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  1. Hi @knap What recommendation of a 4231 and 433 for top club? Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi mate,great skin. Just wondering what panels i need to copy for the faces on the tactic screen to show instead of kits for my own personal use
  3. Brilliant work mate love it, Your skin reminds me of the oxo skins few years ago, cant wait too download it waiting on starting new game now
  4. Any idea when you will get round to uploading these mate?
  5. Looks good, any beta versions due? only joking, all looks positive.
  6. so easy on the eye as always mate.
  7. Best news I've heard this year hopefully this year you will have time to release it unlike last year 😯
  8. Hopefully its released soon cant wait
  9. Always go through clubs squads from senior to youth including international likes of croatia, argentina, brazil, and other countries, also keep in my mind each countries youth intake dates, young players with a 15-20 determination. I would sign and then either place in youth team or loan them out. Also a top a quality head of youth will help. Couple more:
  10. Have a few for my utd save. purely focusing on youth
  11. Dont know if mentioned already or not but barco looks promising for 7.5m spent.
  12. Which one you think is the best for the 4-2-3-1 IWB's or FB's?
  13. Trying this out started new game, going good so far
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