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  1. Thanks for reminding me, car insurance done, how come it needs 38 pages of actual paper in this supposedly digital age
  2. Yeh, Trainstation is it. Excellent game no ads, no links or interruptions, purchases not essential but it' s a good enough game you'll end up making some
  3. Train station has kept me occupied for many hours, optional purchases (you can do without them)
  4. Ah, I use a USB 3 hard drive dock which cost me £20 Just drop the HD in it and drag and drop, very fast and takes a laptop or desktop HD.
  5. Sounds like it might be a power supply unit problem.Most common problem with laptops is P's, could be connection through from charging lead is faulty which most repairers will replace for a standard £50 ish price. First thing to try is a good clean though, especially fan in take/outlet using compressed air if possible.
  6. Or even in the team? T'was obvious in the summer that he's past the peak and it's all downhill from here.
  7. I see Origin have Alpha Centauri for £4.25, not to be missed I feel.
  8. T'is true Paul, if FMC hadn't happened along my FM days would probably have ended.
  9. Never going to happen, it will always be string based until computer science finds a way to conduct a conversation via software (which means a sentient PC)
  10. Apparently we're fossils if we expect to be given the information on the FM forums, we should embrace the Twitter age I'm told
  11. You don't say what you'd actually like to see?
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