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  1. thanks for the reply but I thought about this and then realized that since I haven't played FM15 I would not be able to compare it... and members here are the experts I am still playing FM14
  2. thanks will give it a read and hopefully someone else will comment too.. I really appreciate you taking the time to help out
  3. I have recently been given FM 15 as a present by mistake. Is it really worth me paying full price for FM 16? What is the difference between the two? After all you can get "updates" to put the right players in the right teams and teams in the right leagues for the new season!
  4. I am still playing FM 14. Like many other Managers who like a challenge I always play as a team in the lowest league and try and take them to Europeon glory. So when I started FM14 I picked Leamington and in a few seasons took them to the Skrill Premier division The problem is that in all the seasons I have been playing I cant find a tactic that suits a team that cant paly football very well seriously my players would struggle to play in a Sunday league team ... I know lots of members here would say "buy better players" but with no money and no prospectsa no-one wants to come to us and even if they do we cant afford to pay them anything other than peanuts. I have tried many of the tactics in the download section and waited until they knew the tactic well only to find that they are too complicated for my players.... I have tried several times to make my own tactics taking into consideration my players lack of footballing skills and doesnt work. How can it be that my players cant even understand the concept of a basic 4-4-2 . Any advice would be appreciated....
  5. I am playing as Leamington in the lower leagues. I have tried my own tactics and quite a few from this forum however none seem to work with my team. You have to take into consideration that my Leamington squad are a bunch of (political correctness wont allow me to write anything here) they cant kick a ball let alone pass it in a straight line. I am not sure what the name of the phobia of goal nets is called but they suffer from that too. Imagine a Sunday league team who always turn up half drunk from the night before and are no strangers to kebabs .. they would kick our asses.... My point is simple... what tactic out of all the tactics here would be best suited to my team? I know someone will say "buy better players" but when you have no money and no one wants to go to you my question would be How? On a Serious note.... I have played Football Manager since before it was known as Football Manager and in those days you picked a formation/tactic and just bought the players. It was simple you just bought better players than you had and away you went... the last few versions of this game have taken the fun away ... now it seems that you can have a tactic doing well for you one season only for it to be no good the next. I know friends who have stopped playing the game because they say its no fun anymore and every new release is like a patch or a mod to make it look better. PLEASE Devs sit down and think of the old days and the fun we had..and bring it back...
  6. That would explain why I got no information from Google then
  7. Thanks to everyone but Cleon hits the home run.... 30 games and no problems ..good enough for me... cant say I am really looking forward to FM 15 as much as previous years. Is there any BIG changes? With thanks
  8. thank you and I agree .. wasnt going to buy FM 15 as over the last few years the new game seems more like a patched version or modded version but at £20 I will give Sega one more chance.
  9. So I came across Football Manager 2015 (key only) advertised for only £21 from cdkeys (.) com Seems a really good deal... is it legit?
  10. If you pre-ordered you would of only got 1 key. You have to go back to their site and your account history for the Main Key
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/369043-How-to-update-from-14.1.1-to-14.1.2-(My-way)
  12. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/369043-How-to-update-from-14.1.1-to-14.1.2-(My-way)
  13. How to update from 14.1.1 to 14.1.2 Like many other members I pre-ordered my game and was given Beta access. Having read somewhere that it would automatically update I did NOTHING when it was realised today. However I noticed I still had version 14.1.1 and not the 14.1.2 as mentioned on this site. I didn’t worry though as the “BETA” tag had gone. I read a few threads trying to find out how to get the right version and how to get the dark skin. Heres my story and I hope it clears it up for those who are still having problems. When you pre-ordered the game you were give a Beta Code however I went to the site where I bought the game which in my case was CJS CD Keys. I pressed the “AUTOKEY” tab and was taken to “YOUR ORDERS” page and simply clicked the “COLLECT FROM AUTOKEY” tab which then displayed not only my Beta Key but also my Main Game Key. I then went into Steam and entered my new Key and restarted the game and after a short download my version became 14.1.2 All I had to do with my sons game was to open his box and read the code on the back of the manual and enter it into Steam and his worked too. Anyone who bought their game digitally I would advise that they goto the site where they bought the game and have a look at your order history for any new keys. Hope this helped at least someone  Dave
  14. While I appreciate you taking the time to answer this thread... the evidence seems to suggest it DOES speed the game up .. mind you ...you are the expert but I think I will wait for even more feedback....
  15. Agreed .. McAfee is something I definitely wouldn't install on my machine. Some of their products start taking over your machine.... Personally I think it picked it up as it is designed to change code... but then again Im no expert...
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