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    "There will be no further updates"


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  1. No, there are no further updates planned.
  2. As The Mad Sheep says the pkm's are much appreciated and would be preferred in one place where possible
  3. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    A Luke Chadwick moment
  4. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Robbo finally got a laugh out of me, nice one
  5. After the new patch

    Google it. Ta.
  6. This belongs in the feedback thread really, ta.
  7. calm down, (and send me a signed copy) I'm sure It'll be a best seller.
  8. So let them do their own commenting and stick to versions YOU are playing ?
  9. Wage Budget

    More details please.
  10. It contravened licencing unfortunately, enjoyed it while it lasted as you say.
  11. Favourite Clubs.

    Sorry, Harry, opening a thread doesn't mean you get to expurgate it
  12. Remember he did say lower league and he did say say ONE attribute
  13. Game difficulty

    The tactics forum really is the best place to start IMO, settle down for a comfy read