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  1. I haven’t played FM18 at all as I was doing my usual and waiting until the 2nd big patch come out as I do with all FM games....but reading this forum I don’t think I even want to start playing if the ME is that bad, last game I played was 16 and tbh i’m more then happy to load that back up unless there’s an update to this patch to fix what everyone has been moaning about for the past 2/3 pages
  2. the stars are in relation to your team so if your team got better than when you first signed him his stars would not be as high also the stars are not always to be taken for gospel as in real life players can fail to achieve potential, in FM this is can be due to hidden mental attributes
  3. Bit of a basic question but I’ve got a Samsung monitor, and looks like it can run with a hdmi cable but when I plug one in the screen seems to run in analog, is there anything I can do so it uses the hdmi cable (this is with a desktop pc)
  4. Will start my usual save as my team Spurs but really wanna try my first ever attempt with my local side Southend...never started in the lower divisions before so will probably be in here a lot once that gets started
  5. I guess the only way to find out if it's happened to you so one of your players being signed before they're generated would be to check incoming transfer clauses?
  6. I bought this on release but haven't touched it yet just haven't found the time which I'm a bit gutted about, had a cracking save on FM16 that I was still playing up until January this year hopefully now the football season is over I'll have some free time, dunno how I managed for 2016 used to clock up a lot of hours even with a demanding girlfriend lol
  7. no reason, i've already paid for the full game on release i just haven't had time to play it and haven't read much of the forum either so just wanted a quick round up of anything that i've probably missed. Not like I won't play it because someone says fullbacks get too many assists or corners are broke etc
  8. whats the general consensus on this years game, i've had it since release but not managed to play it at all yet and i need to edit out brexit but not sure whats the best way to do it lol i assume it's an improvement on fm16 (which i played quite a bit)
  9. tried this method last night, then run a quick save to see if it worked and didn't get any message deleted all the other years and made 2016 100% for the 6th July - un-ticked leave agreement would that be the problem? or is it easier to change the date to 2100 and 100%
  10. where do you place these fmf files? i'm mainly asking regarding Brexit No
  11. spurs youth players always get underrated, dunno how origi got a -9 lol
  12. I generally wait until the second patch before I start a save, will probably carry on with fm16 until that's out far to impatient to wait for the 3rd patch as there can be quite a delay on that understandably due to the winter transfers that take place i've never noticed a huge diff maybe an exploit gets patched such as a corner bug for example but nothing major has seriously affected me
  13. i am slightly worried about the AI squad building if there is a "hard" brexit, it can be a bit ropey as it is let alone being forced into how many foreign nationals can be signed
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