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  1. I don't think i was rude to be honest, all i did was point out that numbers aren't always an example of quality The Goadfather 3 made 3 times more money than the first 2, what does that have to do with anything? I would also argue that far more people and most importantly under 18 year old have laptops now compared to few years ago. And if we are going by numbers, to go by your example, then the numbers at least on this small poll and i am confident another bigger poll suggests the same thing, that 17 is 4 times more popular than the ones that followed So either way you are wrong
  2. People still buy Fifa every year and complain about it, but they have to have it because it's new But eventually they will stop buying and you will have also lost the older school as well
  3. Yes but most of that is just down to needing the latest version because of player updates and everything I think people think we like to moan at anything but the sentiment is that 17 had so much going for it that it was close to perfection, and the creators have chopped away all of the best parts in favour if all the new unnecessary things Like i said earlier the little changes every year are great and i am all for progression, but they have destroyed the lynchpin that holds it all together in the process
  4. Yeah i don't know why 13 slipped in either but regardless 17 is the one that comes out on top all over the place if you search for it. My Guess also is that people posting on the SI forums are all playing the latest version and are still invested so it's going to be a little biased But if you go on other independent forums a lot of people either still play the old ones or have dropped out completely because the newer ones are so off putting
  5. On the Contrary, i have just spent the morning going around a dozen different sites and blogs on google, which is actually what led me to this year old post. And i can assure you that the general consensus is overwhelmingly in favour of FM17 and FM13 with the post 17 versions all considered to have taken a hell of a dive
  6. Would you get displaced for saying something negative about the game i wonder
  7. Bu it is interesting how all your opinions line up and they don't match the public opinion's
  8. If they don't care then why do they always jump in and get involved when people are discussing why the newer versions are crap
  9. Anyone feel like the FM Forums are similar to real life when the government (mods in this case) are really trying to sell the latest implementation of something which annoy people but they really try to convince everyone that this new version of something is better for everyone it's evryone else's problem for not going with the flow. My first edition of FM was 08 i never played the old Cham Managers i had a PS2 so was an LMA boy but i remember getting it and being absolutely blown away by the depth of it, i was addicted from day 1, then every year there would be slight changes and after a few days bedding in period and re adjusting your eyes i always got on board and accepted that the latest version was the better version, it was genuine progression. It wasn't until 14 or 15 that i even knew about graphics packs which just took it to a whole new level, and FM17 was the absolute apex for me Then FM18 dropped and i was completely hit for six, it was a completely different game to me and while i acknowledged all the new features and thought they could be cool, once i got to the match day i thought i was being trolled, is this for real? i thought, where the hell is the 2D? I went on the forums and thought the mods were really quite arrogant about the hoards of complaints at the time, it was kind of, oh well this is the direction we are going in now if you don't like it then tough. So i tried to get a steam refund but was like an hour over the minimum playing time so they wouldn't give me one, that was it for me then i stuck with 17 and continued to do so every year until Jan this year. I would have probably carried on but the problem was i was modifying the database so much to update the transfers that players like Lukaku for example would would transfer from Everton to Inter completely skipping Man Utd and Pochettino would never have been Spurs manager it was getting ridiculous. So i bit the Bullet and bought 21 and i have to say the 2D and match engine has gone up again since the 18 disgrace and i am somewhat enjoying it, but it does feel like i am forcing myself to like it and in back of my head i know it's not as good as 17 still, i haven't even gone 2 seasons into a save yet and i haven't even won anything because i get bored and quit half way through a season I reloaded 17 again yesterday just to see if it was just me and the match was so silky smooth just an absolute pleasure to watch So i think while 21 is a step back in the right direction, i think far to much time is being wasted on all the features when the only thing that should matter is the only thing that has ever matter, the match day experience, i couldn't give a toss who is the most popular player in the dressing room when the games are unwatchable. There is a reason CM 00/01 and the like still have such a cult following, it's the simplicity and using your imagination when watching text/2d make their moves, the 3D is Crap it will never look like Fifa and even if it did it would still lose a lot of it's charm so i don't know why they persist with it, they are playing to the masses and the younger generation but this game was always a thinking mans game and they are being alienated But money talks i suppose Does that Mean Fast and the Furious is a better film than Blade Runner
  10. He still goes to Sheff Utd games and has spoken several times how they are his club, It's really annoying because if you ever try to buy him at Sheff U he refuses to come. This is a basic error that has hasn't been changed for 6 years now, i though FM was supposed to be ahead of the curve
  11. Is there anyway to access it? Mine looks like this
  12. Does anybody know how to access the player position pitch map that used to be on the player information? Bottom Right
  13. Really appreciate this One question is it possible to colour the scoreboard headers
  14. This looks to be as close as you can get the old versions will have to swallow the grey boxes and little 2D Flintstone feet but i can make peace i suppose for now, (ive avoided this game since 17 when the killed 2d) Was still hoping that picture was there in between the highlights as well as before/ht and after but this will definitely do
  15. If anyone does get this up and going can they post screen shots
  16. The tactics screen with the Kits was an extra add on i found somewhere else at the time
  17. Sorry you lot for not replying that skin was The Tempo Skin_update1_2017.rar i think it was a popular one at the time As ive said ive seen a few close ish but nothing on par with that one Yeah the top and side bar does look cool when you re certain clubs like a Celtic where is White on top Green down the side
  18. So i am still playing 17 as the skin i used and the Tactics panel i downloaded looked so good and also helped in in games with regard for info and making adjustments that when i bought 18 and the skin was incompatible i just couldn't get used to it and the new 2d was also playing on my nerves so i have avoided buying the new one every year since But it's got to the point now where i need to upgrade because with the amount of transfers made since and changes in players abilities there is only so much editing i can do to keep up, the younger players are now well into there 20s in real life so the realism is dying, plus i've played the game inside out i know everyone too well Ive taken some screenshots in the hope that someone can point me to an appropriate skin and other add ons to try and get 21 as close to my 17 as i can, the problem with a lot of the skins is that it is bang on in some places but awful in other such as really bold fonts ect So you have your two screens, one for the Squad view player ect and the other for Club info/Player search The tactics panel i downloaded at the time, i can't remember where i got it from or where i installed it to was so long ago In game you had the stadium background still apparent This was in between highlights and so handy for if they switch formation on you are able to make adjustments Anyone have their modern game close to this?
  19. Yeah i forgot to mention that, only allowed 2 non EU in the starting 11 at any time, so snapping up cheap Serbians or South Americans is a Tricky business unless they have a second nationality Yeah Poznan were a real pain for me in my second season i was loving my team we were winning comfortably and then they beat us an never lost i had to go to the last day of the season to win it an only then i got a draw and scraped it- Like i said even with a more talented squad it's still hard to just walk through teams because most of them park the bus in every single game Also i'm playing slightly older FM so don't know what it's like now but the board were so generous with me once i had spent my pittance and gone -8k over drawn a quick board request was accepted every single time pluming me back up to 10-15k in some cases, which considering the state of the finances just endeared them to me even more Blaszkiowski btw is the co owner of the club now along with what i am guessing is his brother or some relative
  20. I jus wanted to do a little on here about Wisla, they have a little bit of a story going on in real life that i read about i'm not sure how commonly known but anyway Basically they have always been one of the top 2 powerhouses in Poland but in the last 5 or so years have gotten into ridiculous debt (25m) or so and have narrowly escaped relegation for the last couple of seasons The romantic part of the story though is that on hearing just how bad the situation was Jacob Blaszyowski Poland captain and ex Dortmund winger asked his current team Wolfsberg to terminate his 40k a week contract so he could sign for Wisla on a token 2k p/w He is now also a director and has brought in his own consortium to run the team I have been to Krakow in real life and we tried to go into the Kracovia Club shop one afternoon where we were rudely told they were'nt open, so we walked the 100 yards or so across the street to Wisla stadium where my dad talked with one of the secutity and he let us into the stadium and we walked around the pitch while he gave a little free tour and history of the club, i thought this was such a lovely little touch and i was fond of them ever since Anyway i finally did a Wisla save and it's really gd the league while lacking quality always use very negative systems so they are hard to break down, you have no money and and average squad bar Jacob, But with a few shrewd loans and frees i did manage to get into Champions league group stage which netted the club about 12m, we even managed to knick 3rd and creep into the Europa which netted even more cash I'm now 2 seasons completed and the debt is 2/3 wiped out and my starting budget for next season is 9m with 70k wages, that is unbelievable and i think i can put together a hell of a team on that you hear people wining the champions league with some Welsh team but it takes like 20 years i don't have time for that for me the challenge is winning the Europa league within 5 which i think would be a hell of an achievement given we will never be able to attract the very best and our highest earner will probably be 10k per week Just an enjoyable save overall and i prefer it to one of the big 4 leagues
  21. That Rosario caught my eye as well I think with like 85 percent of the teams being from Buenos Aires it feels a bit like managing a London Club which i am not keen on, i prefer the smaller provincial cities that still have a strong fan base I always think if you are managing in or around the bigger Cities that you get a luxury of getting cast offs from bigger clubs and i like the idea of being a bit cut off from society and developing players from that region I get what you mean about not really being able to get into the save i really want to the fan culture, type of people Argentines are and the types of players they produce are right up my alley but i think it might be the Copa Libertadores, In Europe there are 3/4 leagues battling out to be the best of the best and maybe five or 6 if you got going with a Benfica or so but in South America it really is only between Argentina and Brazil so even if you take an average team you are still in 1 of the 2 Super Leagues so are always going to be a 'Bully' club continentally I need to watch more stuff and i am definitely interested in that Book, are there any interesting tid bits that make an obscure club that bit more interesting? Newells , River and Independiente are out for me they were all involved in a nasty little scandal
  22. Yeah you have to add the bigger European leagues not only for selling but bringing back those old timer Legends Also quite a few Argentine wonderkids in the Academies in the big leagues you can loan back Turkey, Mex, USA are all rich marks who will pay top whack even for average players you just want to shift
  23. Yeah i've bought so many players from them in the past but i thought they might be a bit easy, Also i heard something about their ultra's that put me off, can't remember exactly either they are really fickle or have crap atmosphere by Argentine standards
  24. After a very long delay i' have finally fired up the Superliga- Maybe the death of Diego has inspired me to pay my respects in my own way Copa Lib is this Thursday as well so i want to get in the spirit In the end although i didn't want to pick an obvious 'Big 5 ' team i kept coming back to Racing Club- they are just the team that has always caught my eye in terms of the kit and just the name Racing has a good ring to it, also quick google showed Diego did in fact manage there once and i trust his taste in Clubs so they must have something about them Media prediction is 4th so upfront the challenge doesn't seem too difficult but the squad isn't amazing (loads of ball wining midfielders) but defence Aand wingers are very average and i started with 400k and minus 10k wages so plenty to do One thing that caught my eye when i went on the south america financial rankings is that only 2 Argentine teams are in the top 15 for turnover Boca/River but the Brazilian teams are streets ahead about 40m and ourselves are on 2m which is the equivalent to bottom half Scottish SPL teams So my aim isn't just to win but to try and generate some serious cash and if i can be kind and spend it within the league to help our brothers out One little trick i've already tacked onto is offering my wonderkids out on loan with large monthly fees and i'm getting plenty of takers and in some cases much better leagues, so i get the double wammy of making a million in loan fees while they develop in a better league No played a league game yet but backroom staff are in place an i'm still getting to know the squad
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