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  1. Offloading some players can be truly painful. Especially if they have relatively high salary related to their skills. I had one defender in Catania. I was playing Serie A and he was Serie B player. I offered him to the clubs with 0€ and none was interested. As for your question I don't have any tools. You can't offer the player to specific clubs (correct me if I am wrong). All you can do is to transfer list him, set his status as "not needed", set reasonable (usually lower than his "value") asking price, offer to the clubs, ask him to make couple of phone calls and hope for the best.
  2. Thank you. So as far as I understand, you can't and won't 100% ignore the players anyway. And you don't truly ignore the players but deal with the problems one way or another.
  3. What is this point and how does it reflect to the real life? I am trying to imagine the dream team where people eventually come unhappy and at some point are okay again. Just like that without any effort from anywhere. You're right, one case doesn't prove anything. Yet it seems that generic way for many people is to ignore everything and they're successful. My questions is still why it works and should it work. Thank you, if I only find time I might do a test and see how it works and if there is a reason to raise a bug.
  4. After reading all these comments I am even more curious if this is intended behaviour of the feature or not. That you simply can ignore the players and eventually they become happy again, sign new contract with the club etc. Because if this is the case, I'd suggest dropping the "simulation" part off from the advertisement. Too bad I don't have enough time to make a test save where I'd simply ignore all communication, not selling any players etc. That's why I am more interested about hearing successful stories from the others.
  5. Hmm interesting. But isn't this affecting players' morale, match performance and (if influential player) eventually to the squad dynamics? If not then I need to forget everything I've ever learnt from human management...
  6. Sigh. I wouldn't call anyones opinion stupid when you obviously fail to understand part of the problem. You might also ask in many occasions that should the player become unhappy in certain situations.
  7. Hoi! Without further details one can only guess. Some achievements can be bugged. As far as I understand in Steam an achievement might be left untriggered if you're offline in the moment the achievement is supposed to be gained. Is this your case?
  8. Smells like a bug for me. As far as I understand your team was challenging for the title.
  9. You're right that it is not uncommon in real football. However, what ever the reason is it should be stated clearly and be reasonable. I still don't see the evidence that Man City of Liverpool would be better options for winning the CL than Bayern. If there was something else too I would understand. Like player X prefers to play in England one day or player Y feels that he have achieved everything he can at the current club and wants new challenges/changes to the life (or just got simply bored). Also not to forget that Man City and Liverpool has also old stars in their rosters
  10. Despite players are clearly reasoning their unhappiness, I feel that the players become unhappy too easily at the moment in certain situations. For example I joined to Bayern Munchen after couple of successful seasons in Italy so I wasn't really Mr Nobody. Liverpool and Man City started chasing 2 of my players and they immediately wanted to move on because they wanted to win the Champions League. That is very odd for the reasons: 1) Bayern is a strong team including star players like Pogba and Bayern's old stars are still in very good shape. Good candidate for the CL winner? 2.) Bayern won CL just few seasons ago. Still good candidate for winning the CL? 3.) Taking a look into Man City and Liverpool rosters and reputations they're not better candidates for winning the CL than Bayern. Nothing gives me evidence that these players' unhappiness is justified in this case.
  11. I have noticed that sometimes no-talk works better than any talk in both pre-match and half-time.
  12. Have you tried setting either IF or winger to attacking mentality? Also I can see that your midfield players doesn't fully fit to their roles.
  13. I also got my goal disallowed yesterday after VAR so it can definitely happen and it have affect on game.
  14. I remember these conversations distantly. I was myself off from the scene few years so I haven't followed the recent discussions. I see the problem here. But again this leads me to my previous question, what are the real examples? How are the clubs dealing these situations? And sorry, this subject have probably been discussed over and over again elsewhere but I am really trying to catch up here
  15. I am little bit suspicious on this. IF the club doesn't want to sell player for any price, why they are not just saying it? Just rejecting any offer would do it. Is there actually any real world example of the club setting ridiculous asking price for young player as a statement that this kid is not for sale?
  16. Do you think she has already reached her full potential? Obviously her mental skills are not good enough for a CB but you could try to re-train her as a goal-hungry poacher. Or you could just set squad status 'Not needed' and sell for a reasonable price More seriously, GFs/wifes need attention. Failing to do this you might get you into troubles. I suppose I am lucky here as my wife is a gamer too and she kinda understands my ranting (not in the night time, though).
  17. Inspired by this thread I decided to take closer look to my tactics yesterday. As a background I started save with Catania. For first season I picked up gegenpress 4-1-4-1 and did only minor tweaks to it based on my assistant manager's instructions. It worked pretty well as Catania have great roster but the tactic generated lots of wasted opportunities and not so many real chances. My strikers were almost useless there and my top scorer was midfield player with nice long shots attribute. I promoted easily but at the second season in Serie B everything changed. Old tactic was still decent but I usually ended up losing or getting draw with no chances or lots of half opportunities. I won only 2 matches which wouldn't be enough to avoid relegation. I started from player roles and ended up to the following: Sweeper keeper -> Goalkeeper Complete wingback(S) Complete wingback(S) Ballplaying defender -> CB defend Ballplaying defender Deep lying playmaker (D) BBM CM(S) IFL(A)->IF(S) IFR(A)->Winger(A) Pressing forward(S) -> Poacher Even though first match after changes ended up 1-1 I saw lots of positive. Team created much better chances but many times they still ended up to rushy shot when passing would have been an option. Also the team was pressing up too much up leaving gaps to midfield and opponent scored from counter-attack. Next I slowed up tempo little bit and lowered defensive and attacking lines few notches. The idea was to start pressing in the midfield and not in opponent area while keeping defenders more aware of counter attacks. After the latest changes I have 4 impressive wins (4-1, 4-1, 3-2 and 1-0). In fact in many games opponents don't even have many chances. Now our team is playing a football I wanted them to play in the first place. The philosophy is still the same but things are just done differently. It's not beautiful but it's effective and I am pretty sure that I will avoid relegation this season!
  18. In the worst case it takes 10 minutes to make sub happen. I really wonder why.
  19. I signed him for Ajax in first season. He didn't do magic in matches but he was excellent tutor.
  20. Well he's probably the best defender I've ever seen in FM series so yeah asking price will be high But what I really would like to know is that how much is actually enough for him? How many and what quality players I need to buy?
  21. Hello people. I have a huge problem and I'd love to hear how to solve it. I play as Ajax. One of my star kids became unhappy and wanted to leave so I promised him to strengthen the squad heavily (now I regret that I didn't promise CL win as I won the title last season). I have brought one worldwide reputation player to the squad. I also signed coupled of promising kids and I have also few more players coming at free in one week. However, this doesn't seems to be enough and now my player think that I am running out of time. What is actually enough "strengthen" to keep him happy? Is there any way to keep him in squad? I'm afraid that I will lose him soon.
  22. I play as Ajax and I have always noticed a spike on youngster's development when I take them on first-team squad and give them occasional 20-30 minutes on competitive matches and otherwise let them play on reserves. So first-team experience is important that's sure. I'm very reserved with sending player on loan as I can't control his attribute changes and development. Tutoring is also great boost for youngster but I feel that it works only if he gets minutes on first-team at the same time.
  23. Hehe I'll post a link to bug forum No this was Dutch Cup 2nd round match Ajax vs Hilversum which ended 8-1. This goal was Hilversum's only one so it was no big deal, just funny...
  24. His handling stat is 13 so it's not supposed to be that bad! I am glad that goal didn't solve anything
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