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  1. There are a couple of interesting posts on here on team Like Messina, Bari and Catania but they have been totally ignored with everyone getting excited over a Roma Inter or even Juve save, Seriously it's like playing fifa on novice level, your not building or overcoming anything Without trying to sound snob the game is so much more richer when you take a **** team lower down which catches your eye and you learn a bit about the clubs history and culture, you have to actually use your wits and take real gambles when buying players
  2. Ingo Ruiz De Galaretta!! On one of the forums last night where there is talk of a potential return, whether true or not the fact he is in the conversation is fantastic and to see him run out for first team would be very emotional, I can remember back when i first bought Fm years ago and Bilbao only came on my radar because 3 of the best prospects played for them along With Munain and Martinez but you could never buy them because the demanded the 30 odd mill buy out everytime and it made them more exotic because they were unobtainable, Galerreta used to be rated 4 half star by Liverpool and i googled him recently and he was seen as one of the best players for years but suffered horrendous injuries and has become a bit of a forgotton man bouncing around second tier clubs stop starting, But by all accounts he played all season for Las Palmas and now teams are sniffing including Athletic, Even if he doesn't go now as long as he stays fit and keeps this up it will not be long before he returns, he was quoted saying he longs to return home where he loves so it would be a really lovely little story if it does happen one day not to long
  3. Are there any decent pics of the new stadium? The only ones on google images are what looks like CGI
  4. Obviously you can take any team in any division and with enough time turn them in to Champions league winners, and they are the most enjoyable saves, but pound for pound i recently did a Barnsley save and in my second season after promotion to the Championship we won the league cup and i got to an F.A Cup final before i got bored and got the itch for a new team, so not my most enjoyable but probably my most successful
  5. Thank you very much for the response i think that is enough for me to make an exception, to be honest i probably would choose them anyway as i love that Home shirt, and one thing i have noticed on fm is that any player they have had on loan lists Wimbledon as a favourite club so makes me think they must have something about them, as long their they aren't Fulham posh i can live with that
  6. Can anyone tell me, Are Wimbledon supporters middle class? i really fancy a save with them but i can't find out alot about the area and supporters, some google searches say it is really affluent and some not so much, obviously the story is amazing but i have a niggling feeling it is a bunch of well to do people taking on a quaint little project and patting themselves on the back, I need to be managing an underdog not just in club but in the people also and if they are drinking latte's instead of pints then i can't be having that
  7. Thank you for the reply, funny you should mention thogdon because in prep for most of my saves i do dive into you tube videos and i have watched his, he annoy's me tbh i much prefer the one's with the girl not sure about her name, but maybe its because the stadium is too big for them but it reminds me of Lazio when the stadium just has loads of empty spots and they don't seem to create alot of noise, no singing ect just everyone on edge, like i said i do understand as it's been dross but Pompey for example have the same amount of support about 15k but create amazing atmosphere and they have been in similar situation finance/ownership wise
  8. Random choice i know, Ive spent the last few days scouting gd under 21 prospects from the lower divs and academies of top clubs and found the ingredients for a potentially really good northern english team that maybe could compete in prem in 3/4 years time, 3 of these are actually at bolton with Connell,Turner and Broughton and they have alot of potential as a club with the stadium and training facillities, but one thing keeps putting me off of them, the support has been horrendous in real life with hardly anyone turning up and zero atmosphere, i know they have off the field problems but it's been bad for a few years now. On other side i have developed a soft spot forBarnsley, at first i liked Leeds as they were an agressive underdog, then thought they were to big a city so went to Sheff Utd and hen thought the same so my eye has turned to Barnsley, a real underdog in a city living in the shadow of bigger ones, same goes for Bolton Would like to hear of fans of either to give me anymore insight on the supporter culture and passion of the towns that i won;t find on wiki cheers
  9. Do you mean when i save as i add png or jpg because i tried that already
  10. Hello not sure if this is the correct area for this request but seemed most likely but can someone either direct me to a current kit request forum or help me with this kit i have, i have found the Auxerre 02 Playstion kits but when saving them they are in giff and not jpeg so i won't show up in the game, can anyone hellp me?
  11. Does anybody have a link to a specific facepack for France as the general ones don't seem to have alot of the players particular the prospects, doesn't have to b 18/19 ill take anything
  12. How is Riccardo Mansueto, Bentivegna and Alastra on your game i play 17 and have done about 3 Palermo saves and they are all world class potential, Along with D,amico Tafa La gumina, Balough they had unreal U20's on par or maybe better than Atalanta I have just Started up a Lazio save but i used the editor to wipe all the debts of the big 6 so hopefully they will all get stronger/keep there stars and build as i want it as hard as i can i agree it can get easy once you have reached the top. Just wanted to give a shout out to few smaller teams nobody has mentioned if you want a different challenge, I really like small teams with unusually large passionate supporters and there are few floating around Italy,all from the south which adds to the spice as the south has the character and the weather and beauty of Italy, the North is Industrial cold and serious Bari- The birthplace of Antonio Cassano and Leonardo Bonucci, in real life just been relegated to Serie D for financial problems but were a game away from Serie A last year, they have one of the best stadiums in the world which similar to west ham was given to them after 90 World Cup and in a play off game couple of years ago they actually filled it 60,000 thats mental, a bit like scunthorpe playing at wembely, the potential is huge here Lecce- Just Promoted in real life to B but again they have serie A crowds while in Serie C, i really love their Badge but the kit is a bit of an eyesore but that can add to the charm Right down the deepest south of Italy in the 'Florence of the south' really gutsy team when they were last in A and played above themselves and were giant killers beating all the top 6, Another huge Stadium to 40,000 cap Catania- These could be a marmite team, they have arguably the most violent and aggressive supporters in Italy and that's saying something, they killed a policeman in 07 during the Sicilly Derby, really different though in that they don't really assosiate with Italy and when they were in Serie A they had about 80 percent South Americans in the squad, Team play like supporters, aggressive, they appointed Diego Simeone as manager so say's alot, they are in Serie C though so big long challenge ahead to get them back to the top but another team who 'Should' be in serie A
  13. I like that you Chose Catania i have been playing in italy for years mostly Serie A but whenever you brows the lower leagues 2 teams immediately stand out, Lecce with the big stadium and high season ticket holders and Catania, they stayed at back of my mind as a potential future team and i eventually got round to it, and i really got into both teams, they are interesting because there kits are initially ugly by italian standards but they grow on you and in way reflects their status as the rugged underdogs against the slick rich northern powerhouses. One thing i had to comment on though was your non italian signing policy, in real life they sign ALOT of south americans are are seen as a south american city more so than italian, i am the opposite in that i try not to sign any northern Italians and scout all the southern squads for talent and there are a few really good gems, Luca Dilleto,Raul Torregrossa Viscovo, Tummenello, Del Sole, Puntierre, Alagna Volpe, Coppolaro probs more but cant remember top of head The Southern teams are often overlooked but each of them are potential Sleeping giants and they seem to get bigger and more volatile crowds Forza Elephanti
  14. Leeds United. One of the main things i always consider when picking a new team are the supporters, as much as say Fulham are a cute little club with lovely stadium, i could never manage them because they have Hugh Grant and Stephen Fry supporters, you want mental salt of the earth types like a Napoli, So with that i found a little option on the editor called Supporter Profile where the have 5 attributes, Passion Loyalty Temperament Affluence and Patience so ill list the main U.K ones i found to see what people think, a few i am a bit iffy about, ill just list Passion and loyalty as they're the main ones 1. Leeds Passion 19 Loyalty 17 2. Celtic 19 11 3. Palace 18 17 4. Milllwall 18 16 5. Portsmouth 18 12 6. Newcastle 17 17 Liverpool and Villa 16 18 Chelsea 5 the ones i am a bit unconvinced on are Portsmouth only 12 loyalty when they sell out in league 2, Rangers are only 14 for passion and i thought Newcastle and Liverpool might be bit higher
  15. Well that's why i am trying to get a general consensus, i personally do believe 17 is the best but that 15,16,17 are very close together in style, however just because the game may have improved every year technically, fundamentally the game may have been at it's best in previous years, which is what i am interested to find, since a few posts on here are even 14 before is telling that simplicity may be better So while there are more thrills and data each year, hardcore players might say 'actually 14 had better training set up or 15 had better match engine
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