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  1. Transfers is difficult, i myself have ranted about not being able to sell players. What i have found is you have to get creative, because most teams are low on cash. The main problem seems to be no club can afford the extremely high wages good players ask for - 70k up. you may find you can get an offer over 10mil for good players, but it falls over because they cant afford the wage demands. Lower league I have not tried, so no advise there. Im playing as Swansea (English Premier League - have no manager at start of game). An Example of one of my transfers... Sold Bony (25yo) (requested transfer, his value was 20mil) - Teams say "dont think transfer viable" (DOF message) - took over... save game! Now try ideas - dont transfer list this will cause loyalty payout. To get interest offer to teams trying everything, but dont just keep offering to teams, because this will effect players morale - hence saving game and going back to try new ideas. (cheating? maybe, but Transfers are broken IMO) By offering Bony at 10mil base, 10mil over 4 years, 2.5mil 20 goals, 2.5mil 20 games, 25% sell on = 25mil. Received 5 offers. Clauses were paid out (5mil) first season, plus i get 25% of his next transfer which should again be over 15mil, so another 4mil at least. = 29mil.
  2. I think "End of Season" covers it - easy to find dates online, heres some quick ones i have noted down on my team sheet. You can quickly find the new Youth players via the World - Transfers - youth intake - Year and Month. 27 Dec - Sweden and Russia. 2nd January - Brazil. 20 June - Greece, France, Germany, Portugal and Scotland. 25 June - England. 30 June - Belgium and Italy. 7 July - Holland. 10 July - Spain. 1 August - Argentina and Uruguay.
  3. Think i found problem... At some time i must have "unticked" available for reserves when he "was" a reserve, and thus he never played - i'm an idiot! This is something i didnt know - All Reserves have "Available for Reserves 90 min" ticked. Silly Kiwi (lol)
  4. I have a young Keeper (Zabret), he is developing nicely but for some reason.. 1. No One wants to loan him. 2. When i try to send to an affiliate he wont go. But the big problem.. He doesn't get selected to play for the reserves - they pick a grayed out extra? (even when i select him) two seasons now, at first i was thinking it was because he was 17yo but now... He does however continue to get selected for his country (U21). Is he bugged? Ideas to try and fix.
  5. You will need to offer more information, how hard do you train, do you use rest before or after game etc.. try giving them a rest day. (Right click Player name - Squad - Rest - how many days)
  6. Greetings from New Zealand Michael, Im afraid there is no simple answer - at least your team is giving up "passing" goals, 90% of mine seem to be from mistakes. (lol) http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics The above is the best Guide ive found for Football Manager, the advise given is easy to understand and may offer you some ideas. But the truth is there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Everything you have tried would work in certain situations, but players are all different, having a defender with good positioning is pointless if he has low concentration as an example. (gets in good positions, but goes to sleep). From your post im guessing you "play" every game - my experience of FMC is that because there is no penalty for changing playing styles, the opposition does this allot during a game, which means you will need to adapt to what your watching - often. It sounds like you have a solid base winning upto the last 10min. This would be about when the opposition will go all out to find a goal, try keeping the "formation" window of your opponent open to see what they may be trying - become less attacking and more counter attacking or defensive. Ive only just found a system i enjoy, and Sim using match plans - you can find my tactic in the workshop - Swan 451, match plan (basic) Swan 2.
  7. Like you i have always valued a player to what i think hes worth to the team, indispensable - double value asking price. First team 50% more etc.. But im new to Classic mode, and transfers seem very hard to complete. Star players get no offers, transferred players get ridiculously low offers, and football director transfers almost always fail to find offers, or arrange mind numbingly stupid arrangements like $500k over 4 years. I haven't seen raising the asking price effect Morale. I have seen transfer listed players lose morale, become "concerned".
  8. Thanx Lucas, So the game is basically saying i should be able to cover these extra costs... eventually.
  9. Ive been reading many posts about this, but if you could humor me with a more upto date answer please, because my cost have increased to such a degree I expect my team will go bankrupt in months... My first season with Swansea the total cost was $17mil for the year ($1.4Mil a month) total expenditure $98mil. Now this included winning the Euro Cup so extra costs for a european campaign should have been included. In my second season im already at $15mil by October! my very bad maths says thats $5mil a month, so im looking at a bill for $60mil this year! Why has it jumped so far? (could you make a list of whats in it, and why/how the game calculates the changes?) (No stadium extensions) How can i control it? My related question is this - if im paying more for (???) what income/Benefit does (???) generate? Does this cost have a limit or will it continue to grow? Can it go down?
  10. I know its a bit late, but i've just noticed that the player career stats don't show correctly. (has this been mentioned before?) It only appears to be showing "League games".
  11. Im going to bump this... I to would like to know where to find the "loyalty Bonus" part of a players contract. The only way ive found is to goto "offer new contract" and click on "existing contract".
  12. After many frustrating hours (200+) of playing FM2014, i have returned playing 14.3.1 and am finally having fun! My happiness stems from finally building a tactic which is giving me consistent performances from my players, which is translating into consistent results and thus fun (yay). But as my fun increased i stated to become more concerned at the strange results continuing to happening within the game. I instant result my games to save time, and the league is looking a little... wrong? Ok maybe this could happen, and it is only halfway thru the year, but im seeing weekly big teams getting hammered (losing by 3) by weaker teams. Is anyone else seeing the same thing, am i over reacting - big teams should always lose 5-10 games a year right? As im having so much fun im going to post a few things... Some of my results... My Basic Tactical shape... 5/5 split - FBs still go forward (overlap) but defense is more important. no more than 4 instructions per player - most have 2. My Match plan - advise on settings for "Counter" wanted - i have playing faster, clear to flanks, are these added to the team settings already used, or do i need to add them as well?
  13. Something i noticed that makes sense.. am i wrong? Training will increase skills and fitness (more). Playing time will increase Mental skills (more). So when im (you) are happy with a young players fitness and skill progression - loan him out to gain mental attributes. (working for me). Remember he will still be training his skills and fitness, just gaining experience. (see below mental growth best from 20yo?) I found a good graph online (cant remember where) called "Player Growth" and it showed findings about training (Football Manager - maybe not 2014) and what to expect timeline wise, basically... 1. Youth players will have very poor mental attributes, and development is slow from 15-20yo. 2. Mental attributes never peak, fastest growth between 20-25yo, development slows again after this point. 3. Technique peaks around 30yo. (Im working on this meaning skills?) begins to decline around 35yo. 4. Physical attributes peak around 25yo, then will begin a slow decline back to starting point (15yo) around 35yo. 5. Physical attributes develop quickest between 20-25yo.
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