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  1. Wow. Just....wow. What a read, what a lifesaver, what an absolutely epic, brilliant piece of work! Thanks THOG, this is what I've been waiting for my entire FM life! Only bit I'm a little confused with....the positional responsibility tables on page 62. I get that reading from left to right is defensive, then support, then attack responsiblities, but there are 3 duties...defend, support and attack, 5 team shapes, but 6 or 7 player responsibilities. I'm very, very likely to be being completely stupid, but I can't work out how you get the players to assume these responsibilities using fewer dut
  2. I've had some of the most ridiculous offsides I've seen in any version of FM in 2014. Case in point. My team lose the ball from a corner, it's headed out to the opposition midfielder who bombs up the pitch, skins my CM, then slots a beautiful pass through my defence for his team mate to run on to. Luckly the pass is a little strong and my goalkeeper intercepts. He throws the ball to my RM, who passes it to my CM. He dinks the ball over his opposite number to my DLF, who is standing in my half of the centre circle. Ahead of him is the opposition back four, their DM, my LM, and my AF. He contro
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