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Can't select my preffered scout for next opposition report???

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Hey Guys,

Really strange one this...

I've brought in a specific scout to do the next opposition reports....trouble is there is no way that I can see to choose the scout that does it? It keeps defaulting to a different scout. Any ideas?


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The game automatically decides who will scout your next opposition, I think where possible it chooses your senior scout, but I don't know what it does to choose between ordinary scouts. Yet another annoying, non-realistic issue with the game. What happens if I want a second opinon??

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So lame. I guess the only thing to do is edit stats using save game editor. For such an appointment part of the game this is quite an oversight! Surely this can be declared a bug of sorts? A simple drop down menu to select the preferred scout could be put in? Since when should the AI decide what's best unless it's told to by the user! Not cool.

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