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  1. Soo many bugs B Clubs is broken and have been for years. I have a player that complain about too little quickness training so I add ONE quickness training to the next week and now he is complaining about to MUCH quickness training. I have to deal with thousands of inbox msgs from this one player due to this, it's too damn much.
  2. I beat top teams by going attacking, Atletico madrid 8-1, Real Madrid 6-0, but I loss matches against weaker teams with the same tactics. If I use a more defensive tactics I can win against the weaker teams, but get owned against stronger teams. That seems so wrong, why would defensive be better at dismantling defensive teams and why would my highest wins be against the best opposition. The ME just seems entirely broken.
  3. Youtube keeps flooding me with 2019 FM videos. I guess everyone has just given up on FM20. It's over, SI poor update practice has resulted in people having no faith on FM20.
  4. Something is broken with PSG's in game, resulting in his club being considered to much of a joke compared to them to be a rival. It would take 10+ years (if it's possible) to get strong enough for any French club to compete with PSG and become a rival. (I think the coefficency system is on a 10 year timer?) This is also shown in PSG ability to unseat players with low bid on star players from top clubs, the only reason Messi isn't moving to PSG every game, seems to be the fact that PSG doesn't bid on him, they seem able to unseat every single player they have bid on, no matter what top club I manage.
  5. They can play for the B team, but only during transfer windows, so I think B teams is bugged and while it should be legal to have A team players to use the B team as a reserve team to get A team fit, the check outside the transfer window is bugged. I've seen real world news because Messi was playing for the B team after an injury. You can control the B team registry, it even give me an inbox item to remind me to register the B team players. Not sure if this involves controlling some aspect of B team in the personel menu. If a B team player is used 10 times on the A team (in league matches?) he gets automatically moved to the senior squad. The A team can use six B team players pr. match. (League rule, this allow 3 FGN players to be registered with the senior team and 2 with the B team, allowing 5 FGN players, but watch out for the 10 games rule)
  6. Playable League 1 and League 2. League 3 not playable. This League has data because it needs to generate teams to promote to the active League 2. It uses the Rank system. B Team in League 4 and as far as I can tell this means there is no data for the team at all. There is no simulation at all. It doesn't generate promotion team for League 3 because League 3 isn't active. If you are in the league just below a playable one, you can get rank based promotions. Because a playable league has those promotion places that forces the non-playable league to generate promotion teams. If you are 2 or more leagues below a playable league I think you are in some kind of non-existent state.
  7. FM20, I'm on a 320+ unbeaten run with Barcelona. I don't have any issue with me as manager of Barcelona being successful, but come on, I think my record is 100% invincible seasons. In FM19 I at least lost a few league games from time to time, in FM20 I seem to be 20+ points a head of the others that they aren't really competition.
  8. The real world does not throw money at overnight sensations, so since the game tries to replicate real world football, there is no way that a minor team can compete with a top team short term. I've no idea if you can maintain the success long term, it's possible to replicate the 50+ year it takes the top clubs to get to the current income levels, I simply don't have the patience to play that many years. PSG and Man City seems to be special exception and I have no idea if the board take over system can emulate those two clubs, but as we see in the real world, both clubs is cheating the system, so I doubt it. It would be very GAMEY to implement that you can make a overnight sensation club, something SI seems to avoid, everything is based on the holy grail of simulating real world football, not to make a game.
  9. No. The game does not support thinking of a Stadium with build in Training Facility.
  10. Something is wrong with PSG's reputation, the game think of them as better clubs than Barca, Real Madrid and whatever else is the top 5 clubs, resulting in PSG if they bid being able to buy ALL the best players in the world, even when it's bidding for players at top 5 clubs. I have experimented with reducing the rep, but I got it wrong and now they can't win the French League either. (Though we are many years into the future, so they have lost all the starting players long ago and with reduced rep can't buy the super stars.) I think someone confused the UNICORN situation of the Neymar signing and felt they had to make PSG able to buy ALL the Neymars from ALL clubs.
  11. Barca simply shouldn't be selling Fati no matter the bid, he is a top 5 players in the world and HG Spanish, why would a Spanish team like Barca ever sell him, only thing less insane would be like selling a young Messi. You should at least pay 300+ to force a board enforced sale.
  12. 209m Kylian Mbappe from PSG to Barcelona. I get 30+ goals out of him played as False 9. 340m When De Gea wanted to leave my restored and winning MU side for PSG that won nothing. First PSG bid, no Top Target or anything and De Gea refused to stay, so I bought Donnarumma for 340m as replacement (They didn't accept bids until I triggered a board overrule). I don't get it, there shouldn't be a reason for De Gea to leave a restored MU, we were back to being the number one team in the world, but somehow PSG, not Barca, not Real Madrid, can bid below value and unseat the player in the first try.
  13. No it's not the law. If I kill you and get convicted for it, I am a murder, up until the second my appeal is successful, not when I file the appeal.
  14. This seems weird, so some guy get charged with a crime and convicted, but you are saying that is fake because he/she filed an appeal? I'm fairly sure as it STAND right now, Man City is BANNED, that is the FACT right now, whatever a future appeal change that is pointless until the appeal is successful. Even more insane is that Man City is CLEARLY convicted right now and hasn't even filed an appeal yet, so SI's ONLY argument should be that they couldn't get around to implementing it.
  15. You don't understand the games rating system. A GK can get fantastic rating by being bad, if the opposition players keeps failing to challenge him. All the rating is majorly based on HOW BAD THE OTHER TEAM IS, not on how good your team is. The worse the opposition performance, the better score your team gets. You can't get score for assist unless someone scores, you can't get key passes unless someone fail to defend, a GK can't get good score unless the opposition fails to get the ball past him. If you can't score against a low quality goalkeeper, the FAULT is ALL about your players, not that the GK has super powers, it's that your players is playing like crap, so the attributes of the GK is enough to let him save shots. The game doesn't check if it was a good or bad save, it simply give him score for saving.
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