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  1. It seems like the community has regressed and is now treating the game as a physics simulation. I even see long term streamers whine over them losing games based on what they see in the 3D engine. This is a MATH game, it takes REAL WORLD football statistics and tries to create math that creates X number of corners, crosses, free kicks, goals, goalkeeper mistakes, tackles and all that. That math create a set of game data and afaik that is converted into 3D/2D view data at the time of viewing. You can complain about the match engine having to few crosses, to many, but I suggest you do it based on statically significant data and not just because you have feelings, because the community and mods is not very good at feelings around here, even if things does get statically significant if enough people post about it. We used to have this animation where goalkeepers would grab the ball and then walk over the back line, it looked HORRIBLE stupid, but if you checked the statistics for corners the game was generating the right range of them, the 3D view just didn't have better ANIMATION for creating corners. That we in 2023 have influx of high ball odd looking defender reaction DOES NOT MEAN that the Match Engine has a bug in it that calculated that your players FAILED to defend, it means the 3D engine has an animation bug, it took them many years (I think it was in 2022 it was removed) before they removed the goalkeeper animation of walking over the back line, so not sure if this is going to be the new "normal". If the community at large is no longer accepting that FM isn't a physics engine based football simulator, maybe that the world has moved past finding spreadsheets fascinating.
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