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Fundamentals of Training: The OCD approach!

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1: Introduction

I’ve seen quite a bit of interest surrounding training on FM11 and personally think it’s one of the best out of all the FM series. I’ve been doing some research of my own, as I never really took the time in previous FM versions. I’m a little bit OCD with these things and find it very difficult to comprehend anything unless I relate it in some way to mathematics and percentages – So I’m sorry if this bores you :p

2: Total Number of Clicks and Weighting for Physical Training

So, I started off calculating the total number of slider “clicks” allowed. Obviously, I found that it wasn’t as simple as I first thought. Basically, as with the previous FM versions, there is a weighting system attached to the physical training (Strength and Aerobic). So here are my calculations below...

Each slider = 25 “clicks”

EQ1. 25 (Strength) + 25 (Aerobic) + 22* (Other) = TOTAL of 72 clicks


If you set Strength and Aerobic to 0 clicks, then you can get a TOTAL of 152 clicks using the other sliders. This meant there was a weighting for Strength and Aerobic training, which I calculated this way…

EQ2. 152 – 22* (Other) = 130 *Taken from EQ1.

EQ3. 130/2 = 65 TOTAL clicks

This means that 25 clicks on the Strength slider contributes to 65 clicks in TOTAL, and the same for Aerobic. Therefore…

EQ4. 65/25 = 2.6

Thus, 1 click on either the Strength or Aerobic slider contributes to 2.6 clicks of the TOTAL.

Testing the theory…

I set Strength to 25 clicks and Aerobic to 0 clicks, I then calculated the total number of clicks I could get using the other sliders, which worked out to be 87…

EQ5. 25 (Strength) + 87 (Other) = 152 TOTAL

EQ6. 152 – 87 = 65 So the theory works.

I did the same for Aerobic keeping Strength set to 0, and I got the same results.

3: Calculating the values of Low, Medium, High and Intensive Training

OK, so in the previous FM versions there was a total workload slider. This isn’t the case with FM11 – Or at least I haven’t found it yet.

So I used the individual sliders to find out at what percentage we went from Low to Medium, Medium to High, etc.

Light: 0-8 clicks = 0-32% of 25

Medium: 9-15 clicks = 36-60% of 25

High: 16-22 clicks = 64-88% of 25

Intensive: 23-25 clicks = 92-100% of 25

I then multiplied the total number of clicks by the percentages above to get the TOTAL clicks for each workload.

Light: 0-49

Medium: 55-91

High: 97-134

Intensive: 140-152

4: Deciding the Most Important and Lesser Important Attributes for Each Position

OK, now I’m going to leave the maths to one side for this section (well I might use a little bit, but not too much ;))

Here I began to decide which attributes were the most important for the positions in my tactics (4-3-1-2 AMC or 4-1-3-2 DMC). I decided that I would decide on attributes which were VERY important and attributes which were QUITE important. I’ll use my centre back as an example:-

Tackling, marking, positioning, etc = VERY Important

Stamina, Acceleration, Pace, etc = QUITE Important

I then weighted the VERY important attributes with 1.5 compared to the QUITE important attributes which were weighted as 1. (In plain English, this means I intend to train 50% more in the VERY important attributes compared to the QUITE important attributes)

I did this for each position.

5. Number of Attributes Trained in Each Category.

So, each category trains a different number of attributes. I’m not going to list what each category trains, but I am going to list how many attributes are trained in each category.

Strength: 4

Aerobic: 5

Tactics: 5

Ball Control: 5

Defending: 3

Attacking: 3

Shooting: 3

I then calculated the percentage each attribute carried specific to its training schedule. i.e. 1 Attribute in Strength = 100% / 4 = 25%.

Once I had all this, I then listed each attribute trained for each position for each training schedule. This allowed me to apply the weightings mentioned earlier in section 4. i.e.

Strength category:

Centre Back has 3 VERY important and 1 QUITE important for this category.

Therefore, (3x25%/1) + (1x25%/1.5)* = 75% + 17% = 92% Training required for this category.

*I divide by 1.5 because QUITE important is at a ratio 1:1.5 of VERY important.

I did the above for each position, for each training category. (I did this in Excel so it didn’t take as much time as what you’re thinking :p)

6. Calculating the Number of Clicks

Hopefully you are still with me :D

Now I have all the information I need to calculate the number of slider clicks for each training category. So here it goes…

Right, so I’ve calculated the percentage I need to train for each category for each position. Using the Centre Back example from Section 5, we have…

Strength: 25x0.92 = 23 clicks. I then do the same for each category and add them up. Now, as you may have guessed, this is all very well but this creates a training schedule with an extremely high workload! You’re right, the TOTAL workload for my defender came to 162 clicks – Above that of the maximum number of clicks allowed! But this is where the magic(k) comes in…

We calculated earlier the boundaries for each workload level (Low, Medium, High and Intensive). I therefore put a little table together in Excel which allows you to choose the maximum number of clicks based on a percentage (sounds fancy but it isn’t). I then use the TOTAL number of clicks for each position (Centre back = 162) to calculate a ratio to be applied to each individual training category. This then altered the number of individual clicks to bring the TOTAL number of clicks down to the required amount – Effectively you can make schedules Low, Medium, High or Intensive by selecting the appropriate percentage.

E.g. Centre Back.

Total = 162 clicks

However, I want a medium to high workout of 114 clicks, which is roughly a workload of 75%.

Therefore, I calculate 114/162 = 0.7

All the individual training regimes are multiplied by 0.7 to get the appropriate number of clicks for each slider. Thus, Strength is no longer 23 clicks, it is now 16 clicks.

And that’s it, my training schedules are set for each position dependent on my preferences to attributes. I hope I didn’t bore you guys to death!

P.S. I don't mind uploading my Excel spreadsheet if any of you guys want it. The problem is I've set it to my formation and input the most important attributes for each of MY players. You can easily change these values to suit your own preferences, and instead of DMC or AMC replace with a Winger etc. Upt to you guys.


**So the first season of testing has been complete and it's turned up a few problems. Basically, the defenders (both the centre backs and the full backs) aren't happy with their training schedules. Now, having looked at the attribute changes, I've noticed the physical attributes are increasing a lot more than the other attributes. So I went back to the spreadsheet to have a look and I think I've found the problem. Both the centre backs and the full backs have high physical training in comparison to their overall total (61% for CBs and 64% for FBs). This obviously is unrealistic as you wouldn't train this high in physical areas, so I think I'm going to go and tweek the settings -- Possibly taking a look at the important attribute selection for these two positions. The DMCs are "content" with their schedules and they too are on the 60% border for physical training -- Time to tweek!

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im **** at maths you just blew me away lol

You need one of these...


Or one of these...



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Good analysis there though Realmadrid_2007 and I can see the logic you've used. :)

How have you found the results for this approach over time?

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Will8578: Haha, it's harder to explain it than actually doing it to be honest :p

heathxxx: I've gone half a season with it and I'm finding it good at the moment. I'm currently experimenting with trying to find the best workload level, but I think (having read some other posts on training) that this will need to be adjusted individually.

I'm toying with the idea of setting up a test game and going on holiday for a season with the training schedules running. I know this won't be a perfect test due to all the other factors (coaches, morale, individual metal attributes, etc) but it might show whether there are any patterns.

I've also noticed that the training levels (shown by that bar-chart graph) shows the key training areas to be high, and quite a bit above the "Overall" training level -- I think this is good for improving the key areas, as it seems the player is more focused on these areas.

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Yep, it's uploaded.

The Matrix shows the attributes I believe important for each position. (Red = VERY important/Pink = QUITE important)

The Calculator:

- The top table is where you modify your attribute preferences.

- At the bottom in the blue box is where you set your percentage (currently 75% = 0.75)

- You can modify the ratio from 1.5 (I'd recomend from 1-1.8, any higher wouldn't make much sense as your effectively saying you'd be training your key attributes more than 80% of the time)

Have fun.

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Any chance you could upload to a site that doesn't require me to download their software in order to get your file please?

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Any chance you could upload to a site that doesn't require me to download their software in order to get your file please?

It doesnt click save to pc at the bottom under file url.

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