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  1. I retrained Gedson Fernandes as a DR and just got the feedback that told me he had perfected the ability to play the position, checking his profile I can see he is natural. Days later the Training report arrives: Stop Position Training Gedson Defender(Right) "Won't develope beyond acomplished"
  2. Anyone else getting told that some defender or other is the most dangerous player on the opposing team? Admittedly the ME is so broken that top goalscore is usually CD's because of corner headers, but even without that glaring problem, the game seems generous to defenders and it seems weird neither AI teams or my own can generate star players in other positions. Amazingly not even backs can compete with the super CD's in this years game and DM's is still ignored, even while having them has a profound impact on the ME, but it's like the ME is coded to say "okay this team has one or more DM's, so -20 attack ability for the other team, but that doesn't give the DM any score.
  3. Harry Kane got a 1-3 days training injury In the press questions it first asked me if he was going to play... Next question was that he wasn't going to play... Result: Player dived straight into Red Morale and was useless in the match. This keeps happening with injuries that say the player is out, but that isn't true, injections is also pointless because the player doesn't know he can play, so it's ALWAYS bad to inject as the player will be useless on the pitch anyway.
  4. So a player return from injury, should I always micromanage and set them to train injury recovery or only long term injuries? Can I just add them to u23 games until fit or should I micromanage that so he plays 20/45/60/90 depending on condition/match sharpness? (I only get told before my first team game how much to play them, so how do I guess how long to play them?) I just had a player go crazy on me, because he didn't get enough playing time, but since he kept getting injured every time I played him, it wasn't like I had a choice, so should I always ignore the medic advice and play them 90 minutes to get them fit faster or ensure they get an injury to avoid a lockerroom riot?
  5. I finally figured out why the throw-in setup is so annoying... It only work's for bullet throws? Another thing that has never worked since it was introduced in the game.
  6. It's entirely possible to play VERY defensive attacking football. I wonder why they insist of calling it attacking and defending, what is is is high risk or low risk football. You can play low risk attacking and high risk defensive football.
  7. What type of 3 months are you talking about, because FM18 is still buggy as hell if you start it up right now and was never fixed. The seems to think as long as it doesn't crash to desktop, it's not worth investing the money in fixing most problems. We have problems reported several years ago, that still exist in FM19.
  8. Things is getting seriously weird with match schedules. 5 week pre-season: First two weeks is empty as expected. 3rd week is Community shield. (Bit early?) 4th week is two PRM league matches. 5th week is an offer from Bayern for a friendly and another PRM match. 6th week again two PRM league matches. 7th week Euro Super Cup and a PRM match. I'm really not seeing how I can be doing EPL matches in pre-season and I don't think they usually start with two EPL matches pr. week? 2/112022 Champions Cup Grp Stage match. Next match is on 31/12/2022. Nice two month winter break?!??
  9. If for any reason the game get stuck talking to steam, there is no clear indication if it has a timeout or there is any way short of terminating the game to continue. Apparently pressing ESC had an effect and closed the in-game Steam related window.
  10. I find it a complete useless waste of time... My team has two and even a few three matches pr. week, the AssMan is completely useless in slotting in the training, all the players is constantly complaining about lacking this or that training, because all the matches we play has no value and steal all the training slots, so I get 2-3 training sessions pr. week. If the useless AssMan could at least handle it smartly enough to make the few slots focused enough to keep the team happy and not doing it by not slotting in recovery days after matches, that would at least make me okay with the system, and to make things perfect the stupid designer THINKS that OBSCURITY is GREAT design, so I have no freaking clue how to manage it any better than the assman.
  11. The game keeps suggesting training the same PPM then suggest removing it, then suggest training it. I think it has been like that since early beta.
  12. The deep-lying playmaker's inability to hit the target *yadaYada* Statestics 2(100%) Shots On Target So 100% shots on target is the same as an inability to hit the target. *FMLogick*
  13. Get Creative (Inspired), Demand More (Focus), Show Passion (Fired up) seems to always result in showing a positive response from all players. Concentrate, Encourage, Tighten Up, Push Forward result in a negative effect on most players when used as a team shout. I think some of the shouts is meant for single person that has complacent, anxious or nervous body language, but since the interface to single target shouts is bloody awful, I've not done much testing. Push Forward might only work for very attacking and on a goal keeper. I've not had it result in a non-negative response from all players when used as a team shout.
  14. We don't know why EPL teams sucks, is it the lack of winter break, is the league so hard to breaks the players... There is many guesses, but no one actually knows why England suck, so because on paper everything look fine, the simulation gets it wrong, so what can they do than wait for the day someone figure out why what seems like 5-6 worldclass EPL teams can't deal with what seems like lower level continental teams.
  15. After playing a while with the full release version, I'm starting to be concerned that the AI can't pick a bench to get out of a wet paper bag. I started noticing they never subbed the players doing badly and was wondering why, so I had my AssMan pick teams and watched what AI teams had on the bench and the selection is AWFUL, no defenders, 6 attackers and a goal keeper, so when my team destroys the defenders they never have anyone to replace them. My team has Lindelof a CD DR player, but the AI doesn't even put him on the bench, it picked some youth DR and a DL, no DC's. GK, DL, AMR, ST, MC/AMC, DR, ST/AML Two strikers on a 4-2-3-1 Wide?? The AI teams all come with ultra defensive setups and no focus on a defensive bench???