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  1. Thanks mate - I have some 'Yellow' DCs, I can use and I'll retain Cleverley and Eriksen. Shame is I just bought them as MCs, but the tactic I was using didn't work.
  2. Guys, I don't have enough DMCs, e.g I have Cleverley (and others) , who is 'Red' is placed as DMC. would it be better to place them as DMC (I.e out of position), or push the 2 x DMCs up to MC, i.e their Natural positions? Thanks
  3. Finished on 89 points, but drew my last 2 games and lost the Title to Utd on Goal Difference - gutted. Won the League Cup and lost 1-0 in FA Cup final ti Utd. Great first season with Everton, but doesn't feel like it after losing the title on GD :-(
  4. Well I'm into my first Everton Save of FM12. I'm into February and am 7 points clear after 22 Games. Into League Cup Final and F.A.Cup 5th round at moment. Using the Grid tactic. Loving it!!!
  5. This is mad, I'm now P10 W 10, have now also beaten Chelsea and just beaten Man Utd at Old Trafford. This is with the original squad, except 2 free transfers who don't play!!
  6. I've started a save as Everton and am predominantly using the 'press' tactic, but 'Stand Off' for some tough Away games. I have not spent a penny and after 7 games am top of the League P7 W 7 D 0 L 0 F 18 a 4 Have won at St James' Park and White Hart Lane Awesome stuff!! - Congrats!!
  7. Why don't you take the 'exploit' out and test it and then you will be able to base your theory on fact
  8. Yawn!!! As I've said before, to beat a computer game you have to exploit it's weaknesses, or if you like 'flaws'. Whether or not you feel that other tactics (like your own) exploit the games flaws using more real life tactics, at the end of the day, it's the same thing, i.e trying to outwit a computer game. Is it really more realistic to beat the ME using real life scenarios, is the ME that clever that it can respond to the billions of permutations of real life scenarios? If it isn't (and it isn't) then you are still exploting a flaw, i.e the flaw being that the game is a game and not real life and can never be. Do Sweden deserve credit for pumping high balls into the box from set pieces against England? When they identified this weakness in England's defence, should they not have 'exploited'' it? Utter drivvle!!!
  9. Hi Chaps - Just starting a Barce save - any tips on who to bring in as temp cover for Puyol? Don't really wanna spend too much, as I wanna get Damiao as an additional striker - thanks :-) Edit: I have just seen this answered above, but Jones, Otamendia etc are all too expensive for a emp solution .- ta
  10. You are right about all those other criteria (especially on FM12), but I still think if you do a full season save with the same team, you will get enough from that to determine which of 2 tactics is best.
  11. If you are doing a 'like for like' tactic comparison, then you need to use the same team for both mate
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