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  1. Just to let you know this worked for me and a name change file i got from sortitoutsi, but didnt work with lfc marshalls database update, thank you.
  2. at above, for the other versions it was same foot for side ie as u said left on left and right on right
  3. well thats easy then, u cross with ur weak foot duh lol oh and you could cross with the outside of ur foot, very simple and easy to do, cool beans anyway, thanks for your sexy answer
  4. im having a fun game with barca and destroying everyone, but like u said there will still be a few hiccups along the way, which is fair enough, actually now that i think about it Athletic are my spanish bogey team. About the IF'S is it better to hav left foot on right if and right foot on left if, i cant tell cause i use commentary only and pedro is both footed and alexis might as well be, how people finding the wingers? many thanks
  5. LOL thats what you think, i ban you from database making and continue skinning lol thank you very much
  6. OMFG lol the validating game files, i was missing 17 files and now my game is fast as bleep. thank god i see this thread, thanks very much everyone
  7. FFS dont scare him away again, answer his questions, yes your fanboys are interested, jokes, yes still interest, yes still download tactics, especially ones that work on this patch, maybe Cleon you should do what TBH does on FM BASE, shut the thread till dave pms you when he's ready with the tactic.
  8. r u using a custom skin? some skins dont have it in them
  9. thanks for the info on the stars, ill take no notice
  10. iv just bought a packard bell for £350 its amd a4 quad core processor, 8gb ram and 1tb hdd, those specs sound perfect, yet on the stars it shows half a star for running epl with large db, yet my old samsung 6gb i3 500gb hdd ran the same setting with 5 stars !! gutted lol, apparently the a4 processor is pants lol, as i know now, still at least i can still play fm
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