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  1. He still goes to Sheff Utd games and has spoken several times how they are his club, It's really annoying because if you ever try to buy him at Sheff U he refuses to come. This is a basic error that has hasn't been changed for 6 years now, i though FM was supposed to be ahead of the curve
  2. Is there anyway to access it? Mine looks like this
  3. Does anybody know how to access the player position pitch map that used to be on the player information? Bottom Right
  4. Really appreciate this One question is it possible to colour the scoreboard headers
  5. This looks to be as close as you can get the old versions will have to swallow the grey boxes and little 2D Flintstone feet but i can make peace i suppose for now, (ive avoided this game since 17 when the killed 2d) Was still hoping that picture was there in between the highlights as well as before/ht and after but this will definitely do
  6. If anyone does get this up and going can they post screen shots
  7. The tactics screen with the Kits was an extra add on i found somewhere else at the time
  8. Sorry you lot for not replying that skin was The Tempo Skin_update1_2017.rar i think it was a popular one at the time As ive said ive seen a few close ish but nothing on par with that one Yeah the top and side bar does look cool when you re certain clubs like a Celtic where is White on top Green down the side
  9. So i am still playing 17 as the skin i used and the Tactics panel i downloaded looked so good and also helped in in games with regard for info and making adjustments that when i bought 18 and the skin was incompatible i just couldn't get used to it and the new 2d was also playing on my nerves so i have avoided buying the new one every year since But it's got to the point now where i need to upgrade because with the amount of transfers made since and changes in players abilities there is only so much editing i can do to keep up, the younger players are now well into there 20s in rea
  10. Yeah i forgot to mention that, only allowed 2 non EU in the starting 11 at any time, so snapping up cheap Serbians or South Americans is a Tricky business unless they have a second nationality Yeah Poznan were a real pain for me in my second season i was loving my team we were winning comfortably and then they beat us an never lost i had to go to the last day of the season to win it an only then i got a draw and scraped it- Like i said even with a more talented squad it's still hard to just walk through teams because most of them park the bus in every single game Also i'm pla
  11. I jus wanted to do a little on here about Wisla, they have a little bit of a story going on in real life that i read about i'm not sure how commonly known but anyway Basically they have always been one of the top 2 powerhouses in Poland but in the last 5 or so years have gotten into ridiculous debt (25m) or so and have narrowly escaped relegation for the last couple of seasons The romantic part of the story though is that on hearing just how bad the situation was Jacob Blaszyowski Poland captain and ex Dortmund winger asked his current team Wolfsberg to terminate his 40k a week contr
  12. That Rosario caught my eye as well I think with like 85 percent of the teams being from Buenos Aires it feels a bit like managing a London Club which i am not keen on, i prefer the smaller provincial cities that still have a strong fan base I always think if you are managing in or around the bigger Cities that you get a luxury of getting cast offs from bigger clubs and i like the idea of being a bit cut off from society and developing players from that region I get what you mean about not really being able to get into the save i really want to the fan culture, type of p
  13. Yeah you have to add the bigger European leagues not only for selling but bringing back those old timer Legends Also quite a few Argentine wonderkids in the Academies in the big leagues you can loan back Turkey, Mex, USA are all rich marks who will pay top whack even for average players you just want to shift
  14. Yeah i've bought so many players from them in the past but i thought they might be a bit easy, Also i heard something about their ultra's that put me off, can't remember exactly either they are really fickle or have crap atmosphere by Argentine standards
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