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  1. Barca simply shouldn't be selling Fati no matter the bid, he is a top 5 players in the world and HG Spanish, why would a Spanish team like Barca ever sell him, only thing less insane would be like selling a young Messi. You should at least pay 300+ to force a board enforced sale.
  2. 209m Kylian Mbappe from PSG to Barcelona. I get 30+ goals out of him played as False 9. 340m When De Gea wanted to leave my restored and winning MU side for PSG that won nothing. First PSG bid, no Top Target or anything and De Gea refused to stay, so I bought Donnarumma for 340m as replacement (They didn't accept bids until I triggered a board overrule). I don't get it, there shouldn't be a reason for De Gea to leave a restored MU, we were back to being the number one team in the world, but somehow PSG, not Barca, not Real Madrid, can bid below value and unseat the player in the first try.
  3. No it's not the law. If I kill you and get convicted for it, I am a murder, up until the second my appeal is successful, not when I file the appeal.
  4. This seems weird, so some guy get charged with a crime and convicted, but you are saying that is fake because he/she filed an appeal? I'm fairly sure as it STAND right now, Man City is BANNED, that is the FACT right now, whatever a future appeal change that is pointless until the appeal is successful. Even more insane is that Man City is CLEARLY convicted right now and hasn't even filed an appeal yet, so SI's ONLY argument should be that they couldn't get around to implementing it.
  5. You don't understand the games rating system. A GK can get fantastic rating by being bad, if the opposition players keeps failing to challenge him. All the rating is majorly based on HOW BAD THE OTHER TEAM IS, not on how good your team is. The worse the opposition performance, the better score your team gets. You can't get score for assist unless someone scores, you can't get key passes unless someone fail to defend, a GK can't get good score unless the opposition fails to get the ball past him. If you can't score against a low quality goalkeeper, the FAULT is ALL about your players, not that the GK has super powers, it's that your players is playing like crap, so the attributes of the GK is enough to let him save shots. The game doesn't check if it was a good or bad save, it simply give him score for saving.
  6. The winter update does seem to contain some fixes for B team, my B team hired a Tech Dir and a Loan manager, something that used to be broken, I don't quite get why the game hired them as I'm in charge of B team staff, but before (the winter patch) when I tried to hire someone I couldn't find the B Tech Dir and B Loan Manager job in the list of jobs. I still can't play my senior players on the B team outside the transfer window and I think my B team players can't tell the difference between playing for Barca's senior or B team, so I have 5* players being happy playing for the B team regularly. Only the second I move them to the B team does it seem to have a check that result in the player noticing and my Captain shut's them up. (I don't intentionally move 5* players to the B team, but one of the young signings that I thought was 3ish* PA, seem to have developed or been wrongly scouted and was a bit better than I realized when I moved him.) There is no problem with moving a player to the B team in regard to the welcoming system. There is a problem with parking a player in the B team and playing him on the Senior team, because after 10 matches on the Senior team he gets moved to the senior team squad, so you can't use the 2 extra FGN slot on the B team to hold a regularly playing Senior team player.
  7. We have to be careful, no team becomes an overnight super power simply by winning stuff. PSG and Man City got insane amount of cash from a single owner and I do think the game has "super takeovers", but I'm not sure if the game supports making the next PSG/Man City type club. Barca, Real Madrid and Man Utd is gigantic economical clubs because they had so many years to build it up, a team like Lazio to get the same would take 20-50 years of being a top club to get to the same level. There is no way they should get massive hikes from a insignificant 3 year run. Come back when you have been a top club for 20+ years and if the wage budget still isn't up to the top club level, yeah then something might be wrong. As a gamer, sure I would love making an overnight super club, but that is not how FM works, since you don't get that in the real world, SI isn't bothering to support some of the gamey things we can do, they are still just trying to create a real world sim, not a game.
  8. Just earlier I was wondering why we can't analyze GK's and focus on feat/hands depending on what the GK isn't good at. I would think that is something everyone does in real football.
  9. 17 Finishing is an USELESS attribute in 1v1 situations. I'm not sure it's used at all. It's mostly about Composure and Decision making whatever a player can get past the GK to score in 1v1. This is why Leon Bailey and Barca's Dembele is crap 5 star players, both of them has amazing technical/speed attributes, but is completely useless as they keep making the wrong choices and can't handle pressure.
  10. It's not based on the attribute, the game thinks of "effort" put into training the second he start showing the upward trending arrows, he is putting in enough effort on that attribute and you no longer need to focus it. Most people think focusing an attribute means you can raise that attribute, but you don't get some 15 year old youngster to have 20 in dribbling at 26, by focusing the attribute, he will have 20 in dribbling at 26 no matter if you focus it or not, the "focus" training seems fairly pointless and I just can't figure out if it does anything for most attributes. The game seems to create fast players, after some year, EVERY SINGLE match report mention how fast the other team is, so the game's default favors making everyone fast, so I'm not sure if my tendency to train u18 players in quickness is making any difference, but that is the only focus training I bother with, but I have no idea if I'm fooled because the game make them fast anyway.
  11. I can play six of the B team players on the Senior team pr. match, this result in allowing a club with a B team to have 5 foreign players, 3 registered for the senior team and 2 registered for the B team. (Seems a bit funky, but that is how it works in game) I can not play my Senior team players on the B team outside of the transfer window, this seems really strange as I've seen senior players regain match fitness by playing on the B team in the real world. FM also seems to have a lot of issues with the two clubs in one, you place ad for staff, but get no "we have placed an add" or the email about applicants. The Senior club can't seem to see the B team players in many situation, they have no reaction to players being sold if they are in the B teams squad and I have some issues with the strength of the club, because my senior players seems unable to see B team players, but if I loan players out my senior team fans gets unhappy, it seems they evaluate the players as B Star Players, but then forget the B and react like I was loaning out Messi. Doesn't seem to matter what age or squad status the player has, so I have a ton of problems trying to develop youngsters without fan reaction problems. I don't think the dev center can see the B team players, my current B team seems like it's strong enough to maybe be a mid table La Liga team, some of the players has star rating that should make them show up as Senior team prospects in the dev center, but the only reaction is to constantly tell me all the u19 players should be in the B team, no matter the u19 players star rating, especially GK seems broken where they keep telling me to move ALL GK to the B team, even if they are blue star players. The dev centers recommendation seems to lack the ability to evaluation spot competition, so even while the B team has 10 right backs and the squad promoted u19 players would be the 11 in the selection order and it would result in the u19 team having no rick backs, it still keep spamming me with moving them. Loans recommendation has the same problem, the game wants to loan out ALL the u19 players resulting in having no squad left. Also when the game recommend moving a player to the B team, they say to make them available for the u19 team, but the u19 team never use the players even while it is the strongest player for a position. The make available for squad mechanics seems broken on B team players, basically the menu says make available for 90 minute for the Senior team, but what that means is make available for the B team and you have to make them unavailable for the Senior team to stop the B team from playing them in case you need them on the Senior team. The selection email about what players to make available for B team, is broken, the two drop down menu contain the same squad menu as you get on B team players, but that doesn't work for selecting Senior players for the B team. Right clicking on a player name and selecting them for the B team doesn't work either, I then have to go to the "already selected for B team" and make everyone available a second time, before they are part of the next B team match. It seems like if I make someone a star player and put him in the B team, he thinks he is getting star player playing time from playing enough B team matches. They don't seem to realize they are playing on the B team, except for the second you move them, that can result in a reaction. If the B team is in a non existing league things seems broken, they play no matches, don't arrange friendlies, but everyone has 100% match fitness. If you have a B team in one of the games build in leagues, you can manually add it and the next season it works like a normal league team, but for B teams outside the build in leagues you are SOL and the team seems to be stuck in limbo even while you have massively improved its quality to the point it should have made it a League 2 team. I made the mistake of not adding the B team league (League 3) and this resulted in the B team manager leaving the team, now the Senior teams Chairman is supposed to hire the Manager, but it never does. Also several staff roles of the B team is not available in the list when you try to manually sign people, so you can't sign a B team Loan Manager, because that is NOT a job in the list. You can sign B team staff manually, even the manager (even while manager is supposed to be the Chairman's job that you can't take over) You can't see B teams coach assignment's, rest setup, that is all AI controlled (But it works if it's a reserve team and not a B club). You can do individual training.
  12. Guys, you are Necroing a thread about 2010 REGENS, the game used a different system to what we have now. We now have a newgen system, so most of the responses is completely nonsense, as you are responding with newgen data, instead of the regen data the original thread was based on.
  13. The beta is broken, my Loan Manager keeps accepting loan bids for u19 players, but I am in charge of loans.
  14. Since I can't do most of what a real world team could do, the first "choice" was forcing a 3 defender setup without fullbacks, but I don't think this can work at all, you need players in ML/WL/DL to defend. So now I'm trying a 4-4-2, but it seems to me the team is defending better as a 4-2-4 Wide (this does not compute). I loss the game playing 4-4-2 scoring some goals, but win with a landslide 4+ goals vs 0 opposition goals in a 4-2-4 Wide. So I'm stuck with my "weak" midfield because it's stronger than other things I try, this ME is disappointing.
  15. I have a player complaining about not enough quickness training during the season, but now during pre-season he is complaining about to much quickness training. I don't get how the same player can complain about too much and too little at the same time. The training system isn't detailed enough for this kind of idiotic player reaction, it's hard enough just dealing with training demands, now I have to find some small window, with ZERO data to help me create a training schedule that is enough but not to much.
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