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Big H

Message for Cleon

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A new poster from Portugal has just posted a thread and you have just closed it with a very blunt response. Why do you have to be so rude? You really do have delusions of grandure. You are a moderator on an internet forum, not a celebrity! Have you ever thought that people come onto the net for pleasure and don't actually think I must read a whole manual of rules before I dare post on an internet forum. This place has more rules than the army.

Why don't you help the guy out, rather than close his thread saying 'Pointless thread'

I remember a post from you a few years back when you said "I suggest you watch your tone, when talking to a moderator." I think that really says it all!!

Get over yourself.

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I directed them to the rules of the forum. And I'm going to now do the same to you http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/217465-Forum-Rules-FAQs-and-Important-Links-Thread-PLEASE-READ-BEFORE-POSTING

If you have issue with me then take it up with SI via the contact us option on the forums.

As for the bit about what I posted a few years back, looks like I got a bit of stalker eh? :) As I don't ever recall posting anything like that.

We don't have many rules here hardly, just a few to make the forums run slightly better.

Us moderators don't always have the time to help every individual who post but we try our best. And you'll find that the moderators of this forum contribute more than the other mods in their forums to actually aiding people with lengthy detailed posts.I've heped more people on this forum that I can remember, I've spent the last decade and more sacrificing personal time to help other people.

I don't understand your comments about me been a moderator and not a celebrity either? I've never claimed to be. But by your own logic I can't understand why you'd write me a personal thread rather than a PM. After all I'm just a normal person after all.

But if you think I've been unfair or don't agree with my moderating style then use the 'contact us' option which can be found at the ver bottom of the forum.

Hope you have a good weekend :)

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