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  1. Sorry for late reply. I'll try it again with the full version. 1) No. No crash dumps. It simply bloked. 2) Yes, I use a custom graphics, but it never gave any problem (it does not seem a graphica problem to me) 3) When I replayed the game it went on without any problem.
  2. I'm playing as both a Italy Serie C2 team and Italy U19 national team. It's the second time that when playing a U19 friendly game, it suddenly stops (the last time it stopped at 75th minute). It stood for some time showing a message about a yellow booking for a player, then I decided to quit. Last operation I performed was to change some players with some other on the bench. This problem never happened when playing a Serie C2 match.
  3. Have you just installed FM12? Then no hall of fame file. Whenever you win the first trophy, it will be created. That's it.
  4. The file will appear only when you win a trophy.
  5. Unfortunately there's no way I know to join two different hall_of_fame.dat files
  6. The hall_of_fame.dat file is located in Windows 7 under \Users\Public\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012 (or something similar). Check if you have right permissions to access this file or if it is deleted by a cleanup process in your system.
  7. Have you changed PC? Have you reinstalled FM? If so you forgot to save hall_of_fame.dat file before reinstalling FM.
  8. Do I need to download the whole game to have only the Editor on a PC? I usually use a desktop for editing db, while I play on a laptop.
  9. Sandy Martens has changed Id in the demo (from zero to one). I hope no one else does.
  10. I already put this on Bugs forum (Other issues) but none seemed to care. Id for player Sandy Martens has changed from 0 to 1. This is not a big issue, but it made me suspect that other players could have their Id changed. And THIS can be a big issue for facemakers. Has any other player changed Id INTENTIONALLY (except duplicated people by error)?
  11. If I remember well at FM11 demo time it was said that going on holiday was not allowed. Perhaps it's still.
  12. I've not yet seen in FM2012, but in FM2011 oldest age you can put for you as manager is 71 years and 354 days (I mean the date after the starting date of your adventure is your birthday)
  13. Numbers above are of people who activated the game, but never went on line again on Steam.
  14. Last year I got a 50 old-games pack free for preordering. Never used them by the way.
  15. You can create a new DB inserting all the players you're interested to in a team. Then start a game coaching this team, and from the game you can save a printscreen in HTML format of the players in your team. Unfortunately, if there are any 0s (zeroes) for a player attribute, it will be randomly (depending on CA and PA) assigned a value to the attribute.
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