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  1. Miravlix

    Axel müller model citizen

    You do know that you can specify model citizen as a search parameter? Or simply type in the name in the search box for this named individual. The FM18 scouting system doesn't really work with cloak and dagger posts, as nothing is really hidden, it just ends up being about fooling people that don't know the game so well.
  2. Miravlix

    Game feels "scripted"

    FM isn't much of a game, it is some kind of statistics emulator, but it only does it well with just AI managers. Throw in us players that can rig injuries, motivation, tactics and depending on how good you are at it, you can turn Barcelona into a relegation team or consistently turn Leicester into Champions. While that might not technically means it's scripted, it sure feel like you can feed the right script to the ME and control the outcome.
  3. Evertons goalkeeper does need to be subbed with a injury a time or two during a season.
  4. Morale is one value that can effect a player negatively, but I'm talking about the semi hidden motivation value. The game has nervousness, stress, complacency and whatever the opposite of complacency is. This can ruin your teams performance on the pitch, the worst mistake I see people making is over motivating the team (because people blindly think getting green response is good in team talks), resulting in the team trying to hard and being unable to score and getting direct red cards. How the hell can you explain direct red cards from world class players if it's not something else than tactics at play? 120+ game unbeaten run with Everton playing a simple 4-1-2-3 Wide DM formation in Prem League says consistency is all about team talk.
  5. A single loss can spiral your team out of control, if you don't know how to play the team talk mini game. You can win Prem with Crystal Palace in the first season, if you get the team talks right, but you can also see people manage Man Utd, that the AI can control and make it win league and champions cup, towards a relegation battle, if you don't know how to react right in team talks to get the best out of the team. It's a major problem around here that my Messi isn't the same as your Messi because team talks can make him perform in an insanely wide range that he can get 5.x score to 10. We don't have a stable baseline to compare against.
  6. I wouldn't call players like Ross Barkley (3 star), Michael Keane (3), Jordan Pickford (3½), Gylfi Sigurdson (2½), Morgan Schneidelin (2½) and Brendan Galloway (3) amazing players. (Gylfi and Morgan has age problems, but none of them was ever world class players, though they sure did a good job of pretending to be) I do have Almamy Touré, I think he could be one of the best attacking full backs in FM18, Niklas Süle is Keane's CD companion, he does get 4 stars, but only has 50% CD/D role suitability. My attack has André Silva (4½), Hirving Lozano and Harry Wilson (Both 4 stars), so pretty good up front, but they run around in "safe" location's so it doesn't matter much defensively when they loss the ball. Very Fluid does mean the AMR/L harress the opposition attack buildup, it might be a key factor in creating the stupid pass my defenders can anticipate and intercept. I've tried players like Tom Davis (World Class Player), but he more helpful to the opposition than our team, if used in MC, he will try passes that get intercepted and result in catching my entire team out of position or as DM/D he just got two yellow cards in the last match. I think the reason Ross works, is he runs with the ball, then pass dangerously, but the possible interception is in a much safer location. I'm at a complete loss as to why Gylfi worked in MCL, he is horrible in AML (that is where the AI will play him), but is a legend at the club with him topping the performance charts. He is basically our Iniesta, think he might actually have outperformed Iniesta. Gylfi and Ross is either legged that does tend to make the players OP in FM, except in case of free kicks, why either legged players don't use the optimal leg for free kicks has to be the only time either legged fails to be useful.
  7. I picked up the Everton job at the start of the game and have slowly improved the squad, though was a lot faster than I expected, 2nd in first season one match from winning the league and league and champions cup winner for 4 seasons in a row after that. 2nd season did feel like an accomplishment, but at some point during the run I started to win matches with the opposition team getting 0 shots, in the current season the opposition has scored 4 goals against us and we have scored 78 and we are in February... That seems utterly insane. Control, Very Fluid, something like a 4-1-2-3 Wide DM or a 4-1-1-4 Wide DM. Play Out of Defense, Close Down More, Retain Possession. FB/S CD/D CD/D FB/A - Close Down Less on the CD/D's DM/D or DLP/D as DM Mes/S AP/A IF/S IF/S CF/A Not sure if it's needed, but I used more direct passing on the AP/A to ensure we score goals against parked the bus team (That is actually everyone now, whatever it's Man Utd or Barcelona they start defensively in formation like 3-6 WB or 4-1-4 and other awful number of players on their half. ) Result: Something like a 90 match unbeaten run... (That is only league if you don't know how the stat works.) My hot prospects and backup players play the league cups and they haven't had any luck for most of the seasons so far. Think we won in 2nd. My u23 and u18 (AI manager) uses the same tactics and is winning everything too. u18 just destroyed another team 0-10 and that is just whatever random newgens we got, I don't poach the best u18 players in the world and stuff them in my u18 team. Not sure the tactics would work if I loaded up a fresh game with Everton, the team has gained so much experience it's beyond unrealistic, I still have to deal with pressure, stress and especially complacency problems, but it's a lot less than if they players was inexperienced. On the pitch the other team play the ball around until we scare them into a bad pass resulting in an interception (At least I think that is what it looks like in the ME). Man Utd got 8 shots in the last game against us, while the formation is 9 players on own half, they don't start defensive, most of the rest of the league start defensively and get 0 shots, so kinda easy to defend. Only real challenge is team talks so I can battle pressure, stress and complacency problems, with the tactics it's all about either my team bothering enough to win or motivation problems resulting in them rescuing a draw. Still, seems like I'm hitting some ME flaw, resulting in my defense shutting down attacks flawlessly.
  8. Sounds like a team talk issue, your team is trying to hard to win the match and the over eagerness is resulting in lacking the clinical finishing. Secondly the red card also suggest that the team is way over motivated.
  9. Team Talk and Press Conference is weirdly undervalued around here for some reason, but in my experience it's far too important for the teams performance. If you find the right balance to demand enough, but not to much of the team you can turn mid to bottom level English Prem league teams into teams that win the league and Champions cup year after year. At the moment my Everton team has won league and champions cup 5 times in a row and is working on sixth, with players like Ross Barkley, Gylfi, Morgan, Keane and Pickford as the core players from the starting squad. Pressure can utterly destroy the teams ability to play, making them make mistakes and being unable to score goals, but the real performance killer is motivation, complacency is a dangerous enemy when you haven't lost a game in the last 70 matches, but if I assertively demand the team go win the next math I end up with them being over motivated and desperate to win resulting in equal bad performance. Motivation is not an on off button, it's more like a value from 1-20 and the optimal is 10, if it's below 10 they are complacent and if it's above 10 they try to hard and play badly. This makes having a squad with the same hidden attributes vital, if you have players with widely different hidden attributes, it's impossible to give a team talk because you will always destroy half the teams ability to play, while making the other half over archive. If you as manager know the team has low pressure handling, it's not a problem because you can tailor your team talk to deal with it. Team talk is a really hard part of the game to figure out, especially because getting all green responses is NOT the same as it being the optimal team talk, sometimes at half time getting all red responses is the best team talk to counter messing up the start of game one.
  10. Miravlix

    Harry Kane

    I doubt it has anything at all to do with tactics, it's most likely a over or under motivation issue. The game make players doing well complacent, so it's your job as manager to know how to team talk them into performing anyway, but be careful, not sure how it's coded, but lets say each player has a motivation stat that can be any value from 1-20, optimal is 10, below 10 they are complacent and not putting in enough effort to play their stats, but over 10 is just as bad, they will get more and more desperate to perform resulting in horrible performance as they try to hard to win, direct red card tackles and strikers that can't score. Another factor is pressure, even Messi can be reduced to a nervous wreck if you don't handle press conferences and team talks to mitigate the pressure the players is under. The last factor is confidence, a striker that hasn't scored in a while will need babying to re-gain his confidence.
  11. I think assist flagging is broken in FM18, I have seen the wrong player credited with assists (not fixed in 18.2.1, even if some patch note said so). My last game had my striker shooting and hitting the bar and the rebound resulted in another player scored, but my defender got credit for an assist. The assist on pen seems to use a rule set we can't figure out, because sometimes pen is an assist and sometimes it's not.
  12. Miravlix

    Staff Settings Question

    Sounds like you have overlooked a setting. The game has some weird bug where you have some hidden manager doing transfer's and loan listing of players in the secondary team, but if you get a news item it's must be a responsibility issue. Transfer (Outgoing) Handle/Finalise incoming offers for players in your First Team (or second line Youth Team). The second options is the player->Transfer menu it can be set to reject/accept deals. Asking Price Unspecified --- When a transfer offer is is received.... I'll respond myself (But it can be set to reject all and many other settings)
  13. In the FM drop down menu in a running game, it has "Detail level". Game creation confuses me, so not sure how detail level is set at that time.
  14. The game doesn't seem to take up much RAM with all leagues loaded. 2.2 GB for my 5 year old save. (Number of players loaded can slow transfer windows down a bit.) Detail level is the main issue, but not in RAM, but in cost of processing other teams matches. If you don't select maximum detail level for the other leagues, the teams won't have played full matches, but use a faster and very unrealistic way to decide who wins matches. The game does have to do a massive amount of calculation if you go with full detail + loading everything, so it take a lot longer to pass the time. The good thing is that you can change detail level at any time, so you can try different setups.
  15. Miravlix

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Don't worry to much about FFP wage rise rules, I went over by 73m Euro and the game gave me a few million in fine, nothing else. I'm not sure what Evertons problem with wage rise is, I've never had the problem before and has played Spurs in previous FM's where I kept handing out DoF negotiated new contracts every time the staff suggested it, but never heard anything about wage rise issues. With FM18 and Everton, I'm extremely frugal and don't give out new contracts without being close to the end of the old one and I just can't keep things under control, players like Tom Davis goes from 200K to over 1m in wage (André Silva World class Striker gets 900K)