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  1. If it is like I had one year, it would have been originally scheduled on the same Sunday as the Champions League final - given you are in both, the game moves the FA CUp final forward to the Wednesday.
  2. RobinGoodey

    Club Value??

    And player values
  3. It's worked out on ALL the results between all three of you - not individual head to heads. So given that you and Zenit had a 2-0 against each other, it will mean that your results against Bayern were worse than Zenit;s results against Bayern.
  4. RobinGoodey

    The AI, an elastic band? Maybe...

    Wow - since when did the PL have 39 game seasons? (34 + 5 = 39) No wonder you won the league........ And for the serious reply - what a load of cobblers - I just won the league with 6 games to spare and have done the last 3 years. Theory disproved therefore I'm afraid What IS unrealistic however is that the bottom couple of clubs get so few points - Watford got 6 in total for example in my last season (and that was having won their opening match!)
  5. Alternatively you could have just used the REAL official West Ham thread..... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/234970-FM11-West-Ham-United-Thread
  6. RobinGoodey

    Perfect 10

    Funnily enough I just got my 1st one about 5 mins ago too - Yaya Sanogo also scoring 6 as I (West Ham) beat Arsenal 7-0 in the CL quarter final 1st leg. And to think I was tearing my hair out for the 1st 30 mins as I wasted CCC after CCC..... Then Yaya woke up...
  7. Possibly the best response to a moan I've seen for a while And I love the way that he only responded to the bit about the drunk.....
  8. RobinGoodey

    FM11: West Ham United Thread

    He came at the start of season 2 to me - cost £21 million though.
  9. My 2nd season as West Ham. Everton were flying after 30 games - 12 points clear of the rest, with me, Man Utd and Arsenal all chasing. I then beat Everton in match 31, which set them off on an awful run of 4 points from their last 8 games, while the other three of us clawed the points back. Into the final week - I had a game in hand (against Man City) and Everton were still 2 points ahead of all three teams. Man City went 2-0 up on me inside 15 minutes, then I scored twice before half time. THey went back ahead immediately in the 2nd half, but I then scored 4 more to win that one 6-3. So one point clear going into my final game......away at Man Utd, while Everton visited Arsenal. I needed a draw to stay ahead of Utd, while Arsenal couldn't win the league due to a worse goal difference. Arsenal won comfortably, leaving it down to me and Utd - I had a great final game with Utd, eventually scraping a 1-0 win to win the title by two points. Still can't win that bloody Carling Cup though after 4 seasons - have lost the final on penalties 3 out of 4 years now.
  10. Hit a nerve did I? And where did I claim that I was adding anything? Unlike some...... And if you can point out where I made a 'personal attack' on you, please do - pointing out that you and 2 others have repeated the same posts 50 times isn't a personal attack - it's a valid opinion..... oh wait - if I don't agree with your point of view, clearly that's not allowed........
  11. Because you have three people who will not accept that any opinion other than their own is right - thus they (x42bn6, milnerpoint and Maidel) have each repeated their own opinion about 50 times each and made this an extremely boring thread. Between posts 160-170, it actually started to change and become sensible - but oh no, back they pop and bore us further. Pathetic
  12. RobinGoodey

    Work Permit Issues - Anthony Annan

    Which part of Celtic is in England then?
  13. RobinGoodey

    Unrealistic valuations

    How long does his contract have to go? If it is only a year or so, then yes, his value will drop to around £1m - in which case - the valuation is totally correct.
  14. RobinGoodey

    Stand closed?

    Alternatively actually look at the screenshot (right hand side) where it tells the OP (and you in your game) which club the message refers to - ie not your own!