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  1. Hey guys.... random question.... I'm still playing fm19 at the moment and last season I made around 70 million loaning players out. This season those same players can only be loaned out for a fraction of what I managed last season and I'm struggling to understand why? I've tried everything from lowering wage percentage and having higher loan fees to vica versa. Just interested to know if people know what's happening?
  2. Rashidi used some of this in a game changer video I watched earlier... He talked about key headers....passes...interceptions... Not asking for a silver spoon here but more for someone to point me in the right direction of what statistics are most useful when doing squad analysis to help with selecting the right players both already at the club or when looking at recruitment. For instance... in my current save I'm looking to recruit a good target man so am looking at key headers won... and the same per 90 mins as an example. Any thoughts would be welcomed.
  3. Wow... the man himself! I'm honoured! Thanks for your feedback and I'll definitely put that into practice!
  4. Ok guys...so I perhaps went a little OTT pre-transfer window in my Blackburn save. It's my third season in the premiership having finished 6th and 12th (second season syndrome but won the FA cup so all good). I've decided to go Gegenpress and completely rejigged my squad. I've signed, gulp, about 11 players all with what I believe are the correct stats for this type of football. I'm experienced enough to know that this obviously will massively impact Team Cohesion etc. Call it more of an experiment on my part and I'll take the rough with the smooth as a result. That being said, I've planned my first week of training to be Team Cohesion based training eg. mixture of Match prep, team bonding....all the training types that are either "greatly increased" or "increased" in terms of cohesion. I've not put in any rest days. No doubt I'll be flamed for being utterly stupid but just wanted to get some advice on what people tend to when they need to drastically increase cohesion and whether there are any videos, recommended articles (I've tried search for them and have found general overviews but nothing specific). Let me know your thoughts folks!
  5. Guys just quickly... Brexit has happened on my game and I am now trying to figure out how to sign players because anyone outside the UK according to my scouts will fail to get a work permit.....help! I am a long time FM gamer so I know how to get people work permits but I'm just wanting some help on what my options are here because as I see it....I'm very limited on who I can buy?
  6. I've changed to complete forward support instead of false 9, my AMC from APs to AMs and changed my cm from box to box to RPM... seems to be working!
  7. Hey guys Firstly a quick bit of background... I'm playing as Blackburn and I was doing really well... won the championship in my first season and finished 6th in the premiership in my second season. I've not changed my tactic at all.... it's the default vertical tiki taka 5 2 1 2 WB...I'm guessing that the AI has seen my team as underdogs for the past two seasons hence why I've been so successful. I'm currently on a terrible run of form despite spending a lot of money bringing some quality players in in the preseason. My guess is the AI has now made adjustments hence why my average possession percentage has dropped dramatically and I'm losing the games I should be winning. I'm just after some suggestions really. I know when you buy quite a few players team cohesion is affected but I've only made 3 changes in the starting line up to be fair so not a complete overhaul... mainly excellent squad players I've bought. Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys... Yeah no worries, I think I tried the DOF trick but will give it another go and see. Not a major issue just somewhat frustrating but guess that's the price you pay for trying to haggle too much!!!
  9. Ok thanks. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this? If so any rough timescales would be appreciated.
  10. Hey guys... If you agree a transfer fee then contract talks break down.... how long do you have to wait before you can agree a transfer again and try again? At the moment I'm seeing the agent saying won't talk as doesn't think contract can be agreed... Any advice welcomed!
  11. Hey Guys, Just wondering where I would find info on what each league win or cup win is worth. Any ideas?
  12. So lame. I guess the only thing to do is edit stats using save game editor. For such an appointment part of the game this is quite an oversight! Surely this can be declared a bug of sorts? A simple drop down menu to select the preferred scout could be put in? Since when should the AI decide what's best unless it's told to by the user! Not cool.
  13. Hey Guys, Really strange one this... I've brought in a specific scout to do the next opposition reports....trouble is there is no way that I can see to choose the scout that does it? It keeps defaulting to a different scout. Any ideas? Cheers!
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