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  1. If you give some of us a team like Tottenham, you can create a save where you for the next 10+ years will win the league and Champions Cup every single year, something that has never ever happened in real life. If you give us worse teams than that we need a season or two to break the game and end up with Penguins of the North Pole as world champions, Champions Cup winner. (Would be amazing as the penguins is from the South) Problem is I can't explain to you what to do to be this good at the game, I think it's mostly down to you getting lucky and holding the right team talk, to allow for unprecedented winning streaks. It's not because I'm some amazing tacticians or whatever, the game has virtually no real game play element beyond luck.
  2. The staff insist on setting pre-season training to very high. Shouldn't it consider the age of the players and scheduled matches, because it seems to me very high is a surefire way to an injury crisis.
  3. Missed penalties

    Messi can't score on pens, neither can any of the other top Barca players. So for good players pen calculations seems entirely broken.
  4. They changed it from the 70-100 to 50-100 average. I can't really tell if a player tire more or less compared to the old scale. They changed at what % the AssMan recommend subbing and whatever players is stronger or the AssMan's threshold is off, it has resulted in less recommendation to sub players.
  5. I guess personality is the key to how they respond, but I've not actually done any statistical analysis, to verify it. You might want to check who you can choose and see if you can't pick someone with a different personality.
  6. Star rating is a bit messed up. It seems to just calculate the total point value of the players attributes and then compare it to the rest of the team. Problem is some attributes matter more than others, you can have high star crap players, because the points is in the wrong stats and his personality might be wrong.
  7. Are you sure it isn't anticipation that matters for offside breakers? Anticipation is like fight club, no one ever talks about it, but it might be the most important stat in the game. Off the ball isn't much use if the player can't anticipate where he should be and decide to move at the right time.
  8. Getting team talks right seems to be more important than tactics, but I've never really used squad talks much, if the AssMan suggest it, I usually use it. There is a key moments where the squad seems to panic every year (All your players decide to be incredible nervous, for no reason, except it's that time of year), that maybe could benefit from a squad talk, but I've never actually tried to prevent the yearly scripted problem, because I usually manage to get past it, without ruining the season's result.
  9. The somewhat questionable intelligence that buy and sell players in FM, seems to use reputation as one of the key factors. If the team you manage is doing well, you can get silly transfair offers from other clubs, in my case Androw Towsend was bought by Barcelona for 30M+ Euro, because he had some odd lucky games at my Spurs team. After he joined Barca he was moved to the B team and never heard from again, because the Barca AI bought the player on rep, but the manager saw he was crap and never played him. If you let DoF or HoYD buy players they are using that questionable system to pick players, your going to get some really bad deals.
  10. Generating players depends on what clubs is loaded, if you load only English clubs, you get English players and the non-english players those club generate.
  11. The High Defensive Line has an odd effect in FM16, it result in your defenders missing headers and the other team getting through balls. Some of the ME changes result in your team playing magically badly in defense, the trade off is supposed to be improved effectiveness in attack. With a team like Barca, it ends up being a huge risk, with no noticeable reward.
  12. It's a complicated system and it really breaks the game when you don't get the right set of leagues loaded. Top end teams is very dependent on being able to buy players, so if you choose to play a competitor to say Celtic, but doesn't load all the leagues that Celtic buy/loan players from, Celtic will rapidly decline and not be a worthy adversary for long. It's unfortunately far to complicated to give a simple rule for what to load depending on the league you play in, some require South America, I think Scandinavia has the hots for Eastern Europe these days, etc.
  13. I hope it's better than FM15, you have a really big pool of amazing scouted players at the beginning of the game (True in FM16 too so far, though one can cry over losing old favorites that now have hardcoded low PA), but after the generated players take over, it's like the system is set to generate players far below the quality of the original database. One can hope that the change that should make FM16 AI teams better at developing players, is going to be a huge improvement, so it's not just the player's nursed gens and the few lucky gen's with naturally good hidden stats that will develop well. Another change is no 17 year old 5 star fully developed players, so I can't post any monsters, since they have low stats and slowly develop as they age and it takes me months to play years of FM, but I do have a lot of promising players so far.
  14. Bias towards England?!

    Hmm. My last 10+ year game was in England FM15 and the most disappointing aspect was that Barca, Real Madrid and Bayern wasn't a factor at all, regularly even failing to qualify past the group stage. Maybe the problem isn't so much that England is over performing, but that the main land team that should be dominating perform horrible. The trend seems the same in my FM16 save, but it's over a much shorter period of time.
  15. Shoots with Power has a hidden benefit, it seems to result in the keeper not holding a shot, creating an extra chance of someone scoring. a finisher that get close to goal is prolly better with places shots, shoots with power seems quite helpful on players who shoots from future out.