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  1. I still play FM17 as that was the last year of proper 2D,I remember buying 18 and was like 'WTF is this?' completely detroyed the most crucial part of the game, match days. My brother recently bought 20 he never really played a lot and the first thing he said was what is going on with the graphics? they are so lame. and within a week he is threatening to bin the game because he say's what is the point in spending hours looking for staff, setting scouting assignments looking for and training players ect when after all of that you have to endure the crappy matchday graphics? seriously it's an embarrassment. I get the demo every year to see if they have admitted defeat and reverted back and am gutted but i think they are trying to cater for a wider audience and simplifying the game. I noticed the plug'n play option they brought in last year or whenever it was where you can pick Tiki Taka ect and i just thought wow now i see what you are doing. The tatics are by far the hardest part of the game and it took me years of tweaking to get it right even now i don't have it down 100 percent but that is where the real skill of the game is, that is how you take a league 2 club to the Prem in 3 years with zero money And i think if you did a poll what you may call the more 'serious' players will undoubtedly pick 2D because as has been said you get a perfect view of your tactical shape so can make adjustments But now it has been reduced to having the game do your tactics for you so you can play like Guardiola without working out anything for yourself and then watching it play out on graphic worse that LMA 2000 FM17 was the Peak
  2. I think i read that there were disputes over Tele revenue and there was resentment from some of the smaller countries like Peru because they were missing out at the expense of the Mexican sides, i also read the games were Refereed with a bias towards the South American sides because there was a fear of them potentially winning it and dominating it but this comes from the Mexico side so i would take that with a pinch of salt. but never the less they did as you say make it virtually impossible for them to seriously compete so they have stopped it but i think they are talking about starting it up again I think they wan't the Mexican sides because the T.V viewing figures in Mexico are the biggest in the world (i may be wrong) and for Mexico it's a chance for a higher level of competition and added prestige but there are a lot of politics going on and the Scheduling was the result of it
  3. Thanks i am going to fire one up and just find out, i did read they stopped participating in 17 so i might have just gotten away with it. So what you are saying is if you win the league every time or come second you won't qualify for Copa , because the Champ League trumps it? what about if you win Copa Lib would you get to defend it
  4. Been looking into this because i swore i had heard this before, i still play FM17 and apparently up until 2016 Mexican sides were able to qualify for the tournament Does anyone know if this is case on FM17 and how exactly do you qualify because i remember it isn't as simple as just winning the league
  5. I do a Feyenoord save once a year and even though the squad doesn't look bad on paper the main stars just never perform consistently and i end up having to rebuilt the lot. Berguis and Tonny Vilhena are 2 who on paper should be destroying the league but do absolutely nothing But the worst and most frustrating by far is Jorgensen, he is the most expensive player in the squad and stat wise should be like a Zlatan, 6'4 and quick powerful, can dribble, finish ect but he has 8 determination and must have a built in bad personality like Balotelli because he offers absolutely zero, never reacts to team talks, looks disinterested and either gives the ball away or shoots to corner flag But then he will do something extraordinary against an Ajax and all is forgiven. but ultimately every time i manage Feyenoord i sell him within a year, shame because i want to love him he should be our cult here like in real life Anyone get him buzzing?
  6. Anybody know why Feyenoord are one of the few teams not to have a B team in the second division and is it possible to add one through the editor?
  7. Whenever i start any save, one of the very first things i do is Staff/Player search and filter favourite clubs form my team and i am obsessed with signing on as many as i can. Sometimes the coaches attributes could be absolute crap but i sign them anyway just as a sentimental thing and i like the idea of bring the club back to it's roots. I will persevere with a player who is a 6/7 out of 10 who is local and loves the club rather than buy an 8/9 out of 10 because if we were to win with those types of players in squad it just feel so much better With regards to the coaches it does actually have an impact on you new crop of re-gens because they take on traits of your coaches so even if they are 2 stars if you have a few u18 coaches who support your club then you are likely to get a lot more youngsters coming through who will love the club as well, so there are perks
  8. Have you read the book Angels with Dirty Faces? I might buy it to get a better flavour of it all
  9. It is definitely a league i am going to spend more interest in the future, i've had the conversation a few times with people in that the English Prem is just all a bit too much now, players and clubs with more money than they don't know what to do with and players swanning around not trying taking clubs down while cashing their cheques, also the fan atmosphere is hugely over rated Spain has a good standard but fans don't travel away and atmosphere is a bit tame, Italy was the best but has been in hard times and is still re building maybe one day Argentina seems untainted the players are genuinely playing for the shirts and there will always be a good standard because they naturally produce quality players. Even the ones who move to Europe for the ££ seem to want to move back as soon as they get the chance Deco said he would trade his 2 champions Leagues for 1 Liberatodore i think that say's a lot
  10. Hi mate thanks for the reply, I like teams that have a biggish fanatical fan base but aren't a giant, Like a Betis or Napoli. Also like those two it has to be the working class underdog side out of the (usually 2 city clubs) I also like the teams that are slightly remote so you are representing a region that's why Atletico Tucuman stood out early for me as they play in Argentina Kit and are right up north Colon Santa fe also caught my eye there stadium and pitch look emaculate by Argentine standards and i noticed most of the squad are Colon supporters and they have a few nice prospects Atletico Rafaella was another no reason i just like the name but there team is really poor they would be hard work. Racing Club look like the obvious one but they could be to easy they are brimming with talent and have a good set up but i love their fans they are proper nutters and the thing with the dead cats was hilarious
  11. I was talking about real life, i re watched the netflix series and when the chips were down they never showed up, Newcastle sold out every week in the championship. But i am too fussy on the game now, i need a support base that are loyal and deserve some success, there are teams with big fan bases but if the club was once a giant then i think they gained those fans in first place because of the success not because it's your local club. I need a team where the whole town supports them even if they are crap. Not a team where most of the City support Liverpool or Man Utd
  12. Been wanting to do a save over there for ages but i can't settle on a team. thing is i know absolutely nothing about 90 percent of the teams Tried googling but it's hard to find what i am after, i want a comprehensive breakdown of all the teams Besides that, is it a difficult league to manage in? i imagine Copa Lib i quite easy because the Superliga is so much better than Colombian, Uruguay and Peruvian leagues
  13. I started a Sunderland save i couldn't help feeling sorry them, but they aren't glamorous enough, plus i did't like it when there fans stopped showing up and stadium looked empty in the play off semi all because they were sulking at not getting automatic Might get in the editor and bring Celtic down, best badge, best kit, best fans, god fearing folk, Classy Club
  14. Any one from around the globe that has at least 18 Bravery and or Aggression Volatile personality a bonus Cheap
  15. No i haven't been sacked but i am essentially on trial, it's doesn't matter either way i wanted to work for Gibson and he's buggered off and there is nothing you can do to prevent it
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