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FM2014 Classic Mode - Differences and why do you play it?

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i had a 4 year break of FM. Now i have ordered FM 2014 because i get a new notebook.

I am not sure about playing Classic or Normal mode.

What are the main differences?

Why do you play classic mode?

In my opinion the best CM/FM ever was CM 00/01.

I don't have too much time and return to the basic things sounds good to me.

Thanks for your answers



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- no team talks

- training is basic: just select: balanced, attacking, defending, etc. and the intensity; individual training is handled by the assistant

- no match preparation, no tactic familiarity

- basic staff: you have one chief scout, one physio, one assistant manager, one DOF, one head of youth development who handle their areas

- scouting: depending on your club you get to assign scouts to different regions/competitions (I have seen as many as 7 in Napoli)

- layout: very efficient and simple, gives you most of the important information that you need

- no opposition instructions

- registration (someone can correct me here) but it seems you don't need to follow home grown rules for CL and EL registrations.

- media, interviews: very basic interviews, usually one question

- instant results: you can set up a match plan and if you don't want to see the match have it resolved instantly

- analysis: no heat map and limited tools to analyze how your players or opposition did. Stats are there and it does give you an idea what formation they are successful with and which they are vulnerable to.

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As above.

I too tried it for the first time thinking it was a faster way of playing - but its not so much. there are lots of threads in the Classic mode area which cover the mode quite well - good and bad. Instant result will be much faster (about 2min a game) but if you want to use the 3D match then there doesn't seem to be any real difference.

Im about to try the full game now (was waiting for the new patch) mainly because of the Analyst part, i found the lack of information regarding the tactics frustrating after last Playing 2012. Also if you are into editing - Classic has none, you cant even change the base information before you start a game.

In the full mode I understand you can delegate out jobs to your staff (yet to see how this works in practice), Which should save time (as Classic mode), and I found the lack of a team talk in classic can hamper team morale and match performance (no half time talk to encourage or blast the team).

I would advise - trying classic mode, without going into mass detail (dont hire new staff or players etc..) just to see how it plays. Then do like me and give the full game a test run too, same rules no hiring. this should give you a feel for the game and mode you prefer (its what im doing now with full mode).

PS. CM 01/02 rules (lol)http://www.champman0102.co.uk/ this site is fantastic, keeping the old game alive.

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I'm running a save in each mode, same team in each, it's fun in both but FMC is definitely faster due to instant results mainly.

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