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  1. Hi, If you're struggling to create chances you can try making the Width 13 clicks. I just played against Atletico Madrid; I was playing with this Width, as well as dropping my Defensive Line to 7 clicks. I did it because the opposition were pressing very heavily, so I wanted to give my players more space. The two roaming midfielders managed to find space everywhere, causing Atletico to be pushed back and on the defensive.
  2. mibsweden: No, I'm definitely not trying to exploit any weaknesses in the ME. Personally, I believe the ME is too good to exploit weaknesses because its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. The only possible exploitations are from corners, but I haven't used this. I'm just trying to find out how the ME works so that I can better implement real life football. The poll is there to show this isn't a cheat tactic. For Barcelona, I increased everybody's Creative Freedom by 3 clicks -- It caused Messi (full creative freedom) to start cutting inside and my fullbacks began to carry the ball forward and into space. I guess Barcelona in real life actually allow Messi, Xavi, etc to do whatever they want. But this is truly a world class team, so I'm not sure how lower teams will perform when given such freedom.
  3. whick tactics is better standard or home ?? Home and Away tactics are the newer versions. Personally, I believe the Home tactic is the better one because the striker seems to score more (I took off the Hold Up Ball option). There are quite a few modified tactics because people have been tweaking them to suit their teams -- This is the best way to use the tactic. Flohrinho: Yeah, I think the fullbacks are key for Barcelona in the sense that they allow the game to be spread. Good to hear you've created these tactics and had success with them Corkey: I haven't made them yet. I think I'll try it tonight and play a few games with them. I've just finished my 2nd season and Villa had 70+ goals for all competitions. He'd played in 60 odd games, but I'm happy with 1 goal/game average
  4. I completely agree with you Flohrinho. Barcelona effectively play a basketball style of defence, whereby they pressure the opposition and look for an interception as opposed to a tackle. In FM the only way to do this seems to be by playing a high Defensive Line and high Closing Down. With the high Defensive Line your players are pressed up against the opposition, so you effectively have 1 opposition player being in the "Closing Down zone" of two players. It's still not as effective though and it can lead to players being out of position. To try and prevent this, I dropped the mentalities of the centre backs so as they fall a little bit below the Defensive Line, thus being slightly deeper. BUT, this then leads to opposition AMCs being able to take advantage of the space between defence and midfield!! I'm thinking the tactics might benefit from being converted to the 4-1-2-2W-1, 4-3-2W-1 and 4-2-3-1. Hopefully, with the different formations we might be able to exploit more situations without having to change our style too much. In the 4-1-2-2W-1 formation, the DMC could have a more attacking mentality to push him further forward. In the 4-2-3-1 formation, the AMC could have a more defensive mentality so as he drops deeper. By doing this, the midfield trio will still be closely linked.
  5. Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but I am still working on improving this tactic. To improve it, I feel I have to increase my understanding of how the mechanics of the ME work. ** For example, Closing Down may seem quite simple, but on closer inspection you see how it is affected by Defensive Line and Mentality: The player's Closing Down is essentially how far out of position that player will move to close down an opposition player with the ball. If you imagine Closing Down as a circle around the player's position; when an opposition player moves into this circle with the ball then your player will move to close down the opponent. The more you increase Closing Down, the greater the area of the circle becomes, so the further the player will move out of his position in order to win the ball from the opponent. Conversely, the lower the Closing Down of the player, the smaller the circle; thus, the player holds his position more. But, if Closing Down is based on a player’s position, then what determines a player's position on the pitch? Primarily, there are 4 factors which determine the position of the player: - Formation - Mentality - Defensive Line - Width The formation is simple, as it determines how your team shapes up on the pitch. Mentality does two things; it positions a player AND it determines how attacking the player's passing is. Thus, a player on an attacking mentality will be positioned further up the pitch AND he will play more forward balls. For my system (as described in the OP) I like to set a base mentality for the team (11, 15, 18, etc) then reduce or increase some players' individual mentalities by 3 clicks so that they are more advanced or digressed in relation to the team (look at the average positions in the analysis section after a match. You'll see how the defensive minded midfielder will be digressed in his position when compared to the other two midfielders). Hence, we can see that the formation sets the shape of the team, but mentality determines where your player lines up in relation to the rest of the team. For Defensive Line and Width, I want you to imagine the pitch as a 2D object (like that shown in the tactics screen). The length of the pitch we will call “X” the width of the pitch we will call “Y”. Defensive Line roughly determines how high up the pitch your team plays. Therefore, the Defensive Line also determines the position of your players in the “X” direction. The Width determines the position of the team in the “Y” direction (with the ball). So, it’s my belief that the ME calculates Closing Down in the following way:- Team loses possession  Defensive Line value kicks in  The Mentality value for the player is then taken into account, thus the ME determines the player’s starting position on the pitch  Closing Down is then based on this position. Thus, your player will retreat back until the opposition player enters his closing down area. ** I’ve rushed through the above explanation a bit, so it might not make much sense. Just trying to let you guys know I’m still working on this By knowing the mechanics of the ME, we can then implement more effectively our ideas as to how we want our team to play. It’s taking FM to a whole new scientific level…hopefully.
  6. Almost finished my 2nd season with Barcelona. As you can tell, I haven't been playing that much. I'll finish the season off this weekend and post the screenshots. We've pretty much won the league with 4 games to go and we're in the final of the Champions League against Athletico Madrid. Villa has been on fire this season, so as Xavi with his assists. There definitely needs to be a few more tactics to cope with different situations, as 2nd season has been a bit tough in terms of conceding a few more than 1st season. But this could be due to Puyol losing a bit of his pace, which is why I've bought Sakho as a potential replacement
  7. It's not really efficient to be honest. You'll se a lot of lost possession and it's effectiveness is generally based on the mistakes made by the opposition. It will probably kill your players too, due to the heavy closing down and 100 mph football. Also, Tottenham Vs Arsenal last night was epic. Managed to catch the 2nd half in the hotel bar -- too good!
  8. Right...sorry guys for my lack of input. I know I keep saying it, but I've been really busy -- I've been building a database so there aren't really fixed hours, just seem to have been working on it all the time But it's off for testing now so it means I'll be reunited with FM this weekend Just like to say a big thanks to Gee and John_Cro for maintaining their input and developing the tactics further. Also, thanks to **zinedremomeri for the training schedules -- It's been my ambition to have a tactic with training schedules, so we can move from club to club taking our philosophies with us Hoeven -- The Home tactic is the newest tactic, so try this one and see how you get on. Anything you don't understand, just let me know. Hopefully back soon with a tweaked tactic! **EDIT: dawidbowie: Woops -- Thanks for the effort you've put in zinedremomeri: Good shout lol.
  9. New mentalities below: http://img16.imageshack.us/i/newpositions.png/ I'm also going to try narrowing the width to a value of 4 (3 clicks) to try and focus all the play through the middle. I'm not sure how all these changes will affect the tactic so I need to test it, but I'm just trying to keep you guys up to date. (Xavi MCL and Iniesta MCR -- Although Henrique has been playing well for me in Iniesta's role) Those green squares on the right side are where each position would normally set-up if they had a mentality of 15. So the green squares represent the DC, DMC, MC, AMC & ST -- hopefully this makes sense in my rushed attempt to reply. The xxx shows the space which is why it's important to play with a high defensive line.
  10. Hush yourself Gee...I'm a busy man I've genuinely had no free time -- I've played three games in two weeks and they were on the train But I've been plotting some changes so I'm desperate to test them out fully. I'll post a screenie below of my new mentality changes I'm thinking of adopting -- It's my attempt to get Messi into more goalscoring positions. **To be edited**
  11. The only real difference between the Home and Away tactic is the mentality -- It's 4 clicks lower. This causes the players to play more sideways passes as opposed to looking for an attacking ball. I sometimes switch to that tactic at home if we are pushing too many balls forward too quickly and getting men left behind. Try adjusting time wasting and tempo throughout the game to dictate how quickly you make things happen. i.e. if you're experiencing heavy pressing from the opposition, then play quicker and with a higher tempo. You can watch the game on extended view and see how quickly the opposition player gets to your player before he makes a pass: -- If the opposition are almost on top of you before you make the pass, then you need to increase the Tempo so as he plays the ball sooner. -- If the opposition are barely moving towards your player before he makes the pass, then you need to slow the Tempo down and draw the opposition player out. If you try and imagine two points: Point A and Point B. -- Point A is the opposition player's starting position -- Point B is your player's position Ideally, you want your player to be passing the ball at about the same time as the opposition player is half-way between Point A and Point B. This way you've drawn the player out of position, but you're also playing slightly too quick for the opposition player to have much chance of getting the ball -- This is when space is created.
  12. Nice work Bakermush -- You're dominating English football with your tweaked versions. I like your updates, it's interesting to see the progress I've posted a small update about a few tweaks of my own. Hopefully you can try it with your set piece routine and see how it goes, also checking to see if any more of your tweaks can be implemented in this tactic. Thanks
  13. Wijnand fens: Sorry, I meant 3 clicks and 6 clicks Which would be a value of 4 and 7 -- I stick to the slider values in Post #2 Again, I'm working away during the week so sorry about the lack of feedbackl I'll try and answer any questions once I finish work, but I'm not sure if the hotel has internet
  14. adonis: If you're dominating the stats then it's best to keep things as they are. I would usually increase Time Wasting slightly towards the end of each half, but it's only to save the player's fitness. Thanks for the feedback.
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