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  1. I really rate him i am surprised no one has come in for him
  2. As a Pompey fan while you're on here another player i have always wondered about was Ronan Curtis, to me he always seems underated- I know he's a league 1 player but again he looks quicker in real life than 13 pace really good dribbler and loads of flair
  3. Yeah i agree that it seem's he has had a bad injury and has lost his pace, so FM is spot on, i was just in doubt because i remember seeing him play (Probably couple of years ago now) and he was electric and checking him out on latest FIFA had me thinking he may still have it I wanted to do a Preston save that pace was crucial in him either being my main man or going on the transfer list so i was just double checking in vain and if someone had confirmed it i would have changed it in the editor guilt free With the stats changing from year to year i can't think off the top of my head bu
  4. Always amused me when on FM some player from the Conference has dire attributes across the board yet will have 18 Composure When they scouted him he must be just casually butchering every single pass
  5. Lairy or what? What a fuss over the most basic and non threatening question on the board As someone else pointed out for you- All i was asking was that anyone who had saw the guy play in real life was able to give an opinion on the Blokes pace Stats can change quite alot from season to season on FM one year a 24 year has 13 finishing then after a good season it's 17- then the year after back down to 15 Point is Pace doesn't change and so even the laziest researchers at both Fifa and FM should be able to have a decent gage and be similar but they are miles off I don't
  6. I am going against type for a change and playing as Burnley with the 442- i have never really mastered it but i think i'm closer with this one, I don't want to be ultra defensive i'm trying to keep it balanced and not touch the team instuctions too much as i prefer to tweek every player individually and i don't want to over ride it (ie my ball winner with 7 passing trying long diags because i set more direct passing The two center mid are fairly basic but the left mid i've tweeked a lot and he is one i am unure of If the right winger is holding t
  7. Anyone watch him IRL because Fifa have his pace at 90 odd but fm has him at 13
  8. This isn't a story or anything like that i just wanted to tell about my exploits with Derry I really wanted a challenge and try a smaller nation as iv'e completed the Big 3 so many times it's like Groundhog Day I am also always on the Lookout for Special kind of team, one that represents something a bit more than football- an us against the world type club (Bilbao,Lazio, Celtic,Millwall) My eye was drawn across the short Irish Sea- Derry are a unique little club as the hail from Northern Ireland yet play in the Republic due to their Religious beliefs and politics- This city isn'
  9. I understand thanks Also when i load up and you are selecting team every team has that 'Continental Cup Qualified For' active because my British Cup has Europe set as status- Does this mean in game that every team has extra status and pulling power because we are seen the same as playing in Europa League or Champions League? that would be annoying Will it still work if i select 'England' as the Country and ditch the Europe And how do you set it so the winner of the Cup Qualifies for Europa League Cheers
  10. Anyone got a decent stadium pic of Ibrox the choice on google is poor- Pref pre season on a summers day the pitch looking emaculate half way up from corner angle lol
  11. Hi- i have set up a British league cup, all is good and veryfied ect but i was wondering how to adjust the levels of entrants from each nation i have 128 teams total and it works out as 64 from each country but i want it so i have 92 from England and 36 from Scotland
  12. I did wonder that with the number of teams i suppose if i has SPL i can tweak the overall number up by 12, ok ill have a look thanks
  13. I still play fm17 so shouldn't be a problem, i am thinking of just adding the 12 Prem Sides
  14. One more thing, Editing existing Cups like adding Scottish Clubs to the F.A Cup- is that straightforward?
  15. Done, oh my god i need a cold bath, i knew it ws something simple but i was doing my head in i couldn't let it go, funny thing is i will be bored of Ireland with in 2 days but never the less being able to add my own Cups has opened up so many doors now Thanks lads i really appreciate that
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