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  1. What's with FM14 and defensively poor 442's? They attack alright, but they can barely concede less than a goal a season. I want a defensively strong 442 but I've had no luck with it. Not talking about this tactic in particular.
  2. So why not play with a high D-Line and just sign fast defenders as a requirement?
  3. Can't you have one CB on man and the other zonal, and make the MM one play a little ahead of the zonal one?
  4. Wes are you testing it with Grimsby? THey seem to be blowing teams away regardless of the version.
  5. Is that the same with youth schedules as well? You tailored it to the individual?
  6. Hey Cleon, did you end up making Youth training schedules? And have you altered your original schedules? Regards
  7. Mr Hough are you having any problems with your 442 or is it looking pretty solid in testing?
  8. Oh you can use genie scout for checking that? Because they expect me to challenge but I've just come up from promotion and my squad is poo compared to some of the other teams especially the ones that have been relegated from the top league.
  9. Good work Hough! And I'm happy to read you're going to release the 442 first (touch wood). Really love using 442's it's pretty much all I use and I'm looking forward to your 442 contribution. (Y) Regards
  10. Fuss are you still using your 442? And those tweaks you mentioned last game (lowering D line to 9) are they working out well or still stick with the how it was and just untick the strikers HUB and FR? Regards
  11. Yea let us know how you get on against the big teams.
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