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  1. you are correct, this is a downloaded tactic which i used from the start of the pre season and with those 2 mezzalas i reached the top of the league. thank you you for the input
  2. I will post it but i got in the same situation with 3 different tactics. i tried to fix/overcome it on my own so i tried few saves and then i realized it wasn't a tactic issue. this is the latest one. the wingers man mark opposite DLR
  3. Hey, so I'm managing a newly promoted club Hungerford to Vanarama National, we start the season everything is going good I'm at the top of the league, and then all of a sudden my team stops scoring and winning. I realize we are overachieving and players start being complacent. how do I avoid/overcome this situation? I use only one tactic. pep talks and shouts are by the staff member with the highest motivation attribute. any further details will be gladly shared, just ask thank you
  4. Hey, I play in the Israeli league and I need to assign squad numbers each match no matter which competition/cup. auto number doesnt work it really sucks
  5. Hello, I'm playing with a club in serie B in Italy and out our budget is very small. how do you guys decide which one to sign without scouts or scouts with low judging attributes? on 1st of july there are a lot of releases. how do you filter out the bad ones and sign the youngsters with good future prospect thanks in advance
  6. Hi Andy, thank you for these tactics. i'm having good results with Arsenal. i'll try with a weaker club next.
  7. Okay, i have a save point the day i won the south league. I'll revert to it and start offering trials to releases players. I'll report back Thanks
  8. no, i don't use trials, i use scout reports and the "playing time" they want when offering them a contract. first team/key players are the ones i sign but unfortunately i cant seem to find them so i sign young players that were released from clubs in higher division who are "hot prospects" . those hot prospects earned me a promotion to Vanarama premier but now it doesn't work. i tried reloading and signing new hot prospects but it didn't work.
  9. yes, not the youth one package. any tips on signing quality players after promotion with the scouts i have? thanks
  10. thanks for the quick reply. i let a staff member who has the highest motivating attribute. now it's the AM who has 14 motivating attribute DOF = Director of football? https://mega.nz/#!wpwV2KrA!bdunhiGzmMsdWhlP4A0wHqMqMEhPkg1TsUYKUeWHVA8 here you can download the save i don't think it's the tactic because in a different save with a different tactic i managed to get promoted in the first season i had the same second season syndrome. thanks
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