want in combination with those around them. In that formation 2 of the 3 midfielder are dropping deeper to collect the ball. To progress the ball up field you only have a few options, are they dropping to help in a patient possession style or trying to be more attacking? This is likely the mismatch that was causing your issue. What is "working properly" in your eyes? A HB dropping is typically to allow the WBs to push up and the CBs to spread. If the HB drops and collects who can he progress the ball forward to? Would he help progressing the ball forward by being upfield of the CBs instead of dropping as a HB? Your pinning yourself into a corner by limiting changes to those around him whilst forcing that role into the system.
  18. As mentioned by others, your not making good chances, your just shooting lots. In a possession style I play more importance on attributes like composure and decisions, do mbappe and the forwards fit this style? Do there traits make them more rushed and run into a dead end or requires them to do something special that can't be relied on every game? Defensively, how much quality do you have the win the ball back? How much work do the forwards put into to pressure opponents into mistakes? Your deepest midfielder is veratti who is better with the ball than without it, which can be okay if others around him can make up for it, but in that formation and team you aren't. Even if partnered with a BWM type player to cover and do dirty work there's still a lot of defensive work to do with neymar and mbappe on the flanks. Tldr; help your defense with midfielders better at defending. Create chances more suited to the forwards you have with a faster style.
  19. I cant think of any real life teams who leave 4 players up front when defending unless it's near end of a game. Having 3 not really help defend leaves a lot for gk+7 to do never mind gk+6. Its not surprising it's a shoot out. Personally id prefer a bit more variety with a different duty up front and a different role in CM instead of two playmakers. Maybe in harder games pull wingers back to make a 442 but if your happy with it that's up to you. Not sure why your looking for overlaps when you have wingers on attack and only FB-S behind them.
  20. What type of chances is your forward good at scoring? Is he a big guy and good at heading? Is he quick and able to run with the ball? Is he good at anticipating and finding space? Think about things like this to identify what types of chances to try to create. Then you have to actually create the best quality chances of those types you can for him. That doesn't mean just swing cross after cross into a big guy and expect him to 1v6+. In the same way if its a quick forward it takes more than just trying through ball after through ball, you need to create space and give him support. Look at the players supporting him, do they have the ability to create chances for him or are they more selfish/individualistic? A fast dribbler that can beat his man can create space for others but does he have the attributes to take advantage of the space (assuming someone is in position to use it)
  21. Are you judging the players on there potential or actual ability? Dominating possession so much whilst playing gegenpress style is unusual, I notice your using Balanced rather than Positive so have you made other changes? Whilst you can't post a screenshot the roles+duties and instructions would help a lot to see what you're actually using. If your getting hit on the counter what are your FBs doing? Why must it be a flat 3 man midfield? You could use a DLP-De/Su in DM, I know Cook can play there and allow both of the remaining CMs to get forward, but if both wide forwards are IF (support or attack?) what is there purpose, will there space be already taken? Is the ST dropping to help link or trying to run in behind, if your instructions are more to attack space quickly does your roles+duties match those instructions. Hence need all the parts of your tactic to point you in the right direction from where you are rather than "use this it worked for me".
  22. Maybe if the Real Madrid players fit the tactic better then there is an issue with the tactic that the Utd players covered up. There isn't a lot of variety in the tactic, it is a very quick risky tactic thats focused purely on vertical running whilst at the same time pressures very quickly. Your also in a different league playing different teams (managers, players and tactics). The players you have also have different personalities, big match stats, consistency etc, they're more than just the visible attributes and traits. Does your players have the fitness+stamina to keep good condition playing like that in the Spanish heat?
  23. I think the ai isn't very good at preseasons, especially after an international competition.
  24. A very simple rule of thumb is the higher the player on the tactical map the higher the mentality. This means they will be higher on the pitch but playmakers will typically be deeper to collect the ball. BBM is a bit deeper than CM-S on tactic screen but is allowed to roam so can move further from that area. Hence BBM is box to box whilst CM-S sticks to middle more. Do you want a more static link player or more dynamic player? How does that fit with those around him, especially as there's a DM to link. Making AP attack will increase his risk taking and dribbling but won't really make him attack the space in front of the CMs. I'd look at CM-A or MEZ-S as they have gets forward often instruction but keep some on the ball flexibility. Who you change depends on how they can combine with the players around them. Have a read of his description and look at the instructions. Best way is to try him and see how his positioning and actions change. He should have quite attacking off the ball positioning but on the ball is more flexible than a W-A or IF-A.
  25. HB is usually to allow CBs to split and let the FBs get higher, do you want/need that? Him dropping might help give space to the CM-S and AP-S but this is where you need to thnk about the overall setup. Can the DM help link in more advanced areas to allow a more adventurous CM player? You dont have to change all the roles and/or duties. What do you want them to do? If the IF-S is sitting narrow and roaming maybe a WB-S can help stretch things, but then what options does he have that aren't crossing? CWB-S would be a more adventurous version but without locking in crossing like the attack duties, keeping options open and not being very risky. Is your AMR both footed to play winger and have cuts inside trait? Maybe a role like RMD could give a risky runner but who doesnt cross/dribble like a W or IF? Not saying you should use that, depends what you want him to do, not just with the ball but when a team mate has it.
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