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  1. My first FM21 tactic has 4 TI and a couple of PI (to get AML + AMR to mark opposition FB), if you want to be casual keep things simple and give the players options rather than trying to be Pep/Bielsa and micro-managing what they do. Quite often role+duties don't match the TI's which ends up restricting what the players can do. Thats not to say a tactic can't have a lot of TI's but they have to be having the expected effect when you watch the play. The main issue many players, especially casuals have is expecting there idea should work, when its flawed so blame the game. Most commonly t
  2. Personally I think your trying to mix contrasting styles. Expecting to "control possession" but then have a very wing heavy attack which I think requires a quick/direct style so you don't end up just pumping crosses into a packed, organized defence, especially if Werner is the ST. The slower your attacks, the less "space" there is for pacy players, it then becomes more about ability to operate in tight areas with great touch and flair. In a 4141 DM Wide what the ST does is very important. If he's up top on an attack duty he won't help link and wants early through balls so typically wo
  3. Your setup is more a possession 4141 than a fast attacking 433 due to both wide forwards dropping plus a DM. The only player told to try risk passes often is the IF-Su and Rashford isn't good at that. The front 3 are the only ones told to dribble often, so there's really no penetration until the front 3 get it. A CM won't make forward runs whilst the ball is that deep, so your only runner is the ST, although one ball could take out the whole of there defence. Put that all together its quite a safe setup of roles+duties even though your on a risk mentality. Attacking mentality will make
  4. I think this is because on one hand your saying "take lots of risks" but then slowing down the attacks with lower tempo and/or shorter passing. Due to the slower transitions they then get to final third and opponent is back and organized so they'll take what opportunities they see. Considering Rashford/Martial/Chiesa etc's lack of vision its likely to be straight forward run+cross/shoot. Whilst Fernandes has much better creative attributes he has Shoots From Distance trait so that will also contribute to long shots. Remember to take into account direct free kicks count as long shots so 5-
  5. Narrower width can give some more space to opponents when they have the ball to progress it. Then they typically have fewer options since they have to take on the defender (dribble) or go inside with the pass. For example could do narrower and OI to press FB, this means DM/CB's won't always get pressed but once it goes to the FB. You still need players in position to cut off inside passes and not just all sitting deep. I mean space deeper in your formation, your 4141 DM packs GK+9 outfield players compact deep behind the ball, thats really hard to for opponents to pass into, esp
  6. If your playing attacking mentality without toning it down then attacks will be over very quickly. With a DLF-Su, and 3 playmakers there isnt really any urgency to get into the box. I guess the winger gets it wide and tries to cross which will then rely on Kanes amazing ability rather than anything else. Your left flank is wide open with WB-At and AP-At. I'd rather have a holding player with the DLP then let the AM and ST get into box as DLF-At and AM-Su or DLF-Su and AM/SS/TQ-At combo. Attacking plus shorter passing is still quite fast, I'm not sure higher tempo is needed, especi
  7. I'd reconsider the TI Stay on Feet with PI to tackle harder. It looks like your letting them get up field before then getting stuck in. potentially giving fouls away in risk areas and not winning ball in dangerous areas upfield. You put PI dribble more on REG and added TI to Run at Defence which does same thing plus adds it to DLF and WB-Su. If want to be compact defensively I would probably drop LOE, especially with so many deep players so the front 3 aren't chasing ghosts. Your van der beek issue I think will need to assess how the front 3 are working. With both wide forwar
  8. That's a very low risk counter system which as a big club vs small club who's being defensive could just end up with bore draws. Even if they push up as a team, they are typically bottom heavy and keep players back. Whilst a through ball could release the ST, that's it really besides some crosses into a likely packed box with you only having a few players in there. Rather than thinking "counter" to draw them out, think more about transitions and the middle third. Think about defensive width and trying to use touchline to press. Consider giving space in deeper areas to it's easier
  9. You change things to fix problems, ideally without creating other issues, not just for the sake of it. The worse your doing, the more likely our assumptions on what is wrong are accurate so changes can help. If your doing well, you really need to be specific to tweak things without introducing other issues.
  10. Bare in mind the TI only override roles that don't have a fixed instruction. IF-At and W-Su both have Dribble More so telling team to Dribble Less doesn't affect them. It did affect Jesus, Davies and Cancelo who's Dribbling attribute is one of there best (and have physicals to use it) hence reduces how much they will make use of it, could be viewed as "wasted" points. It also affected Silva and De Bruyne but its not one of there best and they have other strengths so less issue there.
  11. Whilst you mention this is a 442/433 hybrid, I personally think it should really be a 442 formation. GK: GK-De DR: FB-Su DCR: BPD-Co DCL: CD-St DL: FB-At MR: IW-At MCR: BBM-Su add Traits like Tries Long Range Passes for the Scholes role. MCL: DLP-De ML: W/IW-Su (maybe WM-Su for Giggs, can't remember what phase of going from flying winger to slower CM this was) STCR: DLF-At STCL: CF-Su That would be my starting point, would have to see it in action to decide how to refine/tweak, maybe stay wider and run wider on DL, sit narrower on ML
  12. I made a slight mistake, MEZ-At has Stay Wider but Run Wide with Ball is only optional, though as you noted its the typically movement pattern due to being wider or in a channel if he is right footed. I personally prefer the left footer to be MCL and right footer to be MCR, it just seems to make play flow better. MCR should have more passing options with right foot than left without having to adjust body etc. Need to look at what happens once he gets it then. Who's in the box for him to cross to, are they outnumbered? etc Looks like what I had in mind. CF gets
  13. Don't want to change too much as your not doing badly but if your tweaking plus have quite different players rotating/moving it could be hard to tell what works consistently. Zaniolo is very left footed but playing as MEZ-At on right asked to run wide so probably needs to cut back to pass / cross or will look to pass outside. IW probably fits him better cutting inside onto his left. Does the W-At in the current setup get isolated due to two other forwards being support and MEZ having to run from deep? When you add Higher Tempo I'd expect that might happen even more. Almada
  14. Just a note to beware combining specific changes from different sources as they might not combine well since they haven't taken into account the other persons advice. I'm not a fan of MEZ with a wide forward who cuts inside, whilst this in theory "overloads" the channel I think it too often reduces options as 1 defender/midfielder can block the passing lane. This is especially true when both are on the same mentality. In this situation with PF-At, IF-At and WB-Su that MCR is too aggressive with no where to make his runs and would be better off supporting the PF & IF. But give it a t
  15. Not sure on other bits of the tactic but since your looking at the CM currently i'll just stick to that area. I personally haven't had success with a MEZ plus a wide forward who cuts inside, they're just standing in the same areas too often or making a run into area the other is already. With PF-At and IF-At the left channel is likely occupied so i'd rather have the MCL more central as CM-Su or BBM-Su. Can always add PI if needed. If pushing both WB higher then HB could be an option.
  16. Whilst there is a Winger outside of him so should be space inside, as an attack duty I don't see how his attacking runs will find space when there's a PF-At pushing opponents deep and there is no one occupying opposition defensive midfielders except maybe if the IW-Su cuts inside and goes on a long dribble. With the natural overlap on the right flank i'd probably go for a support duty, maybe a BBM who can arrive late into the box and be more central than a MEZ.
  17. The thing I would watch for is how isolated your front 3 get. Positive with More Direct Passing, Higher Tempo and Pass Into Space rather than default Attacking mentality could compound this since the passing has been made riskier but the players aren't taking risks to get forward to provide runs for those passes. Your only other attack duty (outside of 2 of your 3 forwards) is the AP-At, yes the WB-Su has Get Forward but is still a support duty so will be a bit safer about when to make those runs. The AP-At might dribble it forward but no one is trying to get past him or the front 3 until y
  18. I mostly agree with Experience Defender (above) on many points but would do slightly different changes. I would: Remove More Direct Passing, Pass Into Space, Much Higher Tempo. Just leave on default. Attacking is already quick direct and risky by default, adding more on top is likely rushing things so much the players struggle to keep up. Remove Counter Press. Let opponent out a bit to create space to attack. Make AP-Su an AP-At. Then swap BBM and AP. This is try to overload that left flank with good dribblers + passers to create space for the AMR and later arriving
  19. In isolation the reasons look fine, but you need to look how they combine. Using Shorter Passing "for control" makes sense but not when your spreading your team out as much as possible width wise plus have 2 of front 3 on attack duties so stretching it vertically with AP-At and BBM-Su only really getting forward later on. Where your trying to add control is actually limiting options and if they do decide to play it longer then its am riskier pass since theres more distance and chance the defender could intercept it. Width doesn't make a huge difference to "stretching" opponents compared
  20. The things that stand out to me initially is your playing for set pieces so not surprised you rely on them a bit since players will be quick to go down for a foul rather than continuing to attack. Another thing is shorter passing, extremely wide and focus play middle is a strange combination. Playing wider will stretch the team and you'll have possession wider, but then have fewer passing options playing shorter passes. Exploiting middle where you already have two playmakers will put even more focus and risk taking on them, do they need that extra focus and risk taking? As far as r
  21. Those roles and duties are more like a Wing Heavy system, definitely not a possession setup. Its cross heavy, top heavy and quite rigid. It needs so many changes I'd suggest reading pairs and combinations that's stickied at the top of the forum and see if that can help create a better starting point. I'd want less cross often roles and less attack duties so players are closer to give shorter passing options and less focus on taking risks early and running in behind early. If you dont have the players for the style then I'd recommend going for a less specific style.
  22. Simplest way is to looks at the Transition Press training block. I cant remember what attribute are exactly in it. Mouse over attribute to get a description of them. Natural fitness affects how quickly condition can recover and how quickly a player becomes jaded/tired. It also affects how quickly attribute drop when the player gets older and starts to decline. Stamina affects how quickly condition drops, depending on what they do on the pitch of course. Anything is possible, if they're happy with there game time and other attributes are good it could work, but if starter
  23. Firstly i've not played FM17 for a long time so can't remember how that match engine played so make sure to verify if my assumptions are correct before you go changing things and check you have the right players for the job. Lack of width - WB-Su and FB-Su. I think they need to get forward sooner to help create space inside. Congested center - Flexible shape with 4 support duties all in CM/AM. You could try a shape on the structured/rigid (can't remember what it was called that version) to spread them out a bit more OR change some duties. Looks like a possession orientated
  24. Not really, that would likely just make the wide players see more of the ball and it won't change how they move, assuming that is the issue. Do you see them running into congested areas? The ST and AMC trying the same runs around the box? If so then i'd reconsider the role&duties as they have the biggest effect effect on the movement patterns. Depends what you want them to do and what they're good at, they're all valid options. If you aren't sure then I'd just start by using role & duty, but then if you see them doing things consistently that you don't like consider the alt
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