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  1. I could write a 100 page post on what I would like improved, it's like SI only bother to fix something if it breaks the game, if you can still hit Continue, it's like it just doesn't get considered worth giving love. Like I've gotten my club to be the best in the world, with an incredible squad of super stars (actually ran into the problem that my hot prospects grew up and I had two A teams worth of stars, broke the budget), but for some reason I feel like my club is a feeder club to all those clubs that fail to beat me, I keep getting non-negotiable bid's BELOW there value for my key players... Both Pogba and De Gea left for PSG for silly low bids and I couldn't get the player to stay and even while I kept winning everything, I keep getting those damn non-negotiable low bids and have to take or accept a lockerroom riot when I reject it. I don't get why the game is even coded to do this stupid crap, I've never seen anyone bid on Messi, unless the player was made available by the club.
  2. This has bothered me for many years now, I keep thinking I should use AM, but in game I get a better ratio of shots from AP, that is SUPPOSED to not shoot long shots. It's so extreme that AM's only shoot a few long shots pr. season, instead of an AP that fire off a few pr. game. BTW: This has been true for 17 and perhaps before too, always been something weirdly broken about the AM.
  3. Wow, okay you didn't get the lack of ambition joke, fine, so I explained it and now you keep going with this crap. The Lack of Ambition thing is JOKE, because the devs decided to use it in the game. It's NOT meant as you lack ambition or anything like that. It's only supposed to result in a haha funny response. FFS some people seriously need to stop with taking things so seriously. Another joke word play since you insist on being offended, I better point it out.
  4. Try scheduling Set Piece training all pre-season then randomly plot in friendlies and depending on where the matches get put, you might end up never training delivery, because the match always butcher the schedule with no intelligence involved in trying to handle it. It should randomly generate the order of sessions, so if you mostly play Sunday matches, it isn't always the same 3 days of sessions you loss. I think any top club that end up playing 2 matches pr. week all year, should prolly switch to custom schedules with General-Overall sessions, just to make sure you don't risk never trianing goalkeepers or teamwork, because of the more narrow focus of the other type of sessions. (I haven't actually checked if General->Overall actually means all attributes is trained, if it's missing any, you might need to micromanage it even more, to avoid weird cases where you end up rarely training first touch or something.)
  5. It was a league match, nothing to do with champions cup, so the match has nothing to do with the generated questions. It's weeks ago I qualified for the next round in Champions Cup, it is so long ago it had the draw for the next stage and matches where scheduled. 2nd place in the league played the day before and drew 0-0, that is when I won the league, so again nothing to do with the match, but the fact I won the league would be my guess as to why the game thinks I'm eliminated from Champions Cup and that I won Champions Cup. The save was started in the pre-release beta and has only been modified by FM. I've not even installed the official tools yet.
  6. The press is seriously confused. Q: Despite Man Utd's 2-1 Champions Cup Quarterfinal Second Leg Aggregate win over FCP, your side have been eliminated from the competition, Just how disappointed are you? wtf!! I'm not eliminated, I have matches against FC Bayern coming up. Later in the same Press conferance: Q: What impact do you think lifting the Champions League trophy will have on Kieran Tierney over the comming weeks? I haven't won the Champions League, I won the league though, before I played the match that I though I had to win to win the league, I guess there isn't enough games left in the season for the other team to catch up. I jumped out of the press conferance and saved and uploaded it, so the game should return to the question about getting eliminated.
  7. I have two players, one was "born" as natural in a position. The other was trained to be natural at the position. They have the same attributes. So why is the trained guy yellow in role suitability? According to stars for the position, they are both 4½ star, so why is the game giving me a yellow role rating when they seem to be equal? Is there anything making the yellow guy worse than the other guy? Is role suitability completely bogus and only time it matters is if you sign a guy with a promise to play them in the preferred role? Real Players Position Andreas Herra ManU player has horrible stats for BBM/S, but that is his natural role and it seems every year the game has really really odd "natural" role suitabilities, that has nothing to do with the players attributes. Seems to me that there is this flawed build in static real world scouted role on players that is completely divorced from reality of the players scouted attributes. If it was based on stats, Pogba would be BBM/S and Herra DLP/D, but instead Pogba is the "natural" DLP/S and Herra is a really really really crappy BBM/S.
  8. The game doesn't implement anything related to the real world Hard Brexit, you don't get less money or have a harder time buying BMW's or anything else that can result from it. Part of the reason they are leaving is to take control of the WP system, but that isn't something leaving EU in a hard or soft way effects.
  9. You don't play this game much I take it, if you have never encountered the "lack of ambition" trope. His performance did drop, it just didn't drop enough for it to bother you. LUCKY YOU that he didn't cost you a game.
  10. Uhm, go back and read his first post. He didn't say anything about weight.
  11. That is because you lack ambition. Unhappy Alisson is not as good as a happy Alisson that is a fact of game mechanics, just because he is good enough for you, does not equal that he isn't worse off being unhappy.
  12. Well, my team is winning *everything*, so I'm not going to risk morale problems, especially from a goalkeeper. The new one has won us many games with super saves, something an unhappy Da Gea couldn't do, because low morale will lead to less inspired performances.
  13. So "count as first team matches" is more like saying that a 100 $ bill and a 1$ is the same because they both is money?
  14. Part of the reason for brexit is to take control of the WP system, so the WP system isn't really part of brexit. Whatever UK decides to allow EU players in the UK has nothing to do with EU. The rules you quoted is simply the current rules without an exception for EU players.
  15. That doesn't really help with the real problem of the automatic scheduling getting butchered and what sessions is left might miss goalkeepers for most of the season or result in the players wanting more quickness training, because matches keep being schedules to remove that part of the automatic training.. We are back to FM18 training where the best training is using every session on balanced and the new training system is stupidly complicated without giving us players ANYTHING.
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