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Help is here boys, i have completely mastered tactics and player development- must read!

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Ok i have been itching to write a post on here for ages but was put off by the millions of other posts and the fact that what i'm saying has maybe been said before an in a better way. But ive read many posts where people idea of tactics makes me want to scream-YOUR DOING IT ALL WRONG

So after years of tinkering and cherry picking other peoples ideas i think i have finally got it down to a fine art.

First of all a little about my credentials so you know i'm not full of crap, i went a season and 2/3 unbeaten with Athletic Bilboa and turned them into the best club on the game using only academy players due to the transfer policy, the most enjoyable save ive ever had btw if you want a real challenge there is no better, you have two

take down the two best teams in the world in order to win.

Ok so ill begin with the player development, first you have the schedule bias slider, you need to get it as far to the right as possible without making the workload heavy, so you have 2 options, either 2 clicks from the right with heavy intensity and rest before and after matches, or B you do the same with the 2 clicks from the right, but

you take off rest before matches and bring the intensity down to average, both will keep the overall workload at medium. the first one is good pre season or if you have one game a week but any more and your having 4 rest days instead of 2. Now i did this once but its a little bit tedious but its it you have the patients/and memory it works even better. its a combination of the 2, you have the high intesity set and 2 days before your game you switch it to the other so it kind of cheats the game

because the layers never moan as the overall stays at medium but your sneaking in 4 days on high intensity and 5 days training overall

As for the type of training you give preference to ie, fitness, attacking that's totally up to you depends on which players you want to 'do up' the most, but pre season i go for fitness, then about end of september i switch to technical, then about feb ill switch it again

Then you have the specialised training, best to go for a ready made regime rather than the individual, although if you have a player on 17 18 leadership and you give him that, it will go up pretty quickly to 19 and his personality with change to Born Leader which is pretty cool

If find the box to box option drains there points and if had 5 star potenial drop to 3 and half in couple of months, your better off doing it in batches, give him half back or anchorman for year to boost tacking work rate ect an switch to attacking mid after if that needs topping up

Playere preffered moves i used to be obsessed with these you know he is going to perform exactly how you want, but unless absolutely nessissary then leave it as it wastes training time and points and most of them you can instruct on PI, but it is lovely when you have someone with great technique place one in the corner

As for youth, very low intensity and leave it on fitness, because the as soon as the physically albe to handle firs team action the quicker he can gain experience and

improve the rest of his game, forget about loaning as it's largely a wast of time they never improve and only get worse, the only time its worth it is if its a team in the same league and they can garantee first team place, and if they have decent training facilitys then bonus

If you happen to get a lionel messi type, then one year in youth and then introduce him to first team here and there and then watch him go

With regular game time and the above settings used ive seen a 24 year old 3 and half rated played jump up to 4 and half which is world class

Next up coaches, you need at least 4 star coaches in every department and what i call a buffer someone who goes into every department to bring the workload down to light, it takes alot of coaches about 16 to get this system up and running but i think if you arent aloud any more coaches that if you sign an under 21,18 manager and assistant manager that they also coach the first team so its a little loophole.

one final thing on that once your squad is about 24 upwards i have upped the intensity to heavy and no one moaned at all to even more acceleration of stats

ok that was my training set up i hope i explained to ok, so if you would like to know my tactical approach then read on

One thing ive noticed in most peoples tactics are they seem to want to play like arsenal or barca and they think the way to do it is high tempo with roaming from positions and short passing but its the oppsosite. I dont like to set to many team instructions at all as i find they actually restrict your players, if you set each player up how you want him to play then you only need a couple of touches and then trust them to do there thing don't put the shackles on them

I cant put screen shots up as i dont know how but here is my line up and roles

Goalkeeper-sweeper keeper gives ball to deep lying playmaker

Right back-support- dribbles more, cuts inside, crosses far post,mark tighter- since fb and wingers are partners the rule of thumb is one attacks an one supports, so i thought my right back was a spare part as i has him run wide and stay wider but i thought whts the point he can only go so far, so to give him something to do and anothe layer to our play i have him cut inside taking players with him and creating better space for the attacking right wing, also my dlp sits deep so ther is a gap in the middle of park

Center back-RC- defender-cover-short passes

Center back LC- Defend-short passes

Left back- Attack- stays wide- runs wide with ball- cross far post-tackle hard-dribble more- i chose to have him tackle hard because you need a couple of hard men in your team and wingers are dangerous

Def mid-right- Regista- hold position, close down less,shoots less, direct passing, i have 4231 but i play this guy deeper, i think the regista has more creative licence

than DLP but the negative was the leaving his position to much, but with hold position problem solved, integeral part of the team if you get the right man in, im

currently ruben neves with switch ball to opposite wing, inb a team of short passers he has free reign to hit it where he likes, long ball has a bad rep but when done right like xabi alonso it can be devistating

Box 2 Box midfielder, left center, equally important is your midfield general, your roy keane- intsructions are tackle harder, close down much more, shoots more,

fewer risky passes, recently adding the shoots more is a revelation, i tend to keep my players long shots as it wastes possession but like the left back tackling hard or RB cutting in, i like to give each player something unique to give him his own personality

Left wing- winger support- shoots less, cross far post, more risky passes, closing down, his main job is to be available for regista to pick him out in on fell swoop in

space and with a right footer he will cut in, but not as much as inside forward, also gave him risky passes so he can pick out the right winger at far post

Right wing- inside forward attack- roam from position,shoot less often, cross far post, close down more- Jack grealish is currently having a season of 15 assists and

12 goals, just because he has shoots less dont let that fool you he still likes to score, but his primary aim is to look to square it

Attacking midfiield center-advanced playmaker support- roam from position dribble less- i don't want him making runs into box or dribbling that's what my wingers and box2box is for, i want him moving into space and as soon as he recieves it he looks for killer ball as quick as possible, i some times add hold ball up so he can

weigh up his options better,

Target man-attack- pass shorter- fewer risky passes, i used to have him move into channels which works great to but i think with there great strength he can just

brush them off/ it depends on what type of player you have if i have skillfull quick player i would use deep lying forward with attack mode and move into channels

works like a charm

Team instructions are- flexible- control with works ball into box, pass into space, float crosses, play wider,push higher up, play down left flank, lower tempo, be more expressive

if i am away i switch to counter, take off push higher, be creative work ball into box and add clear to flanks

I can't think of anything else to add right now but i hope someone reads this and if it helps just one person then ill be happy, trust me you wont go wrong if you follow what i said

Now i have to get back to the beautiful game ciao

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Which PI for the DLP? and is he the MCR?

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Hi, Been at FM Player for 21 years, these days its difficult for me to put the time in and understand the game to its fullest extent. I kind of got the gist of what you saying and sounds good, well done on that, but it would be

great if you could figure out how to post screen shots as due to my dyslexia I struggle to pull info off large paragraphs without visual aids.

Ill re read it a few times hopefully some of it will stick haha. good work again

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