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  1. is that no it doesnt work or no it shouldnt be posted in here or no to both? :confused:
  2. @ivank iv bought Quintero for 3 million, he's scored something like 60 goals 50 games(league) he's an absolute goal scoring machine.
  3. ok iv finally fell in love with this tactic, a 5-1 away win at mufc as liverpool, if only it was real life
  4. nice Dave, nothing aimed at you, i actually made a thread to thank everyone, and i tried to name all the Biggie tactic makers, problem is that i was trying to be nice and thank everyone but i think it sounded like an arse licking thread, anyway, could be worse on fm base some bloke just posted a tactic and automatically he's been labled a cheat, some of the stuff that you see sometimes is worse than corrie lol
  5. Preveza, i agree with you saying knapps tactics are so underated, from when i joined this forum its been the same, 09 nearly everyone went on about tylerboads tactics, yet knapps where just as good if not better, last year Mr Houghs overshadowed, well everybodys tactics, tho there where tons of great tactics, and the same this year, everybody been waiting for mr houghs wondertactic, yet there have also been loads of great tactics, and after all that lol im about to kick butt with this.....
  6. thank you for the reply, suarez for liverpool is a beast with this
  7. i downloaded the 4231 and loaded it up and was like WTF its not classic then remembered u made it for someone, its very basic, works good, if you convert this to classic would you change it much? thanks.
  8. at above, im useless at training, never even looked at it properly, i download schedules and do the same as you, just read that and thought it was interesting, if you had all the time in the world and new what you where doing then you could do that, and i guess in real life thats their sole purpose to concentrate on fitness, where in this game we have to do everything lol, thanks for replying.
  9. i hope this is on topic, iv just been reading on the bbc football website about a fitness coach saying about individual specialised training is better, this is what SFraser has been banging on about: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9239342.stm thats the link, also says about how less training is better, quite interesting thanks
  10. i hope above you are wrong, think iv added about a million views on this page in the past 2 hrs lol
  11. lol i can see into the future lol thanks i meant fm10 doh
  12. Mr Hough has to be the FM god of FM10, surely the joy his 4123 tactics has gave us all counts for something, and to be fair his latest tactics might not be as good as the 4123 but they are still a lot better than a lot of people can do, maybe we shouldnt judge his latest tactics on the 4123, maybe we should judge them on the tons of average tactics on here, then we might realise how good they are, also his tactics leading upto the 4123 where amazing, just take a look at the views downloads and replies he has had on all his tactics, i think the 4123 will be remembered in the same breath as the
  13. FM is a game and not real life - what people want to do with the game that they have bought, is up to them, i for one who dont have all the time in the world to play the game, am very grateful to the people that put the effort in to make tactics
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