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  1. Hello, here is my use case: As FM19 Touch customer i want to export stats (squad, league tables) from my iPad game in order to view the stats on my iPhone. Any hints how to accomplish that? Apple Notes would be a nice solution. Thanks Greetings Teeblatt
  2. Hello, where can i find informations about the nations / league restrictions for FMT 19? 3 Nations or more? thanks Teeblatt
  3. Hello, if i start a challange game, is it possible to continue player after the challenge aim is completed? Thanks Teeblatt
  4. Hi, is it possible to apply the data update (sortitout) to fm touch? Any help very appreciated. thanks Teeblatt
  5. Thanks for the information. Could you please give an answer to my specific questions above? Thank you very much Teeblatt
  6. Hi, i am interested in your experiences about FM (full version - not touch) with Microsoft Surface Pro. - Which Surface configuration do you have (cpu, ram)? - How many leagues do you run? - How is the processing speed? - Does it get hot? - If you have i7 - what about the fan? Does it goes crazy ;-) - What are your FM screen settings? Thank yo very much! Greetings Teeblatt
  7. Thanks. It's a hard job being a manager in the conference. I'm now 80K yearly wages over my given budget... My board could'nt find an affiliate team for cheap loans. With Concord Rangers i am deep in relegation battle.
  8. Hello, i play FM at home. Beeing away (on train or somewhere else) i like to browse my squad, schedule, league tables and other stats. At the moment i manually go to all screens and print them as html. Then i send the files via mail to my mail account, so i can browse them mobile on my smart phone. Is there any better solution? It would be nice to save these as preferences and export all screens/stats with just one click. I am using a mac. Thanks Greetings Teeblatt
  9. Hello, i started a new game in the conference south. I was seeking a challenge and i'm new at lower league management. How does it work there with player contracts? Why can't i give new contracts longer than june 2016? I have some players without conract. If i check their salaries there is no salary listed. Do they play for free? Does it inrease my salary-budget if i release those players? Thanks for your answers Happy new year! Greetings Teeblatt
  10. Hello, on my mac book pro 13 i have the issue that on matchday my macbook get hot and the fan is very loud. In FM16-Threads i read that about the same problem. The solution seems to turn off the retina resolution in the preferences. But how can i do this in FM 2015? I dont's see in the preferences a retina-checkbox. Thanks Greetings Teeblatt
  11. In my game Rudi Völler was appointed as DoF of Chelsea ;-)
  12. Hello, is there a way in FMC to suggest a player to sack his agent? Thanks Teeblatt
  13. I don´t think that the iPad can handle FMC. For this the iPad is too weak i think.
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