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  1. So why not play with a high D-Line and just sign fast defenders as a requirement?
  2. Mr Hough are you having any problems with your 442 or is it looking pretty solid in testing?
  3. Oh you can use genie scout for checking that? Because they expect me to challenge but I've just come up from promotion and my squad is poo compared to some of the other teams especially the ones that have been relegated from the top league.
  4. Good work Hough! And I'm happy to read you're going to release the 442 first (touch wood). Really love using 442's it's pretty much all I use and I'm looking forward to your 442 contribution. (Y) Regards
  5. Yea let us know how you get on against the big teams.
  6. Trying tactic from post #569, so far so good. Lost only one so far, but they're much stronger then me, was near the relegation zone, not getting within promotion range.
  7. Hey Mr Hough, those changes didn't seem to make too much of a change. Almost all of my players are on a low closing down. What did you do when you used your OP tactic to make your 442, move wingers back and move the DM to SC and copy the SC settings over?
  8. Winning a friendly 5-0 doesn't make a diablo tactic. Yea thanks Rooney, I watched it already. Cool ****, so the Rocks been back a while? Missed him.
  9. It's a little of both, the majority of the opponents shots seem to be coming from outside the box.
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