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English hero achievement

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I decided to start FM 10 as Corby to see if I could take them up to the top of the Premiership.

I also decided to play the game through Steam so that I could record the achievements I achieved.

So far so good.. however when I eventually won the Premiership I noticed that Steam had NOT given me the "ENGLISH HERO" achievement ..

What did I do wrong?

The ONLY thing I can think of is that I backed up my savegame and then reformatted my hard drive half way through. Surely the ACHIEVEMENTS are saved on the Steam servers...

Since the makers of FM have included the Achievement feature surely it has been tested properly... as like many other members its a cool feature...

For those who dont know what you need to do to gain the English Hero achievement... heres what steam says:

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England

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Surely after watching the WC Steam have decided that in some nations it would be unrealistic to have heroes :p;)

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IF there is a problem with Steam recognising the FM Achievements then SI either need to kick Steams butts to get it fixed or remove the feature.

ALSO with FM 11 due out in a few months potentual bugs should be addressed NOW... or else they will potentually carry forward into FM 11.

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I got both English and Italian hero (while I cannot get the three continents one). So it is possible. I got English Hero with Chelmsford.

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